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Overtime With Grande and Max: Rondo, Jeff Green and your Twitter questions… answered!

Jan 9, 2013|

Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell tackle the Celtics week that was. Revisiting interviews from Paul Pierce, Jeff Green and Doc Rivers the guys go in-depth on the KG/Melo situation, three huge victories on the road and Jeff Green’s one year anniversary of his heart surgery.

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If -- -- just don't -- him another -- goes well. Paulson. Like Russert you know we've we've we've got to stand right now we've we have -- -- we we -- -- -- But I -- situation. Whether maybe some things you don't say to another man but they're also things that we haven't had a chance to say yet this year like the Celtics 14 in the wrong we'll talk about how they've done what a marvelous season changing weekend it was for the Celtics last weekend. With the wins over Indiana and Atlanta and New York teams winning streak at the wrong right now. But let's talk about the top story of the week as we spent some time line toward our broadcast on Wednesday night but now -- that little distance and little time to soak it all -- first of all. Let's sort of -- run through our respect the vote because we have really had just talked much about what happened Monday with Carmelo Anthony is the game kind of escalated. We're supposed to have Kevin Garnett pounds our post game -- now -- our first indication that something bizarre was going on because when we were listening down but locker room area. Waiting for chemical one pick up had said there was all kinds of crazy noise yelling and sometimes that can have but this seems strange that we're told very quickly rapidly that it would not be too. The doctor at soldier dead after they -- Monday but Max you were the first one. Now on the ramp towards the Celtic pluses that what did you say well what I saw was -- Along with them there aren't you know surprised because shower because of its commitment Schaub could have been anything. And when which is kind of shocked at both hopeful looking at him and he had that that that look it was kind of pacing back and forth. And use of the folding canopy open to me it looked it up at the the little ramp -- the players come down and I really didn't put it together until like alum busted. JT gets on the bus Jason Terry gets on the -- he says Carmelo. Want to get a ticket. What yeah he -- if this is old school he waited he was waiting for -- -- at the -- down the ramp so we could comprise. And the thing which is open about with the fact that in the colon. Additional troops with. So we have not only -- -- here. In the Celtic players commit now and that's what really surprised to -- he gets suspended one game which I think is true that he be -- it. I'm not surprised to be a little surprised there wasn't more considering. What could have possibly happened. If the -- Anybody in his -- Try to do something and there was some retaliation. The oh wow ugly biopsy. The cameras came down that ramp at the garden this very street seemed to securities -- leading Carmelo Anthony back. And try to process for -- -- -- of course sealed the story you know videos now we know went on. Doc Rivers joined us before the Wednesday night game I was surprised how few people and asked him specifically about I was trying to cast as -- lead up to it. By talking about trash talk on the court. In his -- Max you're playing on the court vs now. And dot did not give -- a chance to even get to that because he wanted to make his statement about what happened there. -- on Tuesday night in which. We all know Honey Nut Cheerios with the number one trending topic on Twitter dot -- team right now it's at whatever you ever with. The F. You know what an ambulance squad is -- crap that it is. The bottom line is whatever they are saying that Kevin -- With matches and this is not a Kevin -- -- I don't know how Carmelo going to our locker. Has now become motivator and it is. Because he's always. Because you have -- that that the act with -- here. You know he didn't do anything wrong here tomorrow all of a sudden. The way to get out of which you've done is to say something else that you know that nine. Doc Rivers doing his best to work and the conversation hopefully well and it's going to be -- it was saw a few. A few cereal boxes here at the garden on Wednesday night when the Celtics return home to take on Phoenix. And it will be interesting obviously it's nationally televised game on TNT with Carmelo Anthony and -- here. In a couple of weeks -- it'll be an interest in environment to see how well the two teams have squashed. By by the time that team rolls around but the Celtics have now won four. And going into the Houston game on Friday night and this weekend when they took the floor last Friday. Before the Indiana game. You were your that desperation mode you get into with things -- go well it feels like it's bottomed out yours yours start bargaining with so what made you think this play well -- we get one of these games here this weekend. And I think it was certainly possible they could play