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Tim Kurkjian, ESPN, on baseball Hall of Fame vote

Jan 10, 2013|

Kurkjian joins Mut and Merloni to discuss who he voted for, if he thinks Bonds and Clemens will ever get in, and who he will vote for next year.

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Our Jim Butler got a three point seven WEEI -- soldier Celtics rookie will join us at 11:40 this morning party Celtics Thursday we start. With a Baseball Hall of Fame for the first time since 1996. No one voted in. By the writers 68% by Craig Biggio beehive vote getter and some big time names the ballot for 2014. Joining us on the AT&T -- our friend ESPN's Tim Kirch and Tim let's start with bonds and Clemens you voted for ball was hit. An easy vote for -- -- to take you awhile to get that spot help us out there. It was not easy it took me more than awhile I'd turn my ballot end on December the 31. And I must have done my ballot. A hundred different ways. With guys -- what I adopt it and I was never happy with what I came up -- Until the last ballots and ice to an end and then I still wasn't happy with it because. Finally came to the realization that can't get this right no matter what there is. No right answer to this question any longer. And it buried turning to me that when you only care about getting it right -- no way to get it right anymore. The matter what arguments -- present. Somebody kinship there aren't easily I totally understand. And yet someone else comes with a completely opposite argument. And I shoot down all so and that's where I think we are ears. It's very frustrating process now I'll bet you care about getting it right. And you -- case. The second agree with you more from used to be on 90% stats 510% whatever 995%. Agenda opinions now it's. It's 5015 some of the people putting turning ballots in the system -- problem to fix this is MLB this generational thing but do you think. Clemens and bonds that first ballot means a lot to a lot of people you know maybe you thought they were worthy of that but you see a big spike DC how long before they do it and if they do. Well I think they both will get in eventually and I think there will be despite next. Here but I don't think it's going to be anything significant meaning until -- -- going from. Mid thirties to mid sixties into one year just don't see it I thought there would be spike. Mark McGwire. After his first here and there what can now he has gone down consistently from about 24%. To 16%. Now. I understand completely that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Statistics and the way they played games put them -- Mark McGwire it's not really close I think halt gamers are -- ago. But aren't inclement aren't elite class above Mark McGwire so maybe people say -- punishing action the first year. No -- from the in the second year that I don't see that happening I think it's been. Clears some wires first vote I'll -- how marrow and now by this ballot. But if you have a steroids and not giving in you're not getting in twelve launch. Tim I'm curious from year to year if you been a scenario where one year you voted to guy a hall of -- the next year not in -- that's the case can York's clinic a lot. My frustration is that it seems like there are some writers who either take awhile to -- a guy in a voting guy in this year -- the next year if the if you'd done that. How -- how do you go about that deciding year to year who's a hall of Famer who. Well I think it seemed a little differently and that's the beauty of this process. If you are a policy where for me I'm voting -- the first ballot and I am voting you. Every ballot after that unless something completely changes my mind. Which has never truly. However on this ballot I had to drop some guys off of the ballot. That I have voted for in the past including Mark McGwire and I completely ran out of room. -- also realize he had no chance to get in nor -- he could interest kids. In anybody's vote soul and trying to keep some of the other people on that I have voted for. I had to drop some people -- that -- voted for in the past including. Fred McGriff and now my problem my dilemma and I need nose -- future. It's gonna get even worse next year. Maddux Glavine and the French journalist Mike Mussina and Jeff Kent to add to the -- And then the year after that not true everyone is but it's raining cats and it Martinez and John Smoltz good luck trying to figure out a ballot. It has for people who set the bar a little bit lower than most like myself. When you're gonna be looking at a ballot where you have 2220. I think guys. And I believe in my heart have a legitimate case for alternate. You tell me what we're gonna do when Matt Allen -- I know I'm going to be even more confused than it was this year. Tim -- the morality clause. Does anything need to be included here I mean is that something you might think about his first cheaters has not talk about things off the field talking about games affected on the field as it. Is that needed movement for. I don't need. The character clause to be in there even though -- in there every time -- voted for 23 years and include bad weather keeps. In the process or not. So I'm not sure there's a way to tweak the character clause in any way to make you feel stronger or weaker however you want to look at at. I'm all we can look at that -- -- frankly have a little bit of trouble -- it exactly. What. Care clause means exactly what cheating is scorching -- bad cheating discussing the ball -- is doing and try to be cheating. Very clearly you're cheating a little hazy on all of this and that's where. -- run into trouble in in the end I just don't feel comfortable. Has the moral arbiter here certainly don't feel comfortable as scientists here trying to determine exactly what. Steroid use