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Jack Edwards: Our long National Hockey League Nightmare is over!

Jan 8, 2013|

We check in with Jack, who cannot wait for the B's season to open in two weeks. We look at how the Bruins will fare in a 48 game season.

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I'm not sure you don't do it to the streets. And why it's. -- Good news for hockey fans hockey is back. Finally. Bad news for us here in the office as a means that it was will be -- the windows or any of the other worker. Jack joins us live on the phone welcome back to work Jack. Well I would get good at want tonight I am good I can't future. Well I gotta tell I can cook a mean omelet I've been mr. mom in the hot -- and yet the really good. What's your restaurant -- what what did your what your special. The western. Actually it's just achieved solid except again a secret ingredient that a court I can't reveal is that could be the end of my career has outlined console. But the kids. -- That's a victory right there. I finally they come to an agreement I don't know why they could have done this two months ago by Soviet we we move on. And noticing with the Bruins team looks like fact that day and that they'd moves in the off season actually have lost somebody in a goaltender. But they have the same people together twelve of these guys have played overseas. Same coach same system. Is that going to be better for them Jack -- -- and get short season. Well remember where in ninety NFL had its strike and the Joseph Gibbs Redskins had those so called captain's practices almost. Throughout the strike period. And now they came back and they get allocated NATO on the Super Bowl I think you're gonna have. Possibly an analogous situation. With deployments the Rangers ought to be great. Fit sport without health because he ought to be very very accurate. I think Philadelphia is going to be pretty good but the girls are gonna be right there weapons. And took arrest is the waiting for this opportunity is all athletic -- I he's the biggest question mark on the team because they are. Clearly putting a load on his shoulders and saying you know you're going to be the guy got to make the six days of the big times. But you gotta feel that with the stability the system record Julian hasn't plates. The personnel with so many guys still in the slot outlook the climate they're cougars. That it's in the can make another spiritual. Okay you -- took her grass and promises that the last time I'll ask you about this guy this season. Tim Thomas what do you think his future is. Him. It does he have any connection to the Bruins will be playing in the National Hockey League this year. It would -- that Tim Thomas is gonna have a significant problem in the world. If you want to come back to this team he has Burton this game with a five million dollar salary cap it. There's no way out adult check it would salary cap -- are -- are -- -- Today and because there -- 35 and over during which still exists in the new collective bargaining agreement at -- 45 billion dollar cap hit against the Bruins. Even though Thomas is only three billion dollar salary. So. He's he. Why am to be dumped at the deadline for tech or or possibly. A player and it's not going to be a premium tech because. You know the pros don't have any leverage here you know they've got dead weight that they're trying to get rid of but Thomas has created little personal problems though with in the scene. By burdening it came with this five billion dollar cap hit. That's we all know that there when it counts and -- that now that's when he that is very fast so. Where else can post a back it's 49 and forty years old and be a good goalie maybe you're grateful yeah probably but now I would be surprised. If -- you know broken. In a month ago it looked like they were going to be some teams out there that would have to rise up to the war. In the cap and that -- does seem to be the situation right now so. It it it looks like it's going to be a more difficult task in trying to deal so let's talk about Tuukka Rask he's got it over short period of time was seen in the past. Up until at Philadelphia series. That he's been very very good so isn't a short series. Really don't perfect thing for for two -- Could be. Or the other question is that it'll linger until this season is over is -- people bought and physically. To maintain its strength and his physical sharpness. And not the sharpest. Through. The crime of regular seat and even -- 48 games 48 games in a reduced amount of time so -- can get overworked and in -- very compressed period. To stay healthy estate physically and mentally sharp and then to be able to hold up. In a playoff series when the pressure gets greater every single game he clearly wore down in the -- -- history. Yep there was a big injury switched their work great she went down and that Jeff Carter came back from Philadelphia and and that was the turning point of the series. Took it did not ever steal a game in that church so you know that's that's what the rules are gonna need in the -- worker -- while. The question is Kenny you're. Multiple -- I think -- yet he can and that he's been preparing for that his whole career. He's you worked diligently on its strength in hasn't put a lot of -- -- -- gonna find out -- -- local -- A physical specimen and he what juniors. Who won this lockout and did it have to be. -- have to go this long for the winner to get with the winner needed. Well if you accept that the owners are the poll takers and in Olympic in the words somebody better go back to camp get a plea for at times. And you know that's what players are having to pay the full. You could say that the players want. The the important issues. Words to keep integrity came together and keep players from having. Two give up an inordinate amount of the growth in the -- And for the for the players they got a 64 point three million dollar cap in the second year of this collective bargaining agreement. The orders when he and asking for six in the player that point. When that became the central issue -- out for 65 so they got 86% of what they were out in four. That's -- important halfway. If you look at it that way you could say that the players want. You go to say just from gross receipts and and our gross earnings. That that the owners want the people are always going to be a position to win it I'll play that the Trent -- stamped -- post here because the fans who want. Who directly or indirectly put up 3.3 billion dollars of their money because even the corporate. Revenue streams or are based on consumer. -- spending and you know every time somebody spent money for sponsorship they're gonna make it back. True -- advertise products they sell that eventually consumer money and they're targeting the hockey audience you know I think we know that enormous amount of money that the -- gotten up. And no question it's funny about the strength of