well certainly possibly get a game but. To win the games the way they did setting the tone with an Indian game it was you could not have seen this coming. Now on adult that you could I don't think the you know -- this psychic could move predicted what was going to happen because. The way Kevin Garnett played in the agency like they did not have any in which you all they have been around he took this work more together it's so. The dated asset now on Friday -- -- talk today he cheated he is that you wasn't awkward picture of me. -- they'll listen that they neglect -- -- on -- on -- -- blinders on -- or -- you typically you real. Then it was like this team has not played up with potentially has some. Both of the players the Celtics have right now have not played -- Says soldiers he says it will soldiers played probably better if his potential but other than we can play a lot of other and I talked to before the game today. And even then he -- as optimistic as he is said to me. While I didn't see the -- If so where they have to all of a sudden -- -- do you get together and click on the switch -- the other. And yeah Avery Bradley here. But Avery Bradley is still a lot of good things but. It is a combination of Avery Bradley sellinger Jeff Green -- a couple off the -- who have bid in eight dollars and had this team do about it. And when a story this season is written it won't we the Indiana game maybe not the New York team that gets talked about in Atlanta the Celtics went down by -- nineteen last weekend on Saturday night. The locker room was not a pleasant place to be at the half a lot of guys barking at each other and -- was sort of a moment of clarity with Doc Rivers and some of the leaders in a locker room Paul Pierce joined us Saturday night in Atlanta immediately following the game. And told us the story. You know whether it was a little -- -- that we two we were. This until -- -- for -- reason -- -- That the war in accordance in my home home to. And so was he realized there. We have time off water bond that gave everybody a fair bit Wear shorts. Candidate -- of -- that it happened. And so. So while it just seemed like did you got what determined that he -- And in this work -- -- one -- those music games you guys have been in this ugly stretch where you could discount dropped he would fit OK when knocked the wind but. This can be had a game. A season altering game you -- because you -- the great comeback on the road to give the Greek team and you win convincingly. On the defense of me. Yeah in August auto market in the room we do love my guess Indiana -- team and I recognized him. Our corps was huge and came out of time intensive because no evidence this crazy that you see you on short period of time. But we know we have this and it's been gone to a 440 statement so does the team and a lot Senator Biden look at these accomplished in the concede. My area is up top obviously -- definitive New York. Atlanta Chicago don't look at that a violent you can tell me there because they were none of these things -- You know you can tell me this you know little target and nobody here that we just as good as they're by it would come children. Telling moment Paul Pierce talking about the locker room in Atlanta and obviously the team stayed together -- went all the Carmelo Anthony craziness Monday night everybody forgot. The story of that game with the active suspension of -- Rondo Celtics played so well without him. There were a lot of people there was sort of you know it's rising discomfort about Rondo is fourth suspension in less than a year of authority involving inappropriate contact the official the fourth involving Chris -- seems inappropriate contact everybody's seen on TV over the last year but. That was forgotten because itself is played so well without him they get the comeback win. In New York again the quality of the win -- lowered by everyone's gonna remember that only the night at Carmelo lost his mind -- the Celtics return home on Wednesday and the beat the Phoenix Suns have regained the title significant because of them all the criticized player after a slow start. Jeff -- the top of that list because he has been heatedly. Open down like it was the perfect night Wednesday was that 90 January. In the perfect night to remember. The setback in remember where Jeff green was January ninth of 2012. Was the one year anniversary. Jeff green's heart surgery and he ended up as high score in the Celtic win over Phoenix joins us after the game how important was this weekend. For that block. Very important. Visitors here we can lose those who will win. And you know we've been you know. Good. People. -- It seems exactly that way that we your defense is playing well. -- -- -- One. But future typical late this seems like Doc Rivers talking right now. Repeated. You're free to that the you know that we've got to do in the right hold me. When. You know what. You often two week after after games -- -- -- critique your own performance. What is the difference between. A team that you really like the way you played which I -- tonight was one of those anarchy where you don't -- the biggest of the rectum of that. Work. -- -- I -- I want to ask you. This is a loaded question but. -- favor clear -- you did you watch when you were coming up we've deviated just admit that's the guy wanna have a very -- my game after. Diesel saved my mature. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jeff you know I did hate him don't you you know a if that's you know -- -- government podium on the other hate them and congratulate -- the talk it is. Jeff we've been talking about lot today is January ninth the 2013. One year ago was. A day obviously which you know your life took it to be different if you went under -- your heart surgery how much. And obviously as he he jumped on this insanity and it's obviously you're in the aware what to they would how much of that was on your mind today. Oh he's an amendment that night. The numbers. Along here. And on them -- in a positive. A lot of folks left without -- -- You know and it's very thankful in this business and you know you're from. You know from surgery in the book and be out of my room with the Celtics. Playing with these you know have fun you know. And it's hard to put -- worth you know when a fluent in today was you know great game. You know we've got a victory on -- -- -- anniversary. Paula. 24 great -- story Jeff -- -- calculations thank -- Jeff green is frustrated a lot of people and I thought it was important Wednesday expressed talk about. And just as a reminder of what he has been through that on some nights it's tough enough for normal NBA player normally be aptly. Do you play at a high level every single night. Or always extenuating circumstances moments -- -- off the court to -- going on because he would have a fight with people you you know it's rates real life. Real people real human beings there's no story real right now. Jeff Greene whose one year. Earlier as court opens up. On that thing that's true that you think about people like him the you know planning team it. In healthy I think the one thing all players would do if they wanna you know be healthy in this kind of situation. And obviously look at Jeff and all the things happening him. If we have the bounce back into play the way has kind of been up and down but again some of the people I've talked to. Elected boxes that you know you're not gonna see the consistent Jeff until maybe sometimes -- -- so. But he was still seeing glimpses of what Jeff Green to do. It's all about giving your your your game back together executing your time in the AD BA. You know anybody can -- back -- -- one game with a comeback in the play you know several games of the season I think really hurt you. Favorable schedule for the Celtics is the homestand rolls on with Charlotte coming in New Orleans to the bottom feeder teams in the league very important game. Against Chicago and Leo homestand on next Friday night. But the Celtics now obviously turned the corner of the back or 500 competing for home court advantage. As we go to your questions we raised something during the game Wednesday night as. The real story here in addition so what's his team and now coming at a defense of in the return of Avery Bradley's been so significant numbers in the record with him bears that out. But for -- soldier to come out of nowhere. The numbers he's put up. And become the plus minus leader on the team that has Kevin Garnett is simply staggering that he has done this for the most part. Between Rondo pierce and Garnett two of the three if not all three are usually out of the game when he's on the floor -- Thing about these company with second unit and he's played really well even accommodation when he's on the floor with the -- These are some great things what rebound he get in New York against the knicks. Also the plays that -- coaches can't teach. He was in sat out got a rebound it was almost under the basket but about a second to go rebound the basketball quickly put it up political last. And that's about as excited as I've seen him. But Dole's -- are pleased that our instinctive. And if you -- haven't we don't have it and he has that it when it comes to rebound the basketball. As -- -- -- on Grady and -- overtime new name for our beloved podcast here we take your questions on Twitter the first one from. Him Manning and the wait fifteen nothing -- in this in the grade maxim WV I think -- you plug. We're we're gonna Asia question -- which -- really think that your soldier to be the rookie of the year and it. I hope he can be rookie of the year I think he's rookie of the month of play that but if you if you kind of sketch out. Whose top rookies are you realize this is not a strong year. Four rookies in the NBA and obviously you know probably should've Damian Miller -- Portland he would certainly have the inside track right now but after that. Bradley -- as he shot the ball very well open at least put up some numbers Drummond has rebounded in Detroit. Like to shreds that are related here in Minnesota but how is -- soldier right now not one of the top five rookies and I'll tell you what. They be able to get off to a great start and -- soldier becomes the plus minus leader a playoff team. And Portland misses the playoffs Derek soldier becomes a double double guy