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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, says the Jets are a mess

Jan 9, 2013|

Boston Globe NFL writer Greg Bedard weighs in on the Jets' tumultuous offseason. He doesn't think things will get better next year. Bedard also preaches a little bit of caution for this weekend's Patriots game because the Texans left a few big plays on the field the last time around.

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Mid week. Mid show means one thing and one thing only the possible Greg Bedard from Boston Globe joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Greg how aria. You tell me the light at July I'm sure you heard it and everybody's heard it is the December 10. 42 -- attend -- 42 to fourteen on December 10. Has absolutely positively no bearing on what's going to happen Sunday afternoon it shall I -- by I think there was. Significant. Psychological. Damage inflicted on the Texans when they rolled off the bus in the varsity jackets would you say. I would agree that I do think that there. You know obviously there is some carry over because you're playing same team -- the same schemes and whatnot. Com all I think you're on the defections I hang my hat on the the notion that it is true that very. Excuse horribly offensive -- game. And that they can't be any worse -- so it has to be better this time around and they got a few people packed. On all sides of the ball. So yeah I mean you know while it doesn't mean everything. Obviously I came means something. Scenario by which they cannot only. Play a little bit better but somehow pull the upset against the patriots here in New England. All been watching a lot of -- on the past couple days and you know especially you know -- back I watched the first three quarters of the game against the -- -- the Bengals game and you know looked that first time around against the patriots. Meanwhile the score got out of hand. There were placed to be made. Protections mostly in the past game I mean. There were you know half a dozen times when -- Texans running. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- See them for whatever reason I mean you get that want to -- game but I mean that's why isn't he hit a couple of those. If they can find a way to get greedy little bit quicker and you know few bounces go their way yeah you know I think. The patriots have a possible on the hand come -- but look at that the bottom line is this is gonna come down Q. Can match job. Be more than a game manager can Wade Phillips finder find a way to. -- something up if the patriots. That -- confuse Brady at least a little bit and you know neither have shown any inclinations. To -- What's the thing Greg I mean the last four or five times Wade Phillips -- -- the patriots going back I think to Dallas and San Diego even I mean they have torched his team each and every time you know 530 yards forty points I mean it's almost the norm. Yeah and 01 thing that people on it that these sometimes has talked about in -- stops is that. He all he almost always has humongous impact it becomes and to a new place to do what he did last year with the actions and that was perfect. But what people can forget is that when you look at stats in years to when Wade Phillips is in place. They most certainly almost always regret and this is happening mr. may look somewhat but it had to deal with injuries -- sound alike. You know their fourth straight inside linebacker I don't know what it is about Texas teams but the cowboys for the same way losing inside linebackers and well yeah I mean to wade is. -- is good he knows how to coach -- guys I think it is not known as being very. Creative. -- player and we've been -- -- somewhat told you to that. This week when he -- you know they're good at what they do but it is not exactly the most exotic stuff. And that we we've ever seen you -- absolutely true and you know I think that Wade Phillips. You would hope if your taxes and that this week or Gary Kubiak -- -- full of -- -- at each other coaches terms saying like look. We can't just do disable them all money sucked the ball we need to find. Some good wrinkles to throw at these guys were altering your -- -- building right. I don't have a lot of confidence so it's gonna happen but if your taxes -- -- hoping that happens. Greg -- we can all agree that child is not a game changer he's not a difference maker but Arian Foster can be and is it fair to say based on a 21 nothing patriot lead early in the second quarter. That effectively took him out of the game and and sort of rendered -- offense. Virtually useless. I would not say that because the Texans kept. Of running the ball for awhile back pain and repeat you know you open the game -- out of -- what they do that amount in three straight times when you -- of the patriots would. The deal backing off and you know -- front -- stuff like that the patriots you know kept commonly common. But I six yards. In the TI now and in the geniuses like. What was impressive and Nike model that added he would score -- -- have to do it before the patriots mean. They're performance on the defense line. Was outstanding I mean from. Some of the plays have been Wilfork made to what -- lava and Brandon -- -- big problem with the angles that. It while Geno Atkins to deepen tackle has no it is usual tremendous gain on Sunday. She's live Saturday. -- -- Pepco the other defensive tackle just kept you know to show back to you know what the -- -- to do is it due to the patriots do it is. -- will run this you know inside the home. Blocking scheme that run outside and inside but -- they really like to run inside and what