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Matt Barajas of KTRK in Houston tries to convince the guys Houston will win on Sunday

Jan 10, 2013|

Houston TV reporter Erik Barajas thinks the Texans have a win in them. Erik makes several *great* point about why his guys can do better this time, and D&C shoot all of them down.

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There's nothing we like better on the Dennis and Callahan program then dissenting views it's no fun. When everybody agrees to like me and him in the hall of fame and -- yesterday you have to work like sort of see the same way but not -- -- I I loved him and -- you don't know about com. On UN watch it -- -- but -- just don't know -- by the way TV Houston TV guy -- you've got someone -- and Clemens mention is he handling -- OK do you know yet while that says undercover at this point can't say too much about that so. Reunions and a big story come around though maybe I don't know we are in Houston -- Clemens is different from bonds won't just say go go F yourself down on those and Arum clemency -- Have his say even asked speak his piece this -- Eric Ross -- -- thirteen channel thirteen in Houston he's that tells why the -- Fortunes of Houston Texans were going to the reversion Sunday afternoon and I'll watch on TV you are like the ultimate TV guy I mean you've. Look at him -- good work together to make some every beyond the guys you got the athletic cut. Oh sure it's a -- you are Jack French -- tough call let's look at particularly ridiculous things in the cuff links a Valencia California that's a great that is a nice watch is that like -- right -- what is that that's something that was flown in from Paris and -- Definitely -- perfect. Hi this is this I'm avoiding the mourn the death why you so -- wanted to look at -- he. -- -- they don't know what's gonna happen on Sunday that's why I'm -- they'll look. -- -- -- -- your publisher we'll see what you're seeing most obviously we were surprised. And maybe the pressure got to his last game that goes without our knowledge did you say -- our supposition you play. I just asked to stop we came from using you guys here in Boston. There's an awesome week. The Texans okay looks like he could be a DB yeah I know listening I WDB how much can you bench I don't think -- I don't think the Texans will be overwhelmed like there were maybe last game. And I don't think the fast break offense that you could say patriots have. We'll get to them as well you do like Israel -- always sort of result was the battle long ago travel wants right now no jury report marathons I'm all about the circuit training see I knew it -- you're -- and a -- So what do you guys think I don't think it's gonna be deported to fourteen like -- said. In this game just happened four weeks ago. We've got to chase we came in on databases collection I'm sorry about the connections between coffee are non. Good 1012 -- yes as you mentioned the name Matt -- I get to know you don't talk much about your quarterback -- That we can't talk about them you could make the argument is it a bit of the slope. Started I'm this season in a hot streak he struggled doesn't ever quarterbacks struggle you guys -- Tom Brokaw anyway struggle. He's -- four interceptions in his last three gates. And you guys get embarrassed by the 49ers and you barely beat Jacksonville came back and beat the 49ers you guys lost their gay partners -- -- it's a look I'm I'm I'm. I'm gonna make it so even a TV guy. Can understand -- is just so you know he was TV guy for like thirty years I asked can I tell these people are almost nice here to assess the -- we have here doesn't it. And dumber. The best quarterback plays for the patriots by four in fact I could make the argument I think you'd be hard pressed to refute it the the eight worst quarterback left in the playoffs is your guy. I would -- all other seven quarterbacks better than -- job let me be single worst consistent go to war was number eight the -- and -- -- ASEAN got to raise his game. For this. This playoff game without question so the patriots have without question the best quarterback in the game they have the best coach in the game. They have the best overall offense the most productive offense I'll give you may be defense beyond that in three or four major aspects of what is going to decide this game. The patriots hold the edge that's simple I mean you can take JJ watt JJ watt -- what what did you do what -- last time. -- well you know EA didn't have the dominant game like some people might say he had five knockdowns. One -- and a force thought he had -- -- excellent fielder -- it didn't matter. He he he could have a better get. And we just talk about the edge we know that we have the best runner on the field we have the best -- line and the best wideout on the field. We do have the best defense on the field -- majority mentioned we do have the best defender in did you wanna feel your best. Respond best runner rushed for 46 yards the last time 46 -- he just ran out and forty on Cincinnati in this playoff game last week when she scored one touchdown would you agree the difference between Brady and shop is much greater than the difference between Ridley and Foster and quarterbacks matter more than running back -- agree with that. It depends on how the game goes if they've Texans fall behind then yes running backs will make make a difference. He's an amazing thing to me -- and I wrote about this the other day -- that you have the best running back in the UFC you have the best wide receiver in the AFC you have scored. Three touchdowns in Alaska or game she scored one touchdown in a home playoff game against Cincinnati. You are now on the road Cincinnati has just looked rated defense in the patriots to not against the run and if you think that you're going to be on the run on the patriots. And then it's not gonna happen you're gonna have to throw you gonna need a good game. From match