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Only a one game suspension for Carmelo Anthony? That's it?

Jan 10, 2013|

Michael and Glenn discuss KG vs Melo and why Anthony only got a one game suspension for what appeared to be multiple incidents worthy of a few games off.

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When we just talk about early respect which might -- right -- remind your league in your commissioner. And about the -- again this right OK but two -- National Basketball Association -- -- -- so it's purely. A phone conversation or lack of conversation so he was basically suspect they would they -- if that is. -- on the scroll and scroll so that point guard Rajon Rondo suspended. Work phone etiquette. That's what were flown recently writer bunch of bitches yet it didn't like Boehner. This is -- them. Then -- really think there was a problem with Rodney -- the got a report from Rodney not -- he didn't write it up after the game there was no technical called. Okay one game suspension because we don't like the way you talk to. Carmelo Anthony passport double technicals Jernigan. One Garnett one air and you guys got it out there but he says during the game I'll see you after the game. When the buzzer sounds. He charges -- though celtics' locker room he's restraint he's screaming at the celtics' locker room it's not over that. Aren't well to get the locker room what I'll do is put on my fatigues. No go down. -- hang out. By the Celtics -- And doesn't end there. By the Celtics must KG is there. Hole in our dividends soon as Bakken warrant which we now we now have we now have eight. Of the argument originally we had -- them standing around threaten now there's it's a focus really -- it's grainy. But you -- should fight TMZ commuters industry DMZ and if they wherever you go your neighbors possibly teams the contributor they're everywhere. New York city police. In Irving Madison Square Garden security intervened Doc Rivers is in there Mike Woodson then there finally they sell it -- And what what is the penalty for Carmelo Anthony. One game. Idiotic -- Anyhow I can you tell me you're suspended one game because don't like the -- talks to you the guy is the threatening another player in your league eight. Ali up a horror representation of the -- thank you talk to you don't want that you don't want people thinking that this is what you're about you. We suspend -- for game could have been suspended for each other actions after the game could've had a three game suspension easily at least two meal. -- don't make sense -- I was trying to say the other day. I don't even know. That they were -- such an approach the game after what he did. -- about Rondo is not about Rondo is -- the way they handle business this is wider front to bitch don't they don't make -- I can't I can't back up mightily gives you like to call it in this I totally agree. I was I was a little bit surprised that Carmelo Anthony specially after arsenal that little green he is a brutal film. In which you saw that there was a lot more activity going back and oh I forgot the posse to write about it must not dropped. Raj and in this -- and what in this day and age were were talking about that the violence that's going on. And you get a guy like that it's taking his posse with him out there I'm gonna meet -- at the Boston -- shows up there. -- -- You don't know watch court and -- to -- I wish I public bus ride he's on the phone by Carolina reprinted in -- troops Obama absolutely. I totally agree it does I'm I'm shocked. -- don't they had to let -- of his I would have to look at Carmelo is. History on this and whether. He said many suspensions are situations like this before and Rondo clearly they were looking at the rest. A -- they were looking at 83. Other suspensions this last year am Michael three above. Involving an official. Whether you have a past record or not if you went to it that way. This is just bad business for basketball I -- so it can be a saint right it can be one of their -- their choir boys. If you're doing that after game. When you gotta be suspended for multiple games well to give an example of that and you when I've had this conversation many times. There is a tendency for some reason it seems to be the NBA more than most sports. Where people who don't like the behavior of an individual in many cases turns out to be an African American right player column. -- And I think it's kind of dangerous when you do. But if you're only knowing right now that that's the image out there and now there's footage of Carmelo Anthony. Acting like can I used the word -- in this situation. Right where you would think it would be strict behavior. And don't you need to come down hard. With a major suspension two games three games to be able to tell everybody else -- can't do this Carmelo image weren't trying to fight here. -- if you put together all of -- on Rondo suspensions. He still hasn't been suspended as much as Carmelo Anthony because Anthony was suspended for fifteen gain that's right in 2000. -- Ball. OK. -- really don't excerpts that if you wanna go to the history. Got this guy for fifteen games that's right -- Guess what he was trying to do. If if he didn't have Mike Woodson stepping in the cops -- the other security what is here is that what would probably real maybe maybe he -- You know bent down maybe just want to bark but he related wanna fight -- but 00. And if it turns out. He's lying. That what he's doing it's got himself into amassed on their nightmare that's what it sounds good -- that he's a law. That he he leaked it out to people that he was making a KG was making disparaging remarks about his wife and that's why. Sorry that's real bad what it when guys start to use stuff like that they they know they're in trouble they know they've overstepped their bounds and then if they figure. You've used the word at me or he used he talked about my mother talked about my wife and really didn't happen that's cheap. Ankle -- the league as people who actually or that. Out of the court. -- urged people not just in his friend's eyes and his team but numerous people that current KG actually talk about his wife but that's even worse. Makes even -- I think the other line is that that they talked after the game right. -- We're talking after the game show -- -- -- after it happened. Celtics but it enhancement act -- you don't have to. MMM did a phone call -- and I was supposed be a phone call. But they have this incident. Didn't get on the bus. The bus heads through Newark. They're leaving out of Newark. They're talking guys ask Max Max -- -- thing. They've got the guys are talking about the incident. On gossiping cussing whatever arguably the you know when parliament -- -- in the game on the plane. OK so unless. It taught me talk to 2 o'clock in the morning -- -- at 131. Talk. I doubt it. Carmelo is in. Spin