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Cedric Maxwell: Rajon Rondo needs help with his image

Jan 8, 2013|

We talk to Max who was live by the Celtics bus as Carmelo Anthony came by to talk to KG, and Max puts the Rondo suspension in perspective, and tells us how he suffers from an image problem, a lot of which he brings on himself.

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I've met here -- -- big show we'll get back to the phone calls at a -- -- etc. Actual is an -- this again Max. Well we have -- it ultimate -- -- -- that. I thought to -- -- don't you don't you like bring your own and or you mean -- ordinances should be I forgot the -- -- like your mother and takes care of you put headphones on the headphones on from many can't one Kamerion issuing. There. This is what John does -- mean Holler back girls. Third shot -- is like his mother's geography Anselm they're gonna get ice cream. It is not gonna happen but anyway got a good story for what was that I'm materially. As you tell great stories we're gonna go at all really going to love this gonna love this is a master story matchup. I entities that's against -- radio to know you like most people did not believe that that was a ball. By Rajon Rondo the other end -- -- so why does he get suspend. Because he has treated. That aura about himself he's created alleges among the people in the league right now that he is the it bad seed a bad apple. You're not -- Toronto about this method in busted that thing that you won't have to do in the -- we talked about. You know what happened he said -- when he got fouled. You sit while he was opposing got a foul. Going up get Smith going to the basket ball -- amendment called problem Rondo -- to the bill in the defense of he should go to the foul shooting free throw -- And -- but I. All of a -- he said they -- welcome to the patients at. Kim Bob Josh out of the way QQ book and he just kind of put -- so there was no threat at all the official did not feel like he was the written so. I think at the end of the day I think when they called -- And they talk to -- the -- home. Essentially I think there was no cooperation he -- -- mall and when they blew he blew them off. I think that that's what really set them to the point where they said look you know what you're not on talk about it. Well both the speed and you guys are did you explain to him that you got to throw a little bit yes absolutely played again absolutely solid -- -- in that told him what he has to do is -- to talk to the media. Until his south of the story because he has got such a bad reputation right now. In this not -- while some fans still love him. But they're still -- the balls to -- is right now who say well he's not a leader because look what happened yet again. In this particular case this politically case nothing at all happened that should not be in the suspension. Analysts and two ward where it earlier and and you can speak who's been and anybody house and it there was there were some rumors. There's talk that even Rodney Mott was upset. That Rondo got suspended because he didn't think it was it was worth the suspension did you hear that you -- You're seen as glee like this -- saying come -- things being tossed out the but you know I I am not Schuettler who is who in the league. -- is set a standard right now. That Rondo has some pitchers or something though somebody is fairly you know in the cave or because. It just seems like it Rondo -- think he does right now it in this case more than him because there was no. Obama but they'll that would leave the idea of like not much in the -- the -- -- if any have put -- on the guy and that was it. What they car problem with that he called me at that well at the -- -- -- and 52 mark in the third quarter. What did you do what happened what you missed a month -- Who is mr. -- You know. Even though Rodney Mott smooth commute though his last name is -- -- Manhattan -- soul in his side of this. I think he has he he definitely has to take how wrote -- the after the -- but we also heard it Mott was pretty much saying the exact same that there was no problem there -- no issue there. But you know what he did. Hung up on Stu Jackson or -- or he sat there and said you know what I'm gonna deal when you know got a deal that's what -- what you got to -- to swing and what that but players have always been at any guns and exactly -- -- saying you know look at what apple Carmelo with this. -- thing which comes out now will we talked about it which plan to -- Obviously wouldn't start it he would try to keep her up from getting any analysis where is he will be he will be suspicious or suspect you will be suspended -- because it. But Rondo does have to play that game got to play PS to be in the position where it's -- look nothing happened you know this was much to do about nothing. This is what I said this is what went on but I think the gap pressed him a little bit more -- at some point. It was one of those you know big -- -- sans -- minimum -- -- -- more they called him back -- it that way at the follow him. And as you said he's got the histories got the -- they centers. These two. And again. That but. -- did it to a bunch of stuff including the stuff with Carmelo Anthony KG. With -- a natural in studio and open a full -- to what you talk about it as well. At 617779790. Threes at seven and we'll talk football as well patriots and the Texans get matches and two cents. On that actual regular touch market to block it. Max's house vote. I -- -- a good -- -- YLER third man -- Cedric Maxwell yeah. Joked about