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Winter's World: Previewing Patriots-Texans and the 2013 NHL season

Jan 9, 2013|

In his first WEEI podcast, Dennis & Callahan sports anchor Kevin Winter dives into the upcoming AFC divisional playoff game between the Patriots and Texans. Winter's buddy Mike Meltser of SportsRadio 610 in Houston provides insight on the Pats' opponent. Winter also gets into some NHL talk with WEEI.com's DJ Bean, as the two discuss the Bruins' chances at the Cup in 2013.

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News when there's world. Welfare featuring all the things that shoot injuries do you in the world of sports hero on WEEI. Big very first ever audition. -- what Israel podcast. Airline the WEEI let that WEEI dot com our audio on the main page. I have kept it to from the dead it's a gallon in morning shelf. They asked me why not when I joined the company when -- -- WEEI the CD got to -- -- and for the web they -- you can either right. Are you could try to do something different. I don't feel like right. I like to talk Alec talk for a living so what better way to do we have a podcast already on the web we are great producers your WEEI. Have the ability to get a cut stuff from different shell has weathered the NC -- -- at ski on it and -- me out -- reloading. Big show with Glenn and Michael Holley. That podcast were some look at this that there ramble on not with different gassed and that's what we're gonna deal. Very rarely it be a bad booking a week if it's only about may. Sure we're gonna get right into it with guest this week we're talking to get FL. It's likely patriots Texans here are the -- all podcast we're gonna take a look at that later Ronnie or the podcast they weapons all the way to the end. DJ beam from WEEI dot com -- of the rate -- -- hockey writers. -- in this area. He's gonna help us break down block out who won who didn't have to look at the Bruins team because guess what hockey's back I'd love that you love that I hole. Aimed at you making it a little refresher courses -- who way or the NHL. You know Rick Nash is in New York. I forgot my Rangers who won't take a look at that would DJ BI Kelly got. Mike smelter from Matt radio portrait of sixty and eat it seems a long time friend of want factories to -- -- audience begin to gather. Believe I train you at some point to now you up and go to Houston become a big shot Mikey how real. Yes do a lot of really is Chris let me. It's coming at about six hours early which I think a couple of them very fair critique us. You you you loved being early ideal lay in -- by the ESPN radio sports anchored ships that now it happened today. 88 you did well -- but now you're just an ideal like I feel like the big city and I mean literally I've been there once in -- and you've got like four Houston did one. Yes it's very it's a war city it's kind of lost what -- thing that I would come right in the center of the city and it's very. As -- -- right now it's been exclusively to me. Well football city the rockets are -- well the actual not Nancy that this is they horse Houston Texans city know -- I'm Michael it's getting today's game. Why is this going to be different the second time around for the Texans. Or will be. I think it'll be a little bit different topic and the like a lot of people think like most people we have it was with the other when you look back. Four to fourteen mother writes if there are you keep -- -- kind of shift this so what would've been you know normally competitive game it's what lead to fourteen -- You look at its -- both recovered by the patriots -- -- fumble one VM and -- were covered by that award. There were so without the tax act it -- territory in patriots territory yet they were downforce app but it if they were so it's sort of more like to -- I don't know 31. When he gave up 3117. Is that -- and that's where you put yourself in striking distance. But -- Texans this Sunday -- to capitalize on those opportunities if they want you -- it. One of the things might get -- in its funny because he's on now on Tuesday night NFL network had that Monday night Demont. Again it sell like I got a chance to -- watts yell a couple of the corners. And -- what stuck out to me. From -- play calling standpoint one area I think the Texans. Corn -- or could cause problems a lot more than they did the on that first game in week fourteen. If -- and if they get area Foster running. What you gotta run and an area. Why did Texans want to try to pound -- Foster up the middle in the big Vince Wilfork and big Kyle Love that. Didn't have eight year. What was they thinking. It's a great question that I think it's soap -- with dislike it specifically because that's you know capital -- running -- year. So essentially the warning backed himself is gonna take the Albany goes into its not like we not are we gonna create a gap that you're gonna hit that gap. And so I think those might -- the played the kind of what you such -- happened. And -- happened. It in that situation I also I think obviously running Wilfork in law is -- -- opening look at just gave up meat between those guys. Odd but I one thing to keep in market. After that game the fact is that you'd say rookie guard being written books a lot collapsed we would gain. And works is that you are inconsistent newspaper that almost all but ought to be out here for what -- have is a powerful dot. Lately they've used it. The last -- fort -- is the possibility. Of running up against that against Vince Wilfork I think you'll like Kevin -- absorb the ball. A lot that and they did not want and -- -- also what we -- yours you'll get there in oil production with. What are awestruck game and that game the way it's -- attacks succeed in this area has some sort of thinking. Mikey at the Texans score in the red zone. The great question I have no idea if it's it's we -- because I want all the -- was so it is an NFL. And yet flop is the best to -- ball on their -- is sort any opposite category. You would see a lot of top and -- bothered to actually expect to actually go really -- -- offensive team in the red so. -- about I think 75%. To 80%. Of the -- -- look for some reason there's been a precipitous drop off all the collapse mark. Armed I won't say that I think they need to be formed more or less than it was so that they actually are almost four -- that you don't stat. That -- measure. -- -- Passes rolled over the goal line so to speak the text. White people last in the NFL for what ever is -- very very willing to settle for check out in the lead so was I just what they. Think they can do in this game you've got props sevens they. Get up nearly. As many -- as they've been putting up especially in the last three weeks I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's what other teams off all. He's got to make that make those plays in the -- -- -- keep checking out Kevin Walter area also you've got to equip the with the ball into the end. Mike there's no question -- me -- -- and what we take a look at yeah I watched that game the other the game against Cincinnati. You -- the Texans kicked three field goals on shot on Sunday against New England. The -- was not going to have just seven points it will be 21 to nine game set match -- it's great what what are your host made about the under the goal line. Throw it doesn't that speak. Q would -- -- confidence all of -- shot. And the fact that I don't look. He can beat mediocre teams you put him in the game against good teams he's got a wet himself. What was not you know like I can argue against that because now struggle against some of the best teams. India now you'd think that the if it's Ecuador went on Sunday snapshot is going to have to play. The game of his wife you're gonna have to play the kinda game that would you look back to -- we can say whatever happens in the sport and you say. Indeed we were on the world in the second round -- that's the game is going to have to flight. I didn't and that's people and -- -- -- about week we see what is and what I don't know six. No bodily apartment you're ripped off I don't question that stop that's what. Wolf they say they feel about Britney news anybody that we -- right now what awful for all that X sixty we are all that terrible Arab. He admitted into. Well but don't -- -- what's funny is that she would and that never makes you not about the curveball for a lot I don't think these points or world terrible football but here's the thing. You can't play mediocre or below average football and coincidentally went and beat top lady that's app it's only certain things. What's the perception in Houston. About match up. I would say it's. More critical. But it's about all the what the perception is. Actually there are some people who say they shouldn't. Under the contract extension that debate that we want which is it it'll look ridiculous in the sense of -- they have not -- an extension. Whether I would interpret it here to be the starting quarterback next -- that much raping somebody that same boat -- the ravens it would chill wacko what's gonna quarterback. At a certain level. Yes -- older we we -- trap somebody and that's the potential slop off the perception is no match today. Is that who -- that is. It's not what she's not -- -- the numbers in the past Roberts and we are still witnessed that note defense. That was back when we get our act indoors he was a Pro Bowl quarterback he to a lot -- out so he has the ability to air out. I think the same question about weighing in big games played and watched games -- people -- coast to coast they definitely haven't used. Mike what is they'll sell a about a bag. I agree shop these -- we go through let's let me let's go took the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Brady Manning Rodgers right you got those 31 level. -- is probably headline the second level does he keep going in and out of I think that top category. Shop -- all. Kotler the likes of those guys I think shop is in that neck of -- all all the yeah all the fighting. If I had to pick between the two quarterbacks in the state of Texas. I'd take job overall -- -- been reliable way to what makes what age you ready. I think jobs afraid we -- yell I guess equality I can't have a quarterback. But as you said at least sometimes he's not gonna make mistakes he may just not in the -- may not make -- Exactly after I think that were not I was with this game that really. The rest of fraud it's hypothetical even it's got a letter written you've got to live with some. Reckless abandon and I think that you're seeing the same things that we're seeing which is just -- toward big game manager. Aspin is -- the two different better defense -- -- that a -- -- game. But they've still got to make a passing plays down -- which I didn't think -- usually available at the patriots -- This could be -- kept the faith in him to do that though. Not big game manager but let him -- I think actually the -- 2012 not 2013. -- At the state in your quarterback at the absence of people last week or so say yep that's what we've been shot. A -- -- -- we believe that I think with Kubiak if you actually conservative I think he thinks he is a little better but it is. You -- the stick to a certain script. What do I think it Gary Kubiak state that match up. They applauded out of it who -- -- -- golf together toward the fact that it's great that the -- app for you all about all of that is -- The guys that got so the -- I've got app from it might seem so that the guys in Kubiak. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know where I'm at -- is -- -- idle question whether the coldest state. Is buddies Gary -- there's guys. Our -- -- no but nobody no matter what happens on now on some back. No matter what does that dot. Well versed in your cabinet was sixes and you have five if not they end up in the web of nine years -- shot and he still kept Gary Kubiak so that's not an issue. You used to be this soft spoken guy down and ESPN. We're determined or talk Joseph lawless men -- it's from -- Say elect out attacks is to love those I get sick of you worst places in the world relentless. Can -- continued success buddy's great socket -- to catch up against some time. And it paid apps apps -- banks like collapse of the job by what I and that's the -- you -- graduation. Thanks Mike appreciate it well look on the bright side you ready for this part of the new job days. This yeah I signed up the they ask you to do something for the website in I said. Mike -- you gotta be to admit I'm not writing I'd I don't feel like writing -- -- grant and I could write just shocked at it it asked me to stop writing. So I said you know I went. I don't pilots strapped podcasting a widget to sell you should've first guess -- had a applied dead so that's -- -- not bringing you go to the table all of these damn thing. -- -- -- -- you -- I think it's appropriate strategy that it -- all that I'm like. Opposite -- what -- -- good that's what other unpublished. You know yet if -- if you don't wanna write just sucked in the last it'll stop as -- need it hey it worked a volley you on Twitter. Of course you are a hole only what. Mike Meltzer and DSCR Mike melt -- Mike appreciate it but thank you very much. I continued success. Thank you tell Mike Meltzer Sports Radio six that it gives joining us here on winter it'll podcast. And Kevin writes every help we have a -- look at the NFL playoffs. Weak number one directly here for the patriots angle as continual long. Hats Andy Houston Texans round two ball playoffs round two between these two teams coming up on Sunday at 430. Will look back now in the next edition of the podcast about -- next week as well but let me continue along here on the very first ever. Which Israel podcast right it is rambled money at the hell I want to welcoming DJ -- you -- the big bad blog. On WB EI dot com if you don't know what big -- stands for well you're not from around your system and intimated she leads the -- block. DJ we hockey talk about brother I don't. I'd do it pretty there are deathly -- a lot busier the last two days that I had been BA. Hundred well. Yet the -- a 112. During the lockout however I am I. -- imagine. At the start at least it was it like a lockout it's never interesting. -- stadium year deal but lawyers and it -- all that other garbage but if you're sitting there and you'd think maybe there's hope that something good -- done. And -- want to drags in dragon drags you port guys you got you guys get seized more than more than going into -- -- claw. Right yet Qatar Sheikh Hussein and that he would -- -- tactic couple times you Rhode Island in the he'd get the act and also -- Yeah a player Kevin Donald Fehr is. The wildcard all of what all wild card so. You news you gonna what -- that the best deal in order for nearly the last minute. But for some reason a lot of people including myself. All of a habit of getting. They were very cautiously optimistic that whatever means -- that they're being trapped in. Resolution -- neither -- doubt that the case. It's -- -- this week not that big a deal to lose -- words -- exactly what others. On December 6 which broke out December negotiation that would that would that night secured back you know. Are also