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Rajon Rondo's Suspension... Justified or another example of inconsistent NBA sanctions? A heated debate.

Jan 8, 2013|

Michael and Glenn go at it while discussing Rajon Rondo's suspension. Sure it was in the rules, but Michael wants to know why the phone call to Rondo (or lack thereof) ever became part of the issue.

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And I and I don't think that's happening any day soon but. This is like he Ortiz in -- call the Rondo thing gets even more mysterious. As we move along Rondo is spoken. Rondo did talk to the NBA office the problem is he didn't like what are you heard from Stu Jackson. And then that a pretty much getting an up or. Tell -- -- the -- in the league basically said what -- -- -- Apparently they were going over his history. -- John A history last activities are still all of the other ball. Well -- can you can Africa -- In -- confirmed. But I've heard. That even Rodney Mott. Didn't think Rondo where his rookie. I would think that's probably -- but they were asking him about it after -- little snitch. Any fairy went to believe. Who went to the officials -- dvd play in dollars dvd of the play he's cute guy and -- -- -- -- A real me so. Even after that I'm bloody through fifteen granite. Well if I light it was it felt in the -- it was like this you don't want they'll. By giving him the following they had to reveal to everybody else where this niche as what he writes in the league knows what Danny Ferry. Week -- but anyway even after that. Rodney not didn't believe. That that round of should be suspended at the problem is that fairy had already exposed it to -- the video. And the rule book the NBA rule book specifically states. That if you ball into an official it's an automatic one game suspension. Cell. -- basically put the -- in a position that if they don't suspend him for. -- -- Arnold get it out here obviously. That that they're treating the Celtics -- little differently now remember the last shoving incident with the official open. -- -- game against what. It -- area. And about it was Atlanta -- and not gonna tell you this and you probably. Notices well. They have a complex in the last doctors about it it dates back to when he was. They don't like nothing like it momentarily they'd like it when they didn't they. Fill up the cash registers down there at the Philips Arena at the end of the night. What they don't like everybody -- everybody during the course of the games shows up wearing court hearing for this. -- you know. It it wasn't always like that because for a wild. Or yeah and you know that you've you've covered this game. The great match between. The duel between Dominique Wilkens and Larry Bird. That team that's so that hawks team Kevin Willis Dominique Wilkins and Doc Rivers. They actually drew pretty well and had an energetic crowd that was in eighty. World Boston crowd of pro other -- -- that team was for the hawks but after that. It has really been in the -- you're. The goal commuters crowd and it's all over the place if the knicks down a lot of people ran for the next yet actually lakers. So if it's that the recent phenomenon not discriminate IE eight struggled when they had those great dominate teams they used to play a bunch of games. The University of New Orleans where that building held him thousand now the Celtics played here one night. A home game for the Atlanta Hawks. In New Orleans. I was in my Larry -- lit them up for sixty yet but a home game let think which is that people don't want you look -- home game for the hearts in New Orleans fungible. With 101000 people. They did they weren't drawing in Atlanta that the prewar Troy I'm like about later on turn -- later when they were 808788. When they were actually pretty good. That there are always strong and it broke -- that it's a terrible terrible sports quite so here's the question we'll throw it up to the people. At 617779793. Cents. What do we think of Rondo. Did get a bad break the official wasn't even going to -- didn't give the team. That I might be a great. Because once again he's showing immaturity -- that he -- the follow up on Stu Jackson that he can't handle most is -- problem and I would say that's. If you're thinking about bringing in maturity issues that we get everything. We can't ever played golf with Rajon Rondo don't to double click it right now if you're gonna put Rondo out there. -- with -- in -- short term answer is no on people and has dropped as the Celtics were able to play great game last night beat a team that's been very hot. Without Rajon Rondo. And you should see. Read some of the stuff come out -- New York to kill and kill Carmelo to embody them before they don't come up before the game. Before the game Carmelo MVP. For the game. Tyson Chandler should be an all star for the game JR -- sixth man of the year for the game Mike Woodson coach of the year on and on they have they've. New York has fallen in love with this team they'll kill -- city to defend this morning but after the fact they were killed on -- deservedly so. Yeah they were all over Carmelo aftershock it's did you stay there -- -- got their shots the game's over you lost its -- is go away and Paul Pierce once again lights up. The knicks at Madison Square Garden but I do believe that in New York today. They're look they're talking about car they'll. -- mature issues very similar they're basically saying. That KG got in is yet and they -- on each other awful lot -- and it -- -- going along for right now so they were out at the KG was on an awful lot that game last night. That KG got into his -- Tell what does it what does it mean for a genre. People upset at other right now are people sit there saying he got a raw deal. I know he's about a gang. Up and you know things. Top notch you know when there's. Listen he's about America escrow before summer is to grow -- team ago pulled his club. Optimism is the next in the -- What is -- It's more than in the heat of the battle with -- you just get in the gadgets and doesn't all the time it's like when you see him. Wrapping up arms -- all the player underneath. And then in the separation. He's. You know pushing or shoving or getting that noble and somebody's face or whatever. It is it's the separation and so we looks like a choir boy. I didn't know what and I'm just trying to get a white in my arms appear. Just get it actually gets in of the players that he does it very effect I don't think he got into well. I -- Albert gotten Carmelo -- last open all I've got heir apparent graduated college in a bus after the law. But I think part of the part of that of frustration for Carmelo I don't know what KG -- -- part of frustration was. The Celtics were up on. The Celtics didn't allow him to have space. He's kept issue guys classic with the ball. Want to -- it. That worries guy's gonna get the ball and took him like Kobe and LeBron and creates open off the dribble and then shoot he's been playing extremely well -- got a great shot. But the Celtics wouldn't let him get the shot he won it last night and so on he was very frustrated there and then when he was -- that we cagey cagey -- in the post. As lot of push in there and well they obviously obviously KG said them a magic word or or series of magic -- is released stuck with them. Word out it's probably being spread by Bob McDonnell who knows what I cardinal -- That he talked about. -- -- Nothing but you're right it's it's kind of like out. It's it's powered vigilance that's what it is right now it's like I play tough guys they. The old days a little -- used to go out actually to the bosses of the entities you know -- announcing he would do something don't have that luxury old school that he'll do some. Crazy really at that game. Any -- any talks but he says the one regret he has. The what he then regret many was dirty play is what he says this is -- really dirty play at the game where he got doc. Doctors yet. He. Doctor -- was was during takeoff from one of his vintage. Dunks. And ML was at the other end of the court. And they got him I was gonna defend him and Mel is bending down. Like he's gonna tie ratio. Of any -- up. And -- kind of somersault that novels. Landed on his head. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean he was mean that's. ML was released it yet or that yet -- I -- -- -- and I don't awful it was it was probably around that that tiger and the doctor -- Was pulling for the team time it was a situation where he went out. The Philadelphia possibly it was European Boston Garden was one of those were like 34 nights later we're playing at Philadelphia. And Philadelphia the Celtics get down there they win the game in Philadelphia they come out to the Boston all the types -- flat. -- This company to -- of the night. To be vicious it's like and I think now this security guards everywhere ample security guards -- -- it's a little bit different -- Idol like last night or highlight of -- at all but you know everybody's iPhone camera working outside the Washington. Allen and Rondo -- I loved us that you know want. As I can hardly wait till the two teams face each that the next time where it's building up rivalry well and rival building up in a building a rival Rick -- has been there I don't know years and hear all that -- sucked -- -- -- -- right -- happening. -- rivalry we don't I wouldn't call the next. I wouldn't call agree you don't think so I think it takes is imminent artillery. I think because it's Boston to New York if that well or don't know her divorce -- but there's not enough featured back and forth. That should change. People. You may have been watching the game last night at the Boston structure going and ideas -- right it. No -- doll that August and that's not not creative but it. -- back before us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When Tommy was coach and -- being. It was when -- as well those guys were -- yeah that Ashley Frazier right Frazier our Condo of course. -- let's don't get me wrong what are what are robbery when that wind. When Max that have been marking the brits didn't score fifty you me and then he went out dated yes