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Thursday, January 10th Whiner Line

Jan 10, 2013|

Sons of bitches!

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My view -- excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ETT. -- -- -- This discretion advised us. Suddenly Morris yeah and now losing Laura you're alive. This -- disaster. I have never seen. Our defensive tackles his back and now they're spicy another defensive tackle. On the University of Miami and sit around looking for girls and it stands and not running to the football and putt I had on someone's asked. You'll aren't going to be you know dragged a ball WEEI. -- -- lie I am good -- Haven't and you -- and the next time I see somebody. -- got hit somebody it's about pictures of somebody dial 6177793535. When a quarterback standing there when he doesn't quarterback -- I want someone to joke not a bottom and -- picked -- It is nice and handy stick in a -- -- -- -- -- fighting whiner line embarrassing. To the city of Miami. Looking at high yield and now -- don't think talent is dating to. And up all the yards away. -- Bill now ski knowledge -- instantly it was. An awful lot alike. -- again in the studio Mikey studios. Packed in here. With the oh yeah adults and -- -- -- -- -- -- but then there are people here who were in decision making roles you hear that. This -- -- -- So I'm more on my. Own we've noticed problems. And I finally realized that at. And let's be very capable as a front the outdoor reception. In. A rating to accuse. Us. I -- minister. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And stitched -- -- on the field equipment ball has the ball on the Larry Johnson. Predate the TV because he's banging them out. Eight at W which I. Obliged. Do you -- AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds. And Houston Alexa -- I. So we have our program craft and it doesn't make it down. -- -- -- -- -- You they told me that I've got to be vigilant. In addition to record the baby. Davis. I said this yesterday -- with -- -- would have been second -- did. You know -- always -- one state. Like three years ago I was pretty sick and had the flu sleeping half sleeping. Hell it's -- now where you through it but it. And yet have a set it dated all experts. Question as you're at least Clinton about the right. -- -- -- -- The best over the course. From Jews in Britain voting yes is he -- -- plastic shipments -- -- -- project rigorously. I don't. Act at all. I was I was you. Don't poker shot to go. After it happened after it -- -- Probably. Myself but I have they have. Do internal think a lot of that would run around. And I don't think their product. Those that blockers -- your ally your Alley and equality those supposedly. Caused oily discharge. Or elitist which just sound but maybe that's. Out of you guys have the same. I have asked these analysts say it's actually pretty good medication maybe it's like you used. The disclaimer at the end of all things that could possibly make us debt I think of that kind of stuff the stuff first came out they had them in -- chips in even the paint chips -- the disclaimer these -- Leave us like that your sheriff's room the chips that to -- and let's just call that shouldn't forget nothing sacred anymore. Some people who tried to. Wow did they don't really confused -- spectrometry. She's come a long way from I love my vibrator. And -- message. Is it. What is one aspect of these things you -- that. And Clinton split amateur I was reading. All -- that story. It was still with the -- -- readily drugs are you to know the terminology you probably don't like I don't I'm so corny I haven't used my -- and weeks. Typically -- direct parallel between the eight ball pure and Gary Bettman. Oh no just no excuse me can I could -- -- are not well I think. Mobile -- anybody we've had already happened at all. And then met here but -- her -- just human you know. Haven't heard about -- -- -- -- of course I. Yeah it may usually makes all right nevermind then blood testing it starting this is a reason for HGH random and testosterone test -- at a -- symington who -- Square off seasons to -- when -- -- -- which can you imagine what will happen to ballplayers who have. Big drop off 201222000. -- to -- law. Not. And it went that I would bet that were Qaeda. Why I had about good on the deal with the -- a bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. -- why we're starting out writing -- quietly cry yeah. And here to -- it's it's experience -- an audio went to the TBWA. -- Would. Talk about the good things they do what. I. It to a lot of -- great there -- pretty -- -- -- -- than they've ever seen more guys quick to pass the buck though what our fault you're. Marked required to. Post -- On me either way you look. Back there at seven home runs in the season. Well frauds all of them hope -- and now. Roger one company's -- point seven centenary bonds won but he emphasized that to happen. A lot of those same guys. Vote for those awards and -- Of course -- global growth of beard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Act like yeah. That you don't -- bat bat over -- my. When it caught fire right you know what they're actually ignored well. Abandoning him out here at times. It. Favorite but. -- -- you'll be crying