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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on KG comments to Carmelo

Jan 10, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Celtics win streak, the KG-Anthony feud, and Jared Sullinger.

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Watch out our about -- ID three point seven WE -- I just heard from Jared sellinger Celtics rookie get that on demand for a very suited WEEI dot com. Always joining us at a Celtic Thursday at a great Jack McMullen brought you by town fair tire HSA insurance and by Newton Wellesley dental. Partners' -- last time we talked about the Celtic team Jacqui we lamented. That the bench as a group the role players were struggling and the last week. They've been one of the -- future reason this team is have this winning streak put together. Things can turnaround since last weekend's net. And you know give Avery Bradley is -- because I think a lot of the energy's he has started with him and the way he's wraps it up. The defense to pressure and you know I hit an unspoken sort of way I think challenging everybody else to do the same thing. But you know last week we were wondering what Jeff Green ever get it together can Courtney -- give us some thinking Jason Terry do something. And and the last week they've solid good week of solid good weeks and that's good news for that. Celtics because on a name where that this started don't get it done like last night you don't win that game and let the -- the -- comes through. Every look at it to the starting five -- same as one last year in the year really to -- well. Much of it also is just the guys in roles are comfortable with that are coming off the bench. Now I think that's right -- and you know I think putting that back in the starting line up and helped him a lot too although he didn't have a great game last night I think it's made a difference for all of these guys. And -- you don't you just love -- you just can't stop talking about it because he's becoming energy off the bench that. Bradley you know giving you in the starting line up. I mean I think they're lucky they were playing at Phoenix Suns -- two and sixteen on the road last night though because that one stretch there in the third quarter. Against good basketball teams you're not gonna get away with that you know kind of commodity here with a win. So I think again there's still work in progress but that encouraging right a little more encouraging. Yeah Hank it's it's -- ball players again we talk about soldiers you just referenced as part of that and do you think it's just the matter of people he's 34 minutes last night. Not Celtic high for that for the big game is -- him just earning the trust Jackie of Doc Rivers is at the rebounding what is it. Is all coming together right time for him with this team. Well you know dot police dot really bristles when you say to him -- doc doesn't play rookie Q -- like that because he did you know he'll maintain that he played -- his rookie year and he'll play guys that earn the minutes. And they have turned him in practice so little practice and they haven't anthologies are in the right to be out there. And that's. You know -- right when he talked about rebounding if you look at some of the top rebounder in the game they're not just seven foot guys they're they're wide bodies that can handle the pounding I think Garnett reference that. And and that's which is -- from sellinger. He's got a Barkley type body be now Barkley I don't wanna do that there's -- on all sorts of levels actually hit it. -- -- -- -- Rebounding is so much timing. And energy and it ended his effort to it is effort. And certainly going to give you that and I think he's in better condition and had mentioned did this to you guys before I think he came in as a college player that didn't understand what your body is supposed to be like. As an NBA player and I think he's learning that as he goes here. Jackie wonder what's next Jeff Green and I know his minutes he needs to be more consistent in his play but. Do you think that there's a starting lineup with him substituting him for Brandon Bass or you think that's been a smaller team to do that. Yeah I'm not that makes sense Lou. You know I don't the next game watching that game he was so good I thought that was his best game of the year he was attacking -- aggressive I'd love the way played that game. And and you know he went to the bench because pop you come back. And you know you want appear on the on the floor to close out the game -- like could be in situations like that. Well maybe I -- they can stop could greenback and go small and I think in situations like that media can happen. But I don't we can get away with doing that over the course of but I have a basketball game I just I think it makes it too small too vulnerable. Let's go backwards a little bit to Saturday when -- bombs Rodney -- we have Tommy on Tommy to me admits that that ugly out hilarious so that Jackie commit to -- it's not like the league calls Rondo Rondo is not all that interest in -- -- -- past transgressions now we know whether it's -- -- official Mark Davis on the ball the official. And basic hangs up the phone and because he wouldn't talk to them. That guards the part of a one game suspension and out think and why not just how the conversation. Talked about it maybe don't get suspended is that. A shot -- his maturity that he won't have that conversation that the way you saw that thing. You know it's true I didn't what frustrates me about him because. Listen I understand him. And doc and everybody. Thrown up their hands -- that contact that would incidental contact and not clearly didn't have a problem with its. And on that are based on that alone there's just no way he should be suspended now we we all know with -- -- history he shouldn't be anywhere near an official. And even that incidental contact you just if you run -- you have to start thinking you know -- I can't even advance there -- but -- -- totally. Totally given the benefit of the doubt on that because I don't. I don't think what he did with Mott was really agreed to at all. At all I think any reasonable person would agree with that. But let yourself right if delete cause you don't -- gonna do what you're doing wake click pollen you can do better than that you have to do better that. And I'm telling you they don't -- they don't like. You'd thumbing their nose at them clearly. And that's you're absolutely right that is why he got that one game suspension and he knows that and dock -- that and Danny knows it. -- become a litany -- should been suspended him maybe longer firms to bring and his boys out to wait for. For KG at the bus. That would vintage cagey. Cagey and you know what I'm not a big -- Of the things the -- he says because I think they're trash talking and then that this stuff the KG does which in my opinion does cross the line. Development talent on the way this stuff particular I -- I crossed the line