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Curt Schilling says users AND non-users are to blame for the empty Hall of Fame class

Jan 10, 2013|

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is not disappointed about getting 38% of the Hall of Fame vote. He's very thankful for his whole MLB career but wish he had spoken out against steroids back when they were introduced into the culture of the game.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan I must admit that I smiled by Saudi. Voting percentages yesterday that the first thing you look for I did as a -- -- -- with Clemens -- chilling the relationship the Clemens and bonds and the answer is he was ahead of them with 38 plus percent of the vote joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Forgy LTE Curt Schilling good morning Carol aria. I gonna be happy if you exceeded 35 are you happy. It's yeah it's weird and yes. -- -- -- target and just this whole thing was surreal for me. But yeah I mean people are talking your people were debating about whether I'm belong in the hall of Famer not I mean how unbelievably cool. I'm good how would you how would you overview of the big picture of what happened or right it's more aptly put it didn't happen yesterday. Well I I don't think that a couple different times on on our he has parents think this was as a block the writers make your statement. Whether they should have whether it was the right thing I don't know why it -- I thought it was kind of ironic how the players that didn't keep in this group got dragged down with the players that did. It should be just the opposite should it not well you know I. I think with with few exceptions nobody knows. So the whole the whole lot of us are are lumped in together and nobody builds in. And we didn't do anything about it the other day we didn't do anything about it we knew about it we we I think we are out of my idea of really strong. It was positioned. We never do anything about it and we sat by and we turned a blind guy and and this is one of the prices director for development. And if you had the ability to do a duel over how would you respond or how would you back drug plan would have reacted to the first primary calendar so popular players in the meeting and said what are we gonna do about drug testing credit -- and I think I don't think. I think you're a lot of players that that wanted to react but I think it was one of those things. Like everything else that comes from being in that and the gang mentality. You're afraid to go against the screen -- got one last time in my life that I didn't. Did you ever to sit down and think about what your numbers might have been held different they would be if you weren't competing against guys who were cheating -- home run total batting average against. But not for more than fiber terms like this an apostle watchers are right it's an impossible exercise the only guy that I would think -- on. Because. Yeah I think you hit more home runs off me hit nine home runs up in my prime and I think 98 summit that he only -- two -- and 252 they got me heartburn. -- In 2000 when he was -- for the record. I think that was probably one of the few guys -- just nothing but fastballs to -- knew he wasn't gonna chase so locked in certain. He had a couple balls -- me that no one's ever hit a ball -- since. Ben and I give you want and but but now not I don't think I don't think it has I don't think so. Do you think it. You think if you got out of Philly earlier I'm just look at medics -- out of Chicago Matt -- obviously he's a better pitcher in the better pitcher than just about an undersea robot -- you do -- 55 -- got out of Chicago at the age 26 he stayed in -- tell you a 33 would have cute it's gotten with a winning team earlier. Absolutely think that that was -- that ten years was it was that some Middleton might win total but I've looked at -- Our -- I always thought we're going to be a competitor -- believe that the horse to make -- -- the next year because. The campaign's sole practioner. And so adamant about pushing them to win and they never -- they've -- was a year. You know might I think one of my watches. -- -- you know I have Ruben Amaro and clean up from. If that's ultimately it was just it was about situation from a team perspective that. The other I think about that and I think it you know and in 97 I signed my first I guess -- -- big contract. And I think our whip 1711. I think I -- opera guys. And I -- sub three our way. And I did did the opening day that -- and I signed up for your point four million dollar expansion Kevin Brown after that season. 