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No one gets in, a Baseball Hall of Fame Round Table Discussion

Jan 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni join Glenn and Michael as the announcement is made that NO ONE will be elected to this year's baseball HoF. Steroids is a big reason why.

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Should hang around more often in the afternoon the big show. That Joseph has is medevac got a picture should put out what's happened since my. How often we get some food into. Like the old days we went about seven people missed -- we are as good as it is complex and go to his approval. We are inseparable here is awfully sorry sorry guys -- -- -- right now that's the but did anybody until you hit the floor it's fine it's seniority loves our accent -- -- sleep at all right now anyway all you know get a hopefully the queen bed together. The best case scenario. I don't it's -- blow anybody. I don't think anybody gets in with you I mean ahead. Had five guys we talked about earlier. I put on put Barry in Roger end. Gaza Bagwell I'm a year Edgar Martinez yeah and Tim Raines took it to a six and put demand. Based on -- Just based on how could they alert -- -- -- get a ball -- agenda forget about my opinions just the best players that's that's what -- Yeah Edgar Martinez of course -- of course but you know the obvious guys. Clemens. And bonds. You look at them. Or is there in any penalties for. Steroid use him in yet not the first deals that get about alleged steroid use what. Just the outrageous use of steroids the consistent. Career changing uses steroids -- those guys -- -- the argument of well steroids don't make you had a based -- no it doesn't invent baseball players guys who invented. Before spirited were born before steroids became popular -- game but steroid it will change it was a baseball player. So they took a great took great players took hall of fame players. It made them. Ultra. Only thing that I agree let me just me just read this for a quick. This who is from page 28 of the Mitchell report. Did Mitchell report just just came out. In 1973. Congressional subcommittee announced its staff has completed an in depth study in the use of illegal and dangerous drugs in sports 1973. Right. The subcommittee concluded that the degree of improper drug use primarily Federer means an anabolic steroids. Can only be described as alarming. 1973. Let's go to Major League Baseball MLB network for the announcement and Jack O'Connell. Of the baseball writers association of America is my pleasure to announce results of the 2013. BB WA election. I'd like to thank my police in Ernst and young for sharing the results year in and year out. This year's ballot -- great names on it in the electors had some well documented challenges in making their decisions. -- plan to open up the novel. Jeff idols of all time. For only the eighth time since voting began in 1936 Brian the voting membership did not elect anyone to Cooperstown. Craig Biggio leading the pack -- votes on 68% of ballots cast just 39 votes short of election. Hall of fame induction ceremonies will be held Sunday July 28 in Cooperstown when yankees owner Jacob Rupert nineteenth century start deacon white and longtime umpire Hank go -- day are formally enshrined. Expecting a large turnout of returning hall of fame members for the greatest reunion of the games living legends. And for special recognition this summer they will help a space special tribute to Lou Gehrig. Rogers hornsby and ten other hall of famers who were not recognized -- elected. Due to wartime travel restrictions. Brian I think we have to remember that with the whole thing. I did you go to -- place in making the announcement month. -- on public I don't know the only honorable thing all. Pleasure to announce the hall of fame announcement. Now result well pretty. Open yeah. Imagine that you may imagine that if they hadn't brat telling you imagine that that is an Academy Awards ceremony and the academy and I thought. Way I did anybody notice she started saying for the eighth time even before he looked. He opened up the envelope he I didn't even -- -- -- a charade. He knew he he mentioned for the eighth start as he was opening the envelope -- no surprise we just -- at night I totally agree with you. All the steroid guys and we'll get out the percentage of all the steroid guys here in the next minute detail. And we'll get curt Schilling's number as well here in the next minute -- two. But discovered guys were not going to get in Biggio probably had the best shot would you say along -- -- would knows that the two guys and the pressure on. An athletic. They calculated all of you know Michael hearted people like to put it there articles or Twitter and it was a 128. Ballots have come in in the numbers right there. It is same thing as Biggio was leading 68%. Right you know I think our bonds it -- as the bulls like 48%. No seat that was -- download volumes go up. Next year for both those guys there's over the punishment that we were talking about before this great announcement. There via multiple innings loaded the announcement its hermetically -- -- Eric. So I -- there -- here -- -- the numbers Craig Biggio gets 68 point 2% Jack Morris 67 point seven a product order. 