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January 10th Hot Stove Show

Jan 10, 2013|

This week on the Hot Stove Show Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with Red Sox GM Ben Cherington and ESPN's Keith Law about the Hall of Fame voting.

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But -- show in literally within the last twenty seconds by had just broke ruptured start until August. I fix it approach the regular public fonts. -- got. The -- got to square where we got here tonight what is the Red Sox didn't read it to mr. for a bad -- -- the call in about five minutes and have him on keep on later. Part of the hall of fame in the best players point five wrestlers under 25. The name baseball sold to start with this where the Red Sox at right. What's going on first baseman in 92 victory on the wrong Glaus is prone. Is that the problem you catching situation. Fixing itself before spring training in a five right is that right the forty man roster I think it's six actually six. Yes the last yellow to help Mike Napoli both start the first -- obviously the Roche has gone since last week we said what's gonna happen you guys well -- you're -- this thank you so Napoli now we're hearing some reports babies now. Not going -- -- -- has been there right I spend about that. On first base well in -- the other the other interesting part about this Lance Berkman signed with Texas in the Red Sox the Johnson and. Right pay it by the fact is if Texas had any interest in bringing back now -- that's -- dollar and Jerry sands was one of the only first base you know first options also gone Robert Gomez right now is that the top tomorrow tomorrow and get it here first base. I guess so what is going on here in the apple. You still gotta think that is going to -- right. Well yeah what day and we do this every week game. I'm going to say that weren't the forties okay -- until we get to 5052 with the Mendoza. It got to the JD Drew Bledsoe. Be Tuesday we we don't know anything. And the fact that but nobody and there's no reports coming out about anything and selling much so so. View of the prevailing thought is that this is gonna get settled. At some point because. And we talked about about this further but it would seem that they would be more pro -- and please camp will be more proactive than they have been to just would write that Napoli the market is also diminished almost disappeared for Napoli as well especially at a time when you know when Mike Morse is now readily available on the trade and the other thing is at this point. A lot of these teams spent some money. You know it is not like this saving the money for Mike Napoli for the is for whatever he's gonna cost so. -- -- eat just eat everything adds up to this is gonna get it done eventually it's just. It is bizarre another -- been. I know weasel word preside -- -- J. D. Drew thing but -- I never thought it would get toward J. D. Drew territory. It's strange the right now mean reports are that they're not talking right now. Mean why would that be. I guess you know -- their could be further medical lob medical investigations that are going on would try to figure out you know the health of the had perhaps the agent has sent. Well you know what let me take a last run at the markets if there's anything else out there -- better. And you know maybe they've agreed to and reconvene after that market exploration but. It's a fair question I'm puzzled by it but then again I don't have personal knowledge that it there right at the right it and. -- -- -- and the initial thought when it was dragging out boys hey you know he's going for second opinions is going for third opinions -- what happens. Side you would maybe be able to get second or third opinion stunned right now. Are quick break we come back in ninety seconds battery united second break we're gonna do that Red Sox general manager venture into joining us on the hot stove the hot stove show WEEI joining us now in the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT the speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Is venture outside and manager that what's going on. Good so I guess what were you ask is what people are wondering about is there any new. Updates here in the Mike Napoli situations we are today I think I'm doing math you're bent 326. Of the Mike Napoli that. That part of the show vs the communities that doesn't think it's a no there's nothing to update. You know were. It is everyone knows we've been -- -- sox' offseason listed. At opposite -- the reason. We haven't had been able. Could do that especially hatton and you know where stop talking. And when you're talking there's hope that there's a resolution but. But they're pouring out. Figures who would you say you're talking you're still talking to Napoli right now currently right now there are negotiations going. Where we've had dialogue you know it's that's close to -- -- -- liken the process -- and -- and a didn't Zito. You know work. When when whatever where we're talking and there's dialogue where you know means we're hopeful. It was -- open but we just don't know -- we'll see -- it opens up. Then if if you knew it was gonna drag up this long would it have changed your approach to the first base