and AM on the. -- now and then and now. They try to set her up this morning anticipation to see that the judge set -- up and ask your questions are all in all was neo wild what. -- -- have a problem. I was on an issue. Call me beautiful on what's wrong with analysts my prospects -- -- talent clearly your fans at these -- -- it's counter guy -- That song you know what was that the it was -- -- who has paid -- I hate -- -- the tapes show. -- mellow. Mad at -- get that I think of that not let them in the category blocking dogs may -- them. The -- -- Michael Phelps and his wife. And the mourning period interviewing Michael cultivate a little bit don't -- What. Without. And message. I'm here that are great forward on what sort of -- right. Didn't say that -- they're good Bob -- -- about. Way. I'm glad we get it's why you don't have -- And -- -- point it was a group dance. -- Well you know I thought that Brian and I don't know about yet have you thought about the Cold War meant. And this message. There was some good -- through so there -- some Romo. -- you try to talk to borrowers are planning and I used to bullet -- all -- -- -- did you doubt as to -- with him and Vernon Connecticut. What you're doubted you you're gonna have to make one of those. And I think you're gonna get. I hit or actual flight -- anyways. Whether. Seeded vols would I had no power. A group in my neighborhood we buoys to ball Leah. Mr. rove yeah. It's they can hit it do -- do -- That we can't blah blah you know. Sure -- for the game. And good -- overall it was Boca. Well and probably paid it and the hill. How I. If that. Now say they go -- sidekick Mike Gardner came up out of -- -- -- attitude well -- -- I don't get published report Barnett. If at all -- are -- -- -- -- can't thank god one don't like all about it but -- it's good news is that any kind of -- and yeah. It I'm nobody's. That's right -- daddy's eyes eyes that he would Ed McMahon projects on Amazon apparently. It was just on a motorcycle and it was only a little thing I'd like to ask you plus plus a psychic is usually shorter than I mean here is safe it's nice to have one of those -- card Suzuki sidekick. Here. What that was like football over at the exactly the engine geo tracker I don't know about twelve pounds of supplies and as I drove to Baltimore drove to Boston and archive created a 400 mile warranty -- -- -- should. Coincidentally that was how we -- at the lake. I have bought it bought the Massachusetts as the only know curly haired -- in all of captivity. Or as large as our advantage not -- And you're tired bodies being handled sarcastic. But that's. Yes it. Is embracing. Means -- which is exactly. July that you're jealous that it wasn't he does. Not jealous crap which. Outlawed people's republic pay. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Fish. Shops that you should be excused -- and -- -- awkward. But you just lost it was never can't. Coordinate. That you're your attention to I'm just warning of this and that's. Get a public workers to -- -- contract and show up here ought to be. -- Mean was run and now simply. It goes. A compliment our arms and Dale Arnold Saturday afternoons one. Knowing -- you're looking little pussycat with. You're totally different guy gets the cold air Jack and I liked. You might not like -- we ballclub. It sure. It's like -- -- -- Really really cannot ground in -- good progress report writing back. That's why it cut back lot of this starting quarterback great film about ball and -- that happens but up on our. Well let's. Let's not forget that James arsenals will be his -- aboriginal what -- did. If you want to make a point. You disagree with -- the mother of his child about baptism. Alford I obviously got a door for a -- back to -- made him. The lowest field lots. Of people have -- today and it. Hey wearing that yes. Are there Daryn nice guy I have I don't -- -- -- -- -- on October. I'm 1990. Yeah. When I hope I don't get out and narrowing their body and a phone call at all that. It's not connect -- coming back. And -- -- Roger coming earlier and want to challenge him on air. On the air -- and how much how much is a little time for the call -- I've challenged the cast him. He says it was in the house and be nineteen and accidentally -- -- Terry -- penal and that's and I. Don't know what will be on it. These guys aren't perfect score from bad to access it hey these holes and -- the publicity. You'll see. -- -- Obama grow more over different but agreed some -- would be better but don't count choke. Four -- And then showed that called it. And the message. And -- let's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You build that -- the couple. Out. But add -- I think they'll put up. I actually they'll act. I sat down pat on the back of the country album cut. But didn't you just you know -- And just loves it didn't silliest I. Am in agreement -- children of the corn. -- This one's fault but Dan Shaughnessy blues. Comes from day one -- beat her. Writes columns on. Against military could steal lie and hit the blue shirts -- jinx that I think it's columns things and he just wants like -- It's being so it could certainly hit -- may be Borges is worse he can -- -- That -- but didn't act like I'm. 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