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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Jan 8, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics win their 3rd straight, beating the Knicks at MSG 102-96.

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Certainly -- indignant when wait a minute so I thought federal employees -- -- -- -- pressure defense was great. Because the first in my life was ordered him Oakland's own felt dirty about it you know but the -- was terrific. You know it you know got them to stand around more than run all the pick and rolls -- the future in trouble. So called activities and -- beat him everywhere the old days and so -- went with the he was right. -- -- well yeah it's just what we can be but it's not what went and apartments. -- better you know but it's a -- That off the -- it's. There with the playoffs what tellem but since it's not I'm gonna just -- The court. -- they'll be fine that would be fun -- -- it you know really distressed -- two runs in majors when. A farmer or something in the day -- so they'll be fine I think that's over and I think they're going to be fine. You know they played small lineups a lot and that's when you know trailer be on the floor or or -- He gives them another weapon -- I think it. Now I tell you are actually where he -- -- we'd all like a promise a great problem. Don't play your take on how beautiful it was during the game between Carmelo and -- Where we've had Avery important event it's -- That was terrific -- Kevin was back on the floor at that point -- we get called -- in order to be extra in this game again and again. These are really well and also on the bench. And unfortunately at that you know seven minute mark I have to sit Kevin so that you have all the and several all the for the first quarter of Burma and Iran and we closed the gap. And then again in the third quarter when pulpit that is for file. Com we did it again so -- I think that's a great confidence booster for bitch. You can boy and you can play well and I just over a 1000300. Bullet to bring Britain to. I mean we've. Actually the last three days have been terrific. Oh in Indiana. You when you get in Indiana and Atlanta back to back and then you play the next up the baton to went all through those things. That's correct for a change. When in this game here without Rondo -- -- just tells you our guys just hung in there. You know I was trying to we didn't have much of all this stuff spread that's a -- victory -- that a lot of sets without Rondo. But our defense -- fantastic you know. First half inch of cyclical we do -- a policy at seven threes that. -- they -- ahead and that was our mistakes and then in the second that we corrected them. We took more than three point line is that -- haven't made him majors for the most part. We won the -- basketball and analyze. You remaining these guys think it's just basketball are we it's not -- didn't he didn't. You know home. It happens is just have fun games competitiveness rock. At times and that's part I think all that's accurate or should never carry over past that. You know had my moment that's Porter could borrow. And it does but you don't want it to and whatever a judge. Terrible later you know but -- this the way to game should be played reasonably competitive. Horror game I thought overall. This is a split vote today and that's good to us your. Mistress knows where it was getting there was -- really are we ourselves. Veronica we are the ones as well I think it's expressed abolish our dugout each possession because we're of them are devotion to we definitely. W happily that team starts -- good stuff that's what they have to go to. And we were born to a gunfight that we made a -- telecoms that. Yeah. Yeah. There was although it's the intensity the last three. What to. The great and and they're teachers and they'll we we don't -- -- definitely up out of timeouts. Organized religion focused. I think it's originated at that point. And they went to match -- who at. Thanks guys.

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