however. That came to me was just. Vintage KG because he's gone -- -- -- yak and -- in the jacket and -- just due before our eyes straight becomes completely -- and you can understand why. Come only Anthony legitimately is an MVP candidate to these early months of the season he's been spectacular. He played defense he moved the properties also scored ten -- he's been great. Did next to reside. And the one team you know he wants to stick to is this Celtics and Garnett especially because of the playoffs like he conceded style setting itself up right. The that -- -- to -- Celtics start coming back. KG card any card you know -- guarding KG for a brief them on time. And the one the play the plan loved -- right after they got eight got the technical. And then it Garnett taken -- in the post. -- platinum -- and Adam he gets called for the power and then slap at him again. Hoping this hoping negate KG will take the bait and are you kidding me a bit away. So now you know mallet gonna come down to try to win the game by himself he's stark iron up the three and the worst. Shooting game of his whole season. It was vintage KG. It's not real April the sport -- is -- the most hated guy and Jackie in the NBA Kevin Garnett. I think some of its real hate to because there's a lot of stories some of them may be urban legend so I'm not gonna bring them up here because. And let the fact I don't really like to go there. But if some of the things that he said the people over the years including Tim Duncan is true they're they're deplorable they really are I'm not gonna condone it I'm just not. But he loved to get inside people's said the people you know the knock on KG is really been the only pick on young guys senior white Europeans. Well guess flat panel doesn't fit the -- -- dictate -- you can -- -- a catalyst. Here's I'm a much European jays last four games Emmental inoperable aboard here but just -- you've seen of you sort of seen some flashes of what what you thought they could be in what they can be the end of the year. Yes but I still want more consistency from shouldn't -- Jeff Green and you know you can't get our emotional last night on the year anniversary. -- retired -- he doesn't that bring up all the way back to square one. We were off -- let's give this -- some time what he went through was life altering experience and so that atomic -- coming back around feeling that way again. Because we've seen flashes that would give -- I just don't know. If Jeff -- the kind of player it's gonna give you that every night I'm just not -- -- And so maybe we just have to accept what it is he's gonna bring from 1990 but Avery Bradley that's real Lou that's -- tangible things. That's a tangible thing how would change their rotations Howard helped their defense does. The -- on the perimeter which was just abysmal before he came. It's gonna make Rondo gambles. Less costly when he does that now can he get someone else out there to help them it was Courtney and Kerry back in a role that they are more comfortable with so so that make -- But like I said. If you're not play in the Phoenix Suns last night if you're playing in the Oklahoma City Thunder -- -- Miami Heat are or maybe in the New York Knicks. You are not gonna get away with what happened in that third quarter and still come out with a win. So we have to temper right. Jackie McMullen ESPN joining us and that the final thing on the last four games here do you think this at all changes. The any changes mind Jacqui -- gore -- name go up in trade talk DeMarcus Cousins. All of these names swirling around the Celtics does that change based in the last four games. I don't know about that needed any decides you know -- was the one that was telling -- that we were all over reacting. So you know I think he's sitting back and saying see I told you we're not -- bad it is now we work. But if it means he's gonna make a deal none of this would change his mind. They went to deal out there that -- like that he could bring a big without losing you know too much he'll do it. Ellis we only not just Celtics you don't just cover the Celtics Jack you do. You cover everything you cover all sports and they got a story come up but Logan Mankins and I'm curious and your thoughts on the patriots. This week and do you expect similar from the last time these two teams met anything real close and that. Now they can't see it can't be like that again -- I don't think. And you know I. I think the patriots will win because I think they're gonna take care business at home and you know I am doing a piece -- Mankins and he's healthier you know he's been battling on injuries this year. And that he's still a lot better and I think that help shore up that wind because you know the one thing you worry about with the patriots is when Brees and interact bad things happen. And that's so they need to protect him and expected lies just ECB's and they did a great job. On lied to doubled up on him a little bit my guesses. That down Wade Phillips goes back into the film room take a look at some of the things the patriots were doing and he's gonna find a way to free up. Why -- making more of a factor in this game I just don't expect a lot to be negated the way he was in the first game. So the question becomes. I didn't think I just can't think of any scenario guys at home. Where a match shot team outscored its number eighteen I just can't come up with a scenario where that happened. I agree and that's leads us now all be a week away from Brady Manning with a Super Bowl on the line next week in Denver. How in the and so great that he's so great. And they have such a great history and other big Manning fan I don't see how you can't be although I know you know diehard fans that you and I get that. But I don't I just think what he's done has been remarkable. And I really look forward to you know its interest in both of them of course has had their moments but the government had some really. -- moments in the postseason so I I do think it's going to be great theater I'm really really looking forward to that game and we're allowed to look ahead as were journalists. What we say doesn't affect the game -- what we expect to happen doesn't affect the -- about what people and used that date or to -- think about it Dan Shaughnessy column what we think about the game doesn't affect the joke now. -- and you know. I love Dan he's my friend and my former colleague that I think even -- -- we'll tell you when. The best of -- he volume one comes out dot com not gonna be -- you know. -- the quality ESPN's Jacqui appreciate it we'll see it -- we'll talk to you next week they'll order. Jacqui joins us every single Thursday on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy. LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. Ninety seconds not too quick fall ball on the Celtics in the Carmelo. Suspension how that thing went down some of the reaction the players involved in that next.

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