market at all around -- time when you win. This is reported that this deal was agreed on. How much area it's I think you have to. You have to play good in the offseason and yet you on the jump -- the in. We have. Adjusted in some ways this off season. There's some things that we did that we weren't necessarily. Planning on doing so focused on the outside the off season. We've been consistent in saying they would like to have some offense -- first base would still like to. We obviously had a you know targeted. Targets on the deposition early in the offseason. We'll Serwer so hopefully you know some -- So that being the case I mean with Adam LaRoche for instance now being off the market you know other Lance Berkman is now off the market. Are you do you still see ways in a in -- Napoli world of you know just hypothetically of adding the offense that you are seeking at that position so that you're you can be say above average offensively at first base. Well you know. Until something done. You have to. You have to consider other options and and so we had to do that and he's continued that. Consider other ways to. Improve the team whether that. First base or elsewhere and this point we just you know haven't. Anything it made sense to us in the in this sort of big picture. And so that's where we are -- and availability of those there's so there's no one particular. Player that. That's. Available or not available that you know wouldn't. That was. You know changed the course of our offseason Borges registry you know examining diving thing is that common. But certainly when you have something internally out of position and trying to. Improve on. Until it's improved upon. You have to continue to consider other options in his. You know it's fair to say disease and it deeper into the later -- free agent. Creation starts go off the Borden. So unique look trade and other ways to do things. But. It's remains. Focus and we're still hopeful that we can. He's something. And prove ourselves in that area only for -- At this point is the only up forty man roster member who is. We would consider a potential first baseman -- on the Major League team -- governments. Goalless. You know can play there. You know we've talked about. -- -- outside of the outside of that conversation about. And on -- we've talked about looking at some other guys there at that position we talked about. Different ways -- looking at that position but. You know as a as a currently stand -- would. Gomez again we've -- -- at least in the bat at least he did he can help us. And -- The lateral or do you it will be you know in spring training in and -- -- about first base well he was there. Just suggest would almost be one of those guys you talked -- Potentially getting some reps over there. We're we're not there aren't any certainly wouldn't. Wouldn't talk about. You know experimenting with a guy at a position until we talked a player himself and -- and there's. There's certainly there's a good chance we will ask -- -- that but. Simply adding that because. It's our job. Consider all options when. When we have a an area to return to improve them then again or were hopeful that will be able to do that before -- form. And you wanna keep talking about Mike Napoli brought him to subtitle I think earlier -- Annika put up here for at the going for the starting first baseman aside is there any other positions that you're looking to address on the Major League roster. Hum Hewitt talked about back -- first baseman outfield flexibility. Additional starter anything's really jumps out of being a priority. With a pretty good about where we are we we try to improve as many parts of their rosters can this offseason. I would expect that we would there'd be some additions. Major League camp whether that's roster non roster means -- seen. But I expected at some. -- competitions. They usually camp before we get to Fort Myers guys that are. That you know that that are not with -- -- now it just would be in some additions but I think. Most of the heavy lifting is probably done. In. You know it's still pretty did about. The options we have -- you know most part of the roster. Red Sox general manager bench Eric and joins us on the hot stove show I don't want to ask you actually not them in the throwing a curve ball here. If the how serious -- discussions or they get serious about what Josh Hamilton all the we've talked you since that point. Was it you mean we heard through met with him how serious -- the talks get with the Hamilton or did cancers. We we didn't you determine. We had you know. He gets. Handful of conversations. You know he's he's a terrific talent certainly in. You know and here talking about a player of that caliber. There's question as fit whether it's the right fit for the player for the team that is questions. Contract in dollars and that particular one it it just. It didn't he didn't quite lineup there all the stars in the line on the island. For us and we felt like. You know we felt like it was -- -- -- the exercise and we enjoyed getting to know Josh it and -- had -- and a couple deep conversations but ultimately. You know the he's on the right -- for. Ben I'm curious the right now the state of kind of starting pitching depth is very heavy here