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Bill Romanowski... one too many blows to the head?

Jan 10, 2013|

Bill Romanowski wants the Texans to game plan to put a hit on Tom Brady that will injure him and take him out of the game. This on the heels of the NFL's bounty scandal. Real smart Bill.

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Mike wolf I -- -- eulogized days before this a game this weekend between the patriots. And the Houston Texans. Have been individual out there in America next NFL player. Who would say something just really stupid. And juvenile idiotic specially based on everything we're dealing with -- -- -- all the other things. Would Bill Romanowski be one of the five possible suspects on your list yeah he will be at the top the list. But Ochocinco. On -- absolutely. Is Joey -- still in the league. -- -- in the league right now OK but -- be on the list that it be analyst at Joey yeah Howard met governor from -- That's an answer the question I'm have you ever heard from a -- -- and only. Because he he liked to make himself her. -- -- -- Stupid what do you prefer not doing what you're right let's let's let's play if I thought when I first read it in print ads and myself. Okay this guys just go for his kid around this is a joke this is that when you think that and you -- into Houston -- -- don't use the radio station. Playing -- Houston radio station you played the crowd there and you sit there at six -- the only way you guys can and it. Is it view you know Brady gets herself like that to me. It's kind of a laughing goofy thing you said this and you tell me you feel it's nothing -- for you Roman house. You know this game again. The New England Patriots. This quarter those gains what you got and knock someone out. And it's got to be early. And it basically say it -- the New England Patriots. You're not gonna and that's what about could we got knocked you out and -- -- -- -- -- goes down. You never have. Tentative. Guys potentially -- -- over the middle. And I believe he's got to do that and he got it -- -- for sure well. I'll haunt an opposing team in the playoffs. In the over the land. -- it's worth taking a yellow flag to deliver that message. I'd say. Yet it is Tom Brady. Absolutely take that. Okay. And get that shot it and. You know let -- -- hopefully not -- walk out at least one. You know and it just -- figured it I don't know what it did get apparently that's fine leaders don't want to get kicked out. What you're doubted you you're gonna have to make -- -- those. And you're gonna get I hit or two light anyways. Whether these dirty or not just because -- the intensity of the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It goes on. We have the other stuff about ginger is more like February originally Eddie -- was restored. Is -- big -- art fair and EM. He gives the impression that you don't want -- -- that -- -- that's when you -- -- -- -- you don't get a tossed out of the game. You wanna do with what the slots Paula is there any doubt. -- there any doubt that a bounty program. Existed not only in the world -- but in many. In many teams -- can -- You unless. You listen to this guy talk. Yeah he's speaking from experience and maybe some other things going on some other mind -- any part of value bounty program ever ever Gregg Williams. I don't I can leave that sounds like there's one there's no doubt that bounty programs. Have existed in May be continue to exist in the National Football League and number two she's -- That's just -- I mean. And that's I. The guest and efficient so I hit his views he -- he's are represented anybody else's views but it zone. I I I doubt. That Wade Phillips is saying yes this is what I'm telling my guys -- I doubt they Gary Kubiak is endorsed in that I mean that is. That's above and beyond it -- is doing an interview at 610 yen down there in Houston -- station detention policy one. And apparently told the guys in Houston and I don't know in the before. The response. To a football. You've had that. Oh yeah we gotta get you your conversations that heroes station got away from a scholar. Totally backed off he backed up entirely. He wrote a column admitted that he wrote it just get some people stoked up which week you and I both. Product the other day well -- you know I was there. It took credit for not only am arrogant when they started challenging him for example he says eleven and went -- -- -- -- -- one. Where did you come up with a few guys from Texas a stereotyped. Because they're from Texas they know football your ex football football. Is. All out. Kamal -- if you go to a lot. And I listen I respect his right to do it and -- she does a lot of guys in the now. Or -- complete list of going out and and actually taking no shots out there Shaughnessy will deal but come on Dan. All but I thought Trot Nixon is he he he can't do that. If -- column. You get days before you do two days before you go on the radio station and a couple of a videotape a couple of videotape videotape because that's when you -- -- -- pick up what are your eight tracks in that extent. And about all. These guys. We have. Something to support. What you wrote instead. All. -- current right. He's washed up to the -- what do you think Eric you know back to back the -- you think. The Texans are saying this is what we do to beat the Patriot Act like they have to knockout. -- What you're doubted you you're gonna have to make one of those yes. To make a statement well you know what I have no problem if you can tell he's not -- -- -- out of the game the rate though the wait and -- -- -- game. A couple ways one you do it intentionally did the dirty play. It's about it can cost. To with a shot head. Or it's just. Incidental and I just happens you know you Jamaica a legitimate tackling guys can get hurt legitimate -- right no he's not talk about he's not talking about legitimate tactic the yellow line. -- -- -- -- -- probably -- the the fine. As well that's that's where it crosses the line of him if he came out sent us -- Actions are gonna have to be physical because I believe by the way that is a major problem -- the Texans in this game. Today were the the patriots. Are out physical them in the last game aren't they just outlook. And this is a small undersized team looks JJ watt and he's a huge guy. And he's an impact player -- you look at the rest of that team that's a real big team. And they are not real physical so you know said actions are gonna have to tomorrow the lot more physical think anybody would have a problem. Basically says -- -- a guy. And they get specific and says he got hurt quarterbacking dilemma that we almost like -- we did you