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Herm Edwards says we'll see a Patriots-Broncos AFC Championship

Jan 8, 2013|

Herm Edwards joined D&C to talk playoff football. While the former NFL coach thinks we'll see Denver and New England squaring off in the AFC Championship, he's not ready to comment on who will win. He was comfortable enough to say he likes Seattle on the NFC side.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan has been well -- you better for an Herm Edwards on her the ESPN's passionate. Persuasive. Person but patients football analyst joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- -- -- -- a couple about term aria. On to -- -- -- how the morning after the national championship football game BCS championship football game especially one to beat down -- you know this happens every single day the morning after. These silly subject is broached what would happen. If Alabama played the worst team in the National Football League. The Kansas City Chiefs with the score -- what ever Kansas City Chiefs wanted to be her. -- would be. I don't know score but I handled this I doubt very seriously Alabama. -- beat him he's. I mean I know we look at Goldstein -- they look at their offense right. In in game that we look at those they ran the football but. Remember college football college athlete professional athlete to not hobbies occupation. So does get let's go back to when these embrace have a college alt target yes that yes all adult partner. And they go played -- -- -- this global team basically. You know the starters play for maniac cop played it -- -- back -- and it worked out to Google's. And it did not. Would the domination beyond the trenches or the skill positions. Probably both -- -- plan to get Romaine yes. Mean you know you're you're talking about a eighteen year old nineteen year old guys can really be you know -- -- they give the collagen or you know 20/20 one years old. And I you critic of the thirty year old man with experience. Then in their lies the problem that's why would you be offered to players as good these players are when he -- professional football. There's trouble let me tell alone get them in the league but -- experiences is it's a great teacher but the problem is to -- -- -- -- on the sidelines if you were. Call the shots would you have left RG three in that game Sunday. Well that's that's the call that you know that that's the problem here a minute 12 guess the coach and I understand why I mean he was he was. He was hurt going into the game when he was -- three weeks ago. And I thought the way they played it out form basically when you look at the -- game in the Dallas game you control ball very much needed that gay people voted. -- would nineteen times. Problem is when you pull these people say well after 22 touchdown -- little -- -- but here again. Think about the possession he hit after that he didn't hit possess the ball very much. Really until -- the third quarter leads Seattle got the ball second half dominated the clock and then we went down again. I think Mike understood you know disguise that he hurt his -- somewhat taking out that that's all speculation. And obviously yeah. When players -- who were hurt you always get -- checked with the position that you know he'll tell you people go or not then from there are so nice kid by the coach. My my problem with that whole deal was first of all look at feel chemicals down and that's the only player on. With the rent -- I'm surprised they play these -- and I feel I mean they almost players were in jeopardy. You hate to -- obviously Clement go down now and Robert Griffin you're you've got to pray for him -- he's -- recover. But that's going to be questioned should it take you about you know. It was second guess in the Tokyo might get debt because the guy went down but it's the -- art situation I mean you know he's hurt. Not injure -- player is still play ball players are the National Football League you look at re low -- law. Told what's in you know he played with wood with a bad shoulder but this is this an athlete's mentality. He happens to be different at quarterback but big deal with this. This kid is run the ball over a hundred point five times during the season run an option he ran five option plays in the game. I think that's why the could have among options. -- good -- -- gonna ask you that when you look at Russell Wilson. And RG three and even Andrew Luck to an extent do do they have to learn not to run I mean if you're the coaches the owner of that team are -- sand. Enough of that -- it's time to stay in the pocket watch watch Tom Brady watch Peyton Manning. And and and be careful out there you. -- you make great port because the rules lady you we're trying to protect. Now -- run the option that they ran in college you're not -- -- you know long protecting the franchise player and you're right it's the only separatist sit up in the box and these young quarterbacks they don't pay them a lot of -- you right now. But the problem that you just read got when you start paying this guy you know. Fifteen million a year play quarterback battle read that -- he called down that big. Till they go thick -- muted outlook of option anymore FF -- -- You know it's it's amazing -- the euphoria that was surrounding Washington not only the city but the team. The post season and certainly this athlete has ended so abruptly I can't even imagine the difference between night and day of that injury and what that. Feeling around that organization must feel like today. Yeah I mean -- -- in in you know you're you're hoping -- epic comeback but here again. You know after the first quarter of Seattle Seahawks beat I didn't yet Britain Italy has said we feel. As -- four yards of of office. After the first war they scored fourteen points Seattle get the fifteen point game there are dominant defense portrayed because of the National Football League they can run the football. They they stop you from