is very heavy on prospects guys who -- considered to have high ceilings like ruby Della -- and Alan -- -- You know guys that Chris Hernandez are going to be -- depth options do you feel like there's need to get to get someone with greater Major League experience to. To kind of offer insurance to the big league rotation. That's an area look at. Between now and spring training and perhaps in their return training. If we can add some depth. You know we will we will do so so work. Considering some things there are not opinion minute. And it you know it's it's one of those things that. AF keep -- -- -- this spring training. You know what Woolsey is there's still some guys out there so. If we can have some depth in that area we do we do you think we're. You know quite a bit ahead of where we were twelve months ago in terms of some of the internal guys that you mention not just the guys you mentioned the -- that are. Are pushing people out. Some some better options that are you know emerge in. He ready to be viable. Starting starting rotation depth is not. At the very beginning of the season certainly during this season and agree that that was some movement more experience and experiences someway. We may try to do. Obviously in preserving those guys -- are considerable assets to have in your farm system. There's been some speculation that you guys were very reluctant to move kind of be higher and prospects in your system this offseason. Is is that accurate or were they are scenarios that you guys were visiting potential trade avenues that you are exploring that that might have. Open the door to trading some of your kind of elite prospects. We just got through the lead and then in and you know it. From my standpoint in terms of building team not just for one year but over a longer. Summarizes it it sure is not able to have. Young players with the ability to make an impact. The -- -- -- -- to a spot here and there and Illinois Diaz does it has you know keep. As much as they have Tony -- to actually get the guys that. You know I really believe it and you know we had a couple guys. -- -- get their foot in the door last year bronze medal Brooks and we expect that continues and certainly an area of pitching. You know those no doubt would like to. It would like to find the next generation. Lester Bockwoldt you know -- in this thing yet now. Valuable that was the Red Sox when. When we can he can break those guys they're -- needed need to start again. And more often and continually do that to have. A number of options. The number of guys -- vying for those whose jobs. That's that is all as a there's there's all there's a deal that. Where it's justifiable to give up -- a prospect you can really get blown. And there are some we kicked around -- corner we just. This to this point anyway haven't didn't have down on the maintenance. -- quick to partnered number one David Ortiz. Or what's his status in the second part is just. B is there anyone on the Major League roster who was going to be limited coming out of the game spring training. I think is your general answer to the second part of your question is there anybody who is. You know in in any way limited at the end of the season. We will keep you know we just kept it very close eye on this offseason. It was doing very well. Bowl certainly. You know spent more. You know which is in February to get to Fort Myers get a get a really good picture of where they aren't we need to take a certain guy a little bit slower. In the one passes. -- this here with a lot of strength training. Do at WB it is the have more time. It will be more probably guess he can afford them. If you're sort of mayberry on a gambles -- if you have to. That's Cedric now we we don't have any. Wouldn't have any plans to and do well David included. Or two borrowed -- for -- Let me ask you this OK I don't want non answer your -- -- a real answer. If that was ventured -- hall of fame belt like who's on there. You know the but I'd I don't know it just and if you are committed themselves. I'll put a little. Plug in that in this is it different this is quite the ballot you're asking about that. Do you think Dwight -- should be -- -- -- and you know I'd love to see him get. More considerations through the veteran's committee in certainly part of that but. I think it -- Evans were playing today you'd. The -- -- very -- -- -- great greater appreciation for. All the things he does well then -- -- and confidence and see that it. I agree I agree with that and so now -- your ballot for this all things. That. I thought I would this prize that knowing it and with -- yeah I would hope that. The -- you guys on the ballot here and so was there anyone you most prized that the beginning. I ask you got nine more times he's really good test at places Mike Napoli and first in the ballot in the in the percentage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- then we appreciate your time thanks for joining us from attempts this year -- is in -- is that your number I -- club is who's an acquisition over just call the number -- protest at the end of some light on your stamp we're probably not in Baghdad it's Jon Farrell's and that club. I don't know Scott Boras is not can be and that's -- -- right -- yeah I