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Thoughts on the BCS Title and "Uncle Creepy" Bret Musburger

Jan 8, 2013|

We delve into the legend that is now AJ McCarron's girlfriend (and Mom) and talk about how lopsided an affair the BCS Title game really was.

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I could save Michael stud -- for the Celtics in the next because that was some. First class entertainment that was old school maybe he got -- parking lot. The crap out of each other that's old old as well that would that is old school. If you go to a parking lot and you actually do something I don't have the class at all no no school is saying you gotta do something. Didn't all your friends together they say they gonna do something you stand around and then MSG security. New York's -- has come and in break develops break up -- -- never happened in the first but that's new school -- -- out to frisking you forgot. His sort of aboard Carmelo. Missed a tough guys he's coming off the flu. -- -- -- And -- runway -- On the runway. And I'll show them the security people I'd like to go in Asia Europe where Eagles got -- -- it. After the game. Because wild card weekend continued last night was in Florida -- -- wild card weekend again but if I don't yes. -- a -- but you don't want usually did I I just hole. And I should -- myself. May -- and bodily. Notre Dame gets -- right out of the gate to wind its -- I got her out of the date of their playing Alabama while I'd islamists allegedly bad match eventually they were going to beat Alabama who's gonna. You do that was up by the way I'm one of these guys really want playoffs. We just put the SEC. And have double play and I you know I hated they love themselves anybody is anybody you know anybody who went to an SEC school obviously players and as he's SEC schools he always wanted to tell you. How great conferences. Is that the notch below the National Football League best iRobot bet that's the -- America on Iran. OK it's not the NFL but it is the best conference in college football by far and you really have to. You have to be tested before eagle against those teams in it means. You you must have played in SEC team in the last two or three years. And you got to beat them. Or you just don't dominant doesn't matter if you don't play as the seed of the matter. You've got the speed to match and you've got the strike the match then you've been tested. And other ways during the season but most teams outside the conference. Just don't know what to expect it is not ready for totally different level it is anti -- last night you could see it and he's been tremendous players going to be high draft. No it couldn't tackle -- to court. Now that you collected too fast on it was it was it was OK obviously -- You know the most exciting part of the night was. When you put Cameron -- in the character references and she is -- nine while it was creepy because uncle Brad on -- uncle and grandpa. Rip off. All Brandt I tell you one. When your quarterback in Alabama. You see that. You know. With that but she also this hour. That's a case here. And right there on the -- is DB -- That's it is I'll tell you quarterbacks you get along with a good look at it's a lot of -- -- -- doing well. Some things right -- out right now of the big still going to get the football it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kirk was there with the hell can rubbing the side of life choice not a whole lot out not needed or five you are smoking today is what had gone on like the Britain interest and -- -- -- prefer -- by the way to tour producer and is that the mother angle covered as well now for weeks in his -- screen saver on the computer. In the in the in our office. Supplies to ECD. -- AJ McCarron mother and we all looked at each other and yet he plays he's -- -- -- -- He was -- It's. About it at the same picture there when I got to implement get a sugar and they're all the same age and she had some. Work records he -- -- like you're gonna the last. -- got a little Adam guy and the word looks. Well compared she's 42. Children. -- -- that -- -- brain good five. But he eighties and into the super. -- last night he was not interest who we at all. Booby resident Catherine -- beating Cuba. Did not go out -- all -- -- -- right. So suddenly. This happens on TV last night and suddenly she's trending -- everybody's audience should get a 110 followers including. LeBron James -- And why they all are ago that is. I want a championship. -- our commercial we should -- -- -- following DD my evil. And lihir. Island. -- Which feels this. Take it. Who beats right there otherwise the people who beat. That's it. You quarterbacks you hill with a good look at. -- -- -- It wouldn't have this -- straight nor did it. It's right -- this is creepy. DD Barbara as we put her count she's only like 4000 followers what what did -- public has a lot more today I was gonna say she probably thought -- You probably have 474. Were last Thursday that Atlanta follow up report. But don't please come back to right it's coming back next post. Most of element. Of it's it's it's loaded with Nick Saban stays there and we -- bill about it Bill Belichick. You know a month ago a month and -- -- what makes it statements -- -- ease at which you would expect a Smart coach stuff coach. You know step -- and -- or recruiter said. He doesn't have to stop with eight draft choice if for -- first round choice. -- five or six or seven. And one recruiting class so. Last night's game probably better recruiting all. Allah Al Alabama Auburn is supposed to be a rivalry. Not a rivalry anymore. Auburn news at auto author of a bad program. And they need him -- and welcome back welcome back. But you have to come back the worst point -- your history Alabama. Height. -- hours ago. We're about Auburn you get most of the kids now of them. You -- great national recruiting -- one of the best coach in the country not the best house coach in the country. -- was. Looking at the justice. It's one guy after the next after this teaches. It than anybody see the guys. -- whether you want them on Twitter. -- year watching the games and they come back home. And watch here on the side you see. Now. And then there's marking room in just keep going on the list in all of these guys. Recently. Who have dot com Alabama and been part of their tradition. Trent Richardson another guy in Cleveland keep. And another wave coming and when these guys go another hightower in New England on and on I just don't see anybody. The only way -- stop Alabama. From putting together. No one go crazy here but let's say they've won three out of four always stop Alabama winning you know fix it. It is if Nick Saban gets important. Given as you go back.

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