59 point six. Beyond that gets 57 point eight Tim Raines. 52. Point two. Those -- the numbers -- Smith 47. Point eight you need to get 75%. Of the vote Biggio falls 39 votes shy of reaching 75. Be curious to some people didn't turn their ballots in all or a blink back hot Colorado how much a problem how a variety is Anthony said he had a blank ballot and in wanna vote and ever some people actually even turn one in or I think there's one. This first year don't forget where it was from. It was his first year he's allowed to vote. Any any any forfeited -- wanna I wanna deal that down in the future either. Curt Schilling ends up with 38 point 8% Roger Clemens 37 point six Barry Bonds 36 point 20. Edgar Martinez. Sorry Ed -- wrong position in designated hitter they don't recognize you unfortunately. 35 point nine even though it's a designated position we'll get through Major League Baseball yeah. Countdown -- -- travel 33 point six Larry Walker 21 point six if I'm chilling. I'm encouraged at 38 point eight I think eventually he gets in the -- grip gets twenty point seven dale Murphy. Eighteen point six Mark McGwire sixteen point nine his notion OK I don't see themselves the -- NAFTA welfare. Right you know and rough elbow -- still got to -- just a positive for an 8% eight point eight. OK if there are few things going on here obviously there's steroid guys Ingraham a conversation about here. You know halt to all time great players seven time MVP Barry Bonds the seven time Cy Young winner and an MVP along with that Roger Clemens. But there's something else about. Hall of fame voting that I don't quite understand and big -- started talk about it Edgar Martinez. Remain. The best designated hitter I've seen. Is Edgar Martinez in the second best is David Ortiz that I've seen in my life and used for David Ortiz okay. They argue protest thing that baseball has had a designated hitter for my entire life right. -- that approach I don't care if that's your protest every. This is the argument particular vote away from everybody. Everybody should be ashamed if -- if you got to respect that position as a legitimate position in baseball. You cannot defend Edgar Martinez outside hoping you can indefensible. You know what you have best designated hitter he's seeing her legally indefensible. I think they're they're just diminishing or just not respecting the position. When we start with DH is which was what 74 and guys like -- appreciate -- guys that are just. Gone for the last year or two. Was originally were designated hitters work but as time went on and no getting away from DH is now. But for awhile there a PH was a significant player in your -- Yeah and only only look at two X six relievers. Greg today say what the best 78 inning guy you know in baseball for ten years well. That's an easy case disease that could -- to close and eventually right usually take the next step right a best reliever best closer in the game. Designated hitter it's it cannot sit there saying well and he's a great hitter buddies. Not as good defensively and it is somebody else but it's the position I mean there's nowhere to go -- the -- get a DH your -- didn't support you hit and third that's. That's what you do for a living and if you're one of the best. How many years been -- 7474. Was the first year the designated -- since 1974. The greatest ever play that position of designated hitter. Is it to Martina that is different anything I haven't played here's the difference he was. A designated hitter early in the early days when you had guys as they -- like relentless opponent puts him third degree are you get -- cannot -- -- -- -- -- -- played first pilot type thing but the position became important because you have that extra bat. In the why. Early on it was ten -- it was guys anticipated apparently walked to first base nevermind one that first brought you just -- -- -- -- out of the ballpark. Think the top position changed dramatically going well. It's changing again we're getting away from it. But what do you do as Michael said with Edgar Martinez and at and an archive. Our guy here has got no shot they don't want him -- into an area. Think guises. I need I mean an explanation on why. -- -- -- -- grip was a