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Bill Belichick: Last game with the Texans turned on 4-5 plays, final score not indicative of how good they are

Jan 7, 2013|

We speak with a cautious Bill Belichick about the incoming Houston Texans, and despite what a few columnists may be saying, the Patriots are NOT taking the challenge of the Texans lightly.

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Patriots money were down here at Gillette Stadium more away equality and Steve -- our third man in time for our weekly get together are no nonsense conversation with -- coach Bill Belichick. Brought you by ASP -- the no nonsense life insurance company now offering new low rates for men and women call 888 get SP allied. Or visit SP allied dot com for you frequently don't coach they're glad -- Michael we don't. Great so great Gloria let's get right to because real playoff game coming up here on not on Sunday here at Gillette Stadium. When you and I know he's talked about this many times before specially with divisional opponents how different. The second game is to the first game and obviously it's the second time we played these guys. -- -- the game that turned out the way it did -- a lot some mistakes were made by the other team early on in the game gained it's kind of like carried away. Went to the second game in two dissipating. Changes that they might make how do you do that when -- put together -- a game plan how do you anticipate what they might be doing differently. Well again I think each time you play team in the place match up differently and think they -- certainly a lot closer than final score would indicate. That a 45 plays turn a little bit differently who waited. Think that would definitely been her fourth and final score book I was little was. I don't think that I came really as much bearing on this game at all other than you can see some of the people matchup against each other. On the field book the way it'll play out this time capture of the the whole different story line. Right because they played it they get themselves from a lot of trouble really early and you've said this many times few plays like that the game can be carried where should you go back to. What you anticipated. From that game or do you expect that they're gonna make some changes here -- Oh well of course we don't know what they're gonna do so we'll have to be ready for. It and you know things that they've shown and also things that we think they. That they might do. Based on. Whatever research we have there but. You know again that we played. Sixteen games they've played seventeen. Thank you flooding your which are at this point you know comes down not plays that excuse and and how well you. Block tackle throw catch care. So forth so. That's that's a big part of the game that's slide. The team's plan at this time here or play it this time here because they do those things pretty well I don't think it's a big you know external things I think it's more. Teams that play well players that the formal those teams who want. I do wanna follow up on that though because I remember you Thomas built. After that first used in game I think that was the twelfth game of the season for them that they. Showed you some things that you hadn't seen in in the previous game if they gave you some trouble. After that point at it as you look at their five game since they've played you that they continue to do some things that they did in Foxborough. Or was that just for that moment. There they won't let I think the thing -- to look at there is this how they matched up against us and in a matter -- a matchup against somebody else. On a massive against us and what must. Defense salute with groupings they wanted to play. I -- match up their personal against or it's offensively. Again the groupings that they have on the field the formations that they used to -- how that -- try to attack us. That's that's really more about the specific matchup between our team and their team then. That it is some older and some other team they competed against and there's certainly things we can learn from watching other game films and and watching those matchups and what worked and what didn't and how how things went but only -- and those matchups until Sunday afternoon so the soil was. How would you guard against. Complacency. Or overconfidence. In a situation like this where your recently played the streaming through pretty -- of the federal ball. -- going -- we've been in that situation several times this year already tunnel vision and we've. On the first division game we've played against all those teams and then we play them again so that I don't think it's anything that's. Uncommon I think we all realize that comes down to what team performs the best Sunday afternoon. Doesn't really matter what happened in some of the game. When anybody thinks is gonna happen that's on the players perform. In the competition Sunday afternoon and that's a world here -- Do you take confidence from that game but I'm not be over confident he's still -- some call for trouble when you play that game. On on on I don't think our team has a confidence issue I think the most important thing for us -- prepare well. And be ready to go out there and execute our game plan the same time we have deteriorated to a justice of things that we. Are gonna see that we -- prepared for sure the world they'll be some of those we'll have to deal with them. And now both painful sure we'll see what teams which team can handle those things that this was seen going -- -- that. Pretty not a tennis racquets again for -- what discrete. Well we'll do all the things we feel like we can do to help repair team for the game. It's kind of how do you figure him out I mean he just seems to be so mobile. Is there any rhyme or reason to what he does he seems to come from one side crosses the face of the -- loops on the other -- how do you figure amount. Well I think he's