you know what about -- either -- -- world is that right. -- -- -- but luckily there are. All right let's let's go on that point. It's you know it's widely speculated. It I think it is also widely believed all along pure hockey means. That somebody owners and Jacobs. Leading the charge. They had this in mind. Caught off half -- season. Save some money as the owners of -- receive the ball I know they'll. Don't tell you they're losing money hand over fist with concessions you don't you don't buy that stuff right. Yes and no. Eight state saved it basically that the lockout it's hurt -- a -- -- that is -- Like players especially guys. The -- Yeah four guys despite the shelled or shot or the world right there which I'd give you're right you're Donald your credit. On board was absolutely absolutely onboard with what -- there was UN industrial. So your current as the leader because -- armed guy in that position Obama guys. Who'd never paid a million dollars for my career who's finally bowed to use so. And who knows that I have a limited window to make this sort of money. I'd be saying just get us back on -- I beat you can you repeat of that from anybody. The roadblock goes so. I mean getting back to your question. It's a lot easier for the owners and they -- weights and I think it's there ended up being significant pressure on Gary Bettman to get a deal done. It's bright and I think that. Batman on the label them there -- Double figured out salute all of those blocks and and I I I wrote last week that. After the whole bill -- Thing about the five year contracts that are -- -- -- -- die on running double -- -- get that tattooed on biceps and then in the next round negotiations just -- it's legal. -- -- Old. I don't -- -- -- -- -- got to go off a train of thought here -- -- him but it's podcasts that I guess reloading and guess what you can deduct up to do whatever you want. If I know the NBA Adam silver who is the deputy commissioners set tickled when David Stern's. We're tires coming up next year on needs a -- like when he plays fiftieth anniversary of how -- travelling recently. Is bill -- next in line to take over for Gary Bettman is he did they have the average Augustine. Sheen of progression because it showed today. I grew more screw it would daily that we are back. Writing it it's hard to all of this point but. You'd think that is eventually. That -- Well right its course. And you'd think it based on how you've been accepted throughout the legion. -- certainly note except I think. -- That cup presentation in Vancouver was scared and had ever seen. You'd think that. Is time -- it -- it would run its course in their becoming years. If you didn't believe what you said then there are a whole lot more -- A lot of our line. A lot of negotiations. And a lot of a lot of hypocrisy in. Who goes where you're going to be vineyards but. It's your department -- -- about. Able to the next. I mean it luckily he and tree there right now -- that virtually get to it right. Mean let's let's play let's play some laws by 48 games -- regular season the last thing at once they hear. His credit locked out ten years and now although like. Detailed -- humane. The the track record of the NHL. The track record of Gary Bettman. It's not good when it comes to labor relations eighties brought it he's not here. Yet it is yeah it's a lockout to Gary Locke got. His name is mud on the hockey games -- quite lucky you know he's he's employed by the owners aimed. Somehow -- the owners like -- and I am assuming it's he make some money finds a way to do it looked. After the commissioners vote to -- let's get to the crux of a couple things like -- for react to start moving an actual hockey stuff. And wrote today. -- and let's remember this it's you wrote on Tuesday. I'd Tuesday this week about a 48 team regular season which we know which real was going to be likely. What else do we know that could come down what are the big points about this new CBA did you about the now let's overall. It well -- let me say this minority -- correct you tell me how this works out. You vehicle checked there -- reports Tuesday that he is going to stay in a rush it is that a result of the the amnesty clause that has now been put in place. Not quite yet what what. I mean I didn't I've been at the practiced here against public sub orbital all the global trucks story lightly but it's fascinating you're hearing a lot of reports that. KHL voters are putting a lot of pressure and a lot of big -- in the state of the NHL players try to get them to stay. I can't imagine that this sort of lawsuit that the player that the cage -- would have on -- if anyone actually tries to do that. I like Kovalchuk with a big contract daughter with a double. And let's go there because and that's why I've mentioned about this indices dolphin. And I'm not sure I I think if we're not mistaken those two embassies -- -- as you can do you can use one of your Q coming up this to -- year can't do. You can use them prior to the 2013. 