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ESPNs Rob Parker attempts to re-write history: Stop lying!

Jan 7, 2013|

Rob Parker gave an interview this weekend in which he contradicted many of his previous statements about the RGIII controversy he created. Michael and Glenn aren't buying this load of BS either.

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I'm rob Parker imagine it in the last hour Michael. I don't know why he did he's only thirty day suspension from ESP yeah right he goes on a TV show. In Detroit a local shall call flash point on channel four in Detroit. Now she came out a week later. And apologize. For everything he -- -- and remember these good right now. -- a little bit different. He goes on television in Detroit and says I talking about the the reaction again I can't believe what Parker said. I mean looking back at some of the comments. I can see how some people can take hold of contacts. And run with it. But the response and what happened over the past thirty days and everything was just shocked -- Show that. When you already have apologized. Actually in which I'm sure you could perish and now people would react to what he said. And. I don't know how it happens I just -- this. ESPN. He should think he has -- I don't know if he. He believes in god or not it doesn't believe in god yes -- and should be god. He should worship at the -- ESPN they saved them thirty days. Is -- slap on the wrist. Was hate speech. From from rob Marcus woods was just hate speech he had it if he didn't it if it weren't gonna fire him I don't know what their plan is going to be. They should at least at the very least. Reassign him. Because first -- is the equivalent. Loyola marymount back in the day. UNLV under Jerry Tarkanian fast pace. You've got to keep up quickly. And he proved that situation but their formats a little too mature for him. But what -- an outburst like. David F format is just not he can handle it. He shouldn't skip Bayless has the majority -- I'm this. They certainly enjoyed the attention it got up into awaited update they -- really -- -- you know what I mean that the backlash that came from it. It wasn't meant in that -- at all DeVon and I think the people of the produces and everybody on the cell. We just didn't think of it that way we weren't trying to land McKee who declined to be able to tackle these issues the one thing I'm proud about being on national forest take. For the last six years -- that we all willing to tackle a lot of stuff that emotional won't even touch or even discussed. And I think it's important. I think we've done it in a really good way you know in this for the -- time blues and hot war would deal with such and they will in fact would be shows often looked very off the -- but you guys go through a lot of prep work on all these shows -- everybody on the program know what you were gonna thank. Apple remote spot means we have to discuss its bottom up week productive meeting. And that not every single war but they knew which way it -- Golan. Okay so well consider this agent is not off the -- -- not off the gaps and prepared for it still came off like an ass and -- stupid how to humans -- read. He was trying to drag everybody in to what he was yeah but. What he's saying is interest genetic but if they're probably not happy in Bristol today. Because it's throwing some of the staff on the boss as well. In that he talked about this. In advanced and it was pretty obvious that ESPN did not think it was a big deal because they repeated. Not. Just the entire but he repeatedly show once and they repeated that segment off time as the best album the so obviously didn't think it was such a big deal until public started reacting to. Eight is he's lucky and end it a question their judgment. A question this judgment of the people who made the decision. To suspend rob Parker. For thirty days. Probably not long enough and I question their judgment initially after it happened. How could you not know. That that was totally bogus what he was saying. Let let's face it if somebody comes out today analysts in -- because -- -- -- in a position but you know if you have any. A white commentator come out today and say that there's no. Okay pack your -- now we have about 1520 minutes or email will not be working anymore. We have security guard and another thirty tonight there -- suspension yet Europe passes deactivated simulator. Fisheries -- It can't handle the format. Could be but the way they're not gonna fire just resign with the way they've made it sound or try to -- blows. Some. -- to all were all part and parcel to -- But they were of maybe. And other work that our occasional one he's right about one thing and that is they take some chances on that show. And so they're looking for controversy the show was built on that and the traditions of actors in this light among the able -- except that last statement of what was. He -- he backed off. The idea. Every word -- US backed -- But they they had the he'd be said that. It's not off the cops they had. And essence of what he was going to -- on every single word because they're not they're not scripted but. You know maybe he took it beyond I don't know estimate it looked like he was shocked that it did not like a -- he seemed like he was shocked. On the year you almost get the feeling that. Do you believe Arthur pre production meeting -- they say Mary Parker said one thing in the media that something completely different. On the air as -- that topic that really. Shouldn't come up. And for blatantly is built around people still talk about it. Maybe not always in public it's an issue and just what you just talked about sports talk radio you hear a lot of it where's the disconnect. Where the aptly the black and -- all these if he loses people like talk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Honest you know port it is and that's what went to the table. Libya guy. Equally to tone it back one away from issues that while columnist that's one commentator. That went to the table in my point of view. And especially as you know all the barber shop and those conversations. All the -- Okay. -- Mad saw. Not a lot of tiger a lot of things in a barber shop here a lot of conversations about that album interesting -- There but they -- barbershop conversations you can take the absence of them. And maybe bring it to the air and different way which can't be can't go verbatim and say you know. -- I heard Joseph say this when he was in this state so much of who's to. -- as supplement if that's right that's right it's all come back as to who don't have. Course and the whole thing is and I wanna make physically I wasn't saying that he wasn't black enough and so what people say that it's just not true I was saying. These are the conversations that take place once we got pushes away so it was never. Aimed at him while was calling him that I'm saying these are the conversations that take place. -- -- -- go back in relation to his original comments pushes away from what -- know but Glenn and I state. Is that what got pushes away pushes away from one. So once we got pushes it weighs in -- and he he you you're saying. He has separated himself from black people because you don't like that is. Wife -- wife to be is not African American. Set on TV he did it right as -- right.

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