508 million dollar fund that was the first big contract. You know but but it's and so you could play that what -- game but I don't I am so blessed and so lucky and became only mean nothing that -- not it's good. And ended I mean you've got -- you got a chance to prove that you're great in the post season where you know some guys never get that chance and clearly in the early days and get as many opportunities he went eleven and two in the post season that's a lot of chances to pitch in the limelight. Yes you are so it's not you know -- are a play one of the things that spot but spoke little things that will bother me. But all the media picked up on. An end date bait you know that's one of those things that bit you know you know. Shaughnessy and other -- that you know he -- the point that you loved it it the attention blah blah blah. But it was dumb it was it had to do with money Dexter have won most amazing postseason in 1993 you've ever seen. And and forgot to call them a red light player in league and they asked him about it -- that would reflect on the -- the the the biggest and brightest guy played about. And after the pulses in the called erupt like pitcher and I -- that I thought that you know that's what I wanted I wanted. There were two things I wanted my career it was believed that one was to win the -- many award in the otherwise if -- don't -- -- one of the guys that I played with -- -- -- win or lose Stewart I'd like for -- they take. It means they would want me to have the ball. Even better as when a guy like Mitch Williams says. I can't stand Curt Schilling but by the big title win one game might take Curt Schilling. And and and and given what I know about the guy hit that doesn't. Really hurt my PO I haven't seen in an older person aerosols are such a good thing. -- you wouldn't want him closing out the game if you had. 101 closer. Now he you're he had his troubles in the -- and I don't play he struggled hard in the postseason he did not pitch well but a lot of the reason he didn't was because he took the ball every day. There was gaps when October rolled around this -- the guy who wanted the ball if he would have gone right handed if he had -- and that was one thing yeah Q what about the. Catapult you read Tom overdue she wrote this morning about you but he said Schilling did fairly well almost 39% he should eventually get in -- expect a slow climb. He's Don Drysdale with better control any better postseason career but remember this we think of drysdale. As -- full blown hall of Famer but drysdale debuted at 21%. And needed ten ballots to get in all -- Duke Snider 17% and Blyleven seventeen and a half. Overcame a worst start to gain election and drysdale another reminder to -- give it time. Well I think I think part of it looked -- again. I won't think about this again until this stating that certain right. But but I also when I do think about it I didn't think about it more educated base of voters. I think you've seen you know starting with Felix Hernandez morning with -- young and Zack Greinke went in the Cy Young with with 1214 wins. And -- just starting this deal move away from conventional statistics. -- -- -- as a guy who's never bought into conventional statistical orbit for me and I think had been chosen more. It just I still think that the process need to be -- I think voters should lose their credentials. I think that I think you're the guy it's over 90% of the vote and you don't vote for -- to lose -- -- What do you both for -- -- could -- -- and are prepared and incorporate some loser. They speaking of yesterday. Do you think this is a one time demonstration. In terms of bonds and Clemens and next year -- -- Google exponentially they're trying to make the statement about these two guys. -- -- doing you know I think I think that's your we're gonna have its ability to elect. I think that she's gonna have five or six candidates didn't touch or maybe I think he'll make that back won't make that. I think you got to make that and maybe the brains. And that I think you have what mattered. Requirement and frank thomas'. IB you have to execute some -- next year and you think of his numbers will -- that does not just different approach that different I don't know. John and Curtis got different bonds and Clemens Michael down where Gaza piazza Bagwell go right up. I mean they made the statement against everybody this year next year you make individual cases and clearly. Bonds and Clemens and we're -- a look at connections think there were any cleaner. Right right to work and that's -- -- -- you know. Yeah I went back and looked upon those numbers up or made this statement because I think it was wrong when I made it which was you know. -- what when Clinton left here I think what we have 192 wins. When he left Boston is struggling right and he can became a completely different player. On the whole paper before 1997. Which is the year -- I think if you look at -- talking about they've talked about the fact that the bar's also home run race was the reason that he right we went -- But you look at tiger before and I discovered embedded you don't. So there was no question about what do what does that mean you reward them I guess what about him when you're voting what what numbers you voting. Well you're not voting on any numbers if you look at him bonds and Clemens and you know they cheated I if I say dismiss. Saying. Is there a bond the hall of Famer if his career -- and I can examine. Most like you meet ends -- just stays clean. Probably. I don't I guess -- a possible problem and right literal war I don't know I'm I'm putting an end there. Based on the fact that he. I don't get it again. This super slick slippery slope he had. I mean I don't know I I I still won't vote for guys that -- if I'm voting that's that's just the way I would do it. But to rationalize for the guys that are voting for them because the court heard yesterday that really was kind of bogon he was -- at the end of the day I can't tell with anybody's -- -- -- Nobody -- to you that you can't tell what Barnes who by the way admitted he took the clear and the cream. Just said he didn't know what used to in which you -- we don't -- certified it I find -- And Clemens -- even more