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Voting on the MLB Hall of Fame in the steroid era

Jan 8, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are discussing who might make the MLB Hall of Fame tomorrow when inductees are announced. They debate the struggles of trying to vote players from the steroid era in.

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We're back at a planet Mikey show it playmaker Leo joining us now from the metro as villages Boston -- league baseball journal of proud resident of the greater metro west area. But -- that's not discriminating gone out -- practicing my aunt throws. Would notice how would John. This everybody else they Bradford now you know -- Sam Bradford did -- known as middle name is royal. Royalties. As well. We got a text message wanted to ask you this -- -- it right away it will -- financial dealings keep him from being for now all I don't exist not gonna do nothing to do in this case as I -- him as a player but I don't like his politics or what he did here in Rhode Island -- -- -- facts. If you are gonna vote for some because they're Republican and you you Myers relieved Jackie Robinson off the -- he was a Republican did you know that yes. Did you edit -- -- Jackie -- was a Republican. Few people know that OYE. Why they surprise well I guess because. As he's black as night December sent by people Democrats. Prepared. Oh and real time I had it has relevance to most people no matter who you who you are you asked about that may seem real. There's surprised Wazir better running back UCLA era -- Republican who has relatives Jackie Robinson was a great track star. I mean he -- record breaking track as accurate as well yeah the national. That -- get the steroid debate finances how many how many different. You've got a hall of famers that have had financial situation are all sorts of different things. Eight but you can start with don't be original class of hall of famers. You know nevermind putting politics aside who cares about what the politics were in 1930. Whenever they started all of fame thirty but he wasn't or something. -- -- -- first all star game well but the your first original commander in first class to. And there's nobody in the world doesn't think the part cup was the biggest a hole in the history of people. He's a nasty nasty man bad spew mean spirited racist -- a bully. Great play all trumpet player here to draw the line right well that's just -- you know that's what will we talk about Pete Rose you gotta draw the line with OK get gambling problem okay what else. Might as cocky and it and it's maybe who knows he mistreated his wife for what a week ago. It's not the house thanks for quiet voice it's bass -- it's not you know we get enough to worry about with the steroids and look -- everybody's. -- background. And that now this is part of the problem with the Barry Bonds thing is that he -- and Corey any sentiment. From anybody. Definitely unless you're a San Francisco Giants fan who sat out there at McCovey cold every night -- watched some home runs you don't care bunker -- you know he's a jerk. You know it assists self centered you know schmuck. You know he came from you know he -- come from the streets and or you know the backwoods of Alabama might. And clawed his way to the -- he was the son of an established and and pretty well to do. Major League Baseball player but the private schools get access to all the equipment all the practice time he wanted and obviously the body. Of the son of a gifted baseball player that that helped to. And he went from being. 88 really really impressive maybe the best player in all of baseball for ten years to being the most hated guy in baseball. But don't you admire him for not. You know beaten the drums for his candidacy for the hall of fame I mean you're right he's been. You know he's he's soft wherever he is I mean you don't see -- -- a lot of footage of him like you do buses outside Damascus square got an attack -- you know and by the way I guy get to the -- that you know what John and -- people should pick up the news. You know come house looking for about both his autograph that was hit. Ultimately judge Herbert is an -- in a big deal. Exclusive video. And telecasts to Carmelo and that he won the big stars of the game completely under bonobos are. -- I get that on the Q team I'm sure it's gonna break nationally now. A text to -- Steve Nash would ask for is approximately. Let me if you were character in The Wizard of Oz who would you be. Whoever who's the strongest character the strongest I'd be I'd be Judy gallant -- -- when you have the ruby red shoes they Wear their support has quicker when he goes out you know plays like. As though please -- We have -- -- phone lines open for all night long to talk about as you mentioned BF five topics on the -- -- and the one I didn't mention the fifth one wasn't really Al Roker wrote charting. -- -- It was the fifth one and I got to keep we've let this slip to the cracked is that hockey is yes. Finally. -- to the -- of 48 game season. And a job day yeah it would never happen -- And it's it's on the table now and it's gonna happen so great for the fans great for all businesses around the garden yes it is and who's going to be my big question about the issues Bruins really has less to do with anything except the goaltending opening. That's my biggest question mark as a rally what do it is because is to arrest -- going to be is -- going to be good enough Tim Thomas's group. Don't know it's as you