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Troy Aikman, NFL Analyst, on the playoffs and Tom Brady

Jan 9, 2013|

Aikman joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, the Patriots Texans game, and the RGIII injury.

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When I joining us on the AT&T hotline the hall of Famer former cowboys quarterback team on fox at Joseph Bucky Troy Aikman. They -- like Lou here Boston power you. -- don't we're doing well I'll look at that the Aikman efficiency ratings at the end of the year patriots where your top team did they stay that way. Going it's the playoffs and and what are the Aikman efficiency ratings. They they do stay that way the the efficiency ratings -- some writing that I came up with many years ago and and the reason was is when I was playing we were a team that ran the ball more than most season and the 49ers for instance -- a team that threw the ball lot Steve young and so they invariably would always leave the league in total offense and you know I thought that we were part of some really good offenses well but we were never going to have a chance to beat the number one offense in football because we just didn't throw the ball enough -- all based on. On total yards and so. I thought that I always felt that there was something wrong with that that you know most yardage didn't necessarily mean best offense and so I came up with this rating. System that takes into consideration the things that I think are important being a good offense or good defense and that is. Scoring points converting on third down protecting the football minimizing -- You know those types of things and came up with a formula then determines who the best scenes in those areas are. And the patriots as you can -- you mean they've been they've been awfully good head on offense defensively they give up yards they don't rank very high defensively. But they do create a lot of takeaways and do some things that are inherent in winning football games and that's why the patriots -- want to get back in post season. You know I'm sure you all buyers have a guy like Emmitt Smith. You're you're -- entire career for the most part it is and people took a look at the NFL announcing its deep passes league entries still feel running game still part of success especially in the post season. I do to a point. You know I was a partisan teams that ran the ball well matter several teams we threw the ball exceptionally well on those teams as well that. I was part of some teams that ran the ball well did not throw the ball particularly well and those teams -- -- -- -- -- and so. You know I think it's a lot of coach speak for the most part we're gonna run the ball stopped Iran and you know not turn the ball over and it just seems to get passed down. You know from generation to generation that. You know the teams for the most part now that are winning games or winning games because they're making plays in the passing game. Creating big plays and scored points I'm not minimizing the importance of running the football team we have this week the 49ers. They remind me a lot of the scenes that I was a part of in the way the football champion played. You know in the early and mid ninety's but it has changed and the teams that score a lot of points -- seem to create big plays and typically that comes from two home football. Like your teams those cowboys 9294 and 53 and four years patriots became the last team next team. To do that are you surprised at all Troy that after doing that. We're now 678 years later in some cases and they are still competitive for Super Bowls after that three and four your strike. I'm not surprised for two reasons one is Tom Brady's still a quarterback and I think you'll probably be. You know saying different things about what you just said when he retires. And then secondly Bill Belichick is still their head coach and there's a lot to be set for that you know. I I think in my own situation Jimmie Johnson you know he left after five years after we won back to back Super Bowls and you know had he of been a career coach and just say I don't -- I don't wanna move to the keys and Florida. One on a football coach I think that you know even though is proud as I am of what we accomplish what I accomplished. You know I think that my career would look far different and so I think that Tom Brady. A great player. And and he's you know obviously had so much to do with the success. While Bill Belichick benefit by having you I think that Tom Brady benefit. By having a guy who is just 100% committed to being a football coach and there's some stability within that organization. You'll be -- what Tom Brady here even even people that love Tom -- to look at maybe some. Post season performances and -- quarterbacks in general and an appreciable maybe. Too much credit too much blame because the defense this side of the football has been different for him throughout his entire career. Dad you know I mean really a -- in different. For those teams I mean Dave. They've had obviously a lot of different players junior quarterback who's been playing as long as he has you're gonna see a lot of players come and go and they've but they've always seemed. Kind of redefine themselves especially on the offensive side of the ball and yeah I couldn't be more impressed are more respectful for what Tom Brady would you know what he represents as a player and and how he represented league but also. The kind of career. That he has had. He's a terrific players we know. But he's a wonderful individual and in this league is gonna lose a lot whenever that time comes and I think he's talking about. You know -- another five years but he's been fun to watch and some others like it you know Peyton Manning certainly. But yep Peyton Manning is one of the all time greats in the general pleasure of mine to get a chance to watch a moment. Here do you think his game has changed at all these last couple years -- he's gotten a little bit older. You know I don't know it has changed all that much him and I think he's always. He's always thrown with great accuracy coming squarely from when he took over at the beginning. Which is only natural -- you tend. Feel a little bit more conservative as to what you're doing offensively that was a team that ran the ball more try to take a little bit of the pressure off of him. And then when he gets. And then he takes on more responsibility and then of course when they went to the Super Bowl and lost the giants -- first time around in the you know fifty touchdowns where he's thrown for. You know so they've they've done a lot of different ways he's done a lot of different ways. But I still think he's the great players that that I've been watching throughout his entire career I think as you get older. You know you start to lose a little bit in terms of mobility. But no I don't see drop off and Tom whatsoever. We look at some of these quarterbacks he -- had a lot of success in the post season a particular guy. I'm just curious your thoughts on Matt grind of this week kind of -- added pressure to pressure time of the year added conversation discussion about his past in the post season. How does that affect his play you think coming here this weekend. Well he's had a great year and there's no question that that team has as well and I think that Matt recognizes