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Breaking down Houston at NE with former Patriot Willie McGinest

Jan 10, 2013|

We preview Texans @ Patriots Round TWO with former Patriot 'elephant' defensive end Willie McGinest, now with the NFL Network.

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-- -- the show -- why Michael Holley will talk with -- any age coming up in the next elegant and it's morally. Rondo in KG step let's get back talking football with patriots and the Houston Texans coming up here Gillette on Sunday night. Former member of the knowing when patriots I said earlier Willie. -- that we kind of never mentioned the Cleveland brown experience it was probably good for you not great for us. But now a member course called the NFL network. As he lowered himself to do one of these media jobs but he's done a terrific job Willie McGinest jones' life. On the AT&T hotline I don't. I'm doing great probably made it to the big show are you -- -- or they finally tonight we are also present were on the -- -- many years and and you've got yourself a big show. So I ask you this because you've been in this situation before in camp with -- check. You're facing a team that you've beaten -- the time before. And now you got to play in the second time -- changes. What changes do you make during the course of the way. Wolf we know I'll I'll look at their particular to do really -- you did really well. You still have those Richard disposal but if you listen to what the players are saying they'll -- -- played a perfect or really good game. And some good things that they probably tried to go out and implement it to the game plan or do they didn't do as well also will probably try to do those things better. Protections have show of weakness is they have -- certain things that can affect them. The pictures from it first credit they did a lot of things they created mismatches a protected Brady really well they didn't turn the ball over. And they ran the ball really well so when you put all those things together and playing in New England -- it's tough to going to be here would be -- patriots football team. What are you of the Texans down the stretch Willie I mean we were talking about it earlier they need to win one game they get either the number one -- number two position and they couldn't do it. Do you do you think that is just the story of a team going through a slump at a bad time or is that a larger story that they just don't have what it takes to win a championship. Whopping just a really good team and you can't underestimate them and -- they went to a slump creative play good you wanna be peaking. According to the player also at the end of the year. And have everything -- all cylinders they wasn't doormat. Home they did show up last week against the Bengals have played a lot better. But we've seen this before they come out they played really well overdue bills still deflate they'll play bad again. So I'm sure that they understand that this is the critical time for. -- they continue to make certain mistakes some players certain -- you'll find themselves out of the playoffs. And a clinic of relieved sound disciplined team that's not gonna beat -- sales of a lot of ways so. You know protection that the -- team that's capable. Spoke of winning a championship. But you know they have to play a perfect game they have to play great defense they have to turn the ball over. To give their offer multiple opportunities to have to run the ball extremely well because to pass game is built off awful throw off the running game. And together they got to -- -- -- of the opportunities you can't going to Foxboro. Give him a red zone 34 times about scored touchdowns you have to capitalize and score touchdowns Google's whirlwind secure Petit might do so. I think they understand that. If we're able to do that that's the difference. Rory are suggesting they weren't really able to use their best weapon and Arian Foster because they get down by four touchdowns in camp. Continue to run the ball but they seem like a methodical team willing in which. As you said they've got to establish the run that opens up the play action. But they go with long extended drives. And they come from being fine if they drop down by two touchdowns again. Well we haven't seen it this year you know about against really good teams and I don't think it's sort of farewell for the -- they do fall behind. A couple of touchdowns now they did run the ball at the beginning of the game gets to patriot successfully brought some of those levels nullified by building so. You know when you talk about hurt yourself and then they've taken place as a way that's what can they can do was well but. Particular established. A lot of presidents and that's something that the patriots defense of -- come in and understand the biggest weapons of his team is -- -- -- Foster does one game. This is the number one part we're gonna have to take -- away so they understand that the patriots is they're pretty good gives taken away the run. Barrier Foster seems to get better in the twelfth horse to run. So that's going to be a challenge for the patriots -- challenge for the Texans to go out there run the ball against -- patriots because. I don't think they