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Tommy Heinsohn, CSN, on the Rondo suspension

Jan 8, 2013|

Celtics legend Tommy Heinsohn joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Rondo being suspended. He also discusses the Celtics win in New York.

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I am really. All fired up that's correct about where you are not correct is that Rondo did speak with them. And he did say to them ultimately. After they accuse -- of this and as an excuse to let that he said you're gonna do what you're gonna do and any hung up. Now this thing should needn't have been brought to a telephone call. I am so ticked off because the general manager. Of the Atlanta Hawks. -- a video. -- it city officials room to emphasize. A situation. That the referee didn't even call -- technical line. He was fine to Danny Ferry 151000. Dollars while rhymed though. This find out how old days pay a substantial. Difference. If that's going to be its goal and Stu Jackson. Mick get the same fine on Danny Ferry. Danny Ferry went to do my kids went to duke I'm so fired up primary never talked to my dinner again. That is the great -- -- -- last night on Comcast try to Celtics and knicks want Lou 93 point seven WEEI. And Tommy heights and -- of the join us here to talk to Celtics basketball Tommy Mike hello how are you. Barack you are you guys do on the real question did you talk to your son yet today at. I'm sure bet that he gets a load that I have a phone call. You don't -- Gary teased it all night long and all you knew you were fired up but you've delivered your pretty upset about despite more so Danny Ferry the way he went about. Well limit -- they weren't there. -- is they probably occasion that should never Arab ever happened. The official didn't call a technical foul. He let the play go. It was. An inadvertent. Brushing -- -- -- and a bump. And Danny Ferry now goes and tries to make something out of nothing. Employment Stu Jackson who is also at fault in this day. I really -- in a I I used to think he maybe did a decent job these horrible. Why he did there -- make something out of nothing. And Danny Ferry should be behind exactly the same amount as. Run -- What are not obeying the rule either. And of course he wasn't. But I am so sick and tired of the NBA pick it on Rondo picked him on this Celtics. And believe me I got my reasons for our a lot of years. And I could tell you stories but. We only have what -- -- minute but I. I don't let me ask you this as did talk about. Corrected Gary CNN though there was a phone call Rajon Rondo talked this -- and basically just say you can do we want do in hang up now. And I -- defending NC and he actually talked to him but in a way isn't that kind of the problem with Johnny give me just finish that phone call may be -- find. You know what they said don't. And they brought up the past. One of the task Gupta do look what happened. And that's what they were arguing about it there we're gonna pardon him because of what happened beat people up so this wouldn't happen again. Like this is. Was a big deal was a non -- debate and let. If you -- never happened but he made a big deal out of it because Rondo threw a basketball out there and the official last year. Give me a break his tax. -- he threw the basketball at the officially ball he bombed the Mark Davis in the playoffs he's saying that -- in your conversation with Rondo that they basically called to say. We're only gonna find you but because the way the conversation went that's the educated and. Say so but they brought up what happened in the past. And and not really anything with this particular issue. In fact nobody know what they're even talking about the official did not it wasn't even mentioned in his report from what I understand. What does does that give an indication of maybe as far Stu Jackson MBA and given -- this past -- he's done a short leash here and he's got to be careful a bit more moving forward a. It didn't think it did become -- last night go let go wet. KJ. On and off the court I don't know the caught. Now I wanna hear what happens with that situation. Did you still standing right that a quote -- come -- -- And -- well then belt. Can you -- and partly the official. Now I wanted to see exactly what's gonna happen here -- -- And at -- -- KG. I had a if I was KG I would have turned around and -- them. And that's exactly what they wanted to do but they'll let come Melo get away with -- -- because he didn't -- our. Yeah I like the physical play last night I thought Tommy -- Carmelo chasing. Garnett out to the the boss shows me. They got the Kevin got to him the KG got this entity could handle and I was curious. You -- chasing guy out of the bosque is my guess is you got -- of physical play and the basket now man. Listen when I had physical play and somebody get the best of me which occasionally happened. I would save the newspaper article to a next time we play because your -- happy go lucky guy. And I would read -- article about how I was with the Villanova all time may give myself steamed up. And I popped dead guy in the next game in my own -- way. Everybody ever chased it onto a bus after game now. We did yeah -- you up there at all did you see. And Carmelo I didn't see that. Now is talking about this game because the atmosphere was playoff -- and I've sort of felt like this is in this team. Maybe just took that atmosphere that -- that type of game to kind of bring it out of them a. Not listen simply to try to rebuild their team on the -- They got they had three nucleus players and they added nine guys. And it trying to put the pieces together and they went to Europe they had very little. Preceded to train. And and to practice. Or bring these people into the system. They're trying each and every thing they got a rookie does is coming along and fell in Europe. And they red green blue. Is limited minutes because in his natural position is all prince's position. So. People are expecting miracles from. Green when he when he played a limited minutes he never really gets to groove his game. The best thing that's happened right now. Is that they -- Bradley came back and