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Jared Sullinger postgame with Grande & Max

Jan 8, 2013|

Jared Sullinger spoke with Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell after the Celtics win at MSG 102-96

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The pacers the hawks and the -- all three top ten teams. In the NBA and right in the middle of it is the new celtics' leader. In plus minus he's Derek soldier joins us downstairs and I say that nobody could conceive that but I imagine. There about 151620. Guys included coaches in that locker room Friday night that thought this was possible. You have to do. We just played our. AB -- there be a big big impact. And play hard question applaud you for being creating turnovers so he makes our job -- lot easier. Whether things saw you you repeat of the you'd do this at you. They tell you end basketball's that they'll rebound -- Wednesday. You continue to do that and get away with amazing. That's what I do. -- telling me don't watch YouTube ads. What I do I don't know roses say you know I'm not the most athletic. I'm not the most explosive so I got to find another way to rebound now that was my niche in the NBA so far so just keep keep grabbing rebounds while you keep doing that moment. One of the things that's all you normally you are so com. Cool and collective but they're rebound that you got just before the half Italy didian as is excited at seeing you and while it. Yep it was suddenly come in. I mean it's the top team. I mean these -- lot of talking. I mean physical play. So this account this took the game would allow that -- talk that is going on that that's how I am the director at Florida race you know quarter -- -- -- that. And the wave wave may get out of course cause toxic stuff. My little physical movement and that value and I respect him back. You have to sort of we do today back -- -- out.

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