2014. OK sit ups a rest after the 48 game regular seat right there with because that the cap -- -- is. -- the right. Right -- the record company and then he goes down to 64 point three next year. And it coyotes were negotiated and mediate. Probably. Will probably that the players were trying to get the -- good -- anyway. Probably with the idea that the cap is dropping so much that he does all of that you're Jerry Jacobs what the U. -- -- -- for the Bruins right but it -- me to allow teens to get under the cap. Be -- need these -- All of which are all lawyers that go to -- -- and it won't on the warm side. That really connecting your previous question. Both political Quasar. That's certainly been very interesting is this coming off season after this you and your app does Garko has certainly. Is it that the -- The Canadians probably Scott Gomez told macabre way you look at the flyers side. Really really really we don't we don't care about several antibiotics. That they think. If this can do whatever they tell you a lot to establish an amnesty to write about his old -- island -- we care about. But we're going to be looking at. Big contracts. Like these the daily Cole the truck contracts that are gonna get just get back to. Right that's that's one that I mean should the doubles make that decision they can do it and that's the get out of jail free card for a lot and that's -- conducts. Inside -- you to -- Longo which you'd think they should think that they could get and maybe that's hit through the Maple -- but if they can't then. I stick with Cory Schneider. The one going bench right. Yeah out there and and that despite about. So all of that was made in China off that six figure salary cap it's also offering a lot of scenes that make a lot of mistakes is that there was it. You go to FT dot com and look at all their salary that you and it against anyone that even if the Bruins really need the court -- -- about if there ever any doubt. What my what's that website again just so all of our listeners know. Early. Nice. History is if she really uses that DJ -- got to use it right yeah. Eyes that we have 48 game season and now and -- legacy and you've roared on Tuesday about the 48 team's season what it's packed. On the -- yeah. While the other is. Oh yeah yeah a lot of liquidity -- itself a lot of guys like -- he -- -- a lot of guys were at war out of order as it infections here you. Players they're. This week that crap seriously but I mean. Game -- these games we've been you don't that it -- as. As part of these guys have been going -- -- much is he -- during the -- every -- it. Defending capable of playing games and a lot of people it will be the order of you -- -- -- view. But. You're saying let's say -- same thing you'd like whoa what game they're playing in order for that bill and -- football. Organs it's it's just going to be floppy for it up but but that thing about it is that knowledge it's going to be fought in the fall and doubt and that that. These are girl like her report because -- portrait of 48 team's season. Mean it's hard especially when -- against Eastern Conference opponent on yet though I mean if the Bruins start the way to get the last -- and they sort of streak seven now. And -- worst team in the Eastern Conference you'll like the laps -- the net and yet I. You know last year. On the 1 November I wrote. Well it is rather it was to be able to get out of -- looking back -- -- 100 summit. What because it -- in the two month -- -- it -- in the Eastern Conference. But that it that it really helpful. Get out of there -- -- -- -- -- -- Eastern Conference in the group that helped see the Rangers. Of course but overall it's a battery Park City -- -- -- so. It's going to be ultimate battle. -- a lot all. Process. He talked to Cam Neely. I know he did speak. It's not speaking at a Boston Herald as well you in on the conversation. You know released this statement. Recently -- Yeah Steven. Steven Harris at the the Boston Herald caught up with them it. As eight K went through this in the first birdie in regulation 199485. Ferret was done -- and Dennis and -- Well which by the way you can check out on the audio on the main page WBI dot com. Am I he makes it needs yet not the bottom falls ranked. These 48 teams. What's gonna be the biggest. It let's go this route -- says goaltending. No question. No adventure bots. Your goalie better be uneasy game at the start. Do you agree with battered do you think something else. Me. May determine. How good of good or bad starts to get off to. Well I think ultimately the big part of it and specifically for the Bruins but that -- one. Obviously. History. -- and yet it's been great street last year it up about four out. Month off and then not play -- as well. Going from playing -- -- -- maybe a little less of the gains. To not only about majority of the game. But plate and -- -- conduct our time. So to grab him get after people on -- -- that it can be healthy in the guy who feel for because. Good -- to go one year deal with the Bruins this year for -- money very doubtful he's in the starter. And being you know outside the public number. You know you're -- don't carry no