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Patriots Pro Bowl Nose Tackle Vince Wilfork with the Big Show

Jan 7, 2013|

Vince Wilfork checks in with us on a Patriots Monday and says that despite what the Texans may be thinking, the Patriots are not putting any stock in the first game they beat the Texans this season.

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IPad -- to -- show it's patriots Monday as we get set for the first playoff game for your New England Patriots it'll be coming up this Sunday. All late game against the Houston Texans a team the patriots play. As we all know a month ago Fort -- and -- here. And on a full month. Brought to you by EMD Miller -- Powerhouse mortgage is Vince Wilfork I don't but got. We're doing good. All right would you do this weekend. -- -- -- -- Are separate who were put -- place -- good -- that it should be. You know always and so. Did you. Did you have any guesses before the games went on did you say -- I think Houston is gonna -- -- -- prepare for Houston to look at it that way. No because. They're. Or. It -- products for our people who sold in Japan is here you're sort of room you know look at. A couple games you're regret BO only in epic epic late Sunday. Your chance to see both -- ball Ortiz. Play. These are bigger active -- who are late or you wanna try to you know most of them -- so. Not a when chancellor Victor and their -- -- of these things -- pop star and. I when you look back at that game and a lot of people will will do that. How different do you think this one will be in that they made so many mistakes you guys kept before touchdown lead. They really couldn't do what they do and try to run the ball establish their running game they get to their to their play action. You know what. -- political problems but you do -- to prepare prepare. You know prepare weeks you know yeah we do it will be okay which Q. We confront what we compliment brokered certificates Q. Court -- and it's -- you know. -- playing in the -- -- a different -- we'd we'd we know we have to block the plate well. And it reform where it comes Sunday what they're getting -- it is -- -- Eritrean bears on what we -- -- and arms shall reduce. That the first wanted to mattered or. -- No they're ethical and even put a group we record them wherever there. It's funny that you bring that up because you you don't -- their first game. I can understand we're just and it won't matter what it happened and he can't he can't. A race that and you know that you played the Texans knew you know that you. Blew them out on national TV. What's your strategy for preparing. To kind of move that out of your your thought process when everybody's on your teammates experienced it -- you. Make that a non factor. Army because there's a movement on the street -- you know I want better figure it out openly if -- done. Bags in the probable to they're from. I'll state what you say earlier visited some of state and they're popular people in the medical perspective our work -- all of which are so. We have to we have over -- top of -- points or period. Which hit it. Think about what we go on the first you know what. We already. They also rate and compare football and they understand it got there so but I mean in throughout biffle also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You might see some -- that are happening that Gingrich might have noticed these sort of note written of course these games where -- order here or not. Or or rapid racial speak go straight -- trick plays. You -- it's all. Right why are so we probably never be rid of everything you know we're pretty calm. They can't won't yet be prepared for its record run games so popular blog and they've gotten back to. Atmosphere to play. Database they rate altered her grow and -- better -- a lot of football imperial it is -- -- -- -- so. They create a real good complimenting your way. Apparently so offers children children you know -- some pretty -- -- bacon you know every day and they want it now. It will be five -- that they don't well there are are cooperative -- -- bigger than you know they're so well done well. Right beat the crap -- well. What that your body but a figure by the you know at their they gave up a little bit more cars are about it. But -- article 00. If people up in Ohio where we prepare how well we -- -- based. Out Buddy Baker also played. Is that -- starts stopping that -- now obviously didn't have to worry about it as much and LS game because they had to go to the air very very quickly but. Is it a matter of making them one dimensional. