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Sure Bret Musburger sounded creepy, but was an apology really necessary?

Jan 9, 2013|

We discuss the over-sensitive management at ESPN after they issued an apology over Bret Musburger's over-enthusiastic but tame description of AJ McCaron's girlfriend during the BCS Title Game on Monday Night.

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We laughed about -- must Berger and his comments about AJ McCarron it's. Girlfriend yesterday it would -- about it you know -- the saliva off the side of his face Kirk herb street I would joked about it. It was it was kind of funny and a little bit creepy casino is 73 -- they're talking about but the played up. In the last 24 hours is amazing to -- opens PR guy. ESPN had come out basically -- Josh to the public this -- I think they're all hypocrites and it's not just the espionage all the networks at some of the people at a talking about what the 73 year old. First of all. He didn't talk about body parts he didn't play that -- game while. Tell you quarterbacks you get off with a good look in the -- of lot of beautiful -- wow these KJ doing well. -- it's just guys. Not just talking about a beautiful woman. What do they don't want to even at these ugly looking women on the sets of these TV shows that ugly looking moment. On the side let's go when they do they when they hire somebody. They look at how good these women locked that's part of the appeal out of what do Martina -- all in most cases Michael you're in. It in in most in most cases you're right. But this is what it isn't what it comes comes down to Britain prosper on TV during a blow. They're games that -- it was fourteen nothing of the art and in I think we could see where it was going you can I wish we I'd say we're gonna win at Notre Dame went out -- now say they were overmatched if not they were overmatched. From from before the -- at a big it was it was going to be this much of a mismatch. I've thought Alabama will win the game so he said. A woman is beautiful. And she and she was asked about it and she's -- Who have the -- but that's. I think the media has been really unfair to him I think that if he would've said something that belongs that I -- of that. That we are hotter sexier made any derogatory statements like that. I think that would have been a little bit different but the fact that he said that we are beautiful and gorgeous I don't see why any woman wouldn't be flattered by that. And -- -- like people say that on TV and radio all the time she's on this issues while now. People sit and be let go there and it didn't go there going into. I don't think his name it honestly. I mean of course I appreciate it but at the same time I don't think that I needed an apology. I say I think she's handling it in an extremely. A mature fashion but -- it but it was. First what was good for her everybody has a brand now going out there so it was good for her brand because this Alabama. Who many people outside of mobile. Hadn't heard of -- offered gratitude for this game in Auburn grad who's dating the quarterback the Alabama. On Twitter she goes from a few thousand followers to. Hundreds. Like a chosen followers now right C gifts. -- To get a lot of attention she charged Darnell Dockett tries to pick her up she laughs I don't. Publicly equipment orders and incidents but number tour. And she wrote back you know keep dreaming. Or something like that this is not get a bad thing for her good thing for. And it's -- -- a great knowledge of the disrespectful -- -- -- anything out of line -- watching ESPN right now. They put women ward -- looking on TV for -- specific reason I will guarantee you. There are a lot of women out there that probably are not nearly as attractive to some of the woman you watch on Tuesday. Who know sports inside and out who could -- -- microphone in -- conversational show. Much better at some of the woman they put on there but why Stevie do. Because they're beautiful women that the visual medium they'll -- you watch your game. How many times you sit there is a sports -- saying OK I wanna watch again the next thing you know that when the crowd shots. A crowd shots with ugly looking women -- -- on the crowd shot with a ugly looking at. Only the guys that a big huge fat slobs or not wearing shirts because they want everybody don't laugh at them. And the camera would -- looking women. What did door propped -- cheerleaders as he extorted because beautiful women sell on television. And he was pointing out. Why they keep the key words. On their ESP keep the cameras on on the two of them -- but the girlfriend. Am a mother for such a one parent advocate that would count don't they wanted to excite I did. I want to see some of the other but rarely -- the family portraits of all kids I want. Quarterbacks you get all that good. That's critical. What these -- doing well. It's hypocritical really it's it's it's like the old line I always hear that it is the complaint about all of the drinking that goes on exporting. Part of the business of sporting events something big sponsorship the -- of the experience. So you're making all of the money but -- -- the largest sponsor if not course is one of the largest sponsor this telling you to be you know chip the end of -- elegant instruction. Changing get these people get out of control. Shelling of the Peter DeBoer is part of the experts. Hey you know it's it's obnoxious it's basically we're supposed to notice. That miss Alabama is beautiful but I'm sure she's never been called beautiful before her like all miss Alabama were supposed to notice it and not mention it. And am I if if you look at Britain Britain Britain must Berger and you say well. Really a problem when what he said what he could have gone down a dangerous road. This guy is the voice in my opinion the voice of college football when Britain Asperger's shows up for an event you know your event is big time. You know he's doing. I must -- he's incapable of making a mistake but you don't truck trust in Britain must -- to set the scene. In Hamilton a moment. And stand and speak to everything that on his producers and directors are putting on the on the screen they don't trust any. Bodies which is Bryant did mostly just have to apologize the second the upon -- off to -- medicis finger I don't. That if that was well. Puzzle I just think -- -- I think -- hypocrites right now and they're bowing down to pressure and -- with the pressures coming from. I don't think that most people watching that game. Had an issue other than you kind of laughed and a little bit because he's 73 like a year like carved out where exactly -- And -- is probably in a situation where he's trying to. You know skew our little -- younger demo so he's got up yup he knows that males are watching this game and thinking the same thing that she's psychic etiquette. As you can edit as Jack Webb said she can't -- did not do anything that crossed the line where he's getting into body parts and things like what. You hear that and see that on TV and radio all the different and the people do it all the time he did not cross that so why Michael. It ESPN have to apology within that many people were bitching. Up Jersey maybe about some people that some complaints. I enjoyed it but you gotta get you gotta have. You gotta be careful of getting to the point where your broadcasters. On ESPN. Are not memorable or anybody. Britain must burger is memorable. He's a big time talent you know it's a it's a distinctive voice. I don't think. You wanna get to the point where you're not giving any complaints whatsoever that's fine it makes everybody's job easier. Really Vanilla but Vanilla right guys they're really better for the broadcast we don't want him to be a little bit outrageous we don't want to -- that -- we want to givens exactly. Especially when you've got to blow whopping need to be entertaining. That was really hypocritical of -- -- among the people right. It was a little bit creepy yeah the point where you chuckle and laugh a little bit with -- must must -- Harmful to the point where you need to -- a -- to people. For his remarks and actually bringing up that right now knows that he shouldn't have gone there. The -- seventy threes -- a phenomenal broadcasting career. And now he's got to leave witness that people would remember him through pulpit today. Creepy notes are creepy I think would have been creepy if he had said. You know on Oscar dress much talked to her after the game. I'm gonna compete with AJ McCarron. That it is Steven Shafer. If you look at this is safer if you look at Britain must -- his career. This setup he's 73. She's not okay it's happened before older man younger woman -- of that but I don't. I don't like -- chances in that case maybe it's great for your -- here if you have. Like a guy who's a little younger. There and he is talking about or he can't really focused on anything else. I didn't mean that such. A trying to. How are -- -- -- I.

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