up which is to -- he seems like. Really highly who look really good game for mad shot then we also got some people are gonna help match show about we do have Jerry Newton back in whose gonna help -- shot in the play action. Who also got they're not gonna -- the outside -- -- under those two players were not in the game. Land neither was Rob Gronkowski. Whose bodies play no matter -- got a title LS game what is Citi is -- with -- one arm over there. And he announced two weeks to Mexico two weeks ago correct though yeah I he's not a full stretch our via our Texans fans are really -- missed this turn your run my sincere you have bar they think and we're happy you won one playoff we have seen it before guys he yeah I'm sure you guys have talked ad nauseam about the whole 2010. Jets thing. That is so really nice watch it clearly has this happened. But it has to watch Tina yes -- a really nice it's still reviewing Kubiak is 05010 lament the hold just stay with an announcement out there it is just something that happened but it can happen in -- hopeful it can happen did it did it did it. Were you a bit that Wade Phillips absolutely positively got moist when you somehow survived Cincinnati. Walking off the field with a foam finger up and here so the job we are not known Sean local relief grab you look like he had been constipated for a week and how that thought okay I'm running. Defense played a great game -- against Cincinnati offense could score a lot more Mack truck and got Indians -- allow more Wade Phillips had a good game against Cincinnati. I mean we -- -- against the Dalton and Andy Dalton who could be the only quarterback in the playoffs who's worse the match -- I mean you have to think. The job has hit a wall that jobs incapable come in here and scored four times you -- think you got to score I was not -- -- will be just have to score over 4000 yards are ready and we saw -- -- to begin the season is not so long time and color this is going to be his second we are getting our four touchdowns to win this game I think we need for I think our defense is gonna play a lot better than it did last time hello guys don't -- -- -- 42 again. So how many points you think you need to win the -- I think we need three TDs 21. Yes you -- 21 points pizza patriots yes with a defense of things is gonna come in this house this time. -- sought to O'Brien in Boise Idaho Brian good morning. I had this I was just saying that Eric says keep up the pressure not to them in their first beating. All they know they just got blown out in our cup playoff game 308 hours to pressured not just as much or not even work. And in pressure games were you had to win to maintain home field advantage Terry boss ever bought about this area Foster said look when you're at this level you're league player like this and these guys have made it this far. You're not sitting here worrying about what happen. A month ago you have a short memory. And you come back this is a playoff game it's a whole new -- audience of one to craft and the nature to say the same thing what happened on December 10 man has no bearing on this absolutely not there were some psychological damage done and by the way just Andre Johnson is this the biggest game. In the history of Houston Texans franchise due December 10 apparently wasn't -- mind. That was the biggest game in the history of the franchise that's and how many times Eric. That the patriots have scored fewer than 21 this year. Wants the NB once you know when that was -- September 16. The last time they have fewer than 21 so if I'm you want they can -- -- -- I don't know how why and I we're you gonna have to score when he -- the playoffs so. I would say it's a clean slate at this point this is a new season that starts so you guys had a bye week. We didn't were coming off a win I forgot whose car got an edge there. The team that smashing heads with a Bengal -- last week I don't know he wants in on the massage table with an edge getting rusty they haven't played. They -- they're gonna bulldoze the Texans got varsity jacket they include -- Did you know but I do need some of Tom Brady Stetson Cologne if he's -- left forming. This has suddenly and wasn't pretty yes sub brand you know good as a Mac commercials -- you -- -- -- his jacket he when he gets sacked. They score they move the ball. -- -- He's OK if you blitz and he's even better when you do -- -- question I do know that you know the patriots have lost two of their last four playoff games to those in -- -- so don't go to make any difference that now look back to last year and the year before let's look at it -- so what can happen in the playoff let's -- the good that the patriots do poorly in the play justice is not a playoff tested team you're right -- -- I think -- pitchers have no idea -- last year in the playoff last year they beat the Broncos. In the regular season the Broncos came in here same week this week. And he -- 45 to ten he wasn't even close they need to -- given that they got a bye week they arrested. And and ready I would think it's going to be as ugly as it was a month ago doll come on you guys can't say 4214. And I don't think anybody really believes that. Actually fortunately gadget gives -- -- each other ways -- gonna have a different game plan. The dolphins are gonna have a differ game -- I -- you know you see a lot of -- in Foster in his game a lot more than fifteen touches I think. It's going to be different -- a won't matter if you're trailing in -- if you're trailing you throw if you throw. You've got to get had to rely -- shop in that game we did not get out of the gate so fast the next couple games so. I feel don't you think you you will have to cook don't pick in this game -- -- field goals. The field goals will not get it done that it if you kicked two field goals you're losing by double digits. About 61777. I 7937. Baton was Eric from KT RK channel thirteen.

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