really pretty disciplined player and when he's. He stunning he goes in that direction I don't know we'll play up now on and you have to deal with that the fees. Not stunning his plan more straight up and he takes advantage of the opportunity that he gets on the mammoth -- whether -- pass rush or. Or run defense and Lotta times among those guys back but sometimes -- He can uses quick missing around still get -- on the play -- the -- -- special players' ability to play strong and and a whole appointment also the ability to move and get back in position you know these navy. Out of it for a second. But he's quick gonna get back and then and avoid people and they get in the gaps and get on the edge of blockers things like that the make some very disruptive and they don't -- -- on the front that can do that to Portsmouth encoding. Read and Connor and merciless and all of us live very active fronts not just him he's certainly a big problem boats that are I was just -- -- that if you. Paid too much attention to. Do you not open the door for somebody else to go -- Yeah volume at eleven guys out there so we can't you can't double everybody somebody's got to. Somebody's got to block the -- -- block him but it's longer it's longer -- -- -- -- that's code -- code here whoever's. And can our -- a block a lot of good players this year while certainly a good when we've we've -- on the good players and we'll have the and block them again it's and that's a time here it's playoff time so every team that you play is gonna have good players good coaches good schemes things that are tough that's. That's what playoff football -- I want to ask about a couple of games that took place this weekend and the fame and two of the games was injuries Minnesota. Didn't have a starting quarterback for a playoff game at Green Bay and then. Yesterday the big RG three situation you know should he have come out of the game earlier and going back and forth between Griffin and -- that's when askew. Do you ever talk to players about injuries during the game forty -- that strictly to the training in medical staff. On also time to talk about. You have here to support where you say -- part of the discussion with Shanahan said while he told me he was okay told me was. Hurt and not injured and I what was my gut do you. Get to the point it where you asked the player he's OK to stand again. Well no again I mean there's there's a medical decision that comes first and and then there's football competitive football session about. That's the bottom line on all that really is every situations different I don't. Think necessarily anything that I ever done or experienced. Could shed any light on on another situation the team another player and a coach. You know -- just think between each one of his specific and it's different. And I'm sure. Coach Shanahan and Griffin and then or anybody else is involved. It's always trying to do the best thing and the right thing and do what's best for the team and do what's right and so. I would never second guess those those kind of decisions. From the outside because. I'm sure that competitively. And then really from. You know say for example when I'm sure that everybody's doing and doing the right thing with they feel like it's right at that particular -- so. There's really no nothing else like it if if it's not part of the. Every Foster growth -- open up over the weekend we. All alone -- if we just get the word and RG three torn ACL. Plus torn PCL. He will be out fourteen to eighteen months while. That's significant that's a significant injury right there while. I'm sorry Steve there aren't aware of talk about or Foster a step up this week you're not just a rodeo ball. Maneuverability had over the last few weeks but also. At the end of with separate -- -- is that something in that you've seen over the year from him that he's always been pretty good receiver. Sure yes yes it is a good job of the ball -- Larry garrison and if you go back to our game you know because some of those balls. I'll decide on those -- routes. And then we will -- with those so. I'm sure that we'll see him get the ball on screen passes on check downs and as part of the actual pass pattern. That distribution and receivers and and sure he's a good. A good guy for them with horrible to -- discussions and he's very dangerous ball attempts. At solution for. Little League apparently is thinking about the possibility of adding more playoff teams into the picture the point where. The Peter King wrote today that they might even consider playing three games on Saturday. Three games on Sunday the first weekend or playing goes over a two week to -- period and may be no body. For tapes. At any of this interest you at all or her and then are really around just we really knew anything about what we can do to beat Houston and you know what I'm sure the bit -- -- place Cisco sold all the other. Things at the end of the year whether -- playoffs -- pickles or whatever it is so. Right now we're really focused on Houston. That's -- we need to be. What went to start on them bill was it. Immediately. After that game or did you. If you had some bad since day one. I think I like Houston overseas that it went to when you start your preparation for the. Well what we've we've probably. Followed what we what we normally do so we after each game we take a look at the we analyze the game ourselves how the game went what we do differently. What things are good with things weren't good. -- we practice the right things and so forth and so on so. We do that a -- again Houston San Francisco. And it doesn't matter Seattle Olympic team that we do that after again so. There's an element of that. As we got into the last couple regular season weeks. Miami week. Jacksonville week as the Soviets and people and organizations start to do some advance work on some of the teams that we could end up plan and then we finally found out that. You know who the playoff