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Former Patriot Ted Johnson tells us why the Pats will win on Sunday

Jan 9, 2013|

Ted Johnson says the Texans need to play as close to perfect as possible to have a shot against the Pats. The former New England linebacker thinks his old team has a substantial advantage at QB because Tom Brady has command of the offense that Matt Schaub can't tough.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan minicamp in four Gerry Callahan joining us on the AT&T. Hotline as we talk more patriot Texans a friend Ted Johnson linebacker for the knowing the -- who's gone to the dark side. In the media business Sports Radio six -- used and good morning TJ how are you. And it fellows I'm doing good student property. Good to talk with you how and why. And Sunday be different for the Texans in Gillette. Good it's great -- the collection on. That the only idyllic setting. Well we can't really have quite honestly is new. Do what they do at the utmost Parker out of level in the sense that they reluctance you know. 2 o'clock OK guys right here last last week -- at -- -- at the ball for 39 minute they look would be all ought to -- the ball control they have to run the ball better. -- -- -- December 10 they ran you know they're in Austria 3040 yards and it got activated on at being more effective let the ball. And you know like. Quite honestly commitment that. Saying that it stayed around here is got to take what the secret he has some in net simmer and game. Match shop at a critical mistake he threw ball -- -- double coverage on the corner kick off what should maybe check down I think you have to be patient with the patriot. The only way you can do that though bella is to make sure -- gotten you know. Score a city that up big yet for -- so then the exit a lot of things happy go. Deploy and for that sector particularly early indicate they're they're essentially they're a lot she got it the same week in week out that it. A establish a running game and complement it with the play action -- should look the clock you know they love those 1015 play drives. He you know play keep away from -- -- offense that cellular. All works -- it certainly didn't bring it out now we know what happened last time that you know picker exploded on so. That's the only chance while at the minute the second pat we're gonna win that. Ted you know as well as side if you were still a member of the patriots you would be compelled to us about the company line -- December 10 has no affect on what's going to happen on Sunday. Psychologically. Though is that really true as a player looking back on your career where the -- beat somebody badly or beaten badly and played them again later in the year didn't have any effect. Up. Look here. It's we relax you sit there on a Monday morning with Belichick -- he would tell outrage. The opposition was even though. You know we can't we all knew that you know bill might be embellished. But there were stopped at about what he's talking to your life. Okay he's right you know me well well walked out of those meetings. Like robot you know you can tell that have been around long enough you can hear what guys are sitting in the in the locker room in the media. That basically we're just record rating what Belichick right exactly a week -- -- is -- here now. But how likely is it. We're we're you know we start but it and so I -- I know it sounds crazy but the patriot and away don't meet let me picked out an art -- guys. They still like you know look who -- You know there. They're way better than esteem but coach Belichick -- the wait is that it the talent -- the knack for getting guys. Really don't and focused and not 1818 were rated no matter what happened. You get the feeling Ted that this Texans team believes they can -- the Foxboro and win this game though this weekend. It at all. They're better you know it -- you know that it -- pain and -- -- communities that he made it you know maybe that maybe for. Almost that the proverbial chip on the shoulder on her dog -- radical line that we all he's used in New England -- not a way to somehow. Will go into a game per seat having a chip on our shoulder the end. LB and so you know being criticize we're the underdog somehow or any other Texans I think. It is -- I'll post Kubiak are kind of go along with -- and any gotten up and political -- don't expect you when -- -- what are. This is -- what -- give them everything we got. It's it would happen -- that. That's probably get approached built a community really have not in the loose they know what happened December still you know what they're hurting here at all. All -- how bad they got beat up so I think it's something that will serve them serve them while. Ted Johnson shot a disappointment to people in Houston. Yet not he's you know it's -- amazing part about fall from grace and the first seven or eight weeks of the season for the second half with like. He's been a different guy I don't know you know they talk about expectations. Here and everybody a lot of people in the in the go to the support beginning to see then that I'm saying well. No it's or you guys you. I'll live up so they expect it law you know you got