here this -- we joked about this gives you would do on the Celtics game last night. But -- must burglaries but he three problems but it is -- editorial 73. Games good guys don't quite remember I'm a member summit -- -- by the wicked ugly couple weeks and a good guy and I remember -- obviously a -- when -- used to an NBA games. On to make it to college football we -- -- question. And he loves college what -- was last -- -- the game laughed and joked about it because it was kind of a creepy moment because of the cameras. On. The other quarter which quarterback for McCarron an experiment Darren says our -- yeah -- go look and his mom. I tried it in the streets. Pairings Apollo had a girlfriend not our problems are on top of the girlfriend. Responding to audience responded to issue. I asked her she was disappointed that -- get a 100000 followers like the corporate. Oh heavens no no no -- -- -- about that puts her real we got here. They don't want to ask her about her followers know what is this probably to order that made him this advice slugger what did you want -- Big time producer John -- and in Boston radio and that -- is -- -- -- natural -- program. She managed to they're okay she's a breath does this commentary -- the camera on growth and on them. When your quarterback in Alabama. You see that -- She doesn't offer -- -- the -- but she also this hour that's a -- And right there on the ride his DB -- That's in his home while I tell you quarterbacks you get off with a good look in the eyes of love beautiful -- -- -- -- do well. Some things right that was a very youngster in Alabama. Start get the football out. Hey it got. -- go anywhere. I admit I at that point what -- score 28 -- it was yeah they would dearly departed Iraq. What was what was so bad about nothing. McCready goes it's like your role was going to do something because the game -- so bay. About. Tugged it now joked about it earlier in the program only because it was just a little bit. But creep and Greg are well. Walker calls and well human but I don't think any of us get really worked up about it. Sold the PR for ESP. -- now responds. To it. Honest and he says. Have been asked on focus. On Catherine -- In DC yes. We always try to capture interesting story lines and the role should ship between an Auburn grad. Was miss Alabama. And the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test however. It. We apologize. That the commentary. In this instance went too far. And -- understands. That. They have. Apologized for. This far worse that is said. On television. I mean rob Parker once sentences followers that anything that it must. Is ever gone out of guy in his contract expires at. You know. I apologize were 73 year old men can't apologize forms so much via a popular that is that's a slap on the -- the brunt Osborn. Is on national championship game seven victory. Look really hot today. I just don't understand is we're at the point now where we. -- is so politically correct. As a broadcaster. You don't know where to go beat because you you you always Euro was at the point where you know people and I think what happens. It only takes maybe one or two people. To call up about that. People -- the complaint. -- And -- which is go oh. On apologists use professionals but that it stretches and I -- technically. It is wedeman less than listening to the broadcast last column. And twice I heard you with a call made by -- use that was an X -- -- -- what it was. -- is excellent. Like -- pronounced like every so. So I'll let. That beat Uga is that it Hartley does that Libyan debt and that's a fine. Are all out of words. -- out what you're you're trying to be politically correct where rapid that it does that a year ago I -- -- -- -- Jack. This guy who criticized your cold due out which guy. What happened. What happened to Howard -- what you're -- now. So please if he super says the -- -- which like me. All. And it was a vicious article accurate I have an awful we don't know -- -- Austin's now doesn't agree actually won't hurt me deeply coming. I'm sorry for you coming out there are great why are you view the lesser of the bomb was great. It may be. Because. I'd. Be. Way. This up once and for all though it's -- -- for us. -- Oh. -- Broadcaster. Oh. Use them -- Wednesday. Article which may. -- Can be patient by. But what it. Did well. You know which at that point with. All of those words like X. So -- idea or whatever -- -- We have been -- sent Michael twice he by the -- Mexico we'd always history 10. And the black. Some poll. Slow. -- politically correct that's player maps client at a man what did you. What did you tell me where -- had to do. -- you had to play the game would you say for -- played a game that absolutely I don't I don't I'm not only for Amazon that he called. We Google Howard manly is the executive director. Of the bay state banner there. -- to better than a state manner and didn't. But today at the top of that -- -- I -- Carmelo Anthony. Has now come out said. I screwed up last night I get out of character a little bit I allowed some negativity. And in -- shirk. It's certain things that you just don't say to -- I felt we crossed the line we crossed the line. Thought he crossed the line we cross that together but we're both and -- -- we both them and understanding. I lost my composure yes. I accept that but there are certain things that push certain people's buttons so that the rumors that -- That what ticked him off was -- thanks talking about it but what about his wife. I mean I'd much and I -- I can't imagine -- with say that but there's also