of course. The I culturally go to the big show don't remind next to write offs and -- him it really just like and see him imitate an arcane law earlier. Marking a game winner or you learn. It's wearing Rebecca -- -- actors and actress likely. Month spike Spike Lee that's fireman's by what is that police firemen spike. Markets in Boston. On its partners. Marcus. Yeah. -- from -- guard was brought forth a go ahead. Markets around here. Yeah yeah a lot I don't know are -- -- glad arm. I district classic in a classic -- and maturity are -- in -- arm -- was -- speculation or Chris Paul and -- You know your -- and a trade or whatever. And on one and actually sure of that in income LA what I've noticed this year. It's -- out it Knowles speculation national scene that is that Chris Paul. Are almost there would be Blake's I honestly would -- be. There are important are. OK I am an excellent third -- guy. Yeah tomorrow to get into I'm cubs they're gonna make big. -- if you wanna say that you would rather have Chris Paul the -- fair point valid point most people who agree with but if you're gonna compare. -- Chris Paul has taken over the clippers and look how he's done it shore. Competition was Blake Griffin or result Iran over competition in the cup in the last few years marketed and it's not give back to. The last -- the last few years. For Rondo the competition has been Ray Allen hall of Famer. Paul Pierce hall of Famer and Kevin Garnett hall of Famer no comparison. Number oh OK good point but -- hit reed army to this point -- know -- that article not come out the sense that this is likely. -- begin and other things and he let that. Card shall we say that -- report -- handles the offense until they're four. They usually are the leaders of the team I don't listen Russell expert thinks he's the leader -- -- -- you know. To -- that given -- look at right. Now secrets while living being kicked out there a moment of my. Like it at all. But I don't -- report. If your point is that you believe that Chris Paul is a better all around player than Rajon Rondo. I would agree with you I love Rondo was -- I think he's very unique. And I know he's got his -- he's got some immaturity issues there's no doubt about that bloody center he's a terrific player. But if I had my choice of -- workers all been wrong with saying that Rondo play second for Chris. You are out there. -- I want to get and I wanted to say that beyond. You know what they wouldn't expect wanna eat in the kingdom liberal group in a couple balls back -- -- on them. You know going forward and many of them stretched. An airport -- I agree that -- point I think he's gonna have to be guy's gonna play the good guy for like a year a year and half. The kind of shake the reputation. That he is that he -- now but if it's true what he's saying that he actually had a conversation with the league office. And that they started going to history and he simply said you gonna do whatever you wanna do whatever. And then hung up and that's children real immature. Let's -- I'm not sure it should change -- the fine or the suspension. For the action that he took down in Atlanta but did it show it shows it shows that you're gonna have some problems. Don't want full year if you can't do you sometimes you have to sit there. And what your boss tell you. I you did something wrong even though you think maybe you didn't do something wrong right it's his caddie -- the death. That's when he probably should've done. And then just accepted not much we would have got out of it but maybe he -- he certainly would have had a better chance in the way -- Yeah maybe maybe you wanna hear the lecture. But but that's that's a quarter. -- I -- -- and that's something that he's gonna have to deal with that to a three top score on here at -- so with a Rondo. He's gonna have to as a markets just said he's gonna have to. Change the perception. Of him that changed perception and the way people look at Adam don't do that by smiling union and walking away in. Not going up to an official when he really wants to say -- and you really -- he can't do that. Forest for the next year year and a half that's one that's. -- -- I I really always joke about this you know David Stern. Can't wait until this -- his official retirement party on the best part of the problem part of the problem. Is just the way that they do business. If it is bad business lately under under David Stern hand. With the with Stu Jackson who's a yes man and and never will disagree mr. Adams over while ago. Over will challenge star that's his reputation like that but that's that's a good -- -- -- -- But I had to carry a favor let's hold judgment till February 2015. -- thing on albums and but at least argue Richard -- -- say he's the best miserable times and it's a good sign that the guy actually would challenge. David Stern we're very few people will. I'd -- date they have paid. They have a problem with just being. Clear -- and decisive. BS with the NBA I -- what you -- to that your Rondo apparently did if you wanted to if you wanted to spend Rajon Rondo. You can