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Kevin Paul Dupont, Boston Globe, on the NHL lockout and the Bruins

Jan 8, 2013|

Dupont joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the end of the lockout and what Bruins fans can look for this coming season.

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I joining us on the ATP hotline one of the real voice on hockey in this city across the country Kevin Paul DuPont -- the Boston Globe joins us that the league except to hopefully. And outs of schedules and training get next couple days Kevin Mike little -- you. I would do an excellent we'll start with what it took over the hockey world for months here and that was the the -- out what. The way you sought the way it it started the way it ended it was it a necessary evil or is this thing get and dragged out by both sides in your pain. Well -- I'm one of these who just think it's never necessary evil but the way that the way these two parties is conducted business for decades now which is to be. Not to be even friendly adversaries but sometimes -- now that adversaries -- it it has not made sense in the 35 years about covered it. And now that's been through a locked out and three. I should say a strike and then followed by three lockout the as the years go by it makes some sense but. That's the way they conduct their business the good news guy it is not that I can quote -- chapter and verse here there is language in the new deal. That actually does codify. The the the roots of up a true partnership and and working things together and you would think. On a deal that will run a minimum of eight years to ten years and they could start talking now and actually. Acting like adults and that and try to avoid these ridiculously Iraq. There's a Sawyer from your conversation it's in Comcast sports net is what is set up. But yeah just a conversation good interviews. I only disappointed they didn't have food -- to be a real -- I listen I do agree with you and affected if if fear wasn't there they would be playing hockey sooner but. I listen I do think that fear kind of he got the most they can possibly get for these players you've you feel like he got a stretch this thing on maybe -- a little greedy. I can't say it necessarily greedy if he would come out of this list. Great gains off of the old deal I would say there's a greedy guys but if you look at what the deal was to what they ended up -- They got taken down and a number of areas the best thing Donald -- for the and I know there's a lot of spin out there right now especially by a couple of players. But the truth of the matter is if you compare what they had to what they've got now. They got taken down this is by allegedly the greatest labor. Negotiator in sports history. Well maybe maybe -- But what they've got taken down even more so if he wasn't there. I suppose that could have bet but how do you know that. You know they -- that there are a number of these guys who are being -- -- by my estimation very unfair to Paul Kelly. -- presuppose thing that he was gonna hand over all the candy in the candy store -- how -- they know that. Did that to me that's preposterous. That in the end but it can get up that point because we can take it all day. They ended up with blasts they cannot call this a victory I I I was saying and tweeting for a number of weeks it would be important for the owners. To remember. To give these guys their dignity in the hand and I suppose. The dignity play it was that they gave them a very good pension adequate pension that's been preserved. Frankly I have to say. Like guys who make 2.4 million a year on average on five year career averages. I don't know why they really have to have a big fight on pension if you've made five and 2.4. You've made quick math twelve million bucks. Most of this could figure out attention off of that. These guys are also 2728. Years old are now on that paradigm. You know what most of his work past 28 so. Some of these arguments I think we're red Herring. I think he got stretched out to lying and -- if you go back and look at it. That this big made a big mistake by putting a punitive offer on the table in July that's sets the tone. Now this background so that to win that -- would not come to the table. So they put a punitive rocker finally it takes the lead until -- October. To put a real offer on the table. And if you look at what that October -- offer was vs what they got it is not substantially different it is different it's improved. But I think any reasonable person would say that's where the union should have said now let's sit down and make a deal that's on October 16. Well it took -- five weeks to respond to that. You see where I get caught up is like you said from July to October in that three month from 43% when he initially off credit and they got the 50% Kevin do you believe this entire time. That the owners negotiated and operated in good faith is part of me does believe. That -- in mind that they miss some games here that they knew it we have 48 games and playoffs our teams are gonna make money and if that means us missing. -- first half of the year as an ownership group as a league. Were OK with that. While -- -- but neither of us knows no one knows also that up front but I will say that. If that was the league ownership strategy after going through to lock out. After finally cutting a deal -- NBC. Ten year deal that pays them two billion dollars which frankly is short money. In and in today's scope of things but isn't that there hack. That they are believed. To lock outs finally great traction 3.3 billion dollar business if that's what they wanted. Then they all should be dismissed. Bettman should go Daley should go the thirty ownership acted. That that to me would be the government's strategy. If you know getting to lock out. In my opinion is always a bad strategy this is a league again. It is desperate desperate to get the players. And the -- on the same table. They should they share culpability. If you go back and look at how the PA has handled itself over the last well for ever ever -- Eagles and but they get rid of good now they bring in sat in the get rid of him because he's tapping into email that was in the phone conversations. It's Paul Kelly they get rid of the middle like I'm Ian penny because he's astute all of that the -- they've run themselves in this circle manner. They say in some ways they get what they deserve. I don't like the owners typically don't like any owners and any of these sports. But you know what they -- the product and unless they break the law they're entitled to run their businesses. The way that course we -- in baseball that wasn't the case they did break the law. And the union got them got the big. Our dukes on this team because I do think that there are set up just because is not much movement on this roster is a few guys coming in now -- diet deceit Doug Hamilton play but the big question. I think and everyone's mind is Tuukka Rask is he -- 48 