history. Kate she's supposedly says something now. And -- something else went well known not to hear them but we go back we talk about. Charlie build a well -- right when that happened -- Charlie I mentioned earlier supposedly when Kevin Garnett that you. You know you're your your cancer to UT what you have cancer or something like that on African cancer patients though it was still I mean I. So I've forgotten all around I just supposedly -- mostly with a little story I mean do you do you titles together. I mean is it always seems like Hitler and it is in the middle of something -- the how does he get under somebody's skin so much. That they resort I came -- and I got -- first in line I came on the bus and -- don't work. What do you hold that thought because we got to get a go to the other side and we have to get this. We can't get a great we got a great story this thread to your earlier in my early cab the driver story you -- avenue absolutely -- -- -- -- definitely -- we talk about the story we got a good one for you -- I -- a -- shelf. Laporte what Michael Alix actually a third man -- get back to the Carmelo stop got a treat for you because this story I -- audio kept story of the gangster refresh everybody's memory. Every story was I was indeed in Indianapolis. Indiana in this must -- Rick pitino's -- year. When our America we you know we're Libya without with a guy with. And they went to a strip joint account and get their little bit later. And they'd left. And probably a little bit later and when I went out to the -- I sit in the cabin. Knowledge his -- -- -- you know like what the hell was going on. But when I give out the cap by you know walk up to our room and this means. Misses -- -- politically correct here -- this Mexican guy -- the you know elevated. And he's going up in the doors closed and I'm going to five he's one of four. When the doors close -- just got this god awful smell like now. What does that. Guy was thrown at him so he gets awful for to a close again this mail stays there. So now I give up elevator. But some reason I felt hasty. Put the -- my hands off my jacket. And came up with what -- that but I had said the captain somebody had taken the -- -- -- -- And the gap drop kid and calling -- people I'm running about the hall I considered a person trying to figure out what happened. And it was up by about what happened -- -- that -- a so called a cab got the next -- -- -- Meester and though this is gonna sound weird but. Of the cab yesterday and so my it to the dump an asset and he was like. -- joke right. -- to look check your records and give me a call back. He called me back and said sir are you show us that this is world was that was that this strip joint at this time I know -- records indicate where your -- talk. Calls you back about -- is -- that sir. I'm still so. Are you -- trees and I'll stuff. Colin croft I guess we got a short can actually. Not taught you what you know well you know Al -- but what got NBC when the guys and -- lost all -- weight. Because he had that band surgery electorally -- A lot of work a little bit better for album that -- -- Sorry I sell. He's going to the White House now to see the president not this shouldn't this is Al -- telling what happened. We have a bypass and you and your bowels and reconstructive. You think you're pretty -- and I probably went off. Any something that was posted and it'll walk into the press room. Around. And you know petrol gas and learn -- about myself and now. -- -- -- -- -- Cooking your eyes I put my. Not horribly but enough that I knew which is common side effect the surgery exactly and so. I was panic in Detroit for the rest from the press from throughout the underwear you know just went commando -- telling you. It told me that I've got to Hoosier originally when he. I know some people get excited about it at the White House they singled -- That -- equipment. He's a professional that he. Shouldn't you have -- -- -- Now looking at my movement and stick him. Okay. There. Moving on -- our viewers errors while. Are now secure their composure. Pretty that's options to the White House and what that hill you know. Like his line at the end of -- with the world with command when I don't -- -- and -- -- -- to the rest from the press from throughout the underwear. Just went commando in what is that telling. It told me that I've got to be vigilant. As to when your -- you know how important -- to the White House once that happens -- -- the other direction got to get out of here. It's a comfortable. She. Had no. Problem there though -- you did it go back to Japan now where. -- for yeah. All were Joseph Biden a -- yeah yeah yeah but. Margaret I don't forget about what it's about my. And into the bathroom attendant that found those two hours. Be warned it doesn't tell you cooking your eyes -- put weapons. Not horribly. But enough that I knew which is a common side effect of the surgery exactly and so. It. Panicked me dislike for the rest from the present throughout the -- -- just went command and telling you. You've got to give them the person the person said had Mercury that surgery right. You gotta give L that's legally rocker because it's not as medical condition. And a dual sole point of view most embarrassing moment from the White House. It was -- and -- you can put. It. -- -- -- What happens to Carmel he's apologizing here lifton writes it's been that he's kind of telling Al east throw it out here they say KG show. Well. I'm sick for more than two games at least two games it probably get the ball up in. -- that was the back of the