great player. But pretty Griff giving 18% of the vote dale Murphy. Getting. What 20% of the vote. If if if you're saying. This guy dominated his hair or he was seen as a dominant player for the significant portion of time. Another horse and Jim Wright's argument. That fit for dale Murphy. Yeah you know as far as as far as Fred McGriff -- -- discussion buckle times Buckley does vote for Fred -- -- any said the biggest issue with Fred is that there's not a city that identifies with him. You know in that we think of Freddie Mac rip -- and a -- Wear weights what's Fred -- always surprised by his numbers they are you shocked by saying predator gripping up now. But -- Fred McGriff had a twelve year career in Atlanta Atlanta or San Diego or Toronto Toronto -- or. Tampa longevity all the seven meanwhile something's gotta bounce around every four years so it's like that there's no one city that he kind of an ethic that does hurt. We have a lot of the ballots from the of the the Boston the excuse me the national baseball writers' association Buckley voted for Bagwell Biggio Martinez -- Morse piazza. Rains Schilling and looking up and down missile on Oakland's no. -- -- here's -- get a kick the year ask OPEC exports but a gold -- was we get we have a lot of the ballots here. And everybody's all over the place with a with a -- you could see it. That they're all over the place so there's no concerted effort I think -- to get guys in. You need to have a concerted effort were people say -- -- still -- that guy is a bonafide Paul Clement now can we not gone through the steroid era. Would be sitting here today at the numbers were the same saying bonds is in Clemens isn't no brain. Let's listen before the difference is that in the past it's been. 90% numbers 10% agenda. Right I don't believe first ballot hall of -- of paper wrote it and and and Roberto Alomar which was a joke he should have been a first ballot hall -- Now it's not 90% stats. 10% opinion agenda. It's 5050 like it has to be because if you look what happened in 1996 that was last time that nobody got him. The next did not the next year but over the course next couple years six of the 35 guys who voters said in 96 you guys are hall of famers. Six those guys eventually got and so. My question becomes from year to year what what what makes you changeable give ratio is not a hall of fame this year -- for him warmer graph. Forget the steroid guys for a second. What makes you change your mind the next year you know what the -- up and down between young not vote for this guy this year but now. Now he's a whole framework two years from now three years from now it has changed their mind what they have as a whole thing I look at this. I think Schilling over the next five years and probably win another hunger -- again I think I guess without making huge divot and chilly numbers at if I'm happy to do it and -- eventually you know gave up 35% plus -- -- win for him he gets thirty what is the Obama. He'll get in because nobody in thirty nobody looks at him as is the -- A Bill -- -- look at him -- carrying out a few extra pounds over the years and that nobody looks at him as a star so he's never going to of that strike against. And as time goes on he will be appreciated. More but I totally agree with what you said. Don't you know at the end of an era when a guy's done you know the date he hangs up his cleats nevermind waiting five years or something you know what. Carry you know he dumbed -- is there. -- maybe you know what I think I think fifteen years is a little excessive and it shouldn't take fifteen to Jim Rice thing was that you shouldn't have to figure it out. Put a couple of RB a couple of years of saying -- got to be on the ballot for a couple of years if you need to go deeper into the numbers like the Fred -- argument we were having. People instinctively for whatever reason. If you say that most people baseball fans longtime baseball fans it's firmer grip a hall of Famer without even looking at numbers and say no well. I think if you have to look at look at his numbers he put up some pretty impressive. That over his career. So. Is it stats don't like his stats or is it that. Is the perception of -- grip you'd -- feared him. Because he played for some bad team to replace percent teams that that he was he was bouncing around so much so because the got bounced around that much. How much hall of Famer -- EB. Well let's is a better example 'cause I I agree it's so much of it is agenda driven. Willie Mays hangs up the applause okay credit it was a bad experience -- -- -- the -- that was never a billion yen. How is it that he was not a unanimous. Close physical center because nobody has that -- in history nobody has I mean. Results are what Rickey Henderson becomes