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Monday, January 7th Whiner Line

Jan 7, 2013|

Hockey is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Music music views expressed and expressed. The wind like these aren't buying ETT. Received the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We we -- we and our conversation forward. It would those -- and because there's actually hundreds. And now we're better than you you you you're just Romania will retain retain -- single man in the Brady Bunch WEEI. -- more cleaner lie and. Not a great deal of respect for Barry Humphries done this career. And you know -- a bowl MVP -- -- greatest player. Dial 6177793535. This is the defense you know we got got eleven players out there to play great ball. And you know whenever we're just that one man beat this week is not about the main line airlines if they got eleven players -- -- -- for -- held -- feet. But -- one man cannot just beat the team and now I'm pretty -- -- project and I want I was old -- NFL network tell them exactly outfield and I don't get a chance right. Maybe if you all could -- to note that during the WEE nine -- Colorado base were under 800 you've heard all of our. Mostly applause you know -- -- and eliminate corporate reactions and I thought it would be good enough to. -- So in Foster becomes the 1640. Sevens professional athlete to give -- stuff adventure -- short story what's new story which means you. He bought. What was so -- what it was much the story does that -- -- does that alternatives -- about their because he knows it'll get. Attention outside the borders so I'll tell you it used to do it to get intense attention inside orders and we all. You know figuring out now outside of Portland. He's got it. -- the finger and every Julia is happy he's happy I wouldn't want it. You're a liberal shall retention policy. W. What's available. To device by AT&T. Is now. Actually suggestion that this thing. It. Was. Tan. As well. Or hiking writers writers and ultimately like Jesus speaking speaking at a conference -- at a -- -- where it was broken there. Not sure exactly what's chamber of commerce I guess it is an honor bestowed these educating Emmys for his comedy act that's what it's -- Jason Jason what's today off. Right that's right it. Sure was in the sixth chamber and use that idiot that's different conferences and -- it's different now to -- different country. To the three GAT and T rethink awesome right right every Rican day. Weekend riders. There. And my -- and the chamber of commerce can. -- -- -- You know what you think back good bet you'd have -- that playoff game on Saturday. Parity good -- -- that might not build up there would ever give -- well on the page but what else. It. Feel better than I do which is due this year and was fired up -- analysts do you know there of the basically -- but basically your predictions and you said. You predicted the Packers to block the vikings so that was a bad game. You thought Cincinnati Houston will be close yet it was close but it was a bad game and the team. Yeah okay. Washington Seattle. That that would be a decent game did it was decent and then -- -- against -- opinion that if I was concerned. About RG three's. Then in Baltimore and -- I was think Baltimore vehicles -- Baltimore was closed and that -- -- and I said it would be like three or four yeah I've if you keep those guys don't like to Houston to win by a touchdown. I had no I had Washington -- about two and it was just the opposite but I've got to Baltimore and -- Apple's would be a blow weekend. Just for a week I'm just just average -- offs average -- -- squeezed the great quarterbacks this week. They don't all that it would Seattle made the comeback last night well yeah. What comes out well. And that message Wilson the volleyball. You. But that next time I could go about it -- -- Spit now to place a -- -- snipers fired up. The least bit when when Roger was talking. -- sitting there press conference that is about a stimulus. You know their offense. Long embrace right here. And ray movies. That they know of course there's going fairly. This purple. Girl and I gave them rules make it one bit. What is that being the golf regret that -- going to crap all over here they got these Tibet group people who don't ban. And -- the chemistry on that countdown -- Because. Actual rate can do these little quick in and -- of its economy. He needs to be able to formulate an emotional drama right you need to -- The agency is his interview with now after the game. No -- assassin just one question any rate and sells it to look around the stadium -- built the stadium. How does it feel. And it's so. Us to lift us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey Scott I was. Cut back -- like cook ever pick up OK okay. It's solidarity. If we have this -- have like. -- he's back to back. Again give you with ball and I just -- hard nosed play dirty a host. Of things along and luckily. I birdied thirty yet. When you focus on him away from the ball just -- to -- again. While what. -- fix it and mark. -- -- it's going to be how sports talk about or whatever Korea. I job code can app and then. I can't -- guys I want to read it got exactly what they deserve to compete -- Britain. But I plan -- high school field it's important corporate propaganda I have an organization. Provider. I don't a legitimate way that's that's exactly what bad war. And -- Clemens blow up the ACL. Gun for the year it was a field injuries and again they've that they have the feel for her a better grip change they should there and I don't -- -- these