have enough weapons on the outside outside of Andre Johnson yes there or -- just put Belichick's got to find a way to kick goals away. And make this a one dimensional game especially if you fall -- Our take us inside the defensive huddle take us inside those meeting rooms that you're part of for many years with the patriots and Belichick. What is it about bill Belichick's defenses. -- lately. That you see them improving down the stretch and OK that's the good part the bad part is. In the middle or early in the season we say what the hell's going on here does the Bill Belichick defense is defense is that the causes awful. What do you know that's about. The same defense with a couple extra count report spells in the Super Bowl last year or so you can pick got to -- have a couple things about this these are still young war. And got a lot of young players out there playing that -- at a high level. And they had been used to play these other independent have to get you know update Belichick and the decency coordinator. At -- Patricia had -- to see how much they can handle. As they got comfortable door the year after it started playing better. Guys got moved around a little bit to secondaries linebackers. The decertified as they start getting comfortable starter played well Arctic started adding more to the game plan. And the want to -- about being American but American ability sixties -- -- He's never caught up overwhelm you would switch stunts in their blitzes Somalis it's been urged to Timor if you can handle it he wanted to play Smart played fast. And be able to attack if if if if you if you put too much on your plate. -- are going to be able to do that so I think -- just -- gotten better devastated wanted to weakness was that -- -- they gave up a lot of yards. But they took the ball away you know -- they were good red zone defense particularly up a lot of yards. You can't do that he killed it seems sustain drives because we can -- off -- all the field. So what he's done is just teams come together their play at a lot better they understand that there -- important part of this equation that they're gonna be successful they got to create turnovers. They got to come in and they got to be solid give Brady multiple opportunities and anytime you give somebody of his caliber. Multiple opportunities it's just tough on a decent supposedly services. When when do you think you've got it when you think you've figured out okay this is what he wants us to do until he can. He can give us multiple things to do and we can all handle it because we know exactly what they expect -- Always like really hearing you know there is going column you know they are we got a coach you gotta see it on the field. You know he's got to see you make him play he's got to see you react to the right way play as fast. No indecision. Into him in and you know communicating is objecting called on any decent especially now when you have to be able to make adjustments and communicate. And think they're doing a better job that's that would mail after -- in the middle actually go to meet that date. They're making plays they're young they're gonna and other that they hit some bumps and roll but. It's always important to play really good according to a December according to the playoffs. He can that the right time everything comes together at some childhood faced little adversity it takes. For you go to some things for Florida coast to understand what you -- have which you can handle and when it comes to game planning. What puts his players in the best position to -- out. Be effective plays fast and not have any decision it and a lot of BAA and be productive. I'd love to get your take on Jim Jones to Germany was mentioned so often. When they ended up drafting -- -- Jones what's your take on him. I think that Carol are still learning and he's you know of course -- you know he he's got a lot of potential -- watched them play. He's a long guy he's gonna get stronger. It's got to learn. How to use his business led to give his opponents. To get after the quarterback and I was gonna have that some more most was Robert swallow Lopes worked with a guy. -- you do you have so many tools that he's not taken advantage of right now. My guess who's gonna get stronger and -- in game. I don't know if he's the guy that didn't understand. Input in the coverage I think. He's gonna have to -- improve that for them to go to you know more -- -- type of guy where he's now out in coverage like I did. But you know electric city games -- Belichick's great at assessing his players and know what they do well what do you don't do well also. I think he has a lot of development to do good to see where he's come and how he's playing and deployed to the production he's had since the beginning of season until now he's going to be a great -- for that for some time it comes. It was fun ages and I'm looking on Twitter and those tell people -- Willie McGinest is coming on and the guy says it will ask him. If he sees any current linebackers and a team that you play is old elephant role angelic jaws and our linebacker but it sounds like. You think he has the potential to do what you did you see that him is he the guys -- the answer to the question. Was that this matter is