control. That's what -- deal. And that does it it's easy this control because everybody you know you say something about somebody else's life. Cute or family member so that's always a great defensive move. Now when you when you know that your you you're probably overstepped your bounds and screwed up. Almost all the family member always throwing out. What you do that or he used the word that I did like well he better set because if he didn't. And those were your actions that you're absolutely correct. That -- could do an investigation. Are enough people on that floor. Epic garden that they could talk to that they can know exactly what I bring a good one game suspension is a complete joke now I'm not. I -- careful. Because what you're doing is you try to get Rondo off of his offense -- I usually Carmelo don't know what I'm trying to get a Carmelo should've got a serious suspension. And I don't know because there's a past history here. And because he didn't. Were respond to that total legal monopoly. Now and are trying to understand it's got to get this is no OK that's fun to get a suspension I'm trying to understand. The scale because then you can -- as it as a player you can Doral like a totally due to figure out. What certain things are -- are so if you have a past history. And you're not nice to an NBA official. That's -- the one game suspension. As is chasing down somebody. By the team bus and threatening them. That's a one game suspension -- so how that mean. It's really that doesn't make sense that. Well -- -- it is appropriate I totally agree I just don't want people -- is now to be able to say Rondo never should've got suspended at all. They don't equalled out does know what I think there's no comparison what Carmelo did. And again it didn't break out into a major fight it could if it Cardiff and hadn't done that what would have been the suspension and it's very different -- It's very simple Iran knows suspension. And deserved suspension review what is it that way it is worth one game Carmelo did is where -- And it tastes like -- as -- And it tastes like mellowed his wife had good experience meat from all natural -- -- this is the only leading cold cereal clinically proven to lower cholesterol and according to Kevin Garnett it tastes like -- wife. -- -- -- Yup because it tastes like you've got it Mello who's wife Honey Nut Cheerios is good for you and it tastes like -- as life. On the one night I know what it's been reported that happened I know that as a fact really did not -- Did that happen. No reference to Syria and -- an artist work and are diagnosed supplement. Crazy like a little bit and the way to get out of trouble and so will he says this means that it happens all the time. He's right that's Doc Rivers -- problem. Yes the problem if you using that as an excuse right now because that's the one thing. That will get to people and nobody wants anybody making fun of the -- for the kids or family members only you know it's okay if you go it may call me whatever you want. Just don't you know what family members get involved and if he's using that. To gain some support some sympathy which is the Baylor -- ass out of a stupid idiotic. Movie made up there on the floor and and after the game. Shame on him didn't Bobby got an action and onion and and it -- -- border and that -- makes -- during a threat that's exactly what happened. And you made -- out. It's made and they make it up because it's a lot easier -- bodies at -- about my kid I was upset about the -- -- -- -- do it. But it's an easy out. Because they know people won't attack you the fact that somebody's trying to attack your kit that's a whole different ball game now you've crossed the line. If Melo is making that up in the league should know that Michael -- witnesses out there and will. Spike. Despite don't know there's -- brought that I might. And -- eagle and normally -- might want to go here are your that's your call. -- hope you guys want to do it yeah -- you have such a great show thank you you know. I hate this you know I was looking but it was yesterday for a couple days ago you and I'm going back and forth about. -- situation. And you know I think as sitting and listening and I I agree dribble you guys inaudible don't liquid -- And I listened to today what would -- welcome level. I go back to my point is make you do about how he you know to lead with the movie just gonna. That was in tight right now I understand where you come however didn't back at what you did before but the way to -- does break in how we decide on. He gets -- and when I looked at Robert -- good yeah absolutely right you bought them at Alando ice skater probably Mercury. I don't go between -- -- I don't give any kind of -- my that we don't okay when I'm going to have. But when I look at what is what Melo did. On the other tunnel and I know he's probably a little bit it's been is that it but. What I'm weren't that big ego he would if KG just say that. The principle we can probably a bit. No discipline is with La -- So it would conflict there because if you could ask you know. It and that didn't it happen I can see why he would be -- -- that he looked just you know things upset all the time and begin to get data that. They had to be something else going on that apple should had spoken upload the what was. But to follow to a book. The -- to really go down to travel. It takes effort. -- take it takes effort to you know Madison Square Garden have been around for allows I want these new arena is where your leg -- it does maybe I'll give you a compares. For example Brooklyn. Brooklyn. The visiting locker room is you can get from the visiting locker room to the bus. In about two minute a minute I managed just raise its rate they're they they drive the bus pretty much up to the visiting locker room. It but the -- did brave enough and an elevator. And then you're out on Flatbush avenue OK you're you're gone so that's a new arena. Put in an element don't know yet then you don't. Madison Square Garden it's not like it takes effort. Get to. Gift from the home locker room it's like this round got a little longer you got some time to cool off in almost walking -- sides in the -- literally cool off of it and it's not the best idea. Waiting -- -- -- -- some more. I usually interesting story -- Major League Baseball. That I wonder. Whether yesterday's announcement that there would be nobody. Elected to the whole thing. And the fact that the steroid guys got such a low percentile of the vote. -- Major League Baseball Players Association and you know what we got to do something. Let's -- has just announced significant modifications. In the drug testing program in Major League Baseball. It is going to include. In the season also announced a blood test for HGH. And testosterone. While that's significant we talk about it next.

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