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Jared Sullinger, Celtics forward, on his recent play and KG's leadership

Jan 10, 2013|

Sullinger joins Mut and Merloni to talk about his standout performances of late, the Celtics win streak, and the leadership of KG.

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61. Of these trees. -- -- -- -- refuse you win like instantly makes my goal was faster courts not long to from the course so good and -- at soldier. A new career high thirteen rebounds. Importantly it locked up excellent drives the black bread basket until the ethics of mass soldier up next -- -- -- go. Ten points. Team rebounds three assists and -- staggering plus minus number. For Jared soldier tonight this obviously by thirteen 8260. That's enough for me it is. An excellent job of protecting the ball. The other guys you know throughout. You know the history here you guys know that. They -- a nose for the ball all they're great rebounder -- they. They know how to get their body in the right position they tend to break before the ball hit the room. And endured the -- -- solid year. Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds that the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Was that must complete game as a pro you feel like -- last night Paul points sixteen rebounds. Yeah I think -- I think that is. A -- -- to gain in. Actually got to play them the whole fourth quarter court did not that was happy about that. A ticket back to last year you know and in the draft -- obviously wanna be drafted. As high as possible but -- draft goes like a pretty good ID a B with a pretty good team what was it like when you heard. The -- your name call with the Boston Celtics in in what that meant as far as the tradition of this organization. That's pretty impressive because -- like those on to the organization. How about when it. Without -- about when it. A lot of disorganization. -- America to play with a couple of a leader that lesson. And I articulate -- And violence make it ideal you know I'm here somehow. He could be drafting you'll earlier may be would have had -- the team around that says a guy like Kevin Garnett it would probably had more minutes may be with another team but how valuable is that for you. Working with the -- KG each and every day in practice. Hamas. You know whether they -- or who are mormons wouldn't let -- let you know be lose. So that it doesn't really matter -- it what was that like have. -- -- And I think he's like negative person -- -- -- -- we've Ellen actually happened a few world. You know what every bill. He's actually just his prophecy. And sometimes they took Britain consistent as what you just saw that it though. I think. We get who get it evolved. Brawl in the -- -- at what he's really helped put my. Ice at the draft does it matter we heard stories of Paul Pierce. She jumpers after your strapped and every time his jumper a practice he named one of the nine teams the Pakistani tell me not shoot jumpers name and those teams -- No. I'm just of the doubt here. Let cars are part of -- -- that rookie. Nancy. Now you played a ton Ohio State be startled those games -- -- -- the Celtics and your role is coming off the bench is it hard. To adjust to that role not starting and being asked to sit for a little bit then come into a game. Now thousands -- -- -- be but it does some. Almost. You would see is not really that hard is that. -- standard equipment behind. Great Kevin Garnett. Somebody like branded that the that was. -- so it's understandable and on top -- -- it is whatever -- you wouldn't do so I'm all about me. You know that -- square garden -- a day against the knicks I mean it's the ultimate right you're at Madison Square Garden the game is intense and got to know mr. Tyson Chandler has got a little bit a little bit rough though it must been a fun game to be apart of. Very. It again. I have a lot of well one. Who. It was -- I mean look. Did you like that they seem to let guys play in that game -- is someone has may even called for a couple fouls this year that enact game KG in -- label that. The battle that without the whistles late. Yeah look we love that. Me that that's that that's the applicant we'd like. Like the battle would like to be. I mean it was a lot like a -- a lot of fun to be -- they gave me. It came down -- the life. Your -- talk to wait seven nose for the ball in mean you're you're now thrown in the NBA where. Guys they're big guys that are big are also pretty athletic as well that he may -- don't match up height wise with that help big adjustment is that playing your position. That it gets some of these guys that might be bigger more athletic. It is is pretty cool. I like I think -- -- -- more athletic but it really it kind of frustrated like look I get this. And so I think that that's that's what they reported. Some might think they have that he grabbed it -- -- -- -- -- that. You think there's an art to rebounding like you can study it and kind of Dennis from the east to say angles and followed that you seem to have a knack for the ball is that something you can learner is that just. You -- of -- you were brought up as a basketball players here. It is something you can't learn but he can't -- If he gives you -- And I get off the south Dallas -- -- over for a -- here now. You WK alarm would you can't learn it is it is it's hard to explain. You didn't even know if he made by the shoot he's in no way. You know what percentages of what the when it comes off but. Half of 5% of this is that it will get. No matter how much hysteria -- -- how much he. You know you know policies that but of course very musical come off in the middle or or one -- societies -- trying to -- life. To the halfway point where you like you almost in the material but this the late. That's his point 5%. These -- -- it yet either going to be. At the and then you that I had the action. You know -- dedication to go get the ball that I think that I have. I'm just -- go get it. You won the frustrating thing I think watch and -- over the course the last couple of years has bent the rebounding battle and I understand the emphasis is more of getting back in transition defense is that. Is it difficult for you -- ages Billick you just want to get those offensive rebounds. No doubt they'll go. That he knows that we can't even though because maybe they'll. Every -- that -- Rebound so go go good to rebound and if you don't get them back. Just trying to -- -- more -- people. They seem to turn around Saturday night at halftime the reports are that Paul -- and adjusting words for your team he can you tell us what. Paul said you guys the spark that great third quarter against the hawks. It says -- is. The fight we we we got to come out we got to keep positive and they'll stop. -- -- was down the first six rounds -- said we it was program fight we got to come back. Exactly right. We feel like camp on the more you know go pick yourself to a another place. And keep by. Yeah -- also turnaround to the -- gave Bradley coming back. It did this on to this team in the defense that he brings that -- the change to Mattel defense we get a guy on the ball pressure the ball all the way -- -- In other dig into your office 1012 seconds to go on the shock clock has to make a big difference for you as a team defendant. -- sure that that's that's that's exactly what it is. I mean he's questionable off base by the based. Thing is is you make our defense block a whole lot easier because now that the clerk might mean to. Who actually loan car once that happens arms in rough it's so we we're we're expect -- and Avery Avery back be. That lasted. Everybody. We -- on Twitter at -- underscore Sully the number zero after that. I saw your MBA ballot it's it's very Celtics centric your MBA all star ballot Garnett. Pierce. Rondo. Terry. Jeff Green and you've submitted your all -- the all star belt this year. Get back. As a remarkable. Both on the buy I have. You can't -- multiple times online it's true. Yep so I -- market. You have badly going on that. Did you did did you vote for yourself rookie of the year yet or nobody at a do you think you'll be part of that rookie weekend at the all star game with a rookies but the sophomore you wanna play an active. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It excessively materials in your locker room I was just curious no no. That method and the a nasty cut their between KG and in Carmelo. We're diminish the comment about it. -- professor at law. That's vault and doc set with docs that was false -- on today and said -- that that the call the local around the honey and Cheerios and his what did happen you know exactly what he said KG said the -- I'm all fired up. Me you know KG is -- the though I mean he never crossed the line. It is you know says with the news that everybody. I guess what in the heat of the battle. That happened. -- -- Friday night Jeremy -- Jason Hart James -- in the house he's Jarrett sellinger Celtics -- hello offered twelve point sixteen. Rebound effort -- Celtics guests and Celtics Thursday Gerri great stuff appreciate it Monica Friday. Are very -- soldier on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds at the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible I can listen and talk about rebounding all day. Just sit there and talk about rebounding and the effort and -- that is a well spoken kid and the Celtics got lucky. With him -- over his back issues draft water whatever was they got lucky -- someone that expect to be with this team and trade. For a long long time it's and to sell the conversation jacking McMullen on -- Celtics Thursday next.

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