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Wednesday, January 9th Whiner Line

Jan 9, 2013|

Al Roker needs that old Saturday Night Live product... "Oops, I crapped my pants!"

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Views -- music views expressed and expressed the white -- these aren't like teen TE Chris -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morris yeah and now -- Laura your line. At the end about the hall of fame is supposed to be about numbers all my numbers are there they rank in the top can. -- almost every category yet I don't get -- point 3% of the vote side debate -- -- whether you know eliminate pain don't vote for me. And laid me off the balance and now your question this system the way it runs or 515. Writers that vote I understand. I do those writers actually look at the numbers do they compare the numbers to other players. WEEI. Wind your -- they don't either but I think it okay. What a minor thing here is that because all they -- -- him one time dial 7793535. -- -- it contained -- -- flow rate. Both are probably pretty good golf right now and I'm sorry for that but that's the way I feel lying in your lives. When the vote came out and I was 123% of about it really I honestly am pissed off because. I don't think -- writers are doing her homework we'll -- go through your god -- homework and now I just wish that they wouldn't. -- in at all you know eliminate me and this'll put me on the -- anymore because I think it does go. That WB I want to (%expletive) you off again Bert Blyleven -- -- -- on the ballot actually got him. When that happens this gave me Joseph Morgan -- It was Joan -- from six to any of Mike McKenzie. Can go to war with even that would Joseph was talking about what he said -- an. -- it -- kids are six and two and not be sure you don't have -- what -- -- What exactly you want you guys ally and keep your. Each class are you sure you are like atlas like you you have gone on the care and -- -- that everybody and not wearing a Red Sox uniform. Is doing -- it. How quickly they forget that in 2002. I said many times -- I -- -- a -- but after eight years horses it's. Jeter Eric yes it. I have to. Don't -- powered by agency WEEI lives about a drive on -- -- -- -- Brought -- you bought AT&T AT&T forgy LTE. Ten times faster that story EG yes indeed that's miscarriage does to you you're going AT&T rethink possible. And let's do it. How did it out of it got -- Alvin a golf yeah I had him. It will work -- go to London Sports Radio station and it would tell you how little I've heard it -- about not what it. And I -- -- California as we know he's just he's talking around one that is essentially a spelling I don't know -- you're right you should be Hollywood starlet -- Editors for what should resign my -- you'll just shirtless. Britons are certain acute and. No we don't comment on it haven't let me. And you can ask you know why it can only hope Ted Kennedy getting a little bit. And that sort of figure -- -- this little thing to make as many in as you know pitching over the last the couple weeks. -- and it's still Leone and put money here so they put silly on this morning when men and was on. Filling in for Kelly house of the two girls can have a little you know two girls would get a little love you know now will cap. That would allow us look at these shots get some analysts. -- as problem one that we tweets all the time now he's always talking about -- is he living years he lived in Miami -- -- and doing my living -- -- -- for oil and see -- it's. -- So I'll just. Body like the other one was somebody's taken my -- I -- Al -- Bowman and she can't she. Just silly like a lower GI tract. That means -- and. We've been. Getting pretty point. Period to hook and look at me -- debt. -- -- Apple created capable. Yeah -- is they'll do. That at all. And that message. That's that's it missed it today it was it was it was in any -- was it worth little short was there a seven online right online and digital. Try to hey what about off this morning to talk about my performance. -- and got it I did doubt to the -- an approach like something like that date date date date date date date with the I understand I understand. Like the way I -- work I understand. I do a great job and you have no out of valuation they're not good here no identity no but they they they don't know -- I understand I get paid. Got no paper I get -- I get a direct tactic and a -- and a bad. So I -- not committed I don't know that will give me a call -- good -- Forgiveness from you -- -- this alcoholism and isn't everybody attacking -- many hand me my actual security guy gets real or. Controversy is -- many -- These guys chasing Patrick good question and apparently does -- mean spirited scab picker. It's -- get it people go and it seems like and you're right it's more like you read it goes to -- Again this it was all in all mail to dale has -- coming. On the -- -- the capitalism a love -- elements of that coming in like when you you know get -- get the massage and the music playing the you've never listened to normally music and never. And at the smelly little -- -- the color done. That's. Poison there. Want to break up more W eleven year old pick -- -- -- -- aren't -- -- benefit more. I don't really good brilliant people. And just let it show -- his old Nolan he just acts that -- sometimes system. Lowered down to our standards. Lot may seventh step back and did not know why didn't Bratton. Had. Why. Haven't I haven't said. Did that -- you're done today. And that message. Just pretty sharp he's got to be on today is the odds and look pretty -- just eleven you'll wanna punish -- I. -- it did. -- I. I think it definitely. That. At. Any -- I am. And that I. Thank you -- future I guarantee he's already -- vacation at all Obama got this Helio and I know he's covered cared about rock -- Got public got -- it and. But it kind of -- because the bad. But he has gotten -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not horribly -- enough that I do which is a common side effect of the surgery exactly. Well yeah that was a pretty good. Yes our cause el Al -- at the White House the