think well they wanna show -- that weren't trying to -- or might probably get -- off sixteen -- last week -- if you CS it LeRoy -- headphones on where does that meat chicken -- were in business actually there would be very reminiscent of previous years but please do join us for some of those wings are great thanks bent on -- -- -- thank you. That's venture outside general manager it was kind sort offered -- and -- and meditation it was fantastic to you could tell I was I was just say yeah -- -- it is and I went to another if I didn't clear number two club until. I. Tremendous fight and me at three you know I thought this was not enough time I see Hazen. He's in an effort to -- And somebody's gonna be number two club also Zacharias that's for a -- -- -- -- it's on Keith law. ESPN talk but he's one opinion in the hall of fame. What sort of the best young players in baseball he -- coming up after the break back quick correction keep alive at 645. I apologize. It is -- stove show and so I think bench -- there last segment I guess the real talking point is Napoli. I said the dialogue is continuing now wonder now. What it looks like for Napoli out there was just say he is kind of going around again I can't imagine a scenario where he's going to get. And offer significantly better than even the worst ones that the Red Sox would give -- -- complete decrees. I don't know yeah I don't know what you are holding out for at this point. It is because we know that this is what the Red Sox do with contract the agent has to know this is what the Red Sox do with contracts. There's precedent. To be set here and I'll listen J. D. Drew contract could have been a three year contract if it blew up we understand that. Might still end up being a five year deal and so I don't know what the way and I think this is different. My gas my guess is that they are talking with Napoli is that they no longer feel comfortable giving Napoli. The same number of years or the same number of dollars what they originally so I saw I agree with I think I just don't know what he's gonna change you know it's like if if they don't feel comfortable. To your point Kirk. I don't know what's gonna change his that we as the market they sign Napoli December 3. Right guard agreed agreed agreed in principal designer and 920 of its how you guys right now right now mentally. He's not he's not -- parents say that pat it is not happen. I can they if they if I could tell I I know I speed -- that I can tell by the -- and his voice attic. Press play record save the whole life ball a whole lot I don't do anybody know patty. Play record. Mike Napoli will play for the boss it's excellent stable and record with errors and work to be attracts the passivity -- station I. There's something in the air I don't like something is not right something is Rodman ever countries to be Rodman is not happen. Don't I always wondered what people had against the Danes and -- raw but it's not gonna happen. Call it like let's them know I guess I was never -- -- the tulips that would be well or off actually -- like a forty minutes I -- listened listened so. One of the things about since Sheridan said the Napoli stuff aside the fact that I thought he was gonna say they -- More proactive on adding and that other guy because that's the other piece that we have heard about that they were looking for right backup first baseman right slash outfielder -- I would say Berkman but Berkman Alamo he can play the outfield anymore so. But that type guy in it sounded when Ben was talking just than that. And that doesn't seem to be a priority right now. Yeah and I think that that might also be a reality of the market I mean aside from Mike Morse who's right handed and so kind of imperfect but he's a first baseman -- left fielder. There aren't a lot of guys who have the slash and what they do so you have the mile over -- of the world I think that he and Casey Kotchman might well are the best kind of quote unquote. Complimentary slash ball Ortiz horse you sign him for embryos just to -- number where it went by you know one and two million dollar guaranteed yeah I'd rather do that. I'd rather do that. Mike Napoli we have to do now I'd rather do that the -- the and the other part ways. The internal discuss had a -- who vehemently in decree in the first base. And you know I can go on on the roster proposal would you have guessed. Right I think Gomes and now vote would probably be via -- is not -- -- it worked out there a little -- and yet he played only game in college and deacon BO left handed alternative as well so now it increases -- considerably if he were to be -- I wanted to I wanted him so bad to say everything to open David Ortiz there. I walk -- -- -- This the Colts to yet via a team Dominican aren't into -- guy's going to prep him for that transition and got to get that. And you said that -- tell a couple -- to retire and I get the feeling the U. Don't think the -- structure called -- -- I can tell a couple of weeks ago. A lot I -- so I set I said didn't I said in November and I. I said that we said a couple of extra on the -- were -- you want to adopt the feeling you said you get the field. I got the feeling you're five back I sympathize -- November though it was in light issue