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Tom Curran, CSNNE, on Pats Texans

Jan 9, 2013|

Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the latest at Gillette Stadium and discusses the Arian Foster twitter avatar.

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-- -- -- But. And you know why are not agree point seven WEEI your phone calls up until 2 o'clock only Joseph 617779770. Techsters -- on the eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Joining us. As he always does at this time AT&T hotline and did Tommy -- he's brought to you by Tom and Wes -- here doctor doctor Robert Leonard. Call one -- object IG direct quote out of out of Bill Belichick very proud he's today. I come down here a lot to ask a question could it be persistent digest asked questions that seem kinda obvious. But that was all of us want to bet that measures up to my favorite all -- Bill Belichick quote from 2001 -- not. He eventually said about the sum of the parts for the patriots the strength of the wall the in the past and I thought that that was. Really telling quote that seat and let -- just as big as -- so you get good when he wants stability -- -- Kelly added he wasn't sure he wanted to use it or not. C was a good -- more interest in that to me is is your response via the social media vehicle Twitter. To Dan Shaughnessy column and you and your mind your favor my favorite one is the Shaughnessy could name five Texans -- patriots in response to. Somebody over the last couple of days to take offense to dance condi seemed fired up but that Tommy. So let me get this straight -- fuel more intercepted by who. Or at least something in almost sixty something -- Arguing on Twitter than whoever the football game. I just wanna get that point out of the way first does it used to be responsive and more -- stick by that and Belichick -- yes. That not in a game itself was quotes yes. That's where we are as. What does it you don't understand country can take that he's doing that for years. -- he's a big boy that let me ask you certainly important -- You know. -- long time quote subscriber welcome current site. Do you agree with the assessment that this is the a second bye week for the -- in the patriots. The second by a week would be a stretch but. I suppose you're writing for a fact. Then you could use that phrase it's your writing realistically could say the titans to these Texans are a little bit overmatched. And have been nothing to indicate that there are any better than they were. The data patriots took yet another chunk I mean they're. There shell in the 1111. Yeah we talked to Jerome Solomon from Houston earlier who spent a couple years -- talent the globe. And he still thinks the Texans are a better team top to bottom I think down the stretch in the game -- Cincinnati can argue that. 111 it's a long time ago and that offensively especially Tom this team has some issues in on this team as a quarterback with some issues right now. I think that. At that point every position that we mean you can say defense the secondary of the extent that Mike. My decent period for the patriots. Put the quarterback is it -- position so you said the Tom Brady's the match up that doesn't help for. You know a check mark Beck host the six separate check mark because that's almost more important is JQ what the best defender on the field. Probably but not by -- over the will -- could -- their offensive awaited JJ watt. Really can't because Tom Brady gets the ball out quicker JJ watt is a tremendous player he could -- the player of the year. In anybody who doesn't thanks so they can but it's not a good match for defense cleared the elect JJ watt. Are trying to ruin the game because previously. Indicated what would you compare all look. Michael Strahan in the ray lewis' in the Christian it is and you name them who over the last thirteen years so. You know there might be positions. At which the Texans have mortality although I would. Be able to probably go down there inside -- Well that's our newborn not but I just think overall and not as good as he knows. Many of the NFL right now. Now just dance comes into the season right they get all the slew of tight ends and you're forgetting -- -- run up big huge tide and said maybe three tied and certain. Now what I'm guessing that gronkowski who Barbie health and it was a couple weeks back. That the biggest change I think offensively is and he kind of gets his toys back meeting go back to what sort of things he wanted to do we see a difference in that offensively for the patriots. Yeah I think that's huge difference because of what Murkowski brings that is the guy's particular Wes Welker. When the patriots -- a position where they needed. To get. We will get more difficult teens who were seeing a lot of Fernandez and a lot of wealth upwards of twenty targets per game to those -- Well it against him for Cisco really revealed himself says. What it was closer to being on the same page with. We're operating but I still think we'll all the weapon back in the yeah. Back in the quiver from Brady you would have. Hernandez gronkowski Welker and that was so mad at somebody to the patriots. Arsenal they didn't have last time and I think the -- -- he makes Welker better more than makes Hernandez -- defense they don't. And basically make the running game that much better you do as a blocker as long as that arm healed well enough. To make them relevant here. If somebody injuries making teams better I think that obviously debtor in to leave their town a quarterback as important Tom but those guys being healthy. -- according to place safety is there anything in your mind read the tea leaves that. Leads to believe they would not play in -- in to leave on Sunday. Not -- dressed but didn't play two weeks ago we believe that -- place. -- it's been available in the locker room and talk to a little bit yesterday. So that's an indication that he's not under. Under reps of any kind so I think that you can expect to see a full complement of players came back practice -- at least