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Texans @ Patriots: There's little doubt the Patriots are the better team

Jan 9, 2013|

Michael and Glenn talk about the upcoming divisional matchup between the Texans and Patriots. It's Michael's contention that overall the Patriots are the better team.

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I expect there to back -- six point 77797937. Let's get a -- of football continue the opening stuff. If you -- try to get into -- -- football the NFC games you said what you you brokerage. Like Atlanta you'll like it. What are like that -- at a darling it's our right darling I'd love Atlanta very much is that -- the love affair together eventually when one of these playoff games right I -- -- home -- ring okay that's for. How much -- -- man or product they got to win one of these don't know when this game and how much anyway here's a little about him now I'm not picking them to go to the Super Bowl. But I am picking them to win this game if you look at. It I know it's cool beaten by. Your season's -- and in the Georgia Dome. This weekend the problem with that -- if you look at it is that they have run into. The hottest team in the playoffs. For three straight year. They were run into teams. That wide open this of do you think Seattle's going to the Super Bowl okay. So they say it's court two points last year against the -- When it happens giants. To Super Bowl they went. Three years ago. One of the greatest performances. I've seen this individual performances I've ever seen an NFL. -- -- Rogers. -- of the falcon was unbelievable. It it may be his best game was so it was good running the ball is good at throwing the ball. It was just efficiency it was mastery of the same thing next week OK -- that's why not pick and when the Super Bowl or go to the purple. So they've -- they ran into the packers' season and and then the first year. Matt Ryan because his rookie year. They lose to cardinals who wound -- going to Super Bowl loss and a great game to the Steelers. I think finally they routed to a team that they can handle the team that is a darling but but certainly not better than they are. They'll beat Seattle and I think you'll wind up losing. At home agreement I everybody's jumping all over CO on the numbers three and a half. I think it's like it I really do I think it's a very very tight game. Because I look at paid the big corners and look at the big DB's. For Seattle that causes problems I think -- that Atlanta. A passing game the one thing that would concern and they got big receivers Chris Obama's injury last probably until they give -- -- Jones -- -- they don't. All but I do believe that the clemens' injury may be a significant one for them suddenly put preserving gonna have to play him an every down. And that may be that's not the way they've used and so for this season and I agree with you I think the Cinderella. You know season finally comes to a close addicts of there re. Tight game I wouldn't be surprised at all if that -- a little bit tight. They have a lot of pressure on if you know they've got to women's -- do you that you're you know you're right they may not have to win the Super Bowl. But they've got to get everybody off their back and they've got to witness game and sometimes you're a little too tight. They call -- Matty ice. Well he better be on ice this week because that's where he's gonna have to like his Seattle can cause you're an awful lot of problems in the church tween we've physical. And thank you. May. When you look at the other game agreement San Francisco is a fascinating and fishing by the with a purchase of candles that issue the turf right to the turf again. We will be looking at a similar situation we got in in Washington but the one thing I think it's significant there is if you look at San Francisco. And defensively. -- the best team in the league but we don't just always -- when Justin Smith got to hurt that's when you finally saw a little bit of an opening there. All -- -- didn't do the same thing at halftime because they'll be here knowing they were great first. What up -- the second -- just who spent and where it was all the -- Not going to be thought they go to Seattle the next week they get blown. It's a great defense getting blown again they weren't able to get to the -- on the -- on the pass. The weakest part of the Green Bay Packers right now is their offense of one Woodson back defensively to start to shore up their their game and they have not put a real good defense this year but their offensive line -- -- Aaron Rodgers has been running for his life and what are on the entire city -- -- that it is a great quarterback. -- -- My guess is that if Justin Smith and he's gonna play apparently we don't know all help these don't. If he can't play at peak efficiency that really takes away a real matchup advantage whatever that is the match against that offense so what -- Advantage but you haven't even mentioned. Cap -- -- vs the Packers defense now as you said Packers defense. It's not necessarily shut down -- -- would -- it makes him a much better -- you're defense -- your first playoff start. Right for Colin -- at home vs very good team though. That that bears watching I think adding the Packers to be -- -- watch out for the Long Island dia and the fact is that