it until two. And if you guys have been achieved in baseball for under fifty years and the -- Maloney of the world were -- the minute take -- old ball. On your role in this game no matter what it takes. Yet to receive an umpire would do whatever it takes apps or -- needed to. That a little bit of trouble with people step step forward oh he didn't do that the way you're supposed to do that and I'm not sure. How we're supposed to do. It's a great point -- -- and ESPN's joining us you seemed taken my pennies take this very seriously Tim and I appreciate that but when I see the votes come out yesterday. On a guy like -- seal -- gets one vote I wonder federal went takes it is seriously as you do. Does it frustrate you when BCA -- like that for a player like an errant -- the question of everyone takes it as seriously as -- Well I think a lot of people take it just as seriously as I do and I am hopelessly biased on this but I think -- baseball writers really care and really try. I would never vote for iron Ceglia would never vote for anyone -- action should tell your grandchildren hey -- same -- it is not. Popularity contests and that's not why we're doing that so I would never do that. I feel like people do that I just couldn't they just don't find it professional to do something. When you look back at it now that generation. Just too much fault to be thrown around at everybody everybody responsible. Well I think everybody is responsible. And maybe even some of the clean players are responsible for not standing up but really who are you finished and up in the middle. It talks about when -- on their team you're trying to win the division you're gonna stand up and Angela. They get dirty guys in -- -- Archie and it's time that we call these guys out even though everyone on the other teams do in the same pretty. And it's simply not going to happen but he and Major League Baseball and it has an agreement everyone's go and it is not gonna get caught baseball and that's the story union listed. The owners admit that the -- -- -- we all missed the story and they're just too late to go about it just ignore any era. Or you look at it in a different way it certainly -- more jaundiced dated way. You have to look at it and it happened because obviously it. That last half mile circle back to your point about some voters not being professional about it should should voters ever lose their vote you know they Schilling said today. If you vote for -- it's less than 5% or -- -- for a guy gets more than 90%. You should lose your vote you agree. -- -- to me that's a little too strident and being a member of the baseball writers call came and I can't I mean to -- -- writers. I have a lifetime. Caps because that in ten years. And now hoping that when I'm 75 years old -- about four foot eleven attack. But I'm still going to have great interest in the game and hopefully I still have. The knowledge to do it correct ballot. But I think you guys have pulled out lately including my colleague TJ Quinn who admire greatly as saying. I don't cover the game and not anymore. To turn in a balance so I'm not voting anymore I wouldn't object. To some people being that honest with themselves but start kicking guys out I'm just not sure that's the way ago. Tim good stuff appreciate the time in your thoughts on this and look for apology at the vehicles in the spring training. Not incursion ESP and joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LT. With speeds of ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible so clearly whether you agree or disagree. Merchant takes it seriously right you can tell that there is. An emotional investment in what Tim does the balance plenty of view on the ATP text line disagree and that's okay. At least there's some thought and some passion behind the -- Paul voted for parents -- Okay that bothers me and my mother everybody most of them come off its -- They got like five or sixty candidate the writers that when they do receive those votes you know Finley. John Green parents feeling. A mix them all look bad that they appreciate that -- or you know if you vote for a guy. Roberto Alomar because she's a hall of Famer. And you find out -- he's not -- -- -- is people just that I don't bowl for anybody in their first go round that that there embarrassed by that as well. Judge look at and I hate to throw under the bus because she's get a lot of -- they provoked but -- trainer who writes out in LA. Who voted for. Shawn Green and voted for Bob hopefully Tim Raines or anybody else he compare Bernie Williams that that Tim Raines and two corporate Don Mattingly to. Just look at those ballots and say. There either so agenda driven or you're so idle loop you don't deserve to vote and she told everyone she voted for she stood behind it. Mean she admitted arteries jeweler -- Sean -- was because he was such a standout in the Jewish community. But does that make you a hall of they noticed the big ol' -- all of rating -- -- the Jewish Ronald raids he. To say do you vote on the best players in the history of the game. There's a lot of guys that did amazing things in the community. Amazing things. But just were religious but for charities and everything else that star baseball hall of famers and it -- are asked the question does Pedro get him before -- and rocket yep. Major -- -- -- that's in two years correct better being you'll get in first ballot and some don't believe mall but he she get on -- percent of the vote and you'll. -- -- only continuing our conversation out there ESPN baseball guys will join us in ninety seconds. How will ask him what the reaction has been around baseball boss that I did anybody in the sport. What are current players saying about all went down yesterday while strolling on exec.

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