that the other Aniston's kids that played a lot of football -- coming out of college and he didn't drop in the coverage a lot so. The difficult part with that is when I came into the league I was I was between was to -- too big victory to be a lot of backer. And I was really too little too small to be -- -- strategic elephant position Charles Haley must suffer some other guys. But I was able to learn the coverages I was able to be interchangeable. I'd I'd grab status -- to probably take some time for him to do care about pink or something -- throw at them all out wants -- companies admit that he has to get comfortable once -- of -- -- first he had to learn. Football he's still learn how to play football are deposition learn how to use his troops in his. It and and Eric and his lips like us that it gave me who got -- gonna choose to be -- big body. He's got to get stronger. And then you start acting a little bit dislikes pleased that the peace a piece of media got to finalize seasons to make their meat tastes really really good when you cook when you when you cricket and I just see him as as values and he's a raw talent he's still have a long way to go and struggle aren't. And under under the tutelage of the coaching staff and where he is that I'm sure he's gonna make is gonna bats pretty pretty quickly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very little bored and you know carried out that you said you would love to work with that you have any interest in. Coaching or is that a would you like to do camps have you. How how would you work with Dwayne Jones or anybody else would you like it. -- I really haven't thought about -- but I learned so much have some of the best teachers in the game immediate -- my NFL career had. You know Bill Parcells took took coming into the -- learn from -- that I have. See what he's doing down there and you know the last chapter in my career. -- secular are so many great coordinators. I have so much knowledge of the game and they taught me. You don't use it even in my fifteenth -- still learning things and it's it's it's just a process but a guy like that. You know simple being -- -- this is not a lot there's there's small simple things level -- kids. Much more useful ball alive in -- sometimes these young kids are young they're like sponsors they've been absorbed really quickly. And if you -- guy like that do certain things you know I came into the league. Pete Pete Carroll brought to Australia to talk to me a war would mean you know when I first got here Parcells Paul Lawrence Taylor and to work with me. -- Derrick Thomas was another got a lot learn from Seoul. You know these are big -- took a little bit from all these guys came out straight to do we have him in how else you know my hand fighting. Do certain certain things I learned from him I had I had. I was lucky I have so much talent. What I came to delete their limit yourself in their expertise to me took a little piece of my game from all these different players register learned to listen. You know whatever I can do what would actually start whatever I can do to make my game better. How will this particular Golan work on him and him always you have to change your game you can't have one movie can't do one thing. You have to change your game because the game evolves. Willie do you envision any surprises in the four games this weekend. But. I mean the only game. There's there's two games fact that. I don't look so surprised. Because of their history but when you talk about the need to Seattle Seahawks -- -- and pin and the falcons. -- -- -- is gonna happen either the falcons are tired of hearing about the playoffs. The plan also what they can't do they got a c'mon be explosives. And they're gonna take off or literacy. Seattle come in you know we've we've seen a lot of success in this it is just -- -- team in the last year's goal and it went Super Bowl also. We whom we might see them go and and and their -- world and dominate this game and the other games from his as the Green Bay gave home. San Francisco was Columbia casting game of matchups in this game. With a decent so back so of December Siskel 49ers as a physical group. They're an aggressive group and according gives us a mess. -- receivers. And it just reminds me of when we played against a raft of 2000 wanted to Super Bowl. If the 49ers come out and try to put -- in that game where -- -- -- receivers Donald being. The little weird but this is great physical football team has the team that wants to hit you in the mouth. They want to play you close tight coverage they want they imposed their will early and often in the game. Com if they come -- may be physical and turn this into something that. Rebate doesn't want to turn it into I think that's going to be adjusting game that's so that's a great matchup that I wanna -- you know 44 record. I agree that's the best matchup week. Should be a fun to wake it's always great talking with -- Willie -- and you'll see you know loans and a few weeks. Probably there may -- guys -- -- -- revenue are willing to take jabs him and Willie McGinest from the NFL network formerly -- patriot right here on the bench we get repetitive phone calls next.

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