what the threat is only had a 104 yards rushing. In Chile the Redskins lead league in rush they're number one they were let it for about a 169 yard gate with a rushing attack was was stopped. Basically they're passing attack was -- they peed off in -- went -- field and -- -- they got after the quarterback but the quarterback -- involved like he rents when the other cute game -- and what can. They are turning to the pats and Texans are -- checks and yesterday on the radio. Station. -- Tom Brady said it to us what happened a month ago the beat down of the Houston Texans has absolutely nothing to do -- what is going to happen Sunday afternoon at -- now -- have the spot the company line up to us about the psychological. Impact policy damage that's something like that does when a month later you've got to commit to this the same place and try to completely reverse what happened. Well first boy you know he watched today. If you coach. Coaches use to feel you don't watch that they didn't understand what happened -- I mean first of law. You're captive established line of scrimmage -- you have the dominate time of possession and you know keep Tom Brady on the silent first you've got -- -- -- and tackle. That's critical -- defensively. It's like old school do you wanna give Tom Brady get testy dual eligible -- -- global yes they basically showed coverage. Never stayed out of it. And you. They'll -- -- I will play manned American need be just. Well doc ray beam digital book tested OK I get a illness every time you get sick of safety I know which adorable old ball double digit -- that's what happened. Court killed 4214. When much of god did in what the score got within two to scores. The problem with Houston is now they have to drop back and -- right about this strong since they're strong who's run the football. So can may win can they bounce back and win here if the patriots stop the run of the stop there in Foster. And -- keep. It -- need. You know they stay in a shootout with Tom Brady can -- -- Tom Brady now. Now they can't get nation. Now that you're not gonna win at the highest -- offered the best football yet. I've looked at that point -- -- out where Tom Brady if you get into that nobility shall not when it. They've they've got to play small ball if they've got to convince his. His ability to possessed the ball they can not make it twelve position gain this Caspian median time in this game when they take the clock is therefore in. The more first -- you can make. The better at that clock rolled down. In India and hopefully you can get into one score game going into the world war. Tom Brady because if you try to get this or practiced you've got problems that JJ watt has to be a big factor he was not born in the first game. He's gonna have to round they'd have to give him some one on one matchup where you can. Unsettled Tom Brady in the pocket. As of yet get started in there they're backing can be expo. Her most people think it's a foregone conclusion that Brady and Manning Denver New England will meet in the next in the next round of those two games leading up to that. Who has a better chance of pulling the upset Baltimore going into Denver for the Texans coming in a New England. Oh boy I I think both of you have slim chance. I don't think Baltimore -- chance to be you -- you look at that game. -- been here's and here's that fact -- -- -- and game but here's the problem. Indianapolis Colts with the quarterback they gamble one yards yet there comes to real problem. They were on the field for 87 fast and they possessed the ball for 37 minutes. And they were 45% on third down we realize problem laughed so much it paid medical school level right. He's got -- -- -- tire me about the record he's got to be gas they can get off the. Yeah I'm not sure and I hope we -- dollar Ray Lewis tributes on the wake is -- -- -- much sure he's gonna help. I'm Greg looking at video that you left to play in 87 that to be about that long. Blossomed as a day off. Well I mean you know he's not saying yours right -- intensity as it is -- we'll. And that's -- football they've played tremendous will. The Internet you know you -- assembly. In a disgrace in the diplomat -- -- there lies the problem with Oprah could score read. Maybe a couple of people. Oh -- of the -- could maybe it will be closer but they get quarter red -- but but but a I think we bring to the table he elevate that -- and yet thirteen tackles reliable downfield but he's but he's a marvelous players -- Instinct he's quick studies that restate the yeah understand where to be out with the ball. Are you ready to analyze the patriots. Denver game to beat the patriots at Denver for the AFC channel -- that is going to be the biggest -- Super Bowl game ever. Yeah that's going to be one annuity you know it's funny you know. Three years ago if it was all we -- meaning it seemed like it now and -- Springsteen in in what a remarkable job that he has done. The Broncos. That would be nice -- I think it wanted to make that. That wouldn't shock anybody if that happens I think to be great game. Who else people I've got -- don't now a dead -- dignity too early let's let's get past that phone call me next week when they have to play him and we'll talk about. Are you afraid Ray Lewis is gonna take your job you know the one we go speak to the rookies because that is such. That is that is your thing -- you are so good at that and and so convincing we referred to -- a lot on the Javon -- thing happened. And wouldn't ever would be better off if they just listen Herman had one of everything this guy had nine guns and I don't know how many cars in the thick and -- has a simple message that every cash in me to -- football players every young -- should keep one girlfriend one car and if you need to go on one gun. City in if you want don't have a load right. But I guess should meet them again I think like you know obviously. In the dark place and that in in in in as as we. Dig further