our role and goal at seven. Seven -- playing Green Bay is smack that they you know a person locked in -- -- a big way out on a big organized gay. And that over there were. Spotted at that you know they act and expect that to that and then they got the beat down in New England I think those army guys. Oh well what -- part of a team that's -- good comment that fox will play out. And then left to rot away in. There's something about Anna patriot here absolutely exposes -- Every single flaw and I think -- would never say it is medically he's been. You know he's product that met all about you know it is -- you -- foursome -- so conservative so great to make a mistake. And it -- They as a defensive former defensive player Ted Johnson what's the one -- two things Brady doesn't mean necessarily physically dial us. That sets him apart from other quarterbacks in this league that has a defensive player scares the hell buddy when you're game planning for. He says -- you know but it does that mean you know there's there's and bring -- as one it is. It's so cool under pressure there and cannot rattled in and it had been knocking down yet but that's formula. Tom every single time at the trying didn't it real it is sold Margaret space -- is and these. Age that he -- I'm under pressure. Enjoy this football IQ is insane I mean. But there are between market operator Matt Scott Mac shop at the ball. In a lot -- in Beckley at. Maybe check from a -- with a pat maybe technical water and that it. I'm -- the goal line. Surveyed the field yet multiple options that he can -- that the effort -- IQ -- the ability to handle things. You know under pressure and it situation is so -- -- most quarterbacks. That's what my consolidators and it opens signaled he looks you Google you know whatever and that are that but what that relations -- apart. Does the return of Graham and read. Played you think a serious factor in this gamers that just is a bigger picture than that. Hell I -- held by. You know. The port screen is that you don't need to figure out a linebacker certainly late in my opinion. And underwhelming accident you know these values -- expected at -- like Peter King you know by the you can have one expects its series that. Eric Schmidt about what -- is great that he will fight back met there and didn't. Hadn't really yeah outside linebacker both him and caught -- ball and quite honestly you've been disappointment for that even really have not been able to any pressure. From the outside the only real. Pressure's been subjected to lock and colonial net so those that have been a disappointment but yeah helped add him back and then. I think one acts you know if we're ought to be looked at all week now I was you know that's -- we'll get the right are left on that bench don't. You know god bless them in the fourth round pick a rookie this year the respect it -- ought to get -- but. You talked operated Brooks and probably the better back up you also -- -- this year so that you bigger more powerful Arab. Physical. You know president and they're like I -- -- bullets start and -- -- and it looks at the -- that backed up goes. Ted what would be a defensive approach that might in some way some former fashion slow down the Hernandez gronkowski tandem. Paul got into that that the that'd be that men and our question and you know it is. The one paying particular look these guys is almost let. Half the time where they would do it wouldn't wouldn't let it would you recall of one -- I've guys. In -- manned up everywhere else was seeing what I'd say he. Eight that's what they do they got it doesn't matter so. They -- time double booking them but good luck how well no no problem on the Texans are the best at that I think quite honestly free to post that read. That is the best way at what Tom Brady and hate me any kind of in the same pain. If you can't use the absolute best and appearing in my whole want the -- changing up a look from -- snap. The post that really help their chances but the fact that all of you that they keep it very simple. In very predictable or whenever you're predictable. Exactly. They treat you -- eat up while I mean that's one thing about you know and how it's about the major. They get better and better as it will on the they have more atypical act as more evidence there's more -- and -- people -- will there be a clear and obvious. They're making plans for what the facts and pretty much you guys who grew at stake on 44% of they're being act cover one it's so ex wife. State meet with NATO and for all work win. Of one of those idea that we'll probably do they had not prepared a linebacker on. If you -- all right did you expect to get very far -- one thing that the the actual hole is a great I didn't. Deeply in the red don't Internet has. The touchdown black on they played in the red zone. The only and it was how little the medical biking walking Arizona's -- out -- -- cold -- popular red zone. You know to make racial last week at complete set so that the team acts the world or idea it's a means no question. -- -- -- -- You know Wade Phillips is regarded as it is it is a pretty good defensive -- -- he's had some success but against the patriots last 45 times out