like he's been lately terror soldier -- -- still a. Think before the money to -- -- deficit into the he has pushed himself into the conversation in apartment. -- that's the biggest thing he has played well and he doesn't think about all awful things that global. -- him because he has to chip on the shoulder. I think from being drafted lower than he saw his ability was. I think he creates a situation where he's become. That -- the other that much more aggressive and understands. A sense of urgency about point following open isn't it sequestering god -- -- -- at EMC -- eight. In the would you rather have a mature disciplined big baby this could be move that very question of mature disciplined -- baby or -- or soldier which room. Well -- so that's a great question you know big baby has his offensive abilities. In his inside out and he can hit he funerals jump shots. But I think it would from a standpoint of Caribbean around a long time. I might -- so -- because the thing overlooking him. Is that is great is he is I think one of the things that he brings to table. Physical and he's gonna bring a maturity that you don't have to talk about a mature. Sellinger he's a guy you -- build around for a long time and no kick at all I think big baby hit for office of tools in his bag. It could take more charges but. If I'm point to built around sometimes I just want more of a solid player that somebody who was up and down and we know how emotional big baby QB. I got a lot of questions like disappointed particularly on Monday before Carmelo Anthony became -- story in New York. -- had smoke you guys being around seem to think Rondo has gotten a little full of himself lately seems to post -- -- not ethical I would use that word. But I will say that I think if there is legitimate concern. The Rondo picking up all suspensions without he admitted it himself. Rondo wasn't really suspended for what happened with Rodney he was suspended because when he was -- inquired about it he hung up the phone after brief conversation with -- And that was the point that you now built up all these things at the point. I've made about Carmelo Anthony earlier. And my tweet early in the week in the heat of the moment or couple hours after the game. Are really thought I'd never seen anybody self inflict as much damage was only VP campaign is Carmelo Anthony did one particular night. The thing about Rondo is why. What is when it will heat in Carmelo Anthony could rise above. What Kevin Garnett was doing to him talk to -- could find that level of whenever. When does Rondo not paying -- one leak to get a one games were -- when he realized that it's even if he's right. It was a movie called copy of that movie with Sylvester Stallone really go in it. And in a movie is a great line where it's Sylvester Stallone talking about you know to the right thing it. -- -- -- -- Being right. Is not a bulletproof -- And so what point do you stop fighting the fight just for the sake of fighting it and then last. It's interest when you talk about that beat just being right sometimes it is the right thing that's what the compute it. If you you'll you'll love very much like dead which -- things happen it is an injustice to you. You are very much so that would like look. -- don't care okay how it works out of not doing what. Randall has that same mentality about him. Voters stubborn in and distort it and what he wants to do what you gonna have to learn is that because sometimes people -- Tokyo ultimately it's. Sometimes you -- learn because if you are. The thing that -- insular. It is a Texas team. Not only that the -- team more than it picks up even as the without fixing. But I haven't won the award you want to have them on the floor he's your leader like that so -- to understand it there's the sense you know what. People our look at that you you open the door right now -- those suspensions. Duties deserve to be. Suspended against Atlanta. That was that was horrible that was horrible has he what was not even engage in that way. But when you don't defeat yourself. And you will allow other people to make their opinions about you. The way the league deal with that particular case they didn't is that OK or you don't want to talk about it. They would disclose that you guilty of that with the point that I -- that run -- you have to. Talked to people in the way that tell them exactly what. Great irony maturity and leadership of Rondo this topic at the beginning of the night that ended with the same conversation about Carmelo Anthony and that was just one fascinating night. In the NBA's latest edition of our -- -- overtime podcast will be back with the next week with some more great guests and obviously the Celtics have a great chance to continue -- Roloson sub 500 team coming into the garden but right now one -- -- low -- Of the season for the Celtics and they have turned around on a long winning streak their longest since April over 500 and a chance to do some more damage. On the homestand thanks for hanging out -- -- punches up here all the effort to we appreciate it stick and -- witness. We'll talk to you next week.

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