yesterday it was just a trip to he's got out there. Today so they're full attendance included rubber craft out here so they need to go at least got back he's available. Pinnacle sports are about how -- to -- it changes things up there and -- -- discussion. Offensively I don't think that they -- I think that's what they do best disease establish aryan Foster play action defense than he could see some changes as far as pressure on. On Tom Brady how does this team -- up what are you see them doing differently. Because of -- I think that they just have to deal Britney to be adept. And quick thinking that's interesting thing will they wanna get equal sponsored formations and exchanges. And try and do things. Different when they couldn't even get matched up. -- someplace on the patriots went to their. You know super simple if I don't think that that's the toughest thing to that. It they have a week to prepare for the most typical -- cents. Honestly the multiple that's an NFL history. Not -- at the greater the of course but most of all the -- goes into the can do. A European couldn't line up for weeks ago. And -- they wanna do something different they're gonna have to make it more complicated for themselves. They're really a tough spot when you consider all the dynamics these students and do that except you that the record occurred in the market. It's it's a great point because their strength you know is is out there weakness might be the patriots strength in terms of what they wanna do they wanna blitz somebody guys and and they sent. Tom Moore pass rusher is a five or more more than -- in the league -- and fifteen touchdowns and no picks against that defense this year and Wade Phillips say what you want. It's eight he's gonna do -- -- meant to make it said this to us Monday he's gonna blitz he's gonna send guys and now what formation of their and they sent five or more. Brady's gonna likely pair them up. And that's so now that they know that they will understated so decides to do that in the patriot Lamotte. -- -- -- Back up what they get -- can -- Google apple bring the same damn thing because they can change a -- now we've built into the -- can't wait till it's. Does that a lot of success against the ability or would there be lethal to the defense coordinator or head coach. Whether it was it San Diego whether it was in. Buffalo different games. When Belichick -- Cleveland and and Wade Phillips. Publicly head coach into a coordinator they've faced possible link. And Wade Phillips has a winning record. As the defense coordinator head coaching and Bill Belichick. What it was except when they are great coach. So I think if you look at. The fact that she's not going to be thought the -- Belichick he's just gonna say look we will do it it's gonna do a better equipped agrees with me and felt. At -- I've heard your thoughts on Jack Del Rio -- put 25 cents in the the current carousel on Gary Kubiak and we think about him. As a head coach in the National Football League. I think he could I think he would technicians at all I don't think that he is changeable and maybe we need more Information Minister. What you will do but if she -- that you built that team around or running death of late. By NFL standards over the last three years letting that. So you have to do you know I think that they need trying to export eagle at the end of a little bit more this week but I -- and Gary Kubiak couldn't build the game around. -- -- And hope that that sharp -- we useful whatever panic stricken. -- is descended into -- right now. I mean it Flacco are sharing -- brain do they can beat Iliescu championship Capote computed yet because they are the same person. In that other game on Saturday you get the ravens any shot to go to Denver pull the upset. Yes I do just because. The art in the political emotions not counter to Houston does and they are team that. Has coveted the chance to go back and play the -- in the with them at home embarrassed them at home. About a month ago so I I -- give them a chance because I think they have. The experience it -- really doesn't. In the playoffs and I still think there are players on the Denver. Offense that are prone to mistakes that team is completely. Carried. By the quarterback. He is the brain and they had to get to see -- -- they get to see him off his game. Can still be -- used to be done a decade ago eight years ago. I don't I haven't seen that happen to walk. -- -- around here that wouldn't Peyton Manning get rattled. And anxious start to be sacred. And so on Sunday are we gonna break out the our school varsity jacket with that that had yours as well. What we're more report to. This is this last one's gonna come out of left field but in any. In these patriots locker room -- ever come across a -- Bill Belichick. -- no no the white paper. All I want is about 97. Win and I just direct government -- we were in Eagles stadium. Richard you Curtis Martin after -- game to really -- -- whopper with from a week this show. All the sudden around the corner comes -- trust mark Powell over your shoulder -- nothing else on. It is what could or crowd you just keep stride who -- is. Coming true. We will plastered up against the wall strategy here battle it. The reason I ask is because eludes a minute -- at the -- -- thing comes out and and lose argue with me yesterday that. -- what do you mean it's real it's bad for three years another writers ever saw with a shirt off and I as well. Any wrecks and that his shirt off the last Tommy of Belichick's ever walked through sure was where he would see that tattoo on his right arm. Know that -- you know we told you don't know on the -- -- a move on. The actual look forward to a male male with a lot of fun -- On shore. -- laps short Mickey Tom Tommy current. Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible as promised we come back. Richard Sherman likes to talk just a little bit. We have the sound him before he got black -- Redskins player you do not want to miss it that's next.

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