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Paul Pierce Postgame Press Conference

Jan 8, 2013|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media after the Celtics win their 3rd straight, beating the Knicks at MSG 102-96.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know some -- content rules and from the national Wear them plan and get a win. Fallen dark accuses them holdings -- defense we had -- up. -- windows under this program and you've got some rounds in the division fine porcelain. I just got to play through most frustrating at times that the refereeing and you know sometimes they're called sometimes not -- you gotta just play through it. In Brussels frustrations. I know that this is kind of the -- time again it's only these three games that you guys played Indian island so that representational couple club. That you guys can be in that you should -- or defend them a whole lot better in the we'll put more pressure on two games. Rebound the ball a lot better were moving the ball and this time. All we envisioned when we came together so hopefully keep it going this is a huge day for us with a partner Stan at home criminal. So hopefully we'll get back in the summer immigrants. It. You know I don't own argument it's. If that is react in on the momentum on. On the industry. You know -- thing about it. Also Ahmanson's Mike Leo for years and nervousness as is commonly. Know how to run into yeah. Which you guys it's difficult problems and there's no. I think we are that we -- bargain with income -- space. Can only guns and paying witch hunts and another man Adam you know drug him different looks from the song. From the bigger guy I don't know so you -- think Charles -- you know helped make it in top form all night long. You know you really -- Johnson on Mars in a lot of utilized -- animals -- apparently burned them for him. Frost poem that ultimately it was a great work but it is. Alpenfels key moments -- him and accordingly in the third quarter of the -- did a good job give up on their cars. In the form pretty Joan again upon Jason -- -- Gerald Smith I think it really changed again -- -- isn't what you believe and that's subtle person got to apply you know and other guys that can do it. Normally takes pressure off the front line guys when you can control the ball off for. And keep monitoring. He won this. It. But we also lost the confidence booster and you know you know especially -- are gonna start for game back. The difference he's made initial you know he really got a boost -- -- -- in -- and play defense well the last report says it is really got it going offensively tonight. But they can -- that so hopefully rooms on horseback wouldn't continue to play well. And the devastating -- Dispute -- -- notebook. Do. You. Well we've got to try to remain healthy we've got to be consistent when we don't last. Leaders went marketplace and the matter whether it was going on opposite sides so. Hopefully what we saw the last three days since I was top teams in the east is -- -- of things go.

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