games does it help him -- -- a -- it it would only in that. They're being being going to 82 games 48 repealed it easier for him come playoff time. But does not look like -- security could it it is it's every other night. He's young enough it's it's often good for goalies to get in rhythm like that the issue could be because he got hurt last year. That workload. Could could. No one knows this either could set him up to getting injured again and back -- seven back so that could play either way. But what -- -- supposing there is that the is that number one goalie. And I'm not convinced of that yet I'm not convinced otherwise but we've only seen that flash is from two -- we know that what Tim Thomas was. There there aren't a lot of true number one goalies in the sport let's see -- -- is. Is the expectation from you or Kevin Doug Hamilton paired with Zdeno Chara on the power play on that blue line and immediately an impact for the -- It's a dream match up and and given their respective skills yes it did it would be it would be tremendous. -- the only thing I would -- it and here I -- -- and everyone's -- -- a significant -- in an eighteen and nineteen and every -- -- just guilt and junior and they think it automatically adapts. If he he's going to be a good player I don't that's going to be this year -- it's asking a lot it's not like. You join a team like I would say again in unicenter. And now they say come up to the big league and play the wing and we saw it was it was fits and starts -- in -- first here. And he has abundant talent. Far harder for a young kid to come in on defense and be one of six rather than one of twelve. And play a much more difficult position so I'm not gonna leak there yet. One thing I do know I like when so and I think if that is that if that's where they have the fault too. I'm certainly -- -- that I think you'd have to look at -- more work into with their -- to start anyway. You do you brought up Sagan are big of year is this for him to go from -- the young talent with a a lot of potential to actually beat the guy and output in the back in the back of the net. And CNET potential as far as points go. Well he should be early ready -- take -- -- is that the couple years she's got the contract and he's all tuned up because he played Switzerland so. And and again we don't know I'm -- important gonna come into this suffered his injury but it's it's it's -- -- clear sailing for him. What we have to wonder -- about the backdrop is now that Tim Thomas is gone in the system that they play with a very defensive coach. The the key to this team still visiting Bashar. And the system which is very defensive minded very conservative. It is and we'll without their games so. My guests with Tim Thomas gone until they really get a feel for what -- is or isn't. This is going to be a more even more defensive minded team out of the gate. That should not play and into really. Say again taking off right from the start so I would say a bit of a cautious start. If they can get confident with the goaltending. With the system work and Hamilton in here. Then that you would see deliberately emerge should easy is it a great talent the question on memoirs. At least from my guy initially. He was he was -- a lot its first year and into the second year. He he finally got is that you'll -- like more. Seat being confident and and play better. I -- to mention the goaltending now you're sure rallying Cam Neely include Julian room right now getting ready for -- camping you get a phone call it's from. The bunker out there in Colorado Tim Thomas is as you know -- I've had enough for breaking ethical -- to come back what happens next. I'm not sure the cellphone works in the bunker that's I often have trouble might bunkers. Well and in this capital implications of that. Blood the most the most important implication that chemistry. Having having made decisions here -- Took his contract. That it is making me do that systematically. Preparing for could open to be the backup. What they've done in Providence goaltenders down there. The short answer is even if he wants to come back I cannot see any scenario. Where they take them back now. So they would they would have to move them somewhere. And I think you know he's a five million dollar cap hit. It's a three million dollar salary I think to be enough teams in the day here. Especially because the first year cap figures -- pro rated off of seven million really note teams in here and much or any trouble. Gallery last one for me it seems like a long time ago now but at the hands of the upset the Washington -- things coming out of that series that you thought. The Bruins we're gonna have to focus on and be better on if they were going to avoid a scenario like that -- knocked off -- NM a playoff matchup to a lower seed like that. Yet the great question and I I go back to real bugaboo here which is the power play output power play it was not good. That that they like a lot of teams go through stretches they had a hard time scoring anyway. So what's the difference maker is it the power play that is where say again can drive. And that's that it's not all with a personal thing I think I think you know Claude Julian has a whole lot of good in terms it's defensive structure getting guys to buy and I don't see much creativity from him or anybody else on the staff with the conflict so I think. I think the players have to do better than the coaches have to go about it. What lasting from -- report just -- out there practicing. Any concern to all you some reports of in Milan Lucic wasn't exactly in the best of shape coming out of us. We didn't play in other guys are going to be tuned up. It if if this were -- and having that home and beaten to me. The age and -- and maybe eight too much what about and I don't know I don't know what the -- fitness level coming in here. But it is game is power. You know beating the odd guy out. Maybe twice. So I think his game can come around. If he he like a lot of these guys beat because of the cup run they had. Did need some rest that that cup run was grueling we saw what it was last year. Getting it -- he's not for some of these guys is that the worst things specific to this team. Maybe some other teams I think in some ways having sat out October November December. Plays slightly to their advantage. Kevin great stuff I've thought nuclear follow up after this thing finally broke about the players and trust and the fans was terrific. In the globe last couple days appreciate the time we'll talk to throughout the season. All right got a great Kevin Paul DuPont Boston Globe joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speed that the ten times faster than three GA TT it. Rethink possible -- spirited conversation yesterday. About ray Lewis and his antics in the playoff game will weaken against the colts. One of the colts wide receivers one of the stars agrees -- -- might take we'll talk about that next.

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