I like the Packers is that he's really -- I was at -- -- so there's no object that understood everything has gotten really really really dark. It really dark parents girlfriend. Okay when are taught him that well and I had done that well I like the Packers and acres of sticking with the Packers after. Because I don't wanna be a flip flop artist my -- patriots in the Pakistan -- Super -- from -- one's liking it. I can't play the game but I do like the Packers and obviously. That you brought a great point quarterback not even close cabinet is on a nice job shall forfeit them and then I surprised. -- vs Alan Rogers. -- Alex -- get any playing time that's the worst. When you what he does then -- -- excitement if you declare -- and he he's an effective you go back to Alex Smith and ask him to do what he did in the first game of the season. Something if he comes off to -- his scampered XX instantly Alex leads them to a great win now -- what you how you doing for our. If there -- -- of the 49. There's David he's in Greenland New Hampshire hello David. They were not. Yeah. You know you. Are. You know yeah. AJ can talk credits an opponent does have a trouble yeah you gotta gotta take a soft speakers -- picking out a laundry. And running from the cops does take your time and -- coming after you pick up the phone and then we can not Cuba Patriot Act there ago. Yeah. You know example. And he'd -- -- Being used in villainy is -- is what happened in 07 or actually with a giant. You guys are seeing seeing seeing it than that. Patriots -- -- -- its -- and then you've got them. Long passes to limit gains in other -- a little product is a little bit of both. Why it -- I think a lot about this -- while you're OK you're comparing Houston's. Defense vs John what are just talking out of Newark and result saying yeah. Two simple ball. And then. What happened -- David advocates and advocates. Fine for anybody. To be a little nervous before the playoffs before playoff game regular players are a little bit nervous before games starts because that's just the way it goes but. If you if you get beyond that and you say well the patriots did lose that game you can go back all the patriots playoff games. That they've lost in and draw an example that -- they'll give you pause but if you just look at it beyond the nervousness. You look at the matchups. Then. You should say most of the time OK I've got to go with the better team whether paper to the better team. Oh yeah. Epidemic David you're right I mean we do this every we do this every week with we base it on what we see with the two different -- Trust me if we know exactly what was gonna happen. Anybody who's trying to analyze these games wouldn't be sitting here in a radio show or TV show and doing this would be in Vegas actually make as a series. Well -- at all. It just I don't know it's just the way AM -- a little bit nervous. David you're not normal that you're not alone I know I can't psychic he's in the minority I don't those are people I think most always I think most people -- read this week. I think most people are. On extremely. Optimistic about the scale -- OK here's the debt but I think they should be a little bit shorter term I hear you regarding the different people are optimistic. But this is the lesson learned from -- 2010. Nobody -- So that they're quietly optimistic as well again I don't -- they don't wanna be. Wrong record don't wanna put it put themselves out there and Alia we got it but for the angels. Human nature to think about it look at your not packaging not go back to. Even for a little bit even for couple minutes -- back in that game in December where you watched the Texans. Get blown out at Gillette Stadium. I know I know the patriots have gone back there. I know the Texans have gone back there fans of both teams have gone back their -- now how do you ignore that. I mean it -- if you do that -- you're you're you're probably don't have emotions you're you're you're machine. Issued a game be played -- -- say well I'm just -- totally. A race that from my memory and act like it didn't happen it happened so you don't think this is second bye week for the I don't -- I don't think it's the second bye week no I don't. And our David thank you here's candidate Carly Dan. I NATO and that they might call. Just like they want to look at it again glycol I think the the ravens -- actually I'm glad to Denver and Pete Manning. And the respect it I think means player -- it is definitely agree that he's gonna get down -- again like he itself -- -- -- -- and charged. What would happen economically have games he played in his career. I'm not sure I believe you'd been in the play out eleven times and in seven out of those eleven times in -- a gain of about that. On the other want to duque he beat her in City Hall but I I -- I got out feeling that the ravens in an Arctic air. One other not only ask you this because it really does come down to matchups or whatever. How the ravens beat if you watched the -- you see them play right now. I agree with you that there's been some shaky performances with Peyton Manning in the past in the playoffs but a lot of it has to do with the team that he's. Playing and I look at the ravens right now how they deal. Well -- -- well I don't think that. I think -- -- to going to be able look at the