hall of fame eligible. For someone to sit there and say he wasn't a hall of fame player. That person can't can't see yeah I don't think he adds the answers always. Well because it goes back and history will because this guy wasn't all framer I think that nobody should be ever get in the game there's no. This they'll correct answer in telling me why Ricky hazel for him alone are. Alomar is an all -- don't you realize you made a mistake in the past. We should have what they prove that Brooke and he should -- -- -- mistrust -- you know in this respect it out an entire race out of the game of baseball. It was a mistake you correct it. So that's what you do you don't -- it's it well because with its its tradition you know we've got I won't show lol we into this thing that's unfair. You screwed up in all of those years of not putting guys in unanimous with the big I don't not you know -- would sure when Max is not unanimous as a pragmatic is not getting an -- percent the biggest no brainer coming up. Is -- Greg Maddux. -- it -- -- yeah that he won't be unanimous Greg Maddux see the next one I mean. -- strategy that does not mean. How can you not pulled from the highest autonomous top cabinet up into the tournament needs allies -- receiver got 98 point eight. Percent of the vote though there's never that was that you guys just three guys out there. I got a couple of guys who -- that now we're -- before but speaking of a handful of guys. Some people that you know and and there hall of fame votes. Peter Abraham of the globe voted for Barnes and Clemens. Michael Silverman of The Herald folded for bonds and Clemens. Gordon Eads ESPN Boston voted for bonds and Clemens told him -- voted for. Bonds and Clemens. Jason -- Voted for bonds and -- -- took -- some notable baseball writers and just how they vote emerge as voter project more so nobody else right. If you want to stupidity Michael Jim Rosenthal did not with the right -- -- to -- -- -- -- artists -- to other robbery don't want their stupidity on the other. Don't see -- got a vote from home at last. Let's say it redneck lovable reformist Bobby calling him right announcing that was me by the way you wanna get together and it didn't just want to bring you don't want. And we aren't -- what qualifies you to vote on -- if -- the baseball writers of Christian America. -- -- that's got to be connection should Shonn Greene got two votes hall of Famer Steve Finley got four votes. David Wells got five apparently bought some -- over the years for a couple of democratic Senator Biden votes. I had a lot of them just yet they'll throw a name on an appreciation for. The way up players cooperated with I'm with a tenacious and place today. That's it's a joke to -- They shouldn't do that it's a complete but a bombshell I'm pretty happy today at 38 point eight I think eventually. He gets. There's no question about so here's the question. I have for you guys. The steroid guys we know what happened here today today they -- -- a written question is do they slap them more than the rest of a beat them up. For the next 510 years or eventually d.s -- A slap on the wrist now because of what they did but eventually we can't go through this exercise year after year after year. Where we don't put anybody and because we're dealing with the BE and seat liners as opposed to the eighty. I just yeah I think they -- they give in eventually because I don't know how you can look at any these classes coming up any new additions. And not have any suspicion. Now I don't really care who you war right. You know let me guess you could sit there and say well I'll look at Curt Schilling -- -- no when -- look at Greg medics and I'll say no it. You know that this other names people civil Griffey junior no question first ballot okay -- and it does no suspicion there either. Many guys are led the American League in home runs in the middle of a steroid -- no suspicion of any of these guys don't have. -- -- not lump everybody -- Lou I don't think these guys are not in because of suspicion. They're they're not in because we know. We know Jeff Bagwell. Not -- I'm talking about -- -- out on top top guys bonds and Clemens. They're the headliners. There have been no brainer -- In the no brainer guys are not in because. We know it is something is that it is not alleged. It's not want you never know. Great game of shadows -- channels on bonds and then on Clemens and they've got off from the perjury trial you know what what was up Roger Clemens you know. It yet to say definitively. Roger Clemens do steroids yes you know you would say yes. Very yes yes so but what about -- What is he -- well piazza Bagwell and I think it was outline. Pretty well by Tom -- team we said the suspects that the line of suspicion the