and the fact if I don't know how. What I don't feel comfortable with what Mike Napoli is if you have a guy who's gonna play first base for you. You need him to get better at first base and if you have a hip problem that's going to be very very difficult now if it's not that serious an issue. If he can move around a little bit and that's not can be hindrance. Great he's the perfect fit for this team. But that's my only kind of -- -- thought it's appeared next to the end of the shelves lost an -- I would do this week from today is Mike Napoli going to be all right resolute I was wrong last week. I'm saying yes. Science today he signs. With the Red -- I'm saying chore. Yeah who will hit and socialize in the 52 -- Mendoza line now was December 3 so I figured what the doctor I'll say yes -- come back Keith law ESPN talk -- the hall of fame -- 25 best players. 125 to hot stove show 937 -- all across the WEEI radio network. And joining us now on the AT&T hotline is ESPN's Keith law keep its Turkmen and out Spears rubber after all star witness. How could you voted for -- ceiling for that. What do you what do you do I want your credentials aren't instantly what it. Yeah I had him ready -- Shawn Green. -- it was a travesty to Steve Finley doubled up Shawn Green results of that we're we're in doubled up Aaron Hill where it's true where we guys just it's just so confusing and where we at right now. In this whole thing as you look at the landscape appear against you know a day after. It it's an excellent questions and I mean it's kind of an open question because it. Don't like we don't have one landscape anymore right we're very balkanized. Over. Particularly how to treat. Steroid guys and the steroid era and I needed hesitating before those straightened because. This. This steroid era it's just sort of loosely applied to the -- offense there we don't actually know who used what in. And when and how much we don't want offense what offense the levels -- Kind of overnight too so you sort of arguing they all these guys just started using that same offseason. If steroid guys. Which are not like you failed at what Palmeiro. -- too we have. Other sort of extra evidence outside of baseball that they use something like -- Clemens. And guy who just aren't passing me I have with Jeff Bagwell you've kind of big guy like he used to. I got to have acting on his back -- something. And you've got. You know I'd like to call -- the -- on the other side saying. He can't start doing he can't start playing judge and jury here and speculating on who used wife and land. -- just look at the historical record and go from there decide who belongs in the hall of fame on that -- is the only fair way to treat. Everybody that that we review that I just dispelled is that it -- obviously minority with two thirds of voters. Rejecting Bonderman and almost received number -- -- percentage -- club. So why is that true that you have to look at just the historical record of guys who were identified public you know let the guys who failed tests for instance. While wide just look at their statistics not say look pitch of the game and they cheated the history of the game I mean they're the ones who kind of wrecked the these you know OPS plus and ERA plus. Are -- methods for this era in which some people used you do it because it's not like you have. ERA plus only for clean guys right. What kind of punishment to these you know big McGwire tenets of guys like that right. Well you know it changes it -- -- -- you know obviously we talked -- we talked and all that the MVP discussion about. Went about replacement level and other stats like that there are built up the same thing replacement levels of function a league average was that which is a function of everyone's performance. But in the league in that particular year it at that position -- comedy you know what will pick on Palmeiro because. He built tested because nobody can tell he was a good guy -- so I don't feel bad for -- he would with a finger tell you that you've got guys yet he probably would and that would be at -- truthful as the others state felt it -- with Palmeiro. So if you believe is that a Bogut and yet he poses a problem for the week as a whole because. He his strong numbers. You can pretty uniform throughout his career he's very consistent those numbers. Boost the league average big booster replacement level and you all of you can't expect any relatives that's just how we kind of should be looking at things. They'll all viewed as a result. -- your original question I they have no objection to voters who say Palmeiro -- failed attack. Everything suspect that they'll -- the late in his career to cease or wonder what went to the start. If you wanna throw that high altitude he he failed attack and sanctioned by Major League Baseball there's actually something very tangible you could point to there and say. That's my reason for leaving him out. I start to get -- a couple of guys like bonds or Clemens because what we know that they probably use something comes from these. Sort of back and -- court proceedings. They were never sanctioned by Major League Baseball what you believe bonds was black ball. When his career and -- he could get another job because -- baseball wanted to