you get there's you get a double team. You usually the guard tackle against. The three technique defensive tackle guys who play outside. Of the shoulder of the guard and you know -- I was getting shot back in most average defensive tackles will get -- back for awhile. The patriots do not those guys are unbelievably strong. At the point of attack did not get choked back it among its key in their defense of game and report also went on a Mac game was. Especially Rob Ninkovich. You know he did that. Tremendous work against Dwayne brown -- in all Pro Bowl left tackle. Just engaging a point of attack in making tackles I mean when you get picked -- up front. You are not -- run bomb zone blocking scheme and and and you know no matter what you're trying to do no matter who running back is and if the patriot -- like that again this weekend. You know they're gonna put match shop in long down and distances which -- exactly one. Greg Bedard as best you can tell us what we can expect out of Ninkovich and brought rock actually used both farms in this game. I yeah I mean. You know from. From -- talked legacy you know -- cubic from -- we saw USQ the performance of progress that you know he looked pretty good and you're not sure he's not going to be. A 100% Rob Ninkovich has yet -- them. He's a tremendous kind of you know he's. He he's he's a great athlete in terms of you know he's got great great flexibility some great snapped. In his hips and in this in his legs when he's rushing and playing defense. You open he has all that I doubt he's going to be able it would be quite as effective. -- You know wolf -- -- to see I mean part of me. Almost want to think that the patriots were sandbagging last time now and they told them you know what don't usually lucked -- we just -- -- up -- running. You know. You know in if teams think this is going to be you all the batter but you know protect yourself go up -- run around make some plays. Don't try to do anything too much but you know what becomes popular playoff. You know we're gonna -- I mean I'd like to think that I don't know what's gonna happen but I -- -- that the patriots. You know they need to be a little bit sharper in the passing game. In these -- abusive to see how they come out after the bye and giving a liberty rested I think they'll be much better in this game then and now I'll look at four Q did to see what they bring. From -- Texans perspective. How much will the return of Graham and read -- worn around the first time is that the kind of thing that could be a game changing factor for that her use of. You know you would like to think that they re would be I didn't he against the mangled it's not there -- film you just. You know ordinary matter there. Pretty they're. There ordinary overall. Especially outside linebacker at this point which is the problem -- three. With 314 I mean -- -- bar when all those guys are crude. Effort. You know they'll make impact once in awhile but they're not. You know every down dominating type guys and that's when your running at 34. -- usually a problem. I think figure Graham. Absolutely maybe humongous they're different on the offense last week I mean I'm now Ellis scored nineteen points by. You know I equated to you know look at Owen Daniels as Aaron Hernandez of their offense in gear Graham -- you know their version of gronkowski a mean. He's a much better blocker. He really keyed their run gave much thought he'd eat it his. Tom was a big reason why it ran so well against the Bengals who. He'll have a program very good. Cents and he's -- he's quietly effective. In the past games so I think the Graham definitely makes a difference in their offense I'll read not so much defensible. You -- you mentioned the word exotic earlier this conversation. From a patriots standpoint Greg giving Josh is going to unveil something deep from the bowels of the playbook because it is that time a year the start dusting off some stuff you have used. If I thought doctors in the -- not I think it would be. You know it is what what people out. Forgotten in in myself and it is. Really you know this offense what they wanted to do was they wanted to put to work three tight band out there. And you view the ability depending on how the offense the defense -- issue for personnel. You know to run the ball or pass the ball even more effectively than they have been I mean. You know it. Would rocket and and as you know and -- -- put up spells out there or something like that -- Three tight ends -- running back wide receiver mean. If the if the Texans are gonna play that personnel would say they're you know did their dime -- -- -- in nickel package they played a certain time. Bump in all of a sudden Brady can audible and all the sudden you're in you're of those repetitive and tighten your your run in the ball down -- -- that time. Which is optimal we have not seen that in a while because they have all been on the field together. I also think that it. In your -- just totally separate identity. Even if you -- to -- it and that ability to look between running the ball passing the ball. That is what the offense is predicated on -- we haven't even seen that very much this year so I think that is definitely. But some people look forward to and play up to I don't think they needed against the Texans I think in my whole bit for maybe the Broncos. That if you see any change in the -- I think that's where you see where there's there's more. Floating back and forth between running and passing the ball -- the multiple tight ends in the field. He surprised that. And Rex was sort of the sole survivor of this jets -- Now if I was woody Johnson and in. Person. It is. He