tone from the last game and make some adjustment but I also I would buy. But I also thanked Adam what's gonna happen is I don't think the Denver's played anybody really that strong point. That's another big server Baltimore. And -- -- Baltimore where is was protection that came. It's it's a legitimate point that if you look at Denver right now. You look at their schedule the last ten games or whatever they they are they played what one playoff game or two playoff teams that was it. Didn't get it and begin to get by and like call -- -- To the hall payment steroid thing I have a quick take on and and I honestly believe that I'm pretty much every part is army is -- some kind of a performance enhancing drugs but I like they. Actually seventies and eighties glory. Bomb there was a lot of perception. That. It was detrimental to your development debates ought to be big strong. And and on the patch brother latent in Oakland. -- -- -- -- -- right and and what happened was all the sudden everybody was like OK maybe I can be big strong and still do well in big spots and an -- the same -- Right around that time there was an explosion and salary. Everyone's like okay well. If I can become -- strong quickly -- -- and down. And perform like this American. And I can order now in their focusing on getting paid over the paternity. Knocking out saint. Dramatic difference we can take a salary of 600000 dollars and suddenly bloated up to fifteen million. You're so so so they'll like that Billick you know I may get. Suspended I may not get into the hall -- you know aggregate paid and it's going to be what now what I think it's happening news. The drug dealers -- people that are providing these and enhancing drugs are way ahead of the testing. There's so much out there that they can't test for yet that the play into all of the -- And I think that we not even out at the steroid there I think that the players that got caught are either unlucky -- that's stupid. The current and I think that it's only player out there that still doing something now they have the ability to basically say OK well -- -- the list of banned substances they have a menu up what they can't take a thanks so maybe they take something that our analyst or maybe -- take some kind of masking is like Propecia. That prevents them from getting caught. Again you breed of great points I I agree with. I think that they are ahead of the testing program specially now with the you know testosterone I I think that they can't really be checked. Until all of the number gets above four. Then there are guys if you're professional baseball player you make millions of dollars you certainly can hire somebody. For a 100000 couple 100000 -- it comes out on this California. And make sure that level stays in the threes and you still is well above where where it normally should. I -- McLemore appointees. On the deal now as a stand as a baseball -- I don't care. I remember when McGwire it's getting all the while out of Fenway in the 99 outside game I remember when now. Poppy and anywhere I'm hitting home runs in the playoff games. I'm going Clemens struck out when he heard the against the Mariners. Aim toward those -- and air whether or not they were using or suspected that they were just action. Enjoyed the proponents. So as a stand like you know -- get anybody's pocket and ready to audit actually enjoy the performances. There. OK that's where -- and that's the and that's question we were talking about earlier I mean that's you know you're you're somebody who's looking at the entertainment value is that great entertainment value. Sure but -- I think we're all entertained by it but if your entertained by it with the knowledge that. These these guys are taking performance enhancing drugs and I think that's who we depart company here. All right I know I -- your. I don't know I don't know if that's fair either I don't that's fair adding we get to the point. And I heard and John talking earlier John and Kirk and on the morning -- talking earlier about the penalty the penalty for the steroid there so. Because. Some of the innocence. Didn't speak up and cause more of restorer. And John's feeling was that they should be punished it. It's it's almost like we've gone from. -- we're going for twice the punishment OK we don't want the punishment fit the crime. We're going overboard because. We were part of it to. It's people in the media we should've seen more we should've worked harder we should have. We should have dug a little dug a little deeper. And and gotten some inside information. In the players the -- since they should've spoken up so instead of instead of just saying on. If you get caught using steroids or -- cloud of suspicion around you. You'll get to all things were going too far. Nobody gets everybody's doing it deserves due to the hall of fame you feel that way you feel like everybody's doing it. Why I'd be surprised by anything baseball -- how how are you how was anything amazing. If they're off fake. If you think you're afraid you wouldn't. You you wouldn't find anything particularly special in baseball you wouldn't find. Josh Hamilton hitting three home runs in the game or Albert Pujols having a great World Series you wouldn't find that amazing if you stop they're all --

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