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Jets HC Rex Ryan press conference: Is the tattoo real?!

Jan 8, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen in to Rex Ryan's and Woody Johnson's season ending press conference.

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-- -- that New York City love Butler and 93 point seven WEEI. Your calls throughout the course of the program and we bring you the sights and sounds from jet -- I think it's. That's my favorite sport point favorite things in sources. You're enjoying the jets failures and the jets failed miserably last year. Rex Ryan call that as most help the team he's had New York. They stop the mark African Sanchez as a quarterback can Diebold -- the way and the bench as highlight was running in the rain sure was a training camp. With Sal -- kept quoting his training camps that's three for -- a practice. For god sakes. So now what it wait a week. For Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson explained themselves jet fans are all fired up. And it sounds like from some of the highlights your Joey from a Rex Ryan and a Woody Johnson in New York but even the media. A little bit excited to ask some questions to the head coach and the GM of the New York Jets. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have been a disaster Mark Sanchez why don't hear that. When your highest paid player you can't keep his contract season. The new general manager. What comment -- Mark Sanchez is not the story quarterback for this team that's something that both of you. -- And and where you are you director and he's. -- I just say yes that obviously. This situation you know whoever the offensive coordinator his -- You know his system all those type of things will be a lot of things that go into. -- No money the financial part of it will not have will not play. We will not have any of the considerations for wolf we'll play. That they that player that fits what we do best and what we believe gives us the best chance. -- -- -- And that's that's that's a determination he made the future but it doesn't write it doesn't have -- do it. What we've done retrospectively. Or whatever it's we're looking for the best player. On you know -- the start of the season started pre season. Just like always -- You want an open competition. Is what I mean every year this. And I think pretty much every year you know there's competition among players. Okay then that's easy you know exactly right now I think it's when you look at her right now. Understanding that. You know. There's there's things that we need to do. No way at first. You know we have to get an eighty they options Corning -- in place then we'll address from there -- -- Yeah I heard there are millions of Internet. You have creative session where -- is going to host and is there -- and -- made the playoffs next season yeah. Now there's there's no mandate. I don't know I don't think -- created that. That perception at all I mean I the first day you know right in the in the press release I should have talked to you guys earlier Rory who got here that. But you know and expressing my confidence in Rex. Particularly you know icy wrecks. The only way you're gonna get better is admitting what you're not good what you haven't done so far if you just kind of gloss over -- back. And I -- things in impresses me about Rex as a leader. Is that that he he knows where he wants to improve -- he's committed do that and I trust him because I've seen them lead this team do. The team we have I think he's he's tough as two years to. They have to very high level. And it was just a question whether we we made it all the way in those years and you brought us about your way defense still but I also have confidence in and racks. As a head coach as a leader -- motivated -- as a as a play caller if he has to do it he's he's capable of doing alleys things. Now. Unbelievable on breaking believable. This clown show a press conference play more for you throughout the course of the show we -- today because they dress Tebow they but what they hide behind here. And it starts right it's like it they don't -- what knowledge of what went wrong. The ball's gonna bounce your way a few times a public Ukraine an offense that can score points. What we're about that's about all bouncing your way a -- -- that they -- clueless. They sound clueless in New York today Woody Johnson Rex Ryan and the press copper still one on. Forty minutes it's gonna go on our because -- -- and got a -- yet they started football has been all football but there's no answers. There's just -- we got to be better you were committed to winning. No I that nothing of substance I think it's going to be difficult for them to to find that GM. Our report appeared the it was earlier in the last week the Bill Polian turned it down anyone in your view for because she wasn't going to be an on -- you gotta have. Gonna have -- so you you know you limiting your search. And when Rex is talking about Tony Sparano. You know when you say -- the ground and pound sort of thing was. What our style of football wasn't that team a one more. Offensive coordinator you know a guy read -- can be different styles of offense only more aggressive yet she mentioned the pistol. So I don't. Is he just dealing with the talent he has around him or is it just. Put it all Tony Brown it was a creative enough and we criticized him for you -- Tim Tebow that he was a creative enough to -- No I don't work with this guy not let's hear more regarding exactly we just said. Just the ball on I think good condition. For the I don't imagine the rest remains head coach has that lady who know what sort of reaction have you gotten from this I really haven't had any reaction. Now. Now I mean I hear -- feels like they're pretty fortunate to have wrecks because of what they know. You know they know what they know these -- good coach and you can't always say that so it takes one of the -- Uncertainties out of the equation I haven't heard anything negative on -- right. Unbelievable. Any