ask them to be calm. 7777. And I'm not -- -- -- athletic so like you know I don't know if -- enough you know I was thinking you know if with the policies and and and down arms doesn't come back. Well then he's your go to sixty gains by now is your -- may be for forty games always have is looking for 48 -- -- I'm not standpoint I don't want to start -- -- right yeah he'll have you know eight days I don't know who is back appears you. -- Anton -- open would -- yes OK now I know -- -- -- you know why we study that not knowing if it's going to be season. -- and but I know I think everywhere and I think. On it on paper crazy but that's pretty good team. That's been together that -- need a lot of practice and. Had the most players played over in Europe than any other -- steps -- racial -- I like to go -- person I met him over the Jimmy Fund one day is over their visiting with some kids and he's a really good guy. An important to do well. I'm -- over it was a huge Tim Thomas fan and I don't took over second fiddle to him for a reason now it's on just wonder what took his gut when it comes to be in the the prime time yeah. Loses -- Tim Thomas though I mean. I don't know if the Bruins so. Upset that he's not coming back in the east promises that the Bruins play grounder with the Celtics nets of -- bit of headache at times that had to figure out column but you know what. There's no cup where Tim Thomas news unbelievable that's when that much we know unbelievable that's like Eric -- sir Schilling. Having their best year you know -- big and -- you over yet and it was great number quick before we get to Jim in Brockton chilling in the hall of Famer -- in your mind I didn't vote from this year but it was a tough one. You may get around that. Now I've already voted not you may get around in a few years you know you know that a lot of instinct yet again -- steroids guys have been on the ballot that this year I mean -- -- Like the two big names -- obviously so if you don't Miami allies have said and show. I said it since I got my ballot item and then those like three weeks ago. Vote for Morris bonds and Clemens Barry Bonds. Oh Freddy Keiaho I mean are you sure you sure wasn't my body -- on jacket you can still vote for him. This veterans committee and had you voted for Barry Bonds bonds include -- shall climb did you put aside that you must put aside. All we you judging them based on what they did before the the steroid talk him out or were you taking into consideration. For your entire their entire career. I was on the part of -- I explained this the other night with your line that -- What we need to have access separate partition in Cooperstown. Right because future generations ago and it talked about you know daddy. I hit sixty home -- -- is in a row and now it's seventy tree in his attitude -- and -- will -- -- Not and I'll fame signed they and we got to go another room -- petition and no plaques. No plaques late the you know the collegiate hall of fame it's right you can't write you have an anomaly and enter the hall of fame. Now that rankled some in the same building media but this set aside. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's it. That's in just -- -- tough market that he go when he is a -- is Jim in Brockton thanks rolled on Jim. There are two uncles got good as far as I accept and thus might you have for us the ball. You know you and I I really Maya. You rent a chain of hormonal viewpoint on the the story that you like -- trial all of that I think it's. It came here and poise in the game of baseball. You know I remembered roll up. Scenic C and handle made average temerity you know Mike Schmidt. Eddie Matthews a -- people -- real real baseball players and son. To have the confidence in her room. Told me a role operating here -- -- to break him second while when you face a lot. I really sweet idea I you're Smart guy but warned but the great Jack Marshall real grinder. Battling -- -- why why believe that I'm not mistaken. Was -- thinking differently about. Okay so leading three different teams to World Series victories Detroit throttle and Minnesota I'm pretty sure -- on. On three different world citizens and I totally got -- got what he was he can get Blyleven Polynesia as a guy who could have been on the warrants and a little. Halting just like -- Blyleven and debt -- and thank you very much like European. That's still important for the man. I tell you gonna say it. I'm astute to make up the word for voting for you know if you feel so wrong about when I was there aren't because he was -- year -- year he wasn't spectacular. In any of those -- used he's consistently great great or good lot of innings when -- -- it outright -- -- out let's look let's just have a peak here this. You -- -- -- 120. Was for Detroit so twenty years old twentieth thirteenth at around -- part of -- -- anyone -- 1960s. -- that he was 21 and eight and in 86 meters 216. In 92 with -- 237 for Toronto. Up so he had done if you winner of I -- come -- -- what -- you might not our government's -- a question -- -- if if if he's in Chile should be in as well and here's why you're talking remembers Jack Morris. Are his tremendous up post season averages and we're hopeful. But overall use of three point 80 compared to Schilling's 2.2 three ERA in the post season while seven and four. From Boris. Overall post season again well 74 which was limited to shortly and he never did come close to 3000 strikeouts like currently showing deny he had more wins. You know eventually yells