teams were then. We knew that the Houston game would be the first game on the docket and if they want that's who would be plan so. Last week that was kind of ahead of the second game and and Houston lost them. We will turn our attention to. The ball more in an apples and Saturday and then Sunday until that when it was determined so. A little bit of this was sequential. But the fact that Houston's high seeded team and that was probably the most likely team for us to play. You know it's certainly wouldn't overlook them. Did you spend a lot of time in this past week cleaning up some of your own stuff -- -- -- combination of working on. Some things that. Looking toward our opponent but also looking more towards things that we needed in a matter who we play. Things we can work on so I'm situationally public situation stuff because. They're meant certain little situations that have cropped up over the years that have benefited you guys in the post season but much of that stuff do you go back and remind these guys -- Oh we spent some time -- -- to share in our meetings we we definitely cover some situation offensive. Come up this year in the league in the past few weeks that we can learn from from other teams are the situations in other games. We talked about those talk about how we would handle on what our strategy would be here. We'll be -- -- the wrong thing to do in those situations right have -- trying to keep everybody's mind into it you know we were planned this weekend. That mentally we want to. Continued to challenge ourselves to stand -- for and as it relates to situations assessment of. You know in doorbell I was adamant than it does jump studio's films aren't voters that. I have -- I've gone to the research department again so watch out of time. Some numbers the numbers are flying around it's pretty dangerous and you've got some stability here. And in the last couple weeks you know Josh McDaniels says he's gonna stage now pursuing any head coaching job -- you get -- I keep the staff intact I was looking at the AFC east. Since you've been here you're your record. Now when your record vs buffalo Miami and New York. But the amount of coaches. That those teams have had since 2000. When I guess how many coaches. You've faced since 2000. Head coach we put up their country now just awful pursuit for. -- reached he might exceed eleven or 1217. Today. They're seventeen go to since 2000 of those three teams patriots record vs those teams is 58 and twenty. Since 2000 pretty impressive but I know you're you're the son of a coach so you're you know you knew about the business and how. How how fluid it could be but your particular -- at this point where. I mean the guy is hard to keep up with some of these changes between general managers and coaches in a year on the job and guys are. Guys are having their jobs discussed you're -- to get to this point. You know it's great question Michael won't say. I mean first of all when you when I got into coaching when when you get into the business he you don't even think of it in those terms you just try and a get a job if somebody -- hope you can contribute fondle little bit of a niche -- something that you can. You know be good or somewhat good FC can continue to do what you wanna do so. You don't really think of it in those terms. But as you. Have more longevity in the profession then you probably do start to think about some of those things. And where you want in five years or you know where you're looking to -- in ten years -- kind of where you'd like for your -- ago if we could go way you want it to and so forth so. -- known and there have been a lot of changes its. You're right you walk across the field a lot of times and see a different. Different person coaching that team so that's. Then unfortunately that's. Since like that's the way it is in the NFL I don't know if that's the best way it is for the league. A lot of -- a quick trigger is pulled and knows a lot of good coaches out there and a coach against a lot of good coaches and some of whom you know are no longer -- and news. And appoint a few years ago there were at several simple coaches pretty recently there were a lot of coaching me and prudence Phillips -- those -- so. You know what that's -- But it's certainly coaching carousel and and -- in college as well. So I don't know if that's that's great for everybody you know each team each. The -- got to make their own decision doing the things -- and when when -- making those decisions and there's too much you can do. In an unfortunate that we've been able to. You know have some consistency here and an organization and all that's certainly it was you know long climb from. You know we're we're in 2000 knows you know -- situation there. Way over the Kaplan not very many players and then went very many games and you know but fortunately things got better. And so you know -- an opportunity here for home in I appreciate it. So what jury would you were able to move off via couched in the coaches' offices were sleeping normal back in the day. You have visions of Granger would you general partner for the first time as a coach I think. Yeah that's about right that's the you know there's there's lot of little things that you appreciate the coach chancellor and and sometimes it's a good place to sleep and five minutes shorter drive can mean a lot. And we're gonna persuade bill means a lot of different systems for teams next year you'll be looking at Syracuse film room. A lot of other film out there that's what it means well it sure does and then that's. You know anytime you have news new coaches come to an organization that means that who have -- systems. And inevitably go on new players because some of the players that are there won't -- -- the new system and that that makes in transition to entrances and that part of the walls of it's always challenges. I don't want to bring questioned how old classic -- how different is it. From the regular