does address that -- -- you'll hear that later on the show but I I just think this -- they waited a week and they're hiding behind. We've got to be better. We're focused on committing to this organization. And we can't -- -- to specifics about the offense because. We got away for the offensive coordinator. They fired -- last night. Rex says that they just decided last night the fire -- believe that. The timing of this is perfect for them again deflects -- account and -- be fired. And and push off any sort of offensive questions and then not give jet fan any it's there. And hide behind this idea while we got a way to have a coordinator and everything else -- we're committed -- at the right guy got to get right bounce of the ball somewhere. Boy Obama jet fan this is a disgrace violent this is disgrace had a I don't know -- the Obama. Amiga in question a decision with the jets wanna move for the Rex Ryan listed decision. But year what do you what do you want. We want to say what we should know -- of substance here in New England -- well delegates substance wise from bill what -- you what you want what you want -- up and say depressed to criticize bill press conferences to all the time Doug -- bill -- -- -- joke and what if I think but I think Robert Kraft is something like this happen with the patriots. And craft was involved. There'd be some semblance of answer whether it's from Jonathan or pop somebody sits down to give you something today. You're getting deflection deflection at nothing to see here -- Rex is the guy no worries we can't talk about the offense went on offensive coordinator. It's just spin boy did you. This guy created a circus that was what you want to -- -- -- -- what you want you want them to talk about well it's without an offensive coordinator no actual answers when -- hear them you don't get that today in New York in what order what are the answers is what I'm I'm getting at lake because. Let's talk about what the -- don't look like why don't have my offensive coordinator yet. Erection he likes the core of this team what you expect him to say the corporate. There's grass and it's only gonna do a good job she did a tremendous job he's and he's tremendous coach. But I think were arrives where I've come up short in my opinion. For four years. I think through this experience. Then I don't think got done. As good a job. -- blimp is implementing. You know who I am throughout this team. And I wanted to team. In -- several individuals on offense and defense and understand it in and play that way but I wanna physical. Aggressive. Attack. Style of football team whether it's offense defense and all of that unpredictable. Find it all three phases that's what I want and I don't think I've done a good enough job of getting that through. To the entire football team. Certainly I think it's gotten through to defense. More than it's gotten through the other you know and specialties I don't think. It's been necessarily got through. From the schematic things for anything offensive. And I think that's what I want it and when we look for this search you know like you. -- a new offensive coordinator I want somebody with that same type of belief that I have that same passion that same energy. In that same. Attack mentality unpredictability. On on offense I think you don't that I would have. -- has a defense a guy or whatever but as a head coach this is what I want. Well by the promise -- quarterbacks not good. -- is the other problem then they're gonna -- still players -- either didn't -- -- his platform on ground and -- that's the way he wants to play offense and always saying I wanna I wanna change it -- I wish I had -- -- that -- team that we -- that's why -- ground and pound but you like to be more aggressive but it's awful difficult to do when you're scared to put the gaming quarterback's hands are also stories that -- just didn't he he says he made the mistake wasn't a conscious mistaken -- Take himself out of the offense who want nothing to do with it. You that was hit by his choice and I guess he's admitting that mistake today but the stories and art Fred. This is Woody Johnson putting pressure ornaments and look good head coach he can't just on the defense you've got to have more to -- on offense and that is at least some semblance. I'm an answer for wrecks today so directs some gourmet by anger is more -- and Woody Johnson. You know Woody Johnson asked about the circus mentality in South Korea and a circus mentality your commitment to winning. Now it's the winning one ego get Tim Tebow wanna play him. Well you do an event coordinator throw and got to tell arts Doris brown wasn't creative enough ability offense that I want. The funny part too though. I don't -- problem with the so that it curtain of well I don't know what you expect -- not your ex guy that's not I just don't know what you expect though he won just well. I don't know what the answers you looking for. But when he says and Dugan of job communicating to our personally and to my team. Hint -- that. Everybody outside of this team publicly him Arabic and is a good understanding of who Rex Ryan isn't. What type of coach he wants to BC with -- defense knowing no Darrelle Revis but still if it's still pretty good without Darrelle Revis. You know not not great but not -- when you lose a player like debt. They don't pick his players know exactly who this guy is New York this is Rex is time right Amy come off an awful season. He goes clears his head. Now this is his time talking about what he wants and in this is always gonna create things and talk about the patriots at some point here on the -- imagine and win the policy team and you know radar he said at -- -- that he Olympic team the teams don't wanna play this is like his time. The shine right. Press conferences. Unfortunate for him on Sundays his team fall short of that it doesn't up Bobby that they care more about this part of it -- actually put that team together its personality. Who loves the podium. Loves it -- that. This is when they win they win