suspend them. Without even talking to. You -- you got -- letter of the law right. If I -- -- the -- -- last note I wrote it clearly it's that -- is a one game automatic one game isn't it general book don't mention. His lack of cooperation is not but don't get into the phone call or article encourage you to because listen. You'd you'd try to see if you can get this guy. Understand that he can't constantly this he's a repeat offender like I got has been suspended four times in the last a year okay. You try to get him to understand and I think that's what they'll listen I OK so if he if he listen it's not suspend. As I told you what you think I don't know because I think IR -- the Danny -- already opened up to -- awards go because he clearly there's a rule in the rule book. But states does an automatic one game suspension for bumping an official did -- a special. We'll see what it tells you in the MBA is willing to. Play a little loose with the rules if you'll play their game. So you're nice to them from Roger on Rondo was nice. To the NBA when they call. They'll ignore the rule what we don't know -- -- but we don't know -- My column which call for will be because they they always call. You'll always have the so called hearing the oil always allow you. Again you're forty viewed your side of death that was about what we're calling it what I think -- -- -- -- him -- his -- up front there was a player as well I. You're given him far too much thought Clinton. -- aren't doing this and Clinton said I'm gonna say that they're too. -- three different things going on here. Rondo needs to be better -- moved on from Rondo getting into. The procedure and the bureaucracy of the NBA. Forget about Rondo. He could have maybe could've handled it differently maybe he needs to be nicer smile more whatever just asked I don't know what it needs to do. But moving on to the way the NBA. He handles these things. There's no consistently. So what you have done in that situation but don't call -- Anyway but that's part of us that he had put it part of the procedure it's not yesterday -- They make up the role that they go along and that's why -- part of the pretty good up but the cardinal the persona other guards cartridge part of the procedure is to communicate with player to get players boarded you. Also get officials point if you if he has -- Yes I did is it okay mr. Jackson you're absolutely right I'm sorry and I apologize to -- it was just an overt act on condoms -- get so excited and you know about the play. You know runs a great official -- got to a great job okay Rondo it probably would give him a fine or nothing Michael. Comes on my note that Marco and Michael he's bumped into. Officials now and throw a basketball at an official. He's a repeat offender -- up until I know what you're out. Well I'm glad that I get out. But I am about Rondo in the committee's. -- on Rondo. I told you got a handle him at -- next paragraph the NBA is very inconsistent. When it comes to handing out of the -- and make it up but that go along your program. You're trying to make the final twelve months of the David Stern -- hell -- want -- got what you try to go. That office -- it's. The playoffs alone is just E. Coli. All it's elements most likely for years lawlessness. Has come in the it's a great guy. Federated security. Fireman's. Jesus common noise of the above spike as he gets emotionally starts screaming and you can hear from there you know -- -- around for you know for sure about it. And but then when the game is over is like you know he wants -- -- -- the start -- the team and -- Routine is that the home team get a -- standing in Paul pieces are screaming -- And we felt we talked a lot about rob Parker over the last few weeks. And rob Parker she remembered which put any thirty day suspension by ESP yeah. And you thought there wasn't enough. Right he thought he should open and I thought he was he was lucky at the very least they didn't one of firemen thought he should have been reassigned. I got you wish part of it he has not been reassigned day claim that his contract. Has expired and they have elected not to renew. Rob Parker's contract he has. -- expire just -- that with expired you know or did they expire his contract that probably in the -- But look at this. He apologized he did the apology he came out so I'm so sorry didn't mean all of that hole for. And then. Once he gets an opportunity to go on television they get the thirty day suspension for that -- -- -- -- twelve days. It was going to be fine. Couldn't help but in his contract -- apparently hit some what are the security after. What happened. -- -- CS today on a Dietrich TV station. Is -- host of issues here over the last -- I don't these people all were. You know people miss understood. Why I'd -- it out of Comtex. That was -- -- -- class rite classic line I think he's always got a billion -- out that. You cannot expect. Doubling it shapes as if it's -- when writers start to use the line riders on -- And other before years ago on us. Wow. So apparently they did not like the fact that what what. -- You'll