Q. -- never any official sanction on the record that nothing in Major League Baseball that says he actually used. Idiot that stuff that we are having inserting against some of our own speculation information we got from outside of the world baseball. To make these judgments. On guys like that and that can be start to get on the slippery slope of of pure speculation and -- that go from speculation fabrication. When you point to some of the other guys where their record -- totally clean. It you just don't like the way they blocked. Our present that I kind of warm look through it is Alex Rodriguez when he's up for the hall thing went well whatever it is in ten years whatever. What do you think 66 year out of -- that. But what do you think the conversation because it in my mind politics is one of these guys to get them and then. Then we're sitting there without Eric reassess -- admitted steroid user. And the conversation totally change in and week we look back at what we're talking the last two days and was like that was ridiculous. We or are these things right but that argument can increase every January -- two things -- changing the baseball audience. Especially that the worst period for the audience to spend time you know we spent time you know he's yelling at each other on Twitter. -- that part of the audience. He's growing getting more serious and more educated about the team we don't necessarily all agree he certainly disputes over is Larry Walker -- famers Kenny Lofton a hall of Famer. But back -- pretty much looks at this city can have a policy in the top bought -- the whole -- about it these guys clearly have to be -- It's the same group that yelling about how to act more shouldn't be and because. If fabricating the the problem -- voters -- fabricating areas to support a candidacy that is clearly not supported. Five that actual evidenced by his performance on the field. The other thing you're gonna he's -- electorate is constantly changing. More voters are are getting into the electorate every year they get their ten year as bad holders. Those tend to be younger voters who were going to attempt to be a little war -- accurately if not inclined to favorable. And you have older voters who will drop off the ranks as bill passed away or because adults and we stopped voting. So I think over time that can happen overnight but over time. Electoral will be a little more favorable at least some of these Palmeiro is how I don't think he ever get them -- -- McGwire gets it and. But I think Bagwell. Yacht and I could -- -- eventually get -- skeptical way along which. He thought ESPN joins us here in the hot stove Schultz get to bashing the BBW. That's why that's. So. I think they're out what we can do a bunch of things here that -- -- egregious but here's one OK let's just eliminate wins for conversation percent that I give you pitcher a and pitcher be one as Jack -- some wanna Schilling. It's not even close knows that even consider close it says Jack Morse is better deck Morse could 385 votes. Schilling gets 221. I guess two questions. Why is that and secondly do you think Curt Schilling ever gets involved I think he does. I hope he does that he belongs and I would've voted. Absolutely. It -- total is so it's hard to do that apple -- you know I completely understand where you're coming from -- Get right but. The problem is Morrissey added that was his second collect -- on the ballot he's got one more shot. And paradoxically. That players were on the ballot for a long time to get either vote total increase. -- -- -- And it he does actually get any better but the closer they get him more people say sure -- runs yeah yeah and buster actually rookies not that they how. He he's the more guys Morton last year next year he must have worked on that ballot. With the limited hand. And we're gonna like sixteen to twenty qualified guy next year depending on how what are they called Aaron Small hall guy. We had to get several back again have to be balked about not to have enough space. So that you like in Schilling's numbers are gonna increase probably a lot over the next few years. I wonder if he is. Outspoken personality hurt -- like I never heard a whisper I'm sure some people that -- played merit so therefore he is suspect. But I wonder that he's you know he's outspoken opinionated. Which I think are good things -- it might be some of those myself by. It can -- members of the media the wrong way there's no question and he came up with the Ray Lewis treatment these last couple weeks -- has been very good with the media and he's getting. Favorable treatment as a result how you treat the media absolutely perfect cure all things and it. People change gears a little bit I know that you -- your 25 year twenty top 25 under 25 today and you had to go to Miguel Cabrera is number one if that's it at that. To get an up and make it I'd now I know he's amazing he's so good that does that not only can he win the Triple Crown but he can also reverse the aging process like met. But die out from a from a Red Sox fan perspective and this is always a terrific article I enjoyed every year. It gives you really interesting insight on some of the top young talent it will hopefully impact the game for used come. Middle Brooks