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ESPN apologizes for Brent Musburger comments, Katherine Webb reacts

Jan 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to Brent Musburger's comments about Katherine Webb and listen to Miss Alabama's response today on NBC.

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Butler and ID 37 WEE I'll talk Baseball Hall of Fame 11 o'clock Gerald Solomon. Formally the Boston Globe now the Houston Chronicle. Will join us at 1130. -- Working in this radio station. Back in December when the Houston Texans game -- Texans. Went pretty gonna wind may move the ball people -- the pats. Don't like driving around here. In his thoughts on the scheme at 1130 I yesterday afternoon ESPN. Issued an apology. For Brent -- -- their broadcasts of the BCS national championship game. Well we always try to capture interesting story lines the relationship between Auburn grad who was miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback. Certainly met that test set NE SP and spokesman however we apologize. The commentary in this instance went too far. And -- understands that this of course Joey. Was -- -- -- talking about Catherine Webb the gorgeous Catherine Webb on the broadcast Monday night. When your quarterback in Alabama. You see that lovely lady there she does -- -- for a moment with that but she also this Alabama that's AJ McCarron. And right there on the varieties DB owner. That's it is and I'll tell you quarterbacks you -- with a good look at it it's a lot of beautiful world. -- Some things right that -- carry out -- right now and I get the football it's the fact. It. However we apologize that that commentary. In this instance went too far. And -- understands that are you kidding me. Is the same ESP and the puts out. The body magazine every year they have women and athletes naked in the magazine. Same ESP and that was calling Darnell dockets. Tweets. At -- -- web hilarious were docket was. Openly trying to court her. This was so unnecessary by ESPN. It drives me crazy -- PR conscious world that somebody over there thought that rant went too far. We better issue an apology I was 0% offended I don't know anybody who was offended. And it was a guy in -- a woman is hot that's what we do as men you're attractive you're a woman will probably gonna say it. Maybe out loud into a radio microphone right to a TV microphone. All hot gas. Some model she does bottling -- living she's been told this before and got paid for it. No apology necessary Lou this was a joke by ESP. Did this and it was creepy but give me wrong it well or not even that -- My team in the next day we targeted those creepy I don't agree with the apology you don't think it was creepy it was funny it was a cable listened. What made it agreed on the boos and the odds in the wow please cool while on a hot okay. When you're a quarterback in Alabama. You see that lovely lady there she doesn't offer along with the -- but she also this Alabama that's AJ McCarron. And right there on the ride is DB owner. That's it is well I'll tell you quarterbacks you get all the that good looking into the eyes of a lot of beautiful world wow he's rapidly download. Some things right that is a very dumpster and elephant -- up and I get the football -- through the back yard where. -- Regina. I didn't hear that the first time this is that he -- a -- he's just -- -- those creepy but there's only to apologize. You know and the falling too is just. It's funny get a few people. The Jennifer Greer chairwoman of journalism department Alabama -- it reinforced the stereotype of the hot model -- for attached to a quarterback -- In the mail -- of sports that is hard for serious female athletes. It I I don't I don't get it not speaking my language you're saying -- quarterback gets the ladies chicks dig the long ball shot up you virgin for life. -- I mean it's. -- Carter professor journalism Michigan State -- -- extraordinarily inappropriate to focus on individuals looks. Yeah she's miss Alabama. How do you think she does for a living ESP as just a battle all the time focus on looks. Focus -- looks upon the people they hire. The things they focus but the women was last time you shine a unattractive women working with silence -- BN you may want oust him from off beard now. I'm sure Catherine -- this morning on The Today Show Joey was all -- -- about Brett -- -- saying a hot girl out loud is actually hot. I think the media has been really unfair to him I think that us if he would have said something I have belongs a lot of fat. That we are hotter sexier made any derogatory statements like that. I think that would have been a little bit different but the fact that he said that we are beautiful and gorgeous I don't see why any woman wouldn't be flattered by that. You know I don't think is needed honestly. I mean of course I appreciate it but at the same time I don't think that I needed an apology. No she -- think this chick knows how hot she is -- -- ESPN. You're -- Mossberg with this must part of one of the last great treasures we haven't sports broadcasting. The guy drinks he gambles he gambles on the games he calls he talked about gambling on the broadcast. -- what a hot chick in the stands that's what I want out of my play by play guys. Don't tell me down or distant not like John Dennis and don't bail on the players entertained me and must Berger does that don't apologize a lot of every. Game are you kidding me -- stuff doesn't always mean you're you're you're you're fired up it multiple sheriff asked the court also know right after edit the first time why would you. Continually show were over and over and over again I mean if you because you know you reaction clearly if -- instantly. Thought that it was creepy inappropriate. Why would you continue every time they scored a touchdown which had it over and over again and keep showing well we know one lady that's happening. And they would shoulder again. But of course none of it was an issue until they saw the reaction. On Twitter as it blew up. What you see your reaction now he has it feels like -- react. There's no need for apology. I still think it was. Over the topic repeat. Did it offend me by no means. Sure again appears you make a great point they'll like that make their apology on -- ESPN a basic opera that we went too far Brett knows that. It's the producer keeps on the job of -- -- right there's -- producers and he -- back to back there. You knew what kind of reaction you were going to get from the and you. Keep going back to it because. It's like when a show here to digest Aaron it at all logical. -- oh. That's doing it was a blow out game what are we gonna talk about. It's. Like 35 up the air a focus on the -- girlfriend. That's -- gonna do. And -- -- its name to heated up the wrong there. How -- it was creepy I mean it's always showing showing girlfriends in in whatever. It is not appropriate in sports. Why we always do it. You know what we shall Paris Hilton in Urlacher box. Right I'm just say a luxury products. Unless it's. You know situation. You know we watch the Yankees games was the model -- from Friday light the Derek Jeter. Was Dayton their for a law right Dick Kelley show we're shoulder and we need to show our current baseball game know what we do -- because she's famous. They miss Alabama English our. No big deal. No need for apology it's ridiculous Steve disagrees is agrees that the -- that was creepy. It's creepy it if it's bad to -- it was creepy it was an offensive -- creepy. In an apology now. -- burger mention breakfast here real with -- growth that's creepy. That's currencies could -- that contrast to build that creepy -- -- as a man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pittsburgh 73 years young it's almost 73 year old -- at that point to your girl and I can't -- to your experiences you know I can't -- -- seven I did on national TV. On TV -- 73 national team -- games like -- Okay UBC admired Joe -- will Maloney to a baseball game of the week do you put wood in their -- to you when you heard that you watch the game. In the current -- -- and Thomas berg treat each lap that was funny I just the work was it. Creepy I think of as again what. -- -- I didn't find it very you know aidid but I didn't find it creepy out of it a lot of people didn't -- against your whole world did when it first happened if you fall what are. The hash tag creepy is the game so. And you -- that the deal with anyone's. Opinion. -- -- 61777979837. Your phone number text the -- time. The ATP excellent 3790 recently -- to all your phone calls an additional we come back. Baseball Hall of Fame ballots will be the dollars and grab a Regina.

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