lights later. -- -- -- -- I mean. Are you and being is that a goalie is if there is a former first if we bought a lot in the but he. It was not inconceivable that he could put together a monster season in a or even about that -- well. He played over the republic but he's going to be able to date with the news -- in the then again it he would be able to put up big numbers. You entered the senate given all the lists all the obstacles. We ever gonna see Tim Thomas and ornament phrase that is the NHL. Ever going to see Tim Thomas again. What are the world. Is he going to post on FaceBook. Maybe a local affiliate that as it is supported now where. It's dark. About what you -- What you heard from artists they've done that and that -- and -- -- -- the question yesterday looking you know what I tried to call the number. Global global he changed his number. -- -- -- It and I say that DJ you know image of -- on the shelve it and check this out. We have yet you solicited the and I know you listen to the interview but for our news you know -- download that -- cash grab interviewers well. It's towards the end where DNC bring up. Thomas in a digit. I've heard players gave short answers when it reported -- they don't last question -- are paying days to be a no -- dirty look. -- is on the phone we can't -- dirty look. But I know there was a dirty look come -- because they're not edit DNC. Or are you ever gonna -- Thomas yep it was him again. Andy if it's. Oh what what I did this -- It's unbelievable it's it it was the best kept secret in the world -- So that's nice guy at every very very friendly. Enough not to say that people is not political -- aren't -- currently. But. It was a -- -- -- yet it's much else. -- and -- and priorities were so far different it would book a beautiful they both are taught me. The start of the other one of the weather with the priority. Will be able -- that job well. But yeah. No other elements from our. I I don't I don't avoid each and what's more surprising. The fact that this happened. Giving. How what she worked for. War knowing what we don't now. The playoff run in 2011. Is more surprised which what is it. I I would. You know what I would say the first one group but it's a wonderful story that -- Of a guy who was -- -- You know what that story in itself. As well and gain in the foreign. You know and I. So. Forward with. You have clarity. It what the rules since on this in life -- one option was was proving people wrong and so it would be a fool out of it. -- you put up. But. You're never seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet -- already got an all White House and then all of a sudden and aides and allies the kid says in the YouTube video and boom goes the dynamite. If in doubt where remarkable it all went down over number offer. He got up about it would not only. What sort of losses. I guess they were you'll yellows were you one of those who asked that question. Well I was I was wanted to I was in -- -- but not -- -- hosted some of vote. But -- like computer in the. Are well I -- -- and sort of any of them -- a quote. But this situation. What it was like an inside not somebody -- -- calling people. We're told not there it's so confusing it and got ninety. In -- off loading dock apps and that was probably the -- in the at all in this horrible horrible. Things. So. -- Of course but I want to ask you about vote opposite something like well to democratize. About it and I said do you think it. He made pay attention these things we need to become a distraction because he'd been an upcoming news stories yes indeed said no because it's it's personal. And it was like a lot pointing back -- All you need finger. So it's not personal but probably it's for everybody right -- a lot that was started to develop -- in a I get that practice. Like that that was but he walked out on. Not really -- Don't get enough -- out before. -- stories city and the way he is -- -- DJ so we got the ultimate situation. -- will start. To appease the man. It's on who'd all been good old and whichever one he's deciding to go this year what. Ordered in heavily jacket which tells of that is over but if -- that what does it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't you forgot. What's -- it seemed look like. I asked seriously. At times I ever got Rick Nash is now or New York ranger. Right it's -- side. Rob Bradford suggest that it was still a little close. -- To get a power rankings because probably a lot of and forgot what these scenes look like these -- look like which got not like an ideal together in it's what you like a million hours because I forgot. Well these. World these players -- and what these teams look like the break. I can be changed right. Right that the Bruins are essentially saying -- -- go to the left wing on Irvine expect Jordan Iran to. Deployed there in place of right Ralston. Or better -- -- -- who was ever there. In which at the very points of last season was brought -- a little while dog crap. The rights. Carotid dealing with. Some sort of minor injury in Providence right now so will be