that. You know it doesn't really matter how great your during the regular season it that your really define your legacy established by what you do when you get into the postseason and and that's it seemed that. You know for our organization that had not even had back to back winning seasons prior to him getting there. Now the pressure is can they win a playoff game with -- the quarterback in the of course Mike -- -- the head coach and there's a lot of pressure that comes with that and it's about to begin. This week or it has begun this week and certainly will be amp up from the going to the game. On Sunday afternoon I do think the Seattle Seahawks come in looser. -- the falcons will be because they've now won a playoff game and I've always felt that once you get through the wild card round the team that has won a playoff game. Does come into the game a little bit more relaxed. But I think it's a different falcons team from the one that I've seen in previous years you know I like the way. That they play throughout the year of the way to finish the season they seem to have a little bit more of an edge to on. They certainly know that this isn't good enough and I think that they'll play that way comes Sunday afternoon. We're talking a hall of Famer Troy Aikman he joins us through it gets a four. The NFL divisional playoff round this weekend you mention the quarterback it's Seattle may lack Russell Wilson -- says rookie. Back out of what they rookie toilets again Billy for 510 years right now. It and I've I've met him for the first time on Saturday last week before game men and you would not think he's a rookie when you meet him either he carries himself very well is very mature for you know how young years isn't. Except from the time that they drafted him from the very first day that he arrived there at the facility carried himself like you would want your quarterback to carry himself like he was leader of the team and he's played exceptionally well his story is pretty unique relative to the other. Rookie quarterback and that you know nobody would have ever even -- that he would've been the starter in week one I mean. It was a bold move by the organization and really put their egos aside. And not going what Matt Flynn they've paid a lot of money in the off season and you know and traffic in the third round and yet he's able to win the job and they let him keep his job and start in the opener. And he's gone on to their percent so. It's a great story it's a good team there that are there well coached as well Pete Carroll spent a great job defensively they're not gonna give up a lot of points. I expect even let you -- Seattle Seahawks were three and five on the road during the regular season obviously a different team and they are when they play at home. All those games were close and it's hard to imagine. The game against the falcons not coming down the war. -- four days following that game there on Saturday RG three. They chanted the right thing by leaving him in their. Why are about right or wrong I think with the benefit of hindsight it's -- do well you'd like to have got him out of the game put. You know the only point that I make with regards to all that is -- was not his first game back this was his third game back and you know there's a lot of people like yourself there's a lot of people on national radio on national television and have a platform to talk about. Whether or not Robert Griffin should have been playing and I don't call for two and a half weeks anyone's saying that he should have been playing in those games there. That it should have been playing in that game and the -- and look any different. In the Seattle game that he did the week before against cal -- who did not run the ball well didn't throw the ball very well in that game either -- Morse was -- reason they beat the cowboys. At least from an offensive standpoint. And he's in the game because he had been planned prior to that they had a -- so. Had they have gotten behind earlier than they did I think Mike Shanahan probably would've come to the realization that. -- this guy does not give us the best chance to win but when you have a lead like they did and he's telling you want to go out and play. Then I don't take issue of what Mike Shanahan did it's it's not his responsibilities. Not trained he can go to medical school to determine whether or not. RG three was at further risk medically by plane in that game. I you this MVP of Super Bowl and in 1992. Who was the MVP this past regular season Troy. Yeah I don't know I think it's I think it's got to go both those guys thank you Adrian Peterson Peyton Manning both conservative and that's not. It's not unprecedented to have co MVPs we saw a few years ago with LaDainian Tomlinson and drew robberies and I don't have a vote but if I had a vote I would have a hard time defensive. Decided. Between those two performances there's really some other guys that deserve to be in the conversation. Aaron Rodgers any other year he's an MVP again and Calvin Johnson I mean he's. So -- he broke -- record this year that many thought would never be broken and so so great performances this season. I I I'm hopeful that it goes to both Adrian Peterson and -- -- -- -- -- Well patriots have a home game this week a lot of people ask themselves. Best way to get tickets destroyed -- you've got the benefits of this the NFL ticket exchange. By folks over Ticketmaster. Yeah you know I've -- those people that are wanted to attend the game and they wanna buy tickets through the secondary market they're really the the only place they can be look at that is the NFL ticket exchange in the and the reason for that is as. There's a lot of fraudulent tickets out there you've really don't know for certain. That you get in the real bill won't know until you arrive at the stadium and all the way to know that you are purchasing the real ticket. Is to go through the only leagues approved resell marketplace and that's true NFL ticket exchange and the way to go about that is you can go to nfl.com slash ticket exchange to purchase the tickets -- -- -- -- -- right there on the computer. Pretty simple stuff and have peace of mind and on that you're spending your hard earned dollars on someone's gonna get in the gate. Troy good take look fourteen in the broadcast this weekend into the playoffs will talkies and thank god Troy -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible it's a very. Very high praise for Tom Brady and that's that's one of the guys he just heard from the in the league quarterback club. That's not a dummy like -- and a good Brady was by many of the that I was that just the initial reaction talk -- is I'm but she appreciates. Brady and to a lesser extent and that for same except Manning. What those guys have done -- got played quarterback at a pretty high level three don't Super Bowls. Guys gushan -- that's not some band that the guys in that club while they were. Gush over -- these guys know the elite ones. Really ones I think over -- shall -- when he holed -- in demanding what does that mean the end of Manhattan Eli man patent and grudges. And he embraced. Your real only ones out there. I'll take quick break come back we'll talk to all went enacted are all your phone call 6177797937. Text the show. At 37937. Tom. Next hour.

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