apologize to the world's that you shouldn't have sent. And I -- keep East Asia to Detroit which is above and beyond the thirty day suspension. Did tell people on the TV show. And governments that whatever. It differently and up next chances from -- for thirty date of contract. By. I work converter box -- out brought. -- if you call. I'm so he's out he's a unemployed problem that's Rudy is right now that's pretty as rob Parker is out. At ESP back to the phone calls Olympics you know. -- -- -- -- -- I'll watch some Kirk thought your daughter caught -- -- I'll have to try to get. Ought to do us the same don't call Michael Gunn gets a little you know like him is an idea that they. It's great you're -- Talk about -- -- ultra crisp all you know what -- land -- you know. -- -- A lot out in the terabyte -- eaten much point. And that we had postseason and I sort out there and -- -- -- we also -- and it symbolic thought that would have been any trade. You know -- now. If you put people aren't you guys doing this perfection like perfection fall apart by. Short you know after you get done too little guys -- wondering eagle there and lit a fire house kitchen. And we saw all the world's problems including sports first and foremost the empire out -- it's unbelievable. I mean and I'm. All the Celtics and try. True and so are the Celtics -- or it can't stand -- when they get they'll tell our school they don't quote I -- they referred me. All. -- and school what's been going well there's definitely. But this -- it is if you know self that. You know has no respect as far as. Don't get caught and it can be listened to coach should be the one spot that he's official. Draw you know -- came across but. We -- be do we go -- -- it himself and patient ultimately. It couldn't -- it hurt the. Well I don't like it was a weird out already out at a I think you're right he does have an attitude I I think. That what makes him such a great player is he truly believes in himself he's very cocky individual he's at that -- What he can edit it it it -- -- that -- usually equate but it's good crap -- it -- you. What sport if they're really good and there's good that they -- somewhat eccentric. -- I don't like I don't think he's a bad kid I really don't like that just the opposite -- he's a real good kid who just says. That age to -- he needs that -- for him apply now if you wanna look at the incident. The the other night to -- that was not a real ball wasn't. If so I think what he did is he now reacts that way and instead of take a phone call from the league office because what happened was. The Atlanta GM turned you win. May have to investigate go through the process right because other teams also parents they will let him and you're giving him an advantage at the next time it happens. An inadvertent ball with some player. Another team's gonna say the exact same thing. When he has that attitude as you said where he can't pocket throw. And instead gets pissed off on the phone should go to what you gonna do you gonna do whatever you gonna -- That's where he gets himself into trouble Michael because I think people look at the said I'm right in this case any hits bright he didn't mean to go and won't -- official. When you have a track record when you party got a three times in the last year and a half two years. I'm sorry you're gonna have to address it with somebody in the league office. Yeah I think they suspended him for. Being a jerk. And they didn't suspend him for bumping the official -- disrespect pocket but that's not. But that's the -- of business. You had their report from Rodney -- had a report he had the snitch Danny Ferry give history. In -- video. So I guess you call Rondo for his take but you should be able to make a decision. Whether Rondo was nice to you in different word jerk. Your decision. Should be the -- based on what you saw not what you heard in this brief conversation with -- run. So make a decision. Now. Well we we don't know how we -- ruled by just leave. That Rondo would have had a better opportunity of getting out of this. If you simply addressed that said hey I was joking about before. I was joking about the topic I flopping on the alas the official I -- but I didn't have a problem with the official I was lat week we were joking if he handled it that way. As opposed to once they wanted to go to the history he's a repeat offender as stocks that he's earned that reputation he's got to live with their reputation he's got a -- -- If he was a first time offender I do not leave this happens to. But since there is a rule that claims that if you do bump into a professional on the floor automatic one game suspension and he's not gonna park route. And explain what will await him it was I was wrong on the last time I did -- this was nothing like that I was goofing around. As I believe he did nothing malicious. In this case except he's got a history of doing it maliciously in the past and that's what they're looking. -- 6177797937. Regular inflation. I would -- be a great and I know.

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