the football season I think you could argue that all of these other sport seasons or for too long. I think in some of the markets obviously that were that were there were there were challenged markets to begin with they're gonna remain challenged market now that -- -- point. The good hockey markets to be with a 48 game schedule. Are going to be ecstatic about it. Because. We've seen teams get off to great starts in the past them and they fall apart the second half of the season because they get a couple of injuries they lose a goaltender something happens. In this case. Batch that shortened season those little sports that you get for half a season are not deport you with a -- -- in the playoffs and I think for the fans can be great. There are -- they -- -- and Altria fronts you know you've been talking all along about outfitted ought to stick it in Boston and I absolutely agree with you. We're gonna have a five -- reaction. In the National Hockey League I think it's seems in markets where hockey not a big deal. Really gonna have a hard time drawing after the opening week or so one now they have a big splash and paper out. CEO reduce heat in his it's going to be so intense because every game's going to be. Or more than 2% under a receipt and total and keeps up for the don't want seven game losing streak you just can't really remember the start last year with. No no way no way if they if they come out of the gate 37. They're real real serious trouble because. Again not just in a report is that number injured and after climb over in the fewer games you have. Less chance there at your gonna be able to make up excited that the and -- -- for the transit is going to be great it really is going to be great because again it's an -- The kind of intensity that. Our stock don't -- about this is what we're currently 48. 1000 college in 1970. There were seventeen teams only but because the weather that the number of games thirteen to -- it was based on winning percentage and that point. So on that basis you can go from the top four which was all in the first round the right place out of the playoffs. He won the rights and and that kind of thing is gonna happen in this trying to compressed schedule or don't have 48 games. Is there anybody when you look at the Bruins last season is there anybody you said you you thought. I can't wait to see what they do next year because there on the verge of greatness or verge of being a contributor in the lock out. Change the way you thought about them for -- that Doug Hamilton comes to mind or somebody like that a young player he thought was on the verge of taking the next step and you think. May be the lockout -- out may have the slow down their progress. Well Doug Hamilton certainly would benefit from every rep that he could get in the NHL before the playoffs he didn't. Because as we all know -- -- -- adjustments were rookies one is to get used to the the gap control. And the speed. What -- department faces in -- HL. And the other is when you take that next step up to the playoffs where every shift is like oh my god -- -- liked it. So. For only to have 48 games presuming that it does make it -- lot of camping presuming that he state help in they'll get scratched a lot. It's it's going to be a limiting factor for him. So yeah I'll let the bad guy who really really wanted to see all 82 Tyler that because it's right at yet. Signals started scoring dirty greasy goal and we know he's got it from the outside we don't got it from when he beat. Q -- getting goals forty and getting knocked flat on -- states including the tying goal at Washington games what a couple of minutes gone second creates. Once they showed that he was willing to go to -- -- possibly get -- those broken the score a goal or even have a chance to score goal. That's gotta make -- pretty happy is when you're when you're one called leading scorers or not. The futures -- bright. How good is that league in Switzerland where he's from playing in racking up over goal game. First of all it's split on the Olympics -- so there's not a whole lot of competitiveness for the part. Solitude that's a different game the second thing is there's a lot of perimeter possession in European leagues is it looks an awful lot like soccer. Nights. Because of the perimeter possession. -- the decently. It's. It's better than -- HL. It's higher quality players there's more still involved. But it's a whole lot Lorton level of the NHL the -- about the original -- that just every second of the game. It's a battle over the -- and that's what makes this so great. I -- was guys the guys that him playing in the -- shell they'll come back they'll be in great shape the guys that have been playing well -- able to complain juniors. The mightily players they'll be fine because they've been playing. What about the other guys that look like talk show host now that half of what any other skating a little bit -- but they've ever played at all. Oh -- are you worried about those guys. Not that much because if you think about they -- the guys that you're describing its you know what like -- Campbell board right well -- For those three guys around for a -- to sign new contracts and big fight for every -- they are and they know. That they are you know a -- baggage and be -- healthy scratch and being trade bait you know it they try to get a optical player and you know those are guys that that. Are so conscientious about their training and don't want to loose have to step as they age. And they wanna get sharper and better it's something every year. That that would order means that much wider I think they're calling going to be a couple of case you know there's there -- cases keep to chuck. In electoral about a lot locking up people -- Saint Mary's 2030 pounds overweight I'm sure that special ops or -- -- -- -- -- won't let you know what. That's the case. The brought this -- that -- the championship windows open. It's got to strike again all the irons because like they are throughout. But Libyan forces so like hockey for sure yeah. That's kind of what Jack -- apnea that Iraqis back -- happy feel that you back working where wrote. We're excited to have you back here in the studio so we'll see you real soon. Thanks a million great to be Ricky got. I put our -- -- -- detects this -- -- see him on TV -- Milan -- looked at approximately you looked and looked up. Haven't played since Bluetooth hasn't played since the first of the looks pretty good first round of the playoffs which pretty good. I can tell you war which pretty good blood no training camp much heralded in the -- it -- -- and holidays cruises after the holidays and our but he gained a little weight after really haven't noticed -- your. Cedric Maxwell is -- how she was at Madison Square Garden on last night he was set at the Philips Arena over the weekend. He's got the inside scoop on all of this stuff it's coming up next.

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