made the list at number 22. I'm curious for your impressions of you know of both his strengths and limitations. In perhaps how close to the -- Alexander Bogart's come to consideration. -- -- -- It's funny because his strengths and weaknesses there's such clear delineation between the two he's a good defense at third base concession to be really good defensive third baseman. He's got power in the the power -- little more than I expected I was somewhat bearish on the Oprah coming into the season because. Not great bat speed and he does not have a good approaches the plate which may be questioned how much -- how he was gonna get to -- And what we saw limited time both in the minors for a limited time in the majors this looks like that power in a plane probably played sooner than I expected. The flip side is particularly the approach and you could see that it really wore down his statistics before he is he would have -- August 10 -- the the weakness in his plate discipline. Really start to effective pitchers were attacking him differently he was not making adjustments. -- that enough what kind of make adjustments before he got articulate -- punish him too much on the west. When he didn't have the opportunity other players had to make those adjustments in -- and so. He like I sort of split the baby a little bit by putting him toward the Barry and the glitz rule like still have skepticism. They could keep the batting average -- post a respectable on base percentage. I recognize that it given how weak third base is right now a guy who can really field position -- 25 home run power. Is clearly a valuable commodity and given how young he -- he's got more chance than -- 27 year old -- to improve that that -- flawed plate discipline. A QB with Keith we always appreciate your time thanks for joining us are now a member of the rob brown and to club number two club -- -- -- as a second appearance all motorized cart yet since John -- John Farrell last Arrington in my case they ago. Particularly a lot of things I'm glad it's not what I was originally sound as flattering is it could be hit the next I don't know if thanks a lot my blood. Few people obvious in time to join us here quick second in the hall of fame it's just it's impossible to figure I mean -- screw it up. Top to bottom everybody has no matter what -- really -- buster today. With Marmol well I mean I kind of agree people from all evil from. Well that's kind of -- era here at the fascinating thing goes back ten that ten vote final is going to lead to chaos in the years to come because. It's a polarized electorate so you are going to have as much consistency around which ten. Are right and then there are too many candidates. To edit everything right and and to be honest you would think with ten when you hear -- ten people -- -- get much differently yeah normally you see about 456 years ago and I've had guys in the next year. -- -- Lab and frank Thomas and Pedro. Johnson and these are I mean all time guys and I've been continued this -- you know it's. It's just this stuff but Bagwell piazza drives me nuts because Randy Johnson is pitching his forties pitching well. Virtual -- -- -- is that nobody. Read I'm I'm not I hit first guy who -- busted for steroids with Alex and chip like one career home run for us. It's like you have to hold your nose in in both of these guys even though you know they're guilty -- say screw it I'm OK at the point out you know that's what -- gonna do do that. Yeah I do you like. I I I kind of I had always been of the mind you let him in but I do wonder you know which isn't there something to be said for saying this was kind of morally repugnant like. Doing not think that it's right that Lance Armstrong was stripped of. Above but we -- -- we can't tell us is that we well Mark McGwire admitted doing right -- Alex Rodriguez then there are guys who are in the hall of fame right now who are can be -- just so much suspect as some of the guys -- -- -- violating -- -- anyone hiring Rickey Henderson is as suspect as Mark -- the world know as some of the guys were talking about. We had Jeff Bagwell may be. But that's my point I guess I guess that your point you don't I am agree -- the -- -- -- when you go to the hall of fame you go to Cooperstown you bring kids in Cooperstown you walk through the -- Barry Bonds Roger Klemm. -- it's here it's its hanging there was only you can see him and never think steroids -- it's always looming they should have really outsized heads on their plaques don't really -- and make him -- -- general well yeah -- real quick -- -- alone he's going in -- second heart surgery six months old Allred. Boston Children's Hospital same kind of heart defect my nephew Adam had. It's classic good luck to her and the people there obviously do unbelievable jobs so. Electricity absolutely no thoughts are prayers with their thing Keith law in venture to join us and moved back here. Next week just to be determined Mike Napoli all agree he will be guests. Now that night you might not passer who knows you -- right he's been he's been our topic all's I know he owes it to the unpredictable Johnny process -- art thanks -- -- planet -- are coming up next and debut via.

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