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Merloni revisits meeting as player when team doctor instructed on how to properly use PED's

Jan 10, 2013|

Lou Merloni revisits something he said a few years ago that he recalls a meeting he had while with the Red Sox when a team doctor instructed the team on how to take PED's properly.

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Players' union meeting and said what are we gonna do about drug testing -- mean are they edit and I think I don't think. I think you're a lot of players that don't want -- to react but I think it was one of those things. Like everything else that comes from being in that and the gang mentality. You're afraid to go against the screen -- Eagles -- last time in my life that I didn't. We did -- do when he thing about it but the other day we didn't do anything about it we knew about it we we I think we all had an idea -- really strong suspicion. We never do anything about it and we sat by and we turned a blind guy and and this is one of the prices Americans were developed it. A Curt Schilling made some great points not only today -- Dennis and Callahan in -- get on demanded WE DI dot com but also yesterday on ESPN. Players didn't do anything about it -- stand up when given the opportunity. Casting wanna get this out of the game makes that they sat silently. Let it go on and affect them either one baseball within a problem and the players knew they had a problem to be one guy did stand up. And former Rangers pitcher Rick -- If you believe some of the stories that chilling told today and believe our we've found well -- Via his his biggest thing was some. If he could see at. You know and he was somebody that it's clean and he could see that it was becoming an issue in Major League Baseball. To think of really bothered him was that he felt that. There was then pressure. On people then to to take it just to compete and to stay at that level. You know it was the list with three or four years ago 2000 it was 2009 when. Wasn't a baseball show. And -- It just kind of blew up nationally and I was talking a lot of different people and sit here and defending myself and went on I brought up the fact that. There -- actually was a spring training. Gave one member walking into a meeting. And steroids was discussion. And it was like a doctor. And he was talking about the use of steroids and and this is how you gonna abandon this is how you can if you take it too far it can hurt Hubert -- ticket correctly. There's benefits. I remember citizen what the hell is going on here now a lot of heat came from this me telling this story a lot of people. Jump on me and you can't refuted it right I mean you expected to sell. By no means was I sitting there saying well the Boston Red Sox were. Telling all of its players. To take steroids that was not what that it was about what it was was people knew the people were taking them. Anyone to say if you take them if you take them like this she gonna hurt your body. So in a way in that ended distorted kind of way they're trying to protect the player. Toledo kill themselves -- edge -- going on steroid -- it was out like this they work but a lot of people took it. And appreciated. -- in the set their city I don't I don't understand why or why are even talking about this right now. I don't wanna be educated -- -- be gone. When I took a lot of heat from a and a lot of people on jumped on me in whatever jump at a Red Sox organization and took the wrong way. Is there were telling us to speak they're actually trying to protect. And then the story came out you know and Purdue she wrote a couple of years back. And -- next summer that winner rather of 1998 when Rick -- spoke up to the union. And it was sort of like hey he had with him this is a problem but when I'm motivated do something about it right now is yours -- brought to our attention. At age they're talking about the responsibility of the owners in baseball union. This isn't numbered if -- article. The owners were similar MySpace has in fact that a matter of days of -- selling alarm that went unheeded baseball provided official proof. That steroids -- not consider an urgent problem at those same 1990 winter baseball meetings in Nashville. Baseball's two medical director doctor Robert Millman who was appointed by the owners inducted shall Salma. The design any of the players deliver a presentation to baseball executives in positions. But the benefits. Of using testosterone. Angels general manager Bill Stone was so surprised the tone of the presentation -- basically the message he heard was that no evidence exists that steroids were harmful. You -- that this is 1998. And anyone by -- a baseball even allowed that presentation to belong. It's happened today and and we lived it and people were taking it. It'd distorted kind of way now this is not what I'm talking about this is not. The meeting that I sat in this was not -- public tender for meetings that must go I thought I was not by any means this is not yet. The Red Sox telling us the benefits. Of using testosterone their educating and telling the whole arm. -- that by using. And then there's that there's a difference but still it was addressed throughout baseball. And and that in that discussion of the harm. Powerful way of using it was body if you know. If you just use a little bit of one story buddy you're safe. And it just came off came off wrong in a liberal left that -- -- -- -- that. But I think in both cases it is baseball as a sport in your case it was that the Red Sox organization with a doctor in their company out in the meeting that. It's written about Purdue -- and Joseph Torre. It is a couple of medical people talking to baseball as -- -- executives and physicians about the benefits. Abusing this -- very acknowledging it. They're educating on it and in some ways when you read the story from -- Fujian and -- that you're talking about. Almost condone. I'm not saying that your meaning condone the use of steroids that's more educational. But if you're talking to baseball executives explaining there's not a lot of Harmon's. That's not a deterrent to have guys stop using it 1998 that's how I view it. This goes back to the blame game why blame all every one. Baseball players. They they wanted to -- swept under the rug and now those same people at some level are OK with punishing. Users. When you don't necessarily know. While the -- war. And those stories right there are our stories of a league that policy was complicit. -- certainly knew was going on and wasn't in that time who would all have a lot to deter. Instead they wanna educate instead they -- bases say hey we know everyone's using -- so here's the right way to use Intel executives. Here's how it helps -- Here's what you guys are doing right now. It is crazy to think about fifteen years ago. That's going it wasn't even gene wasn't but I association angle. Back even further to this article. 2004. Speaking at a as part of a panel discussion of public for more so let's assume the steroids are very bad -- the -- I've -- I have no doubt. That they're not worst and cigarettes. No never say the clubs as an individual represents the interest of players to eight. I guess by not -- baseball suspended five players for smoking cigarettes I'm not protecting their health. It's just that the mindset people -- -- where it was going on you know. It's you know cigarettes are bad for you so they're they're feeling was will be -- because I'm not asking MLB have banned cigarettes and not protect my players. It was going on everybody. Was guilty of -- And here we are left of an error that you can't even you get no clue what to do with. 61777979837. Your phone number -- the show anytime. AT&T text line is 370937. Will talk to Jamie. 1115.

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