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Jason Terry Postgame Press Conference

Jan 9, 2013|

Jason Terry spoke to the media just after the Celtics beat the Suns at the Garden 87-79, to make four straight wins.

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Where you know what this is mistress were. We have to gain confidence quote. And it was a quality you know we haven't been together as a unit. All season. Now that we're together now we're. We need -- -- chemistry and in regular rhythm together. And I can only happen and again. So. While I play -- he's been playing right now. The best basketball. His rookie year. It's an aggressive he's all over the place on the on the rebounds and you know if he gets in about -- when he's not scared to take file and you need that out of Europe -- -- we we call my arm in his his play tonight he sparked this which not only with his office of with those dunks but his defense you know he got through four -- there and same -- And -- -- -- breaking up India what he does best and that's -- atlantis' main impact again here. Miller way to celebrate I mean is still amazing just to see them out there on the floor. You know planned way is because at any moment you -- get -- in excess or anything and has to be tough. American. -- -- Close is being I was present when I went to express their last two or three games I was.

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