at a whole lot more losses he had forty more losses and -- sort of element I kept my 246. -- yeah. I think the number don't get -- -- I'm sorry to avoid a 54 and 186 I think arsonists total losses like here's what effect kept them has kept him out. You know they've -- -- -- knows -- the bulldogs great pitcher clutch pitcher and I'll let my. Some time Hewlett and that was all I tied his baton and don't vote for. I don't watch a lot of guys he got he stayed in the games late in them there close games occasionally he'd lose 32 that's quite as he was a guy it was a complete game kind of guy you know he does -- -- -- 175. Complete games and you ask -- -- -- manages they were afraid to -- logged in to take the ball is very -- and ask -- Yeah. Yeah really universities like the Orlando -- paid a type of guy who makes it based on a lot of years of production you know not never hit 500 home runs a -- but. He did so well drove a hundred runs and -- a lot of times. Morris' -- guy Morse was not every year when he 23 times. But overall the tomorrow at 254 wins pretty good number while a -- as that and play twenty story is that he McDonald's. That's a good question now because he had he hung on to -- was 44. 43 -- anyway. You know I think he retired eighty threes -- 39 to when he -- he retired he turned forty yet I never blame it got the launch -- ago and it seems hippies and I actually praise him for like well if they're going to be able to stick -- -- make the team -- has in particular he was -- -- to win batting titles and MB. These are now now -- as well as gloves I just throw that out yeah I mean -- I'm talking about. Number hit -- 23 is yet I -- what it -- thousand hits like she got 400 homers and 3000 hits became the first American leaguer ever to do that yet. Then I think you resentment and 400 home runs and some big in this area there now at times you might vote for the odds -- -- not his style his and his visit to achievements are diminished by the people who cheat now also. Everybody that ever play in yeah Jose in Roxbury Hulu. That -- -- I Hosea the how are you. All right. Thank you note and it. I -- heat policy. It -- to say it now. -- -- -- Your turn your radio down for us here in woods and it will brought it up and that goes it is juices. -- -- Yeah you know -- think if you're saying yeah. And get -- -- body -- about it a lot like you're. A guy that is -- believe. I don't know is she's got who bowed his veins that ever I think it would users -- -- -- particular -- or go like that you know Google or not I'm -- back. I see this is the thing which -- right there and I wish I. Hello how are not always trying to figure out because. -- vote time right. Data and baseball when it's that led to what impact on my boat and they do on this guy -- drug JJ watts -- good. Stephon Marbury. I don't know -- -- like you know people look at what NFL it differently that game now wait. Its -- -- right it's not just baseball because if you look at Dwight Howard you'd know that he's probably -- you bet your house on it you look at everybody in the NFL. Certainly they're big guys hockey that have done as well as the players get here after stronger it's every sports. I mean you are tricycle racing a hotly evaluate them you're not. I cannot go out and not by all standards -- Wesley or if I can say just let them play and I'll enjoy him ahead -- They IKEA I know it ankle apparently a lot at Netflix and it. Sort of being that the race cart but I can't because it seemed like the majority of black. You can -- it at eight. You don't need it football but bill would eat eat eat eat it is that Italy would and you hit it is packed. Oh that the day his name he can't be near the -- it look -- look at anything at all. It certainly compete. We need to eat it will now. See you doesn't it is the white -- the one. All fortunate to be eating any. I didn't know what it means that you like. So what you're saying that there's an element of racism in the testing procedures in which sport all of them. Now. Bush okay -- the NFL is 70% black. OK so it if you're eight if you infer racism based on a percentage of people get test Federer or suspended you're gonna have to use that percentages debates. All right IP unity. Right and it -- majority black but even know. When it let it bleed black African American idiot that they -- like at the -- -- at saint. Usually. At the beginning -- the black. At -- built. -- it looked like it was OK. I -- it the but it looked at this week. -- 10 well I tell you what what you -- you're gonna make that accusation Jose in fairness you have to do it with statistics and you have to do with -- particular specific cases. Not just say you know in my in my opinion. They do it this way that way now Richard Sherman. Got got in trouble for at a -- Right now say they always said -- -- all every single -- and he had his case turned over Jose by saying that the testing procedure was bad because the cup that he -- do. Broken he had to put another -- I can't believe night so -- -- -- he's he's free to play in the playoffs because of that technicality. I don't know anybody out there that believes for a second that that's the real reason to test was activities in this -- the -- broke. Seriously guy he had the cup that they had put another cup inside the cup cup broke that's on. That's and -- human urine drug -- say what that's are all good reason to sharpen your Johnson when you go on and says. Alcohol and that baby get off the hook.

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