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Ben Cherington talks Mike Napoli and team personnel

Jan 10, 2013|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joins Kirk, Rob and Alex and offers what he can about the Mike Napoli talks, the status of team personnel in comparion to this time last season and the teams plans as pitchers and catchers draw closer.

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So hot stove show WEEI joining us now in the AT&T hotline eighteenth -- four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible. Is venture that's after a manager that what's going on. Good so I guess what -- ask is what people are wondering about is there any new. Updates are in the Mike Napoli situations we are today I think -- I'm Matthew -- 326. Of them Mike Napoli that are. That part of the show our community is that doesn't think this. No there's nothing to update. You know were. -- -- knows we've been -- -- gold stocks offseason listed. At office at first base and written a million little. Please do that especially -- and you know we're stop talking. And when you're talking there's hope that there's a resolution. The -- pouring out. Figures who would you say you're talking you're still talking and apple right now currently right now there are negotiations going. Were we've had dialogue you know. It's that's one of those who chatter spectrum likens the process not gonna get it in detail. You know work. When when whatever where we're talking in his dialogue where you know means we're we're hopeful. It was -- on them but we just don't know they have also will see I was -- you know. I mean if if you knew I was gonna drag up this long would give change your approach to the first base market at all around -- time when you win. This is reported that this deal was agreed on. I'm not cherry. It's I think you have to. You have to play good news in the off season and yet you on the adjust off. We have. Adjusted in some ways this offseason. There's some things that we did that we weren't necessarily. Planning on doing focused on the -- in the offseason. -- We've been consistent in saying that we'd like to have some often the first -- would still like to. We obviously had a you know targeted. Targets on the deposition early in the off season. Well Serwer still hopefully you know some other. So that being the case I mean with Adam LaRoche for instance now being off the market you know other Lance Berkman is now off the market. Are you do you still see ways in a -- -- Napoli world of you know just hypothetically of adding the offense -- you were seeking at that position -- that -- you could be say above average offensively at first base. Wolf you know. Until something done. You have to. You have to consider other options in and so we had do that and he's continued -- Consider other ways to do. Improve the team whether it's the first base or elsewhere and that's what we just you know haven't. Found anything it made sense to us in the in this sort of big picture. And so that's where we are in and I don't know the -- there's so there's no one particular. Player that. That's. Available or not a bill that you know what is. That was -- You know changed the course of our offseason gorgeous. Registry you know examining an ironing thing is that common. Certainly when you have something internally out of position trying to. Improve on. Until it's improved upon. You have to continue to consider other options business. You know there is a disease -- it deeper in the -- -- -- -- Go off to Borden. So unique look at trade and other ways to do things. But. It remains. Focused -- we're still hopeful that we can. It's something. And prove ourselves in that area 44 Myers. At this point is the only up forty man roster member who is. We would consider a potential first baseman -- on the Major League team -- governments. -- You know can play there. You know we've talked about. The -- -- -- outside of the outside this conversation about. And unhappily we talked about looking at some other guys there at that position we talked about. Different ways to look at the opposition but. You know as a as a currently stand -- would. Gomez -- we've -- leader -- lead in the bat at least he did he can help us. And -- The federal we do use it will be you know it's portrayed in -- about the first -- he would do. Just suggest would go SP one of those guys he -- throw. Potentially getting some reps over there. We're we're not there aren't any certainly wouldn't. Wouldn't talk about. You know experimenting with a -- that position until we -- the player himself and -- and there's. There's certainly that is a good chance we won't ask -- players do that but. Simply adding that because. It's our job. Consider all options when. When we have a an area that return improvement then. Yet or we're hopeful -- they'll do that before reform. And you wanna keep talking about Mike Napoli brought him to subtitle I think throw in with Erica sort of here for at the -- going for thus starting first baseman aside is there any other positions that you're looking to address on the Major League roster. Hewitt talked about back up first baseman outfield flexibility. Additional stars anything really jumps out of being a priority. With a pretty good about where we are we've we've try to improve his many parts of the rosters can this offseason. I would expect that we would. There would be some additions. Major League camp whether that's roster non roster means you -- But I expected at some. Some competition to. They usually camp before we get to Fort Myers guys that are. That you know that that are not with a -- yet to be -- some additions but. I think. And most of the heavy lifting has probably done. You know it's still pretty did about. The option we have -- you know in most parts of the roster. Red Sox general manager -- -- and joins us on the hot -- show I don't want to ask you actually got them in the throwing a curve ball here. If the how serious the discussions are they get series of all Josh Hamilton all the we've talked you since that point. Was it me we that we heard drew met with him how serious that the talks get with the Hamilton at the big answers. We we didn't you have been. We had you know. It's. -- conversations. In -- -- terrific talent certainly. You know and here. Talking about a player of that caliber. There's question as fit whether it's the right fit for the player for the team and then questions. Contract in dollars and that particular want it to just. It didn't it didn't quite lineup and all the stars to align on. For us and we felt like. You know we felt like it was worth going to be -- we enjoyed getting to know Josh and -- and it can be conversations but ultimately you know he he -- the right -- for. Ben I'm curious the right now the state of kind of starting pitching depth is very heavy is very heavy on prospects guys who are considered to have high ceilings like -- Della -- and Alan -- stir. You know guys -- Chris Hernandez are there going to be Tripoli depth options do you feel like there's need to get to get someone with greater Major League experience to. To kind of offer insurance to the big league rotation. That's an aerial look at. Between now and spring training and perhaps even during her training. If we can add some depth. You know we will we will do so so -- Considering some things there are -- opinion minute. And it you know it's it's one of those things that. They have to keep book united an industry turning. You know what Woolsey is there's still some guys out there so. If we announced that in that area we do we do think we're. You know quite a bit ahead of where we were twelve months ago in terms of some of the internal guys that you mention just -- -- you mentioned the mothers that are. Are pushing we think we'll have. Some some better options that are -- emerging. He ready to be viable. Starting starting rotation depth is not. At the very beginning of the season certainly during this season and the green added that was a little more extension. Experiences someway. We may try to do. Obviously in preserving those guys -- are considerable assets to have in your farm system. There's been some speculation that you guys were very reluctant to move kind of be higher and prospects in your system this offseason. Is is that accurate or were there are scenarios that you guys were visiting potential trade avenues that you are exploring that that might have. Open the door to trading some of your kind of elite prospects. We have got really believe and then in and know that. From my standpoint in terms of building team not just for one new service over a longer. Summarizes it it sure is I able to have. Young players with the ability to make an impact. A pencil and two and to a spot here and there in Illinois idea that it has you know keep. As much as they -- camp particularly get the guys that. -- I really believe it and you know we had a couple guys. It can get their foot in the door last year brawn no Brooks and we expect that continues then certainly there is pitching. You know those those no doubt would like to. It would like to find the next generation. Lester of course you know -- And yet now valuable that was the Red Sox when. We can he could break those guys into the rotation need we need to start again. And more often and continually do that to have. A number of options. The number of guidance. Vying for those whose jobs. That that is always the there's there's all there's a deal that. Words justifiable to give up you know the prospect you can really get blown. And there are some we kicked around -- corner we just. This at this point anyway haven't didn't have found on the maintenance. -- too quick to partnered number one David Ortiz. A what's his status in the second part is just. -- is there anyone on the Major League roster who was going to be limited coming out of the game spring training. I think is certain general hazardous sidebar to your question is that anybody who is. You know in in any way limited at the end of the season. We will keep you know we're they've kept it very close eye on this offseason. It was doing very well. Bowl certainly. You know spend more time you know which is in February at Fort Myers and get a get a really good picture of where there aren't we need to take mister Gallo the slower. You know investors. -- this here with a lot of strength training. Do at WBZ is the have more time. A little more time again he can afford them. -- he can afford to be a very long ago -- if you have to. That's Cedric now we we don't have any. -- had any plans to it would do well David included. Or two borrowed it for -- Let me ask you this opinion I don't want non answer your -- I want a real answer. If that was ventured -- hall of fame belt like who's on there. You know the -- I don't have an answer to that if you are committed themselves. Put a little. Polian let in this is that businesses -- the ballot here asking about that. I didn't -- -- should be at all same group and you know look to see him get. More considerations through the veteran's committee certainly part of that but. I think -- good heavens were playing today you'd. The stats are very much agree greater appreciation for. All the things you don't dwell on -- my hope is that time and see that -- I agree I agree with that and so now what's your ballot for this all things. -- was the -- that knowing it and with bella yeah I would hope that. About you guys that are on the ballot this year potential was there anyone you most surprised that the beginning. I ask you got nine more times and attacks and it is Mike Napoli to first in the balloting in the in the percentage. Those local surprised that I clinic that was it would be you more salute the top two yeah yeah I get so little surprises. Yes it. Part and we appreciate your time thanks for joining us from atop a suspect mr. till -- in the study is that -- number two club is who's an acquisition over just call the number two -- at the end of some light on your stamp we're probably not -- -- -- it's Jon Farrell's and that club. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's venture outside account manager -- is kind sort offered and each year and -- and meditation was fantastic to you could tell I was I was gonna say yeah 101 years -- -- -- to another if I never know we're number two club until it's tremendous. -- -- -- me at three Peter I thought this was not enough time I see Hazen. He's in an effort to --

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