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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 9, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media just after the Celtics beat the Suns at the Garden 87-79, to make four straight wins.

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There. Well the whole marriage -- -- I just thought eternity. Both past. The starters started out Portland. About the bench came in and out of the lead. You know the -- -- -- in the first. Extended. But in the third quarter came flooding here and and our bench came in and indicated it is just. There was terrific what is. Is rebounding ingests all the little things he does Alter but -- -- coordinates -- Chet Jeff all the guys that is. They're playing very well together you in this this small stretch in the game we didn't wanna use Collins real real short. -- he came in and expenditure report so that's nice when you can. Have a night where you're starters aren't great. And your your bench when that -- forward. It. It. You know I I don't know what I -- I just knew we -- we have a lot of guys that I think can play. You know so on its mines when you can. You are all that playing world. And in those guys coming. Of those accused Syrian rebounds translate you know then you know most agree rebounds on that at all. When you think about it you know there there they're big they're physical and you know they have great instincts I think that's the number one thing I mean you have them big you have enemy determined was tall and then got all the rebounds. You know I just think about the list of bird rebound loose there. Just have a knack for the ball and they have great hands every single one. It. It. -- -- -- Them. I think -- I just think the better he plays the more employees. The more they're wrong. -- you know it. -- -- -- -- -- -- From what you guys do other stuff. -- Well you should always get a charge. You know what I mean. Jason Collins and one -- indefinitely forever. So you should always get a charge you know us 21 -- -- into because I'm bigger our guys take. And when they don't get -- -- just the coach sometimes. Yeah. There is goodnight you know -- in the -- the good and you know who would have thought of the year ago so it's really. And that doctors and all that was really -- testimony that Jeff. In general. The fact that he worked himself into the condition. Did did. What I mean there had some kind of -- somewhere you know. Because to work yourself condition you have to use that muscle. So. He's just really cool that he's playing he's playing well. Where I was more concerned about just. Health. When thinking about a story arc. -- honestly at that time at their place so. The basketball part what concerned you know. That -- two things that bugged me the most obviously with this condition. Was number one -- in the contract that was born because it had to be. Legally you know and -- ministers were -- life. To make eleven and now it's these side and biggest deal of life at that point and it's gone you know and so. You know now he's back going and doing well and all those errors in them very helpful. He deserves. Fortunate lucky. Nice you know I've seen employed like it to you guys choose sophomore. I screw the brilliance Austin's. Like Ohio and then the -- team. What each one teach one in at least six different national title in the U. And I was. Sit and watch all of the injured and 106 group as. And think you're one of those days in -- like tourism rebounds as Corey if you -- I was upset. Although my responsibilities to them Texas commit that slow -- and obviously about just the way. And now realizes that slow and -- that that is this. These -- around. But he has great feet I mean really and you don't appreciate that for awhile when you watch him you know he's quick -- is great for. -- You know we did a couple of back cuts -- -- because there's so your -- right word this right. Start the planes over some back cuts. Once it gets me it's going --

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