paper trails to speak with dip back well. And it looks -- things he said I'll hold it yeah yeah hole. It doesn't look good hiring from from hiring the same trainer that Louise Gonzales used to. Saying -- steroids not so bad I would recommend steroids and -- things as recently as 2010. I don't know I know I don't like. I know it's not a court of law she can't go on the on the same criteria. But it really just opens it up. A random justice the only two guys that we know that failed drug test woman farming implements drug does and 04. That it would be up for the vote in the next couple years Raphael Palmeiro and we're now and manage -- credit -- -- aren't regarding are we hiding behind this. Are we hiding mine. Well we don't really know that here's here's a here's a question. That doesn't allow -- hide behind knowledge in what did you know. Do you feel. That a guy who took steroids. Should be punished. Purdue and there's an addict is a guy who who does everything that we hate in in sports -- we we love athletes who are. Who were doing great things on what we think is a level playing field. I think without that we know that but I. I do think they should be idolized Michael but I think the the final already out of it got a little bit about Latin players are. We just brought it up there are other guy's gonna visit cloud of suspension but there is great and all that and well that's my. Evidence. -- when I'm saying the core issue. If it would guide as if an athlete that steroids. Do you feel about that guy you feel like guys should be held out of the whole village each year -- or life. The fears. -- many years because that's I think because Colorado team Plainfield is. It better means -- What Dublin -- means and seventies and eighties and -- that Henry -- admitted -- market that does it nine -- to -- all but it it allows you to be fresh in August. And we're still. To be yourself. You to be yourself. The play Jordan well let's I don't federal -- nearly two enemies are exactly TDs and wildlife politely I don't know I don't know why don't -- -- an -- out of the game like what -- As a guy -- seven Allred and how familiar you are 275 -- And so you take amphetamines that you can get to 75 hitter in the dog days. Steroids to every partner you become a three hitter. Punch and -- you become a slugger. -- and it is different but I agree with that have -- there are reports complete different my mind but where where an HGH error right now. -- so was that we have to get -- give Peterson back on the field. Think that was -- is good. He's he's fine he's clean and the -- that that's what's -- and I hear Michael -- punish those -- use steroids -- we just punishing those who got caught for using -- -- -- truly -- did because -- -- believed that. There's guys in the hall of fame that are clear there's guys that are coming up that are not attached to something but used it -- -- you wanna punish people who've been caught. The guys who did use a number costs -- That's why you gotta make a fine line in this year either. You either come to the conclusion. That because there's enough evidence and I -- bonds and Clemens is enough evidence to even though they never failed a Major League Baseball drug test. You'd have to make a decision. Since there's enough evidence. That they're out completely or you come to the conclusion that which is gonna pick the best players. From that error with a cloud hanging over remember what you want your little imaginary asterisk which everybody loves. That they played with the associated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of the argument that -- the time I've used those arguments that's the with a -- area argument and -- the whole -- before. Game of shadows before. Using steroids. Sports. Particularly baseball. Is the only arena where we used that argument that it's okay for example. Let's get a Pulitzer Prize winner. Who becomes a plagiarized. When he won the Pulitzer Prize before the plagiarism anybody wanna marry and it was a great before it got disbarred. He was a great doctor before this series of malpractice suit. We say that about any other profession except for baseball and we think it's okay why do about it. -- we're gonna talk about it the rest of the afternoon again if you missed it not knowing what -- I got one elected to the hall of fame by the BB WA eight. For the first time since 96 with the overall. Craig Biggio gets the highest vote. 39 Charlotte 68%. -- guy Curt Schilling 38. Point 8% will mark thanks a lot -- it around joy my doctorate down. Our opener provision bars open -- take a quick break we're gonna get your reaction to it next week. The phone lines at 6177797937. Look at the lines we talked in the next.

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