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Jerome Solomon, Houston Chronicle: Texans better team than Patriots

Jan 9, 2013|

Jerome Solomon joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Texans Patriots rematch and which team is better.

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That just about a month ago our friends from ESPN 97 point five rainy here Jerome Solomon writes we used to chronicle also host. Of the rush on ESPN 975 and he joins us on the AT&T hotline -- little pats and Texans. In Boston -- your complaint -- about the road you -- here for a couple of years to room. Didn't see how one bit and that -- and I loved it a lot working miracles. I. I hated the -- -- is that they feel about the weather. The roads are you still is still bitching about the roads and the traffic. Wrote yeah. How old they don't go straight -- and -- -- I mean look at a police troopers. We're trying to we're gonna get -- -- car service then you know unity coming up signal to deal with that that the roads. Like I can get a look at I can figure it out but we'll. You plug something into UG PS CG PS they've what -- you worked out. -- it sounded like for the the highlights we heard from your show live like here in our building that. There was at least a different level of confidence that maybe Houston fans had -- -- you had as analyzing this game. The what patriot fans -- around here what was your biggest take away from that 4214. Throttling the patriots gave the Texans that night. Well firstly Larry that they the other guy he really would suggest seeing that pay him more than need to keep the actual. But -- just. I like barrack Barry the TV guys they're more fans the real immediate people I agree. And -- journalists at all but. By. We'll let the big agency initiated he's been in net and so people I'm not nowhere near Olmert. Before the field trip to Texas were the best team in the league and I thought that would play out of it and she even knew they would played -- For the C championship -- will between the way the game is expecting that it got in trouble. I assume he will be here and let it really shouldn't pay. So -- they can maybe -- -- -- it over the last month but I don't think tank to go the better team. From top to bottom across the board. Now it'll have a better coached and they don't have the best quarterback we've already in the ball park with those two -- though the two most important recently NFL I can protectionist -- editing the what. Happened since since that game because it the -- come in here. And their eleven I want people talking about there were some leaks defensively but they can't find the end zone and just put up decent numbers -- -- find the Enzo. He had shot -- apart completely -- -- -- there at night he looks scared and that was what first he. Giving that kind of a position in the elite. This should not speak to. But he's he's never been in the playoff game never -- -- into the playoffs so you but unusual situation for me and I don't think he handled it very well. Patriotism a couple of terms and brought a couple that you can't key in the coming. It's not a lie and didn't help them out quite -- -- and had a bad guys starting over at right tackle. Cool what inning to lead in the first few weeks of the season he picked him up off the -- to take the place for the guy who injured as well. And -- That really affected -- usually a couple of term -- at the same court Patrick of course you know. Belichick had a league champion quarterback but how could not play well troops can't tell -- that it's it's really been expecting a loop de -- have a tactic. It's funny you bring up the coach and quarterback we started our show today talked about with the bigger and it's for the patriots and coach is a quarterback and -- you see it every game to Rome but I think Gary Kubiak you know coming out and the best way to attack this patriots team is attacked their secondary he went Ron Ron Ron Ron and -- gamely stuck to what. He's comfortable doing call off the the plays on his play -- running the ball early play action. How big an advantage your mind is Brady -- and is Belichick Kubiak and it has he had a good year as coach of the Houston Texans. At that he's beaten the brake coach at all fifteen or so inept sipping ET -- and and and -- it should work when you have the peace shoot that he so I do have a problem with routine forehand a little you know. They won't but all and early are. It'll also was running the ball no one's been able to copy during talks and -- final numbers this forty forty to charge whatever it was. Looked back at the that won't happen again -- like I can guarantee that it broke off runs early in the game it just kind of fell apart late. They shot themselves with that put as much of anything could be technical change that that's immediate people are going to open up. Swing at all around appeal either. That's just way better ideas and so Tony Parker out coach Bill Belichick street. -- who got up outplayed the patriot really eat in there would be in a way she can out coach Belichick it's just. Yes he drove -- I don't predicament offensively change I think that's what they do best and have that just -- you to better but defensively Wade Phillips you know bringing the pressure against Tom Brady. -- a lot of success in five plus best pass rushers and that's -- Houston Texans do does he make the adjustment may be a little bit less aggressive and attacking Brady. Dub -- that if something they definitely have to do that they have to change in these players have talked true. Talk about OK we need to do something so simple and and you can't just man -- a -- got to find reopened god you've got to show a lot of that you looked. An opiate of the better than not you mean property has seen enough of them a little bit. Good of defense is stopping you can eat you can be a bad day and you're getting to a you'll be okay. It was quite yet they got it quite if you try to make up that -- -- people -- -- but they -- -- -- -- and -- every time. And what JJ watt played really strong game that day. But -- can get their cup. I think that's similar a couple of plays -- got to sake. About schedule change being around with a different kind of broke a secret to cut anyway but. You can figure out -- to -- you know the first three trial -- -- -- -- -- -- double shot. I expect them to have to do to get to think and I don't show. Brady and being an intriguing either help me it'd take the Blagojevich got I don't see. We're talking -- drums Solomon ESPN 975 the rush in Houston also Houston Chronicle. Did scare you -- all when Andre Johnson came out called that in general in the biggest game in Texans history just gave me the impression that. You know not recognizing that what this a bigger games here down the road of putting weight too much emphasis on the first game these two teams played. Yeah I I wrote about