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JJ Watt: It's about respect!

Jan 10, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to pregame comments from JJ Watt shortly before the Patriots beatdown of the Texans on Monday night football in December.

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Now what will go into in the fourth down. Continues to -- where 35 seconds that you can edit OK the final stores in the patriots -- -- the Texans 4214. Brady for a touchdown passes. Kevin -- on the call. Patriots 42. Texas fourteen Butler and 937 WE -- get -- Celanese. Extended thoughts we get set for pats and text the rematch division around 430 on Sunday we -- -- 617. 7797937. Matt Chatham what's gonna stop the out 1 o'clock and he scouting report from him. What might be different in this game -- the other night ESP NFL network aired the game again with great watch also -- NC the first time including. JJ -- this guy gets fired up if you go look at the Houston Texans web site of their videos there's a video almost every game. A JJ watt defense player of the year get all Pete Carroll jacked the -- about what's going on and the Monday night game against the patriots in the pre game. Was no different -- defense a player the yeah. -- -- What -- Don't -- -- big -- -- know I know I quit on development out about midnight went back. -- the -- imminently but tonight we don't. Look it's the USA with a best team in the world but tonight we sure the worldwide. Don't like it's one thing I'd do I know I bring on development out how -- -- back. What about vehemently. -- we don't block. They've put that on the -- and -- -- that the curious delegate that courtesy NFL network when he watched the video. The dude is out of its mind law -- he's a great player. But it looks like he's had about seventeen rebels. Seeded seventeen at a animals like you know chased every -- that -- -- or -- -- reporter at least accidentally. And I though everybody get around me let me talk -- -- trade Lewis -- JJ watt doll. Their heads so -- does that Red Bull crazy. But I just get a kick out of it because you know you watched the replay. That's the first thing you're here. Obviously. You know holiday ended -- is no way to hide HA. You couldn't be more right buddy I respect all the eyes are on you knew you'd go there I mean it's. The. I popped it back to the world live. Don't like don't be wondering what do I know I -- -- development out about midnight went back. For the best imminently but tonight we don't. I've been down in -- who said the -- in the we -- it for awhile it looked over the defense six in the secondary gets the lotion from the -- he -- to those who want to play -- The good -- for Houston -- to -- Brady in the gun from his 37. For one you're going to get his son Brady pointing out his projections -- one foot ahead of those right in the gun gets the snap propped up the pro he says he looks long. It's. -- this man who's been -- don't do. It's. At home means OK okay. -- -- I. -- -- Five minutes four minutes into the second Korea to when he when nothing you looking to hide it you realize doing this in front of everybody up the high when you only William walls. Braveheart before the game the text -- points out. -- He's out of control. And he's a good player. Don't knock in the happened -- that got beat some sort of embarrassment when you get that jacked the pomp and down. -- -- -- 28 and then in the fourth quarter. Your coach went Ron Ron Ron -- is giving up to no we have no shot. Here comes the gates income and date Foster growth at our shop go sit down biggest game of art. Protect his record when he players. And your coach has given up in the final quarter and it's -- with JJ watt yelling use rivals out in the pregame. Doesn't go I expect him to Yale I expect them to do it again here this Sunday. I don't fault him the given its beat pavlik let up one the only that ever happened before. I just think it's a mistake it's funny because -- lost to replay in the year before the game mean all the game into up. And if there was a remote respect. Yeah they lost a ton of respect detonated an organization. In the the fraud Thomas started coming out of that a candidate not as good as everybody thought it was just a -- decade took so much away from the Houston Texans. And the way to finish TE one took a lot of them themselves it wasn't just -- that started their real fault because you you keep points in the vikings. When they lose at home 236 of the vikings and then come back and lose the colts and the year that started. It's a huge lack respect league nationally. Anyway pick in the text of the -- he began they would Dennis Kelly art that our guy yesterday. From -- and the Texans are better team top to -- Texas all the time for small portion of the country. It's Houston Texas. That's about it. Trust the page like we played six -- easier -- Gloria -- you cancel single. -- -- -- It that it -- like Texans are better thought about it the patriots are -- that I saw battery grip that the last comment about the patriots -- do this 56 times a year. Money too but will not go home 6177797937. Your phone number you can text us. On the AT&T text like 37937. That's a great wrestling reference in the eighteenth tee decks. Dustin gold -- roads. And JJ -- you have the similarity. To each other that's a good old school wrestling reference I'm Matt -- -- -- top of the hour we'll get his take on. How he thinks the -- is gonna approach this and -- we come back there's the statistical numbers may blitzing Tom Brady standpoint. That should should. Change with the Texans do in this game based on what they did in game one we'll talk about that next.

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