ready to go and where did you get back but. That's really the only difference upfront on the Blue Line and obviously did not cut it -- -- who is going to be a fantastic player on the we'll be dominant this year probably not easy -- -- I think so I think it's. And you got it right right yeah yeah it is a world without. I mean Saudi courts are. But it's certainly and that you would be otherwise. Are out yeah -- And that's not that's not -- -- -- that considered the first defensive play such a nation but you can do that. -- report. It was a terrible Stephen Harper. Again it's not -- and the effort was really into it HL career. Was you know it's it is doing fine. So. The good short doses some of the -- some of the young kids are good shore are short doses you get a prospect like -- Well let him play which I'll let him get a -- Letterman now let him get 48 games under his belt at least on other 48 games can be good for him especially. What about our young guys will -- benefit. The 48. -- innocently. He didn't develop any bad habits over Switzerland should be able -- -- huge numbers but -- About subliminal but I think forward -- -- that require. That because that is that because of their how much you'd they have. Yeah yeah well I think it's. What ever happened is able to stop artillery and then go see what gamespot for. Those that have been well. Give me your top five Rangers penguins Bruins. Hi this is just the east Rangers penguins and Bruins. -- ago. -- -- Yeah odds are what I alleged normal list it's a little of the K you put the kinks that -- I'd put it is. Four and there. Where on hallways that defendant who is the stud defenseman was a Weber. Yeah where he wind up. -- is -- Nashville who also oh who was on the move. -- about it they'd better at this the fun part what you Tyre have a conversation. That hockey fans at yell at the floors on opening night -- going to be happy. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- the wild thought it would be partners dads don't yes. Yeah. City. I think they're. Well -- not quite there yet who also on the move. I'm you guys -- now is national up there. Quote rather lose and are they lose too much. I'd I'd have been. In -- -- -- But -- -- I would like like I -- -- have -- -- it is because regarded disaster. -- side to protect your property. Indian business I didn't like is the do you are. -- -- -- -- But yeah it's going to be an interest. Rate. Again I mean I I've I've liked. I as much as I'm a Bruins -- Elsa have liked Philadelphia Flyers. -- Let's just say I have an interest in that given that they grew up -- the Bellingham Franklin area. On and I know fork as well thank yet he doesn't -- he needs to figure out -- out. Iran but the is there. Their goaltending situation is a disaster. If they ever got one found one developed one -- on the one whatever -- And not yelled get the guy who's -- it always wondered about the stars and nimble in the planet that credit risk -- -- -- That's it seemed that -- do you sit at the top like the Rangers. Of the division every year right now that because they hit the Rangers sit atop the division. -- and does that -- -- the way I look at it is. The -- darn acquisition was. Disasters because not only before like. Wired never have a the bulk of the that was a Bible and with that early in the the -- -- into reading in nine years is -- four billion dollars it would not but it really always about goaltender. Now -- a -- into a ballot bowl and yes I use right you'll be able to get rid of which is not amnesty -- -- -- It's it's available it's as present. The flyers so. So let's say we got that where where where Gephardt agrees doll off -- -- on. -- actually people going to cut on -- listened to eject. That other we get our -- for the first one. Euro. -- -- No but as but it is what exactly if we did set the Barlow there's nowhere to go but up to date there are I hate I get what -- Twitter widget Twitter handle case everyone wants to ride to get all the underscore. DJ underscore being checked out the -- big. Blog all I'm WEEI dot com more of all the information in the podcast course going to be up on the audio on demand page. On actually on where they -- -- but it but it's got to be up there somewhere DJ thanks probable talked a couple weeks into the season knows that. -- -- Did they take Iran abides DJ beat Mike Meltzer fraud Sports Radio sixty and -- Houston as we take a look at. At patriots checked in stock up on -- -- get some export thirty. I DNC show Monday immortal the patriots Monday -- list hombre he's got to be what those. TJ beam from WEEI dot com. Help us break down the NHL lockout and they'll look ahead of the Bruins upcoming 2000 and I guess it's rated really just 2013 season now we can. Cancel the 2012 part of the opening to the State Capitol like everybody thank you for Jordan -- the first ever which original -- -- Got a better name -- I'll pick options -- beyond Twitter. Kevin. WTI dot com always check out your buddy want to main page we will be back. Next -- by everybody. Okay.

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