the offseason at some level some people tablet in the organization like. As a patriots fan. This is a great thing what you're hearing today's great because it's going to be more of the same Lisa what it sounds like woody -- they were committed to what he committed to winning committed to winning. And Tony how to gonna be committed to win -- you belittle some. But this is who they are they signed Tim Tebow Draper Tim Tebow credit splash in and -- now we can create a circus atmosphere. We're committed to winning. This is one of the rivals -- division. The bills just hired the Syracuse football coach. Not Jim they time. They hired the Syracuse. Football coach can be trouble they are -- They would be a better contender if they hired Barry Hyde and this is what you deal with the new division -- dolphins who are are probably the most respectable. But things continue to -- the patriots way as promised we come back. Woody Johnson talking about the circus and Rex Ryan talking about is that to next. -- -- Yeah. -- Butler and ID three point seven WEEI Rex Ryan Woody Johnson press conference rolls on. Played some of the highlights in a couple more here. Let's start with. The question we've all had for about a 56 days now. Is that -- real we saw a picture of Rex Ryan in the Bahamas. Right shoulder right arm tattoo. Wife. She Boeing sure only. Mark Sanchez -- New Jersey so Rex when he say about the tenth that's when you don't. The other question is that a real tattoo and I hope keeps you guessing but now you know. It is funny it's actually attached to it had proved you don't like three years going on three years now and no I know what you think and obviously census doesn't play better that that number changes and I guess that's that's pretty much given fact that. But no it's and I've been married 25 years and through my eyes you know my wife's most beautiful woman in the world and and so that's what this. Habitat to Israel. You said it was fake. Rex has had -- for three years Sanchez on the armed with his wife. Reopened at 20 estimated 43 years. We have the provision that Tim Tebow was can be honest team. I've achieved a may and -- Tebow when it Tebow mania start last year yeah so. What the Denver Broncos draft Tim Tebow so -- was gonna put his wife and Mark Sanchez Jersey could he thinks. He knows all what he Boeing already three years ago when I'm fine maybe should not he Boeing maybe -- just sort of let maybe I have I am. Maybe I am projecting that she's actually the -- she's Tebow there's no question about it. So I'm not -- it. Three years he just admitted it's real. -- the meaning of ESPN New York. Had a source you've -- -- strangely nobody had his wife and Mark Sanchez Jersey three years ago Tim Tebow and went in Tebow just a first round pick by the Denver Broncos I don't find it strange Diaz Mark Sanchez Jersey and his wife -- I do find strange maybe -- -- myself maybe she's not Tebow. Maybe she's just sort of on the arm maybe if I get a better look at the -- at some point. I'll -- she's not exactly kneeling down and Tebow that's the only my only question would be three years to find detective. No one's ever seen hysterically before. Has Rex venture was in front of a lot of of the media members. Reopening of the media member has ever seen him shirtless. Ever in a locker room okay I'll just come -- that's what would be the scenario. Where Rex is sure that's the problem is a member. Game is over -- with the press conference media members stick around he's trying to interview Mark Sanchez one -- one -- what a story that he's doing. As he's there late in the locker Omar Rex Ryan comes out of his office because he does showering go home at times. Maybe just walk -- as -- -- locked out and screamed at them the equipment managers sit diagonal so open my shower you don't think some. The three freaking years you don't think anyone's ever noticed this. I I find that plausible I find that all of three years a media member didn't see -- -- -- And I find it completely plausible that he did this because he's a lot of the guys they can put videos put him up online. So all this I find plausible. I just think -- I went I made a mistake and others written mistake is that should not affect. But that is in fact real. Andy says -- Santas and our plane better. He has 68 touchdowns and 69 picks is -- career. What we -- say he's not playing very well the quarter -- technically a great summer -- change she's not only one need. She's sort of sit there just -- -- is just the arm that's up by the four head to make you think like. It's -- Tebow. -- it is technically she it's not. -- let's hear Woody Johnson the owner of the New York Jets talking about the circus that he says -- and create their New York. Good -- that really what you poverty and oppression disease. -- just kept getting thrown around Fredricka very upset about that how much the volume. That he current. -- we I feel very confident in the process that we have here in the people we have filling in our commitment to winning. And our commitment to putting the best product on the field that. Is humanly possible there's no there's no shortage of effort there's no shortage of brainpower. And so I feel that I feel very very good about the direction in New York Jets and where we're gonna go on from this point forward. And that's that's positive is like today in I'm very confident we're gonna we'll have to accomplish our objective. And that's off. He's confident they -- offensive coordinator quarterback got a job as wide open. They -- new defensive coach Wright they need new quarterbacks coach. But what he's confident they'll compete again next year. They should be -- -- patriots -- the good thing NASA beacon of circus and try to hide this and what's wanna -- -- patriots and Texans. I am a little bit surprised that it columnist. Is able to stir up a circus like atmosphere money football -- a columnist. Writing about a playoff game get so many people riled up it is happen we'll talk about it next.

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