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Tuesday, January 8th Whiner Line

Jan 8, 2013|

There's no justice like DICK JUSTICE!

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Music music music expressed and expressed. The -- -- stars like AT&T proceed with caution. -- -- discretion is advised. Only Morris and now goes -- Laura you're alive. So why don't want to know for certain someone joking image on your Christmas card list. Just would like to know and it Kevin Garnett will get a Christmas card from you at all this year and now Kevin Garnett will not get a Christmas. For me now I don't know I don't I don't like him WEEI. Who Maureen your lie you know what's what sucks is that. When I was growing up I used to have this poster in my room. -- he's wearing his Jersey. And the truth is you know my rookie year you know I was you know him. Admiration of this guy and it and you know he can't shut me down and you know he's very means you never hear a dial 6177793535. And he's only mean -- the young guys and the euros for some reason why airlines I. I talk a lot of trash out there with. Mean come -- So insensitive handling -- sweet and now on any need guys to play. Where is -- just a lot of there there where's the love WEEI. Ugly too. -- -- I really don't throw that in there. He's just doing and he's cleaning up after -- that's -- -- -- your rookies. Let's average keys wallet is like. I'll let -- the second war. It was my. Oh yeah it might make mistakes. And everything we -- -- -- you stop the -- and actually when is this Hezbollah lost his demise markets obviously you're we actually thought we were -- closed door meeting we that was how. We expect and how we're going out like. Mike. A lot and now you look at it. Technically there. Take a -- and pencils and napkins and then now slated for paper -- you're you're. -- tigers an imposition homeless people make mistakes -- you guys that don't have cars and you have to. That's the best part was we got back to his car that night we Photoshop pictures of you yes you and -- -- a couple of pictures of view when I go back to finally find it that you should all calling all those things that -- many games love Max Max or my favorite all time athletes in history. City. -- -- I really unusual whiner line it's marred by AT&T WEEI labs available to drive the undergraduate Blackberry device. -- you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE speed -- not got I got 810 times faster. And three G and insane everything. Possible. Points. OK I don't have been wrong more than current. Well maybe early after -- -- upgraded. And -- message. -- Guess what I had no. Just make. Let it go in the Alabama. Jacksonville Jaguars game is going to be. And -- What the cheeks would be good again now when. Spain -- and my efforts and I think tow yard you know nickname is. Perhaps there's no way that I saw you whip about that and kind of and well and ask again. And that message as too much talent there too much challenge him. It can add it and that day. -- -- -- -- Well. -- we're. And that message. -- -- I am happy Alabama crew are not forbid I don't care about the -- some. More than a redneck I am. But I'm glad because there are devoted to thought that big not a big fan we his cool. -- -- vocal about not being. Did not play football at his appropriately ahead northern Indiana. Has been the podium are putting bad. Because he drives when you work through these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am very -- fared very fell back a bit more have been organ while improving a little bit abroad. Dollars. She doesn't want competitors to him you know. There choir from the big show was all upset I mean it's -- guys you're -- meet these hopes that the shank. Would poked him in and propel Texas. Really upset or news where I tweeted out that Shaughnessy -- -- patriots to lose -- on those -- He wants all the teams almost as is better for him boy it depends on him the patriots do you lose. Can you imagine the backlash. Is going to be portion on the if you look at most of that match. The couple or to a I think charms about and the word on the -- yes. Let's see it is I don't think he'd be the apple did that Max -- yes their government and media guy in this town. That players generations past now maybe 34 generations of disliked wind and -- -- -- I like to Montserrat and I'll tell him personally like -- -- hasn't sold books it's a Red Sox won you know that -- -- tape was moblog. It's on -- piece of sound. Hardaway probably. What -- that rodent that club than yesterday from Robert. You think you need a Ph.D. to be on the radio when that the. Diet and -- message always -- a -- years ago. Hey I got a message with a weapon and what you've been called yet it came -- Christ what a shock. Didn't already know that your body didn't -- -- in taxes. -- nobody mathematics. And that's exactly. In fact that it -- -- -- -- the other but I am not happy about the ring -- Exhibit. Why education. At this point he can -- America. Got off well. And that's not a -- -- -- -- personally -- a good lives there. But for even funnier your ripping an eleven year yeah. AT&T says grow up get up to an elevator okay well I'll no -- your yard don't grow up. Because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. That they. Act pet detective. And back -- I have a quote and that five. Yeah. That. Actually pull it off that. But yet. Right. Don't -- It's used to Shaughnessy. I think eleven years old is actually -- -- -- go to your generation. Beckett as a Twitter handle letters -- get it keeps personally it was there years from now -- Well the only thing missing from that get you're with somebody queuing up don't stop believing that the -- yes -- the court. Fading -- black. It was amazing action that. It was so different from any of those -- press conference about to hear that. Very inspiring. And now it's currently the that you don't you think the songs that everybody thinks the -- When it comes and things don't admit it. Admit it just don't turn the station would come on I don't sick. So you've had a bad day if I have the -- -- our -- right. I stretched and kind of what all. Roads and goes to -- about it I'll. Taylor Bryant -- there. Our poll question. Will step forward -- its -- Six here. I don't know that it would step forward three steps back again. We will get by -- -- -- You cannot be fixed sizable pedicure. Or its people and that it dictated because. Hopefully that can it. And -- message. You know that little oil didn't see that you know stored somewhere I would like bath. But it was good mom and things like that. Nobody's -- aren't well. That I remind your race I'm not and that message. Well why these people off in the long run. That he is -- that was really wrongly. Independent that they -- Papa. But it it has become a puppet -- -- -- I -- I don't know -- people. And disconnected structural square but they've got some tough places them in New York good Central Square to square things -- Did Carmelo why do you expect and in that period. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Q it's. It must -- call in one line up. Liar in Cheerios the standard and so that is that it's now it's a terrible. -- You want to wash your cereals backside -- for oops I. -- -- -- -- And help me for help them -- and shockingly eminently. Well. -- -- -- gotta run off -- grow up and treasure. Homage shippers and yet the -- -- -- your mouth and eat it wrong you're right his associates. Are. It's and it's -- every kind of somewhat old so what can -- like this. There and then lend themselves ethically. Like Eric -- or Dayton theory. Of thought -- would never pulled them like this. Period. And that message. We do it justice on -- -- predict justice and justice -- justice columnist Houston in August contract. Hey we need to get something we've got a later after a while since I had -- that don't want it -- yourself listen up. And this is a way. A little bit mindful that this week where where Dick just the words about the Texans scared of stock -- -- and you look at it didn't just hold it could collect your. -- -- But it does that can puzzled about -- survey of general hospital and Greg did per cent of the. You know everybody -- the -- and moan about Darren Garnett there's three guys involved in that I'm so glad I'm -- you know I wouldn't trade for the world. Kevin Garnett. -- -- -- And grab mark -- that there are any other game I'd -- they're got you know what I'm so glad they're on my. And at that point -- those of us aren't wouldn't you know what I would make it's -- -- look at important to fight except but substitute marsh on purport. When you -- I mean what do -- say Shawn Thornton. Well I don't part of unavoidable Marshall agitator off and Hussein is a guy you've got to have a guy like that like Shawn Thornton and your team. The fourth line guy. -- up and accept it which you see pets -- little snow. -- It's. -- news. Way to do it. -- -- You encourage him. -- -- Gave me. You know. You know everything -- 00. Yeah. It's. It's. And just met Jimmy what we're endorsing Hillary really thought he had had some great but it Arctic tomorrow's -- -- thing right. Tomorrow is the whole thing right so we were trying to figure out of Roger Clemens could give Oliphant. You can find out clock tomorrow afternoon right -- was Roger clemens' attorney. Rusty rusty Rusty Hardin. Public stand I was big joke that. I don't and it is now but as guys justice build -- the hard again and -- -- -- -- big just ahead. Yeah. To learn things about. Guy the ring got Larry -- people. -- And here. Her neck sweater. Or just the feds want to welcome everybody back to seventy pray about it. Right well. You're right out of pony yeah well are you all -- and always. That night and mine. Peter north I'll tell you jetted to view the guy keeps right on. Well. Hello Anthony this whole thing that the -- Things are true life it would put it must -- And that it. -- -- he's -- more heat the managed just lit up today ultimate Mossberg. Was her respect very -- back. -- -- Tell you quarterbacks you get all the good luck guys a lot of beautiful. Piece AJ do well well. That's not -- her I know I know we -- in politically correct time but did you think anyone most women. Would be opposed to a commentators saying on national TV. And it's a beautiful moment. Wouldn't really -- offensively I don't think there's I think you know sometimes people would think that would be six OK okay but no I wouldn't call feed it -- it. -- ribbon region is still the subject and that will be a woman is the subject of that -- Do you think you know it. Rent a -- to apologize I'm sorry you went on. National TV. And call me beautiful I think that smoking today that could exist yeah how -- Adrian goes out and apologized Michael and all laughed you know what do they do when they're showing video of -- Parents girlfriend while the other I wonder about why should only because she's -- -- and when I caught that one -- on the show here. Other outlets on our bike on about it and it didn't -- -- called. Comic character of aha ha ha ha ha -- column Michelle Obama's. Speech tall. It's all very strong as our accused reaction to -- what does that tell you don't. -- -- Clinton. But. I thought that was passed -- and might well I was. That's a natural reaction behind all your that I brought a towel and walk round. Well no -- -- -- that is that the threat but there is does -- guy aggregate and -- And big. -- All of -- well you know the old -- look at this young kids -- -- and out of the minds of people you know. They have got an advocate and -- wouldn't expect. You know. -- these old Matagorda advocate -- All the time -- portion. One fatal treatment that bad or -- that it. -- Guys wouldn't at all whether he'd beaten guys -- like. Out of control put -- part of it it's great. And if -- cannot see some techsters when he had very good point how different business. From John Dennis day he what the tuxedo brought flowers in for Heidi watney and chocolates the -- -- chart -- how different is that as we are proud -- how is that different because I -- proposal. Hey that's an example. As -- armed with a compliment. The -- -- violinist showed up. Oh boy. Great. I am. I have all of a growing in the bag yeah it's -- you know what all -- You know interpret things so that any number out there if you roll call. -- gave them a little bit but the bulk of the the point what. Is happening. I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- sure I don't like today powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTD's it's up to ten times faster. The story EG AT&T rethink possible -- -- weapons.

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