season you talk an awful lot about in playoffs one simple mistake could mean our entire season. So players obviously have to be aware of every single move they make. Do you coach any differently. In the playoffs than you do in the regular season were in the regular season you might look at some who say well it's early in the game I think we can back it. We can we can make something happen here as opposed to the playoffs we look at it differently. -- -- I think you do look at a little bit differently I think that you released I'd like try to look at it and from the standpoint that. Every play that we call every decision we make could. Could be a one that you know determines our season and there is no you know second chances in the second opportunity now. Nothing you don't wanna count every one of those good during the regular season on the outs and that but. You know when when you think about a play. You you've really got to think about assists. This is so we won the situation and an assist the person we want do in this services the first we want to matters at the way we really wanted to do it and I think he's just. Total after thought into it. Because you know that that one mistake. And -- commander season and and I think it is still triple quadruple check think through everything just keep runners. Run it by just trying to make sure that you're doing that some of -- than. With whatever happens to be you know one of the play is the strategy here. That's by the things you -- one of them you know just be as -- -- again not that you're not always doing that but. I will also say at this time here there's no there's no next opponent you know we don't know who play next and even if we could play in -- games. That's how the latest in a regular season so I think he's just devote more of your resources to the for the one game at hand because if you don't do well not on. -- -- waste time so if you really put everything you have and and what's at it and right immediately fronting -- and and you know think about next week because mentally and that's it. The coach's hours brought to you by Mercedes-Benz time now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their winter event going on -- to local Mercedes-Benz dealers. On the web at NB USA dot com this week's question bill is from Andy in Charlestown. Any question though is their particular anecdote. You'd like to share about a forty year pats employee. Down brochure recently passed -- Oh boy there's a lot of them I think maybe him the most no worry one would be. One that happened about a month ago when. Donna had gone through. Various treatments of chemotherapy or radiation. -- are transplants. And all that and and he showed up San Francisco -- and he was here force. For the Monday night game. He was Susan. Locker room he was doing his job. Loose you know helping players get ready was put stuff away in this -- care of things. Before during and after the game just like always to it and I think we've we look back on that now. We realize the physical and emotional. Pain and turmoil that he was going through but he can we never sense of that at that point we just. I felt everything was going good beyond -- if because that was the attitude he had -- and he was doing what he normally did so. They can really is a great tribute to him in this. Barbara physical mental toughness. No I think he he kind of pushed it to make available a higher standard there for all of us. Monday night and so I think that think they're kind of sums of die right there in all the years he spent with the pacers. It was about the team was about him doing his job and -- those about him taking care of everybody else. Be unselfish and and the last time he really came and worked with us that's the way it was and I think we -- know what he was going through to do that so. As much appreciation and love as we have form before. Think it just. When a problem not just. Pretty amazed me to think about it forty years like about the history of -- franchise and all of the different errors turtle to soldiers and Donnie was here for. Good good portion great -- you exactly. It was coming out little pocket fiasco for Hutus are to be grumpy about it. But that was his job was gonna go with them and that afternoon that the new teacher here in your locker -- do eventually -- four years ago yeah that's being it was great to have -- locker room and just. You know to the pumps room -- you got all of congress now. They're not gonna -- although in all the years that I work for them too whenever there was a special situation. You know guy needed. You know at different sold for issue oriented this pattern that there. Whatever happened to be. He always came through all she always came through the tunnel where he got some that's tough for how he could get an overnight aid over. You know half a day in some come up in the morning and meet some for. For game that afternoon and that somehow he either build it audit found that. And on. He what whatever we needed he he had force and you know again that's. That's really remarkably good but it could manager and good offensive -- always doing the job you don't hear their name. There and a bright lights but once on the need to get done it gets down he didn't. And it's fitting he will be recognized on patriots equipment on the on Sunday you guys are gonna have a little look the local apparently on the -- -- that thing. My -- coach good luck on Sunday we'll see you back here among the -- effort and our -- Mike -- that coach is no nonsense conversation brought to you by the no nonsense like insurance company SP -- now offering new low rates for men and women call 888 get SP alive or visit. SP -- dot com for you were free quote. We'll give you the latest -- RG three's injury -- you ready for this one Rajon Rondo suspended for tonight's game in New York. We'll give you all Leo lowdown coming up next.

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