fact that you didn't do it horribly makes it more horrible it was perfectly you know what -- just a little -- that is distracting think about it if it's just a little -- it's legal and emotional bonds now it's. Just. You know I. -- -- Oversell we're back to -- I've always liked Al Roker -- -- It's -- old -- Guys in this big and bad. You know you need minute hand. Relations Kirk has the Olympic anyways why he -- -- -- that's embarrassed now had those you've been on sidewalks -- on the court here is almost guys have like briefcases -- share. Apps -- whatever -- didn't sit down with the the people are accused of aid to help us. What order political technical from the -- -- we have got. My house and the message. I'll see what the pick here is about Welker had a little accident -- not happening in the White House. Everything in the -- Health Department -- -- -- -- -- on the constitution. And justice. -- I mean. But you know here's here's the bigger problem Al Roker. Woodson -- the underwear out. And the rest rooms are. Protected zone from -- what White House lawn so every dollar also went home so I west. Where I read it and are expected to move but -- don't -- the Goldstone report -- to clean that up. They'll file at all those guards already does that happen did happen this year. -- sales guy who it's who you know did the Al Roker -- Discarded his underwear you know and too little too little towel dispenser and a bathroom -- left them standing right taught by this this is. It's just like at the end up to GM at the time an issue -- Sanitary. Practices. Went shark about depositor. If your -- underwear to build and we tell you we caught we hit here or was it our all -- thought it was -- that was. -- obviously can't. 800 -- I hate taking -- -- them -- and good -- and -- with a good mom and my goal. -- that. And support relative -- Ortiz due to call our customer. -- I've got to do you -- -- -- -- plan in place and it won the one thing about it happening your house or private place I don't have to worry about you leaving the restaurant you gonna be obligated to argue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We must just like -- right here. Strider is a walk. Out and also -- trust yourself and it's gorgeous and he told -- I think it's not gonna happen there. And we have -- lights acts that. Apparently did interviews this morning is old. Topic is how you talked about prepping its way -- would have -- what you think what did you -- -- -- -- industrial -- -- -- heart -- you know obviously. Careers. In today's society. With the instrument that out that you just. -- -- credit. And it I want our -- up but it content ordinary we bowed to and drop. Would but I don't. And -- pierced -- Rondo and for those who work. -- got an ordinary. What Michael. I appreciate the puck -- -- but let's get right -- -- when. -- really felt they had us. Did last year. As an internal auditor about last year. I've yet to be suitable. Old. I'm not with the games. The past that -- pushed it. Exactly yeah. Originally used under ten times that now -- and reporting. Obama the morning we have and all these -- Support. And. -- system people who waited for his next column where it ends gonna break down. The matchups between these tapes -- more and is in those guys obstinacy. So bad. You know you know what that is what I know. And I don't forget. About it. And -- -- and -- people those games and not what you gotta say he's got to say. One game him. Tetanus and it is not an insider watch and a phone network like everybody else with commercials. That's fine -- -- on your iPad -- all twenty twos and make you sound like. You really giving inside you what you know what to watch. Monday night posada the iPad to watch -- -- championship game on the watch he has and that and watched Celtics the same time -- the sort of good that's very good. Climate going get birdied seven of all of it all now. You know -- to do about it. More -- and message. And yeah yeah. It's. Not my thing -- -- Okay. Nobody dramatic things I've seen a lot of love and stand. Right into it got writer's block my thinking is. 'cause Brezec gross me out so much and while in. Brett hamburger. At the apologized. Saying that probably the most beautiful woman I've ever. Did you have a man that was the part of both inside and out this hamburger cabinet about fifty years. -- -- -- -- And that prejudice you were Akamai Kiefer ESP NB apologize and good -- -- every day yeah every day. Big guys grabbed my partner Eric do you want to point out he's very -- to -- it out bulk. -- it will not. No. And you. -- Witnesses and nobody in the country no woman and blow -- away hello. No woman was offended by somebody to catch Rosie don't think Avery. Doctors say again that we've seen over the -- Over GBH look like somebody who's your line before I believe that's -- -- all right. -- I've got I've got to go to Michael always like it is that they don't bow before I never thought -- pick up front mosque but. But -- Michael without any work been done and my gut feeling good that you'll regret. I'm open about why don't and how well that's -- 50 wait what I mean that they feel like. And that message. -- actually -- was asking -- route. Maybe the greatest looking elderly woman of government -- this might say well who who would you go out with that one of -- questions to. This universe. It was OK okay you little uncomfortable but I want -- now. Mr. universe if you -- -- pick line. -- of course the former professional edition I slipped that little note today that circle want to be a. Yes. Sort of crossed the line. Did he wanted to put themselves in upon. And -- that takes a way to put myself in your body right now okay. Via the heat and systems and help. Quarterback get all the good work work. And I'm not. I really don't think it but I -- not do. And that it. This one's -- plants got up. Much -- that will supply. I have the entire time yeah. To quiet contraception despite. Pittsburgh is weighted average guys. Cheryl why don't like to let powered by AT&T. AT&T forgy LT. Got screens up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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