he put some zest into their defense. Right now and he's absolutely. The best one on one defender. Against point guard then I have ever seen. He's making. So great point guard turned their back on the play they don't know how to do them. Talking the great timing heights need to that last night with Jason Kidd Tommy about he harassed him. To a point where all the point guards in the knicks' roster sort of aware of that and how do you think that affects the other defenders give a defender like Bradley out their defending the point. Does that give other guys' confidence on that defense to take a chance a mile jumped lanes and make steals and go the other way transition. Well -- -- the other -- -- is pretty good to Terry is not bad but Lee and and Bradley a really terrific I mean you put those two guys in the back court. And pressure. Seems. That you're gonna disrupt everything they're doing and that's what happened last night the the defense took over the pressure defense. And it took him away from the breeze which they -- so good at making in the first step. And they blew their -- I mean that. That's exactly what Carmelo was didn't upset. Let me ask you -- chaired sellinger because you don't normally see a lot of rookies come in a dock system and have the -- that he's -- The back that was talked about before the end of that third quarter we get David Bradley miss and put it back up quick confront -- Tyson Chandler. How impressed are you which is this kid here and he may be athletic ability is their but the fundamentals of the game machines are rookies got a pretty good grasp on. Well there are precious few people that played a game anymore I would didn't. Seven feet of the basket. That it all the big people over the the last 1015. Years. I put that have jump shots. From twenty feet. To -- the other -- or out. This kid plays the the inside game like the play as a mighty are used to play he's very Smart he's a position player. Which is the best way to rebound he's got a terrific very hands. And he can score down that they have yet to really. Go to again. To where he can be an effective offensive player because that's what he was in college of an effective happened supplier. Donnie made a reference on the broadcast last week about them before the team won three in a row. -- sometimes when you get these new players you talked about adding these new players -- and they expect the court to do a certain thing in the core of the team expects the role players to do with certain thing. Do you feel like that this team before this three game stretch was maybe frustrated internally about guys not doing what may be expected other players to do their frustration going on the court. I think it's quite the -- and I think this team is really together they. I've watched them you know on the plane in. So I was over the practice the other day this is a group of guys that if they're trying to blend their talents together. And -- day. They have very apparent now who would've thought that green also was a pretty decent defender. They put him on Carmelo last night and he drove Carmelo crazy. So. A lot of things -- is learning about how to use different people. The you don't really know until you get the guy. What he's capable of doing and and we're finding out that carry. They can handle the ball. He's not quite issued that we all thought he might be he's not a consistent. Scorer. So they're working around different things. And I think Doc Rivers has done a terrific job the nucleus is is didn't there late thirties. The two guys that have carried this team. And they are now playing limited minutes particularly KG. And I would hate to beat a coach that had the coach around one guy playing Eurostar playing 28 minutes I don't know how we dug it. Let me ask you to because we -- an AB Bradley back you also bring some stability to the starting line -- the probably the original fire that you thought with Brandon Bass in the air and Bradley in their now last night Terry starting at point guard but still. How important is getting these guys in the bench which have been disappointed about in their natural roles of of green and leave -- sellinger again Terry back in off the bench important. Is understanding year old -- for. Well it -- I'll pay it if Europe a player and it the first thing that you do is. As a team is you have confidence in each other. These current play is the -- says a bit noticed players don't know what these other guys can -- And these other guys don't know what piercing JP can do. So did have alerted air in the process of learning about each other and building -- and each other. Tommy -- back to run for second you've been around this team a lot do you think Rajon Rondo is the leader of the Celtic team. This and run Rajon Rondo is as good a competitor as you would ever hoped. That I have. I hate it if he would -- a competitor. I would be upset. This guy is is really a terrific -- he's a hall of fame type player. And people have been knocking him since I think he was in the eighth grade. Because he couldn't do this and couldn't do that well he's a great player. And and he doesn't have the score at 25 points a game like Jason Kidd used to do. Right now Rondo. Is the guy that when he's on his game. He's able to really direct traffic for everybody and make the game museum of our other people. -- -- appreciate listened to the summit call. But no I do think it is he might shut column to crawl our Ali thank you great job all right guys they Tommy -- -- -- and. Join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible -- we probably need. A little more than fifty minute to get his his full tank on the NBA officials and Stu Jackson and the NBA's front office I think you know the answer. I'm I don't give us some time now just kind of pretentious at three muscles around talk in the -- who might be able to get. From Tommy talking about officials. Good stuff for -- not 92 break we have for you coming up here this hour's gonna be Rex Ryan Rex Ryan Woody Johnson are speaking. -- explaining themselves right now to the New York media you'll hear some of that coming up.

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