it's been brutal forty points 500 yards. Almost each time out you know why you're gonna be any different some. What is the bank actually aggravate it. I mean there -- you know I looked at play an art in their -- we will Wear coats. You know it is greatly are they saying like it when it built from work three to a reform before played my last -- -- approach in doing it. We got this Super Bowl against Jackson are suited to -- they'll get the Eagles. And we -- -- for all see them -- take a swipe or -- -- their political force react on. And beat him what that ineptly that they don't do that here they don't change what they do that's what makes it so I think that makes so much easier for the patriots. And they pretty much know. -- for most of time their lineup and -- -- band that man what they know. The pictures elbow and that's what -- -- it's like all there all week long the Ali. This week guys is running maybe overdue and and so you know out of a lineup that they haven't changed all these and so I don't see this game. Mean a different. Ted do you suspect this might be a game where Josh McDaniels might unveil a new wrinkle or two we have instinct is it is that time a year. That it means absolutely I mean that -- thing -- outlook in the -- also we had him on the show -- Have you you know I asked them you know they are watching a film from last. You know last game -- like Jack why did have a heart that element you know formal await -- it is also a way to tie. Lots of it is a lap on lap were they feel they used -- -- -- -- yet that they strictly an eight. They may well it will what are they proceed to be a weakness. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 05 some all the way to attack something you were expecting. Of Internet Google I like somebody else you know I probably do -- -- that -- -- that is equal early in the game they wanna feature that wanna highlight. The effects of Barkley probably had practice that though it's going to be a surprise don't. Pay a bit off topic should the eyeball test of convinced Shanahan to get RG three out of their earlier that game. -- that guy I mean here's the thing you know higher on the opinions about that basically it. You know that the problem is -- rebel that position with guys that play the game well our. Well they Garko to actually hear about a will pay you an inch -- -- they all day that I would I wanna -- jeopardy if indeed rarely. -- -- It's so you've seen it yet you would need to do to prepare the I don't understand why would -- the future here are excited by keeping him out there it says that he broad river bank I just honestly. Yeah it does not I look out any audience cents. Well I act argue if he was OK -- -- -- at -- -- -- in. So I can't speak it you know it's unfortunate. -- Here's the problem with football and it is the crux of it I think it looked. -- player don't have guarantee contracts that they were possibly they import -- go to that is the coaches' league you're not a player -- you know it's like. You know Dwight Howard and yet. And then got fired all right you know you you know there's a player out there on the patriot thirty gig or architect art that the oh -- current mindset so they have our. Do whatever they want. And players as you know they say they say. You know they -- -- and -- and they do it so I think it's unfortunate thing that we find out maybe now or a minute now. They -- at the -- potentially more ligament damage so I think of that -- I really do. If on the question how much of a shot -- the ravens have a pulling the upset in Denver or are we destined to see one of the great AFC championship match of supreme Brady and Manning. In two weeks. Yeah basically you know all due respect her. Love the ravens and in my former speaker of the quarter BP's new rule we had on earlier on another show. You know we. Expect that -- you know I think we're at that I think we don't get ready either elegance and weak currency you know pain -- -- They'll play and I think that's gonna -- happened let's repeat it or make -- you know that sure I knew that. And we sit in when the when the ravens. And the -- place it will look awful lot harder for seventeen. You know he may get richer idea that the only -- -- -- -- -- for about -- where you are that it is some debate so. -- coats is still pretty competent. About maybe being able to neutralize eight. Let's face it it was Arctic coordinator for the patriots in 2000 all played. Eight in the cold in the divisional round will record that was critical pretty good you don't -- wanted to -- And we can't let beat up the receivers. You know and -- -- -- to make it certainly could run the ball with a seven man fired at how we did it now. Ever set that game the rule the day so you can't be as physical on receivers sort of neutralizes. Maybe you know what you can do what you're saying but I think absolutely. A -- block of win that game and you know check the bar -- going to be a rematch you know had been earlier that product patent. Good stuff Ted Johnson has always we appreciate your time talked it down the road different. Ted Johnson Dennis Kelly -- on the AT&T hotline at AT&T forgy LTD.

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