pattern talked about a hundred times I would I would. Held a lot of -- oddest thing I've heard from him especially. Well in the big game intact and actually think. They had nothing to win there -- mean in terms of a win that game built winning -- you don't get a trophy winning connecting you don't get a hat sort of yet check -- Winning acting you know I mean that they were looking on the table except for work. Some kind of the -- -- respecting everybody likes to play up against so Purdue to make it out to each got -- big game. 888 told me something about a team -- preparations for a weekend and that it played itself out at 98 they show the pigeons too much respected war in. We -- to invest some time orderly in this week's fear and respect. -- like next door neighbors you know and -- they were in there. So until much respect for the patriots this destructive beginning trust what they still like. We played sixty years -- you chats will single you know. Yeah I think that's the difference is -- you appear comparing -- a couple of years back at the jets 453 in the year -- -- in beam in the first round but the jets' division opponent I think. -- more swagger and I'm wondering like psyche wise is Texans team they -- -- motivate themselves and say we didn't play well what can they come in with that. Same sort of I'm not intimidated by you after what we soft a couple months ago a month ago. Get that gutsy accusing thing this team does have a lot of swagger and and a lot of confidence because it talks. And then that church like the jets are so that we. Into -- and it's sweet cheer leading into the game with the -- come back. Right analyst talked at all it's personal between them and Belichick Jim. Marty was saying it's about Brady won't -- won't get cut from the fact. Because they're not gonna say anything but great thing about Brady and Belichick and the patriots it's better but. This team. Believe in themselves and they've they've got it and that's kind of what I capital. Cupid -- -- -- gay guys take a Catholic -- who felt I mean they were and it's played out -- birthday -- what jackets came from little. They were talking about JJ watt real PP EM lawyer talked about what they were going to do. Which -- Pennington broke the Super Bowl coming hoosiers could do all that. Where they got the world to dispute Super Bowl can't beat you should be able to. You can call about what happened after old field advantage are supposed to be kidding me ill children and the first Indian ancient world questions so. They got knocked off track and not not but we to get there are very confident group picking the best team in the league -- and I. I expect them to show up and I like being a little bit better as the -- in December. Now that it did Gary Foster -- I think the ball up a little bit I mean you know it be different -- came from a player or a coach another team but really -- Motivate yourself on my cherry did that he just is a joke from an article from somebody in another market. All they get as far as motivation that you just -- -- game film again don't realize what you did Monday night from national audience that should be enough to motivate you. Yeah more than enough yeah and then a couple of players -- if you don't aryan you military guy that he is he's eager to get a bit. It could be read is that that guy you don't peek speaking live at certain people who if -- -- you know on Twitter. -- you know. Go back and courtly -- over the hump would that -- aren't silly but the -- he -- I don't really have a problem that no a couple of his teammate like whatever is Odom. A mighty you know I have Danieal Manning about you'd like whatever but you know argued. If you really need -- to get riled up -- that we don't think he does he'll be riled up ready to go anyway. That avatar pillow -- if you go to our lunchroom are up forty a couple of touchdowns are gone I'm Betty you know will be it could take a number of Deep Purple I. I don't think that didn't feel that I'm pretty sure. -- -- open locker room that -- -- the way to start talking Bill Hall. Act like it never have been in Charlotte and they're. It but he wrote. It about it I felt like got a big play and did anybody here at least leaky -- and you've got over to like what. Well he said he and being the most people portrayed in a week ago you know I don't think I knew it was funny I -- think it's. That's a -- in the players and a team just turn on NFL network nears the end of the people given the chance let's and we -- it's gonna be a closer game. This can be that -- -- to -- breaks with the patriots way but. And they command in your mind -- you prediction in this game. And went. I really do not wait until I talk to reporters this week to see where they had about a couple guys not -- she's it is fully. I'm pretty sure they'll be all right but you know again it's. If I'm hearing this same old trickle into the last and I'd expect that same result but. -- Clearly it's a close game bad -- saying -- a true then people a little bit closer to. Well general all out well -- I'll let you go -- out circling back because you said out of the gate better coach patriots better quarterback patriots but from top to bottom. The Texans are -- better team what other area the Texans so much better read your mind that they are a better team than the patriots. They have a better run Onyewu. They have the best receiver and are on the field and under adoption and they got the best -- better. And I I think they're more balanced team that they've played well and handle. A lot of situation I've got a better team with the patriots week truce -- that match up well. But did you know there's a picture -- is meeting at 8 o'clock. You know -- What could that actually just depicting the public that there are no great tool in the NFL this year and the Texans are good thing about -- on the board. It's going to be it's gonna be a lot of fun -- -- on its last game of the weekend you gonna -- town for the game. -- will be. Fund Jerome Solomon used to chronicle ESPN 97 to -- the roads the other road this time around fifty degrees. Mild weakened for a -- no snow no bad weather can be perfect. Can -- -- any idea and you can now build bitching about the colts. Thanks Carol appreciate it. -- drove solid joining us up on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds at the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible you better be a lot better. In about seven other areas on your team if you lose the quarterback and the coach battle in this league any admits they do. You gotta be better everywhere else to be concerned the better team top to bottom that's right disagree with them as one again where his -- wasn't there I called them the better team. From the top to the -- get a break come back talked you at 6177797937. Troy Aikman great quarterback to its next hour.

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