guys for the first seven -- shocks the wrong way. And they allow. Snyder and that organization to have that field Hamas group. Well that pets better. The thing that I have no doubt about it -- They asked him about it that -- They can't is that unequivocal but I -- my part of our diplomat -- and edit then it would happen that I am an exact same thing. The next -- -- -- -- they have out there aren't a bad back I have. Speaking to a million and is it tomorrow then we know I think he's at the same conference Mike you said. We know that they shut down -- -- request for a interview -- over the thing I thought. All over the fine I thought that. France has said he never wanted to damage yet or anybody in the jets' organization ever again show. That is. Probably and PR person -- deal with the difference assessment that the guy who picked up the phone. A little cool. But they are trying to do at the patriot what more can -- that. Patriots lose this game. She. Exactly what he wants to wants nothing more than just lose it deserves some you can do some stupidly against the patriots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey shot -- don't know exactly you know how bad I want both Derek may have a well yeah. And that message. -- -- -- -- Scoreboard latest global effort that's gone through. It. The -- I don't and opponent -- open -- and but I think. The ball. Bob when I got up and department I had people have been accepted an -- -- volcanism -- -- that. I don't appeal -- me and -- -- you know about a block app opt out like that at and I did not have. Actually start talking about food Michael did give them. Different example than -- our seniors women. -- Right and atlases and puffy coat. Did you predict. What Erin Andrews the Internet myself as she looked great. Hey hey I think I'm probably apoplectic. At duke it out brought out about. Date yet but they went up the fight back and forth that you said that happened -- and I'll -- you rock out. You got to -- an ex -- how. So much. -- You're actually -- elderly and let's he's Santa what does yours say divorced with four years ago. I felt bad about -- And not protect. -- -- -- -- I. Think our anger at that I'm and it and I bet it. -- -- And I think it did not get back yet calling it. And let's get to go get that it. We did that name the name of that kid I want him -- call -- always good effort average drive. Click the -- yankees currents go HD you you know. Now repeatedly several messages Michael's we will hear them for a point honorary degree don't count. Listening to the program. Quote of the here. I don't have much. -- right -- Mixed mutt who might this sort of mud yes and that message. -- Really really NBA roundup spend for supposedly opened an official opening period were up very popular haven't missed calls have been -- in Atlanta. All right c'mon c'mon at the end BA I think the public but it wouldn't be MBA in the Celtics have an agenda against. This is -- -- -- I'm always to the garden and I ordinary. Life non-GAAP -- way. Who has always lesbian Americans and Matt thanks for the lesbian -- he really -- you now. It's. It doesn't matter has become a bit. And -- How how how many. And help them all the -- them. And definitely he's been out sweaters on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guys forgive me. But is there any particular. Reason why yet again and other similar outlet. Describe an owner -- out as a -- out why don't we -- think turnpike work stoppage. Labor here. Labor strife when as far as we know these hockey player like the football player last year did not want to stop working. And war period thing right. But that's part of the award locked out yeah it the hard hard to understand. Is that the boardwalk. And at the word out. The hype that -- located between toward block and the word out we got that -- Canada. And men outside -- -- did not well liked that guy -- I did not wake up Sunday morning Michael and churn on the NHL network. I was wondering if they finally picked up on this story this major story that's going on the sport. The NHL lockout I'm wondering if they finally started covering yet. Well in the web of the port probe says the NHL lockout is over. -- the end says but people -- people had thought he could. Yeah. Now -- said you know -- -- got the NHL network. Covering it. They are now are the iPod that's what I was an indication that morning it finally picked up on -- some good news. Thank god the NHL lockout is over Jack Edwards can get back today who would be hurt. Outside the badly beaten. Jacket which will be here tomorrow -- -- recent polls certainly the ones here in this area. Think that people are not going to watch the acute kidney there's -- -- Fit it. -- schedule confederate batteries that's right that's why I'm glad it's over because we don't have to deal with the hey I can't believe it I'm never going back I'm never watching hockey again if it's Portugal. I'm just right of the commissioner that -- T. -- -- Battery and beyond. The doubt his skill is locked out how's he keep his role he's such -- -- lose all of are raspy edge to his absence now. I've gone ahead. With beard and that. Blooms between the pipes and still bowl at right -- its content is thought streams of Goldman -- -- jacket woods now. About season hurt my strike spot checks on the Mike and it'll be writ they've got every. Commissioner with Alfredsson thrown together enough to where you couldn't just let me need each other. Each other. Sure I don't large part by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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