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Pats LB Rob Ninkovich previews the matchup with the Texans

Jan 11, 2013|

D&C try to get the latest on Rob Ninkovich's injury, but you know he's not spilling the beans. The Patriots linebacker also gives the guys the lowdown on what the New England defense needs to do to be successful on Sunday against Houston.

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-- -- Friday continues -- wrapping up to the Texans and the patriots at Gillette Sunday afternoon joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Rob Ninkovich as he does every single Friday morning rob how -- yeah. Good week of practice for you and the team by your estimation. Get -- you know I think that we're working hard on. They're very Kerry Kennedy Kirk and yeah. Are you liberty the -- even a little bit robbed the emphasis in practice in terms of getting ready for Houston I mean is that not much of a stretch to say you gotta pay some attention Adrian Foster. Yet that wearing his. Or her best actually so. -- to make sure your legislators -- -- loans early look at the error he serves to. Fuel stop there not secure you know. -- What makes the stretch play at work in conversely. How do you stop. You know strictly. There really is when the review of the -- -- linebacker. Overrun their captain you're trying to make the play. Really really -- term stay in their gas and you know which the ball comes so. Are you guys that are in the same -- program back as a packer -- article or because they're not notre you'd have a big place. So there are you certainly hear that. Irwin played her responsibility. You know he argued his penetration -- -- -- -- little ones you do -- results of our. Is that what happened on December 10 -- at 46 yards on fifteen carries and I know the fact that you guys jumped out to a 28 nothing lead sort of mitigate the ability to run and run and run the football. But x.s and o.s standpoint is that what you were able to accomplish in the first game. Are you are seeing that. Currently he serves. Your -- delegates shows. You know rewarding donors -- so. That's basically the earlier you are determined the order was there at least armor surrounding -- responsibility or so. On I think that yeah that we just a few -- that for all the same page wrong. You know do or -- Iraq. Educate us a little bit specifically on x.s and o.s of football and I'm setting up two scenarios here on what -- is believed to be a running play. What would be your specific keys and reads and in the second part of the question is when it's a third and long situation and you expected be a passing play what would Rob Ninkovich his keys and reads be at the snap. On that article article a lot of a lot of ignored Hillary. Not try to comedian and an alarm for. -- -- or make sure that I. You know beat the tighter -- and -- that Gartner. So that offer that ever an -- -- are both so. In the in the army will -- your parents give him put back on serve you know we're all. Owners to tackle army or make sure Reid yeah he's really cute aren't there. This is shoulders. -- is there light -- heavy. In -- electrocuted. Or regain viewers are regarded like to have colonel Howard Garrett -- really from there are certain studies. -- we do what the particular player likes to do news writers situations. -- -- certain -- it is so they're on the alert her. The distance the current distance. And you know laser where the backs -- but it is Nancy insurgencies -- you. Eat this huge party. And again there also ordered. -- that are communications are secure. Nowhere Harder Faster. -- -- numbers -- on the future that. Cannot -- that sealed -- certain. -- -- -- When you say -- to get the -- see whether he's light or heavy are you talking about whether he's any pass blocking stand to run blocking stance. Or something different. Yet our -- or Eric it also coroner announced the the small guys out there are so it's burger it's -- way forward in the commodities are a little harder. Percentage of -- a lot of wrong -- writers are. And there are you know she's -- -- -- -- not ashamed and all of a little more staggers stances what was you know -- origins are in charge executive. Yeah -- Herman Edwards said if he were -- the Texans he would burn the film from December's that they would not let these guys. Watch it did you guys watch it and do you think. In this chance that if you watched that you might get overconfident. And and think he can be that easy this time. Are already hard for that report certain that through our our products he would figure -- -- to start the game. In those. Wrong. Little bit district are you what their game plan against socialists. To start the game well and obviously the dollar -- -- you know that might change -- on our current sort things that you were formed so early. You don't pretend -- out of this week so. -- -- There -- the stick that's order is actually argued really spoke to several we have to do this reached -- you know our ticket case. Rob I'm pretty sure they're going to end to hand the play better than they get on December 10 in the patriots played much better that you played in that game. Have a look at the film. Yeah you know resort some things up her popular you can hit better -- on. Well I think again it's going to be you know for really high energy game we're looking at the elder. Home -- -- -- -- He created that game also our -- You know it is very brought certainly. Football. If you read your druthers. And I know it's going to be like 55 degrees got a -- he may be a little breezy would you prefer with Texans coming in to have the weather that you had against Miami like twenty degrees and -- freezing your ass off out there. I think our work for our own way you don't know -- Pretty cold. -- obviously programs contribute -- differences changed the -- you know. You brought also you have to have picture -- -- All handily over here they're pretty handily all our after the put the same situation there are for. Early. Early don't care what the temperature is not -- that. Whenever the game starts now or get a vote. You know what degree it is perpetrators. Or dislike -- Given the forecast being pretty warm this probably doesn't apply but almost cold blustery brutal days. Is that what commands rite of passage to not put sleeves on is there much discussion let me put it would most guys like to put the -- but they don't want to because -- peer pressure. You know mostly guys. -- some hairdressers. And agreed on a potentially gauntlet. It all for me I get deterred. Now with. Of course Lisa. You'll seriously. Everybody on the team that shots. It was so we're sure. You got one. That you did not. Not. That I'll be trying to keep their -- are not sit there and -- our rob good luck -- will be Watson -- Rob magnitude and talent on the AT&T AT&T four GL TE still to come this patriot Friday. Michael party -- network -- state what you just ask him a good week practices. You think you might say enough. More about these duets that you have more specific -- we a lot of questions man did you have a good week of practice and Asia the flu shot has been in the White House migraines when push home the good question compared did you have a good week a prayer you wanna be the guy. The did get a flu shot and you get the flu you bring -- end -- that locker room. One of the -- -- -- some dignity he didn't the first person I just didn't get one Evan if everyone else did. What is important to our roster Ninkovich -- got it -- get a flu shot. He doesn't know. All the important did Brady get a solution that's just -- to -- Brady the Brady doesn't as a fool who you kidding. Larry Bird -- not to get the flu doesn't go near Tom Brady more your phone calls -- listen -- and straight ahead.

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