died that's what I would have -- matter to -- a few weeks ago saying like you know it this is what judge should do now what I thought they needed to do was. -- -- -- Is -- the guy. In the one what I mean is not for one more year. Like that where it looks like they're heading. The jets are a match I mean they're apt is unreal I mean I've ever about a little bit the -- they work. You know they have eight guys were taking up eighty million of the 120 million dollar -- Next year. The patriots have eighteen guys to take up he. I mean their debt -- screwed up the jets are at this point. So this is not a one year fix this team has not be good next year you practical way over the expectations that this is going to be 67 maybe -- win team. Maybe if -- in the playoffs that way. If they can somehow get something Sanchez. So it'll wreck need to be your guy for three more years if user got one more year all the sit and take those six and ten. Rex is out after year they have another -- -- -- -- -- offensive coordinators in defense coordinators again at all that you practically zero yet. So our stand. What they're doing it this is just one year they make you come out. Maine and new GM gift wrapped a contract extension say this is what we're Dylan we know what it's a problem right now but we have a vision for the future and in this is what is. Speaking of one year fixes of all the openings where do you think. They won your fix or quicker fix than all the others might be used to with Kansas City on a deal. -- epic about a quarterback -- -- you know I don't know where that is I don't think the draft is -- yielded you know we are not gonna see. RG three and locked him. Problem. In Bryant any -- Russell Wilson in this draft at all I don't think so I think is very weak draft for the quarterbacks. Who's going to be out there spores reagents -- -- certainly know Peyton Manning and and yet you're gonna go get Matt Flynn I guess. But I think -- in this city absolutely has the best talent on the roster just you know can you find a way to get a quarterback. A franchise quarterback. To really complete turnaround. Most people were underwhelmed with the naming of grown in awful. Is is he a fix for guys or is this just destined to be another ball faulty and tickets is that's kicked by the -- hatred for another two or three or four years. And I think you know that's a good course and I. He don't he visited New Orleans and did a lot of good work would freeze in the you know so he you know he knows. Offense from everybody you talked to -- reorganizing. These. Definitely head coach type. In all your bills fan I would be a little bit disappointed that they're going. From all appearances the coordinator. Slash cheaper -- and again. Which is it seems like they do every every time -- for coach but. You know -- -- be as we got a elect football a little bit disappointed. In and maybe our -- makes the choices says you know what and maybe in my office consummate -- -- -- could actually think. The spread there and I think the spread offense in the AFC east it can be highly effective. Especially you know that you got to mop up the patriots and I think that's the most effective way to going -- -- go about doing things I mean we've seen -- home many struggles the patriots have had with the bills. A -- the past couple years and I think that has to do with. Sort of a mismatch dramatically and speed wise between the spread offense and Belichick's defense but. You know on the other day that the patriots have Tom Brady bill. If you look at these four games here this weekend Greg would you agree that the road team is far more likely to win in the two NFC games then the two AFC games. Yes I think that's without question I'd those those two -- -- -- teams are terrific match ups and you know right that's worked out for -- I mean you know Seattle who. You know -- fearless I don't like the idea of them going back and forth between East Coast again. And they had a decent regular season now that carried over in the playoffs -- short -- an idol like that all bled. In a look. You know Pete Carroll's -- team on the and Green -- San Francisco -- -- -- tremendous matchup prepping you know I never. Air -- one of those quarterback never underestimate music that you can do anything it's. I think he can I do you think that's an extremely tall challenge. Upfront global lines for the Packers I don't. I just don't know that offensive line -- that the niners and opted to make Rogers effective but McCain I don't think you're going to be able to put. You know -- -- in the AFC. You know I covered the ravens last week and I know they're talking tough and I liked attitude that I saw on their eyes as far as going out there and winning. Mike being is that the -- old slow enough as it is. You know how you're gonna look against. Broncos hurry up offense in altitude. I'm feeling -- -- about eight years old by the end of that game in the -- was going to be running up and now feels so I think it's going to be a tough challenge -- -- -- -- the the visitors to win. They -- quickly before we let you go to dinner and to -- back along according to go back to safety on Sunday. -- -- -- trying to malware that. That that would make them more effective then and now -- Devin got better with every game he's played free safety and look forward to seeing it. He was able still make progress -- -- Quarterback in -- He's Greg Bedard Boston Globe -- them you'll enjoy it Greg thanks for the time into the -- talk the next week. No problem Erik Bedard Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times after the three G. AT&T -- possible.

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