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Jeff Green postgame locker room with Grande & Max

Jan 9, 2013|

Jeff Green spoke to Grande & Max just after the Celtics beat the Suns at the Garden 87-79, to make four straight wins.

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How important was this weekend for that locker. Very important. We are here we. One. You know. -- It seems exactly that way that we your defense is playing well. They relate. Or one. A future typical late this seems like Doc Rivers talking right now. Repeated. You're free to that -- we've got to do in the right hold me. -- You know what. You often two week after after games that you could critique your own performance. What is the difference between. A team that you really like the way you played which I assume tonight was one of those -- where you don't -- the biggest of the rest of them that. Work. -- -- You. And I'm. I -- I want to ask you. This is that a loaded question but. Who would you favor clear what you did you watch when you were coming up we've deviated just admit that's the guy wanna have a -- my game after. Diesel saved my mature. -- her mouth you hear about -- -- -- -- -- Jeff you know I -- hate him don't you. A if that's. You know -- -- government of Vietnam and other hate them and congratulate them the puck off it is. Jeff we've been talking about lot today is January -- the 2013. One year ago was. A day obviously which you know -- like took it to be different if you went underway your heart surgery how much. And obviously as you eagerly jumped on this and that makes it so obviously you're in the aware what to they would how much of that was on your mind today. -- he's an amendment that night. The you know number. Along here. And on them -- in a positive. A lot of those -- from the government. You know I'm just very thankful in this business and you know you're from. You know from surgery and in the book and be out of my room with the Celtics. Playing with these you know have fun you know. And it's hard to put a worth you know and fluent in today it was you know great game. You know we've got a victory on them going anniversary not a folly. 24 great hours story Jeff Green -- joins us relations thing.

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