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Vance in Houston: Texans will win Sunday against the Patriots

Jan 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk to a Houston caller named Vance who says the Texans are coming to make some noise and will win this Sunday.

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-- we go to Houston Vance is there would not located at. The -- are you. -- -- As well club and it's gotten older -- assumed that that we will be built in Arabic in -- that -- lumbering prop. The position to play against. I later learned well currently the Texans is is an art in great. OK. But he'll be in the house I agree. He given you that when the game. There -- no -- it would it would think. -- Would think the Manila Monday -- with that. -- -- it really is nobody did happen I let that happen. -- -- -- Don't tell me why and why you think gonna come in. And win this game. What -- over the -- and made -- to play -- but we have everybody back helping. Me out sick and gave back helping. I mean it didn't -- you know okay gamely unit I don't have several black. Probably get a -- the first hole OK game for him is Leo a sack or -- something to get anything in the act in incomes actually. Well I don't -- don't courtesy visit. Did you feel like you speak for most Houston fans I I don't wanna put this pressure on you because you're right it is the playoffs so they can win. But do you feel like these speak for most Houston fans as their confidence. About this game for the Texans fan base. Almost bit. All of the it and it -- Why would they be company advance they'd just embarrassed. While they -- to listen I believe you know a year coughing your team always. But I would think Houston -- that's -- I -- Houston Chronicle did a who's gonna win the football game down there in Houston it was like 62%. Patriots 38% taxes. In Houston. -- -- No actually not soccer writers that's that's that's no reward will advance that's not that's the fans there's the fans voting without writers. They apparently -- Failed the people believing this thing. You should believing your demons I grew to 100% you should believe and come in. But to say that they're overly confident I don't necessarily agree with that. Well ultimately we we have company has. It's you're going to be different game. It. It's good stuff appreciated. On it's gotten older -- assume that that we will be built and direct it -- of -- lumbering prop. No. New move to hoping that a correct. It is the playoffs and they will be in a building. The most of the rest of ago it's the playoffs. While at the US the very fair question. What position he -- dance. Just went up they get a call you're from a -- Texans are such a dank URO -- What is on the team what position do you. Really you went there on somebody here bitch. Our guy calls in from Houston all fired up by the -- Steve ticklish shot at me and that Konami game steeply -- -- -- -- Why why why isn't legal have been -- would going to be in the building. That maybe did play for them all guys nervous Kelley's work right here at the the phone's going off the background. -- find work -- Wednesday TPS reports. Try to call later dropped solid that the boss when he called those guys can blow peace in my mind is a bit nervous -- -- nervous first time you do any radio or TV. Yeah you're playing -- in league at the whole what position. Opposition to play -- -- -- -- -- He did he played American. It didn't that's warlords don't just -- -- literally in the NF I want to let guys know that we're going to be in the building. We're gonna win to -- in the nets coming call up and give me reasons why. And that's all started pushing along a little bit -- -- -- 781. Believe an extra don't pick as the Archuleta and jackets and pants that they Dexter and a lot of help -- -- listening online at WE got to -- now. Lot of people asking nickel back Monday and I'll take that -- a win or lose I'll make -- it's the first call Monday morning at ten at ten to one and I will get him out of the gate at 10 o'clock win or lose if he wants to be tackle first call back a lot of Texas wanted to be an -- called back.

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