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Doc Rivers on the Melo/KG incident, pregame with Sean Grande

Jan 9, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke with Sean Grande just prior to tonight's Celtics/Suns game at the Garden.

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Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the cardinal we will beat. The next two weeks start the five game homestand our conversation with a coach Doc Rivers brought you by Harvard pilgrim healthcare Harvard pilgrim. -- in. Being home with the best part of being home for this long stretch. Getting games from your home crowd like use comfortable or is it just being able to have some symbols of -- regular practice schedule without lights. Yet just rhythm you know again -- -- even improve the rhythm that you orient in the season. Product. Right things for you have to practice days haven't planned knows. Go to pitchers games on Sundays I mean it's good. It's the -- -- -- -- there that's less. What's more there were a lot of elements obviously the the money game that people are talking about but when it got lost -- it is without Rondo the dictator it was the best assist to turnover ratio. You've ever had in the game Toronto didn't play in since he's been here but that's a religious indication of how. It seemed like senses were heightened without him there. I guess they were army I really thought it started on the defense -- number one I thought just the pressure. You know we are great offensive team under 100 points and you know and so I thought that allowed our office to get going I thought that the other bidders stretch that game. It was the early foul trouble but law and in my usual substitution error Kevin. We got stuck on the floor we need more on the floor. 1880. And when they came back you actually had belief about that -- That group with the with with Jerry continuing to do the things that -- -- he has been doing give me an area which. He has improved maybe faster than you thought. Well I did know if you. Would -- wouldn't orbit time but worries improvements -- whatever position now. He's taken no position off animals party -- -- Yet there are sets up. But he's relieved or pretty -- reference to obviously he played -- Avery being accurate full court. Give -- -- idea what happens to other teams shooting and just overall offensive efficiency it was a couple 34 seconds later three or four seconds you know instead of Gartner offered at sixteen -- twelve -- -- What's more importantly than that is that. You're not catching the ball where you want to you know guys are open because the dark the guy with the ball hits the open on time and just through your -- and for all of the nonstop conversation about. Is trash talking now one to him what was that you played there you know what but I'm I'm gonna squash his old crap that it is. The bottom line is whatever they are saying that commences. With match there. And this is not a Kevin Garnett is I don't know how Carmelo going to our locker. Has now become a -- regarded. Because he's always. Because you have but that the act with -- here. You know he didn't do anything wrong here tomorrow all of a sudden. The way to get out of which you've done is to say something else that. You know that nine. There's some things that have a couple of years ago to move on from it is. We've seen teams. Over last year's team come to mind John -- -- It is tougher when you're a veteran players when you're not winning but this Phoenix team -- seemed that they detonated at the right guys. -- the -- -- when he realized what they've got veterans and they they seem to you know at least play part of -- they do they play hard secondly you can Google attempts that means there. You're still playing at a great pace. There's a lot of good things in their guys who they'll listen as you know is marvelous things were going to be free agents and so there's a lot deported for. Not go in Max likes the lament the lack of trust him now in -- In -- -- -- -- in -- in -- in the -- -- -- small forward -- -- -- it. OK you know the moment -- all licking was better you guys were Guardado both ways and fly commercial loans -- typical. But now it really does stand out when a player like court in the starting with that -- see much of that anymore players he -- -- -- -- What we thought -- was are going to be in May be you know batter probably a better offensive player of people who -- you know we knew about rebounding. And you know four big bodies. Released he has good be good be so good player. If people are just. You can't make things on the court. And the awful but Justin -- -- at the item. It's up or did he shouldn't parenting and what are those drafts which the -- next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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