get Brady out of the game the patriots are different it. Don't tell you what he knows he's telling you how he stayed in the league coming that was that was of them no it was a very it was a very good linebacker was -- he had some skill. -- -- did slut but you know kind of like the guys were talking about yesterday. Who didn't get into the hall of fame. Of the skill was enhanced. -- Bill Romanowski. And that's how he was able to stay in the league so he he took some things that he should have taken. And he was also. Is also crazy. You would do things like that I think is a dirty player I think he's still my appeal. Yet it is lumber eighty. Oh -- that. I just crazy to say something like that's a sentiment in the Spezza went. A body gave everything else that we have we've gone through here and as you said over concussions that you deal with in the National Football League right now fact that the trying to. Make the game a safer game. On a day when we found out the junior said yeah. Was one of those guys that obviously had some serious issues based on the number of times get pounded and -- -- -- as a -- -- -- -- for Bill Romanowski actually say that is just from. And I take it got away with a -- say they got to be more physical. You really have to push the patriots around because not last game the patriots pushed them -- Schumer. Would be a lot more physical at a bank. But the way he said. You know let it -- well these walk out at least one. You know -- to me it -- your -- if you get arrow that's fine we just don't want to get kicked out. Tell -- what to do is you get somebody in their hands up in the air icons are or you hit them in -- gonna help him up. Get back -- players to take a mile -- -- -- you don't wanna lose a guy like one. Call for the trainer accurately concerned but anyway -- -- like you have Bill Romanowski on as a guest that's what you have money as a guest. As you know we always say so because you know it's gonna say it's up in the -- you know putting him on for his cool objective. Football analysis via hi -- out. Here because there's some crazy and I didn't deliver for I didn't say it was a good guest. Because you're right he's gonna say something that is unpredictable the most unpredictable for him a predictable the most. And you're gonna get something out of which those guys got in -- Houston. But you're responsible. -- that that aside and think we should have a good game here on Sunday very good game competitive. Did the patriots. Yeah I don't I don't think they they are afraid of the Houston Texans but I think there is respect I think -- respect the Texans even after. Just tossed them around like that. Last month. -- The question is how does how does that play out I mean one. What kind of game are we gonna see that is the as a can be complete report not reversal but. Going to be completely different story are we talking about 882421. Game. -- 2724. Classic match up or. They have respect for the Texans because the Texans are capable of doing some things but they still find a way of beating them by ten of fourteen I think they've been important for I think it would -- rather nice. The other is the -- And there is -- I say that Michael is a I think there are only. People went crazy. About the Houston Texans after the first ten games of the regular season twelfth. Well first rocket attacks on 111 but then started to learn -- you -- see the the overtime game against a Jacksonville the overtime game against the truck which we should not one. Okay they got I've got great taken a short right got a great right. And this you could start to see this is going on for sometime you haven't seen that Houston team now in a month and a half. I just don't see you just turn it on. Just like that in this team. It won't change up on awful Wade Phillips is not gonna change that defense even though he's run that same system what it was up in buffalo he's not going to. I don't know much an automatic when you're desperate. And in -- in a playoff situation. This is the time this is the time you have to have everybody. Falling asleep to have everybody thinks. Well when do the same thing that have always done any income on -- at what they do the last five. They were they were in a desperate situation. Because every everybody knew this is more that they needed to win at all what this is more desperately like for Danica. Because you have and that situation. You know down the stretch you think you're gonna turn it around this is different because you got blown out. By the patriots now you're coming back to play them. -- playing them in Houston -- playing them in New England again so you do have to do something different at as I said before I'm not gonna overreact to the -- To their melt down down the stretch doesn't tell me that they are bad team. It just changes my focus I thought they were championship team I -- think they were the best team and the AFC minds and end up with a best in the AFC. But now losing three out of -- on the stretch losing all three games to playoff teams. It tells me that there are a good team. But not a team capable of going into any situation and close the deal they don't get that's all they had to do Elliott. Road game they would have a -- today in the can. Do and -- going on the road playing a team that if you look at their record over the last 56 years on the -- and Obama. Are at rather -- is an actual phenomenal show. I think they they started to peak at -- game -- you can't peak it game again in the national football but you can get better. You can beat you can be ten and want after eleven games and still get better probably to get better -- what the opposite way. And they are very one dimensional I think it's more likely. That. Bill Belichick. Changes up stuff. On Sunday does stuff that you don't expect on Sunday more so -- Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips and Gary Dennis. I I bet you that they will do that patriots won't make more alterations. Annual -- Houston's -- political. -- Repentance and choose among Shaughnessy record that isn't. It. Rick Dennison. Ditka will be Akron as the office them and he's the office of -- denizens. You know he's. Which -- -- a glorified quarterback coach I would call. I column back on their coordinator -- they've you know work with the Broncos for a long time and and Kubiak and went to recruit him. The company -- and I think he's a guy Kubiak runs their office. -- -- -- -- -- You rose zero -- pretty much. I think getting Dennison has been a pretty important role pitching well he might. Why we get to -- -- -- coming up next at 6177797. 19837. -- -- show.

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