into it you know there was times he was looking for some help but obviously didn't get enough of it and that's that -- -- back to look. All who's built the long haul in the NFC but he liked. Go along are you have the long haul it to get to the Super Bowl win -- I mean obviously New England is one -- -- -- -- a sales are the and -- -- -- -- that. I think Seattle right now as high as well and now they're the team is playing that you'd look at is if we keep we keep trying to discard 59 quarterback. Since then the guy you know he's 59 and just keep women as if I've never came to -- about it all the revive -- -- life. Food you're invited a lot of brand targeted at times I played against the reference to Michael on the reference by way. When he when he runs around and make plays they've got a dominant defense and really tough running game in and that's. In -- that that type of play really travels well we gold old world well now can they keep it up. They go to Atlanta I think they find a way to beat Atlanta but there's green bay of San Francisco -- on around and I think that's going to be in the would be -- -- Logan. So we're being told that your you're -- man of the year you know -- or I'm not surprised but managed to get -- to a man of the hour. Good question spotlight yet you know all of would be -- -- of the year. Well what's award Walter camp the baltics and a year ward yeah listens well thank you read I'm I'm very humbled by an option. You lose this Saturday night. To be quiet don't quite have it in I'm looking forward to. That you know what the pressures on though when you get you in the -- You have to give a good speech don't term -- to have Herman Edwards shows up they're like oh good he's gonna knock our socks off. That a particular about it always get a well migrant radio mobilized because they come from -- And about ten minutes when I mean the rule -- get a feel for the rule that it just -- up at all. Speaking -- boards Hoosier rookie of the year your MVP in your comeback player of the year arm. MVP would be Adrian Peterson just because he meant so much of that team by himself out yet what the guys that I mean you know he's the -- -- seven yards penalized for it gets the ball and everyone knows he's such an old because that -- they stop -- be -- -- -- 2000 -- later he's still running. I think the comeback player obviously Peyton Manning and the rookie. How bored -- got the three quarterback Russell -- obviously a guy you people for Robert Griffin but I won't go into the locker mean. No one I mean we were all Smart guys -- we win really really Smart we would have bet money. On the Cole and look at -- you know what they're in the playoffs we can all retire. With what did that. He was to win. They're going to -- their coach has leukemia they have a rookie quarterback there to rebuild -- this guy has won seven games in the war war. Did you watch you play against Baltimore yes you're watching a guy you're going. Point. If he's a complete lack rookie is like why they put so much on this -- plate can you imagine three years that. If they get an offensive line to protect them all that's how good he's going to be. So many things when they get their defense bill I mean there's so many in that you look at him when he's got it better. I mean how good can this -- I'd be I mean he was fun to watch now. What amazes me when I watch him -- is that he stands there -- all this wash around him and his eyes are downfield and he's not looking for escape brought you to stay out of their empty word balls and by his is durable and and and -- -- from behind and he just stands there and keeps is eyes downfield. You're exactly right he is poised in the pocket and he's -- he has a very. Strong lower body has powerful ways that we got to hang around his leg he's just sit there and sling the ball like. Gotta be kidding me to get these are really a rookie now watching the stamp like -- -- -- -- on the West Coast. But I kind of understood that got completely stable but he but he has he has what went beyond everyone's expectations. So you think tenure should know he'll have a better career the three rookies right now and Martin. What about John what about Johnny football you throw him in -- -- like ten years from now I mean wouldn't we got a -- to put pro football first he's got to -- run to right. That detail what he's not very big either -- now you know and and that's -- -- that he's got athletic vehicle just wanna get here department you know. I convince you of this sleep cat that all of I mean you can -- the typical political -- and if -- is that those in the weight stop and I've always felt that way college football when that quarterback come down -- line of scrimmage. Whether it's the end. Or wherever you wherever may be YouTube right in the middle of mischief and if you do got a couple whether you have a very pitches it. You know what all that nonsense stop. And our final question on a week like this when people are get fired get hired does the itch to coach ever rule raised its its the Specter. I post last week -- under armour all American game that's my game that I difficult yet with the height computing -- Steve Mariucci down in the Orlando -- dollars loved it from the get go to Disney World for week. After this week I'm actually agriculture is big for real NFL PA college all starts at the home people -- -- next week but -- my two games. And -- good -- Now I'm like you've got a good about double -- who you talk about football. You get up the work twenty hours your stomach is and and not you don't have a headache you don't feel like crap every Monday morning. And with the Dave -- you know what I'm good I'm broke active capital of that order gore to be put on is simply go to work. Herm Edwards always a pleasure talking for a way to thanks for the time instructed on the road thank you her -- -- -- cal -- AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TD.

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