very very nasty. Incident now that was that you talk about your players as delegates it can't can't can't yet if Michael is correct and I didn't see this if yeses. I see them there right that's even more damaging to him. Because if if I'm going to -- brought KG. And number -- What will they could've had themselves. And out right brawl that's all there in the garage at Madison square. -- imagine what you know guys could have gotten hurt you know it's what could have happened in that situation he's got to get suspended. Can you get you've got to at least let players know silly that you can't get you can't approach I think -- can approach the team bus. With with a bad intentions sometimes guys approached about of their friends. Are on the other team they're talking to do they do little but in this case this was not a friendly dog title match everybody knows. I've seen this before -- do is get your boy Malcolm. Yeah it aboard Mike will my daughter my wits and Madonna are trying to get him away from the situation. So yeah this was no no court Philadelphia. Won't. Let's not in litigation in more -- your government what happened and he said he had us a shiny object which we Rollins that was mine -- was here. In Boston. That's right it was the big game after that Padilla lost a shy guy Philadelphia shiny object they -- else that they sit in mill head in his -- that he lash. It from a tree Rollins space. It was a it was a I mean I'm not. It was a global -- that was that it was and I. And what bothered -- okay. -- capital don't let -- know stuff like this used to happen in the NBA all the time. Also -- -- like that's another reason. That's another reason that you will be suspended. Because don't go back the old they don't want that they don't want the perception that this is that corporately. The NBA is that is that the world's biggest corporate basketball league. And they don't want anybody to think. That their players were part of these NBA cares commercials. And who were all went -- all the positive things are brought out about them during all star weekend in there helping out never building playgrounds and talk and give to schools. They don't want anybody to think that these guys after game. I want to the bus and -- so yes they will suspend him hey it will suspend Carmelo Anthony just because of what. -- had two games to -- -- absolutely and and I think that is if you look at -- talks about Michael says that about players. But but the -- It's unfortunately the reality check is that players who just like anybody that'll be upset the moment you know take their frustration but I've never seen a player like that. Where he was down like he was accused the -- -- he knew he was down at the -- the garden mirror our secure what we have to go through TSA. He was near that with hope that you don't. He was -- He was pacing and I could pick up because I was the only one that you look at it means on the phone talking like with Brandon. You know what he's what was he went -- I'll -- up I guess that's when everything else gamma. So he was on what side he was on the celtics'. Locker himself. Well he was a huge settlement in the garage this is in the rock where -- -- I heard he left. And went to our left went down toward the soap. Which would be civil strife they are often nick I don't I don't know -- was restraint he start -- with the Celtics locker room he was screaming. He was pulled back from the -- celtics' locker room before he was going to go it was trying to -- it is not -- -- so that it worked so now you mention if he went in there. And he got physical than everybody else just jump all over Amanda Bennett and I would imagine it would have been caught on on camera -- -- everybody's always everybody -- medical his next move forced to grow. Down a -- Madison Square Garden old. Old arena in a city where you know -- New York everything is tight tight spaces so you have to go down a ramp up. To get through -- to the bus and went on the race. In the waiting by waving at the ball in the -- felt -- -- -- become only direct you gotta get down that elevator like green elevated the -- again we don't. Whether you're white don't even do that no matter what people not just walking away -- -- walked down the steps in the day they walked down at that point that Michael -- it's a ramp which is the circle -- in the and that's what we're in and coaches I was -- You know -- Carmelo would take it. For burst of law I was more shocked at his teammates. That did not appeal from this is coach Mike it was it was one of my -- -- But how do you let him go from there. To that point to me is war so won the mixed than anything. How do you do you upset. So at this same point it's like when people have a fight in the NBA what happened. They tell all the coaches -- -- key a couple of -- assistant coaches here's your job you don't come out here you don't play now anybody a couple of more. If you -- -- was that upset. All the teams. All the teams we have a security person with him now that's security person should have stopped Carmelo before he -- To that other point one yet locker room yet but when he went downstairs that security person should have been there before I mean to squash -- I would get to the phone calls coming up next elegant food delivered to your food absolutely Chris hall he stiffed them we know browser. Ali is the most that they America once the data maximize our problem. As it might you have as Brothers and I'm gonna be checked in the -- -- 77 haven't I haven't really different about U 37.

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