reprehensible because they didn't need it to get into the hall of fame and have a great career they already have those but they were so greedy they had to have more. Why don't -- I I don't I guess I think issue toward -- I don't know what the word news. And I know there's a word out there but but -- they wanted to win and be great which is why we won't. They wanted to be superstars. Which stated very war and and then they did it by caving in and you know. I don't know. Where this goes from hired to do they do baseball cap and Oprah moment. They might you know what Clement. It -- Clemens was a hall of Famer. Before when he left Boston it was three cy young's and MVP. Another 192 wins but then you make in the -- Colfax argument that by a bus or some snapped at at the end of his Red Sox tenure he still he gets it. Well and they got that idea I I'd screw home Obama again -- -- You're getting both sides to the extreme and there's no way -- every vote form and I'm gonna ignore everything and vote for just investors that these guys were going down. As the best player and if you're here where I get into my problem it. I believe they were potentially the best hitter in the best pitcher of my generation probably America's best center. -- What does -- say about the hall of fame if the leading home run hitter and in the second best -- -- -- part in the leading -- aren't a whole thing. Well there -- mentioned in the Oliphant they just don't have a -- I don't upright again it's count I I respect up they -- like did find our loved yesterday. Was I I got but it just because the -- Bryant. Who would like to point ballot. That's just a gun drawn attention to salt MS lays there. A year they did -- it's amazing to me that they do this every year in and and and you know it's not a group of people they can throw rocks. -- -- -- Jim Bunning out of the hall of fame for a while because of blank ballots. Look at that but but at some point it what I heard Howard talked yesterday about why he did -- I was -- angry. Because they realize that the guys put a lot of time effort and you can just turn around mail back in. He was he was he was literally you know is he was struggling with -- Yeah but it it rates to draw attention to himself and -- you think the the people of a voter should be expanded to people are outside of the baseball writers like the Vin Scully the car -- Ravitch Skiles tells campaigning for a vote no I don't blame. I don't I don't know I really don't know a -- political I think there's people in the political deserve to be written in ten years means nothing to me. Because like I know some of those guys and I know that their balance -- personal. And that's that's the sad thing should never be. About it but I disagree Jim Rice got an even though he was a jerk to most people. Look how long it -- nobody should take him in the long. I do I do I go and and I don't think I think you did okay mean some people like you some dislike you Shaughnessy voted for you. I'm and I think baseball right is to try to rise above all personal feeling you library. In -- and and and a way I think you get the benefit of the doubt who -- rice case people say yeah he was a jerk to me buddy was a really good player I can't. I can't let this get personal. I'm a -- -- a month away from spring training yourself what the Red Sox have done in the offseason not just terrible signing every guy they consigned to three you're 27 million dollar contract. I've stolen went first -- death. They take a while I mean I I like what I don't like almost I think they're they've done some nice stuff in the bullpen. But -- I don't believe he gets October with the ball Perez it's gonna come down into the consistency and help with the starting rotations. You know there are -- I'd look for Jon Lester to bounce back to the young guys that the power lefty that can dominate the number one. That is going to be I got your -- sign that this jumper moved the right move. It is is looking for Jon Lester to navigate and be a little bit different -- And you know offensively. I don't know I mean I think Toronto is it is has established itself when. He can't not like -- with their rotation. And you you just never write up the Yankees. I don't know I -- -- be very hard for. As they are made up right now in -- -- when mr. And have you ever in your life looked at Shane Victorino said there's a thirteen million dollar your ball player. That you got to taken topics and it happens every year that did that TV money. Is beyond anything you can imagine and soul you know placed thirteen million dollar player is two years ago that the three year fifteen million dollars. And that's exactly where -- that the money gets absurd. It -- from a fan's perspective and it always has been in the last point to five years but it's it's jumping -- now with the TV monies are idle idle. That's up doesn't impact me. Our current out of telephone yesterday qualifies as a congratulatory moment congratulations on YouTube well under way at 38 point 8% -- -- don't want a 38 every I know you love the number thirtieth I'm ready to -- out. About back here and I'd like double. -- Our current good -- -- -- -- dollar road virtually with the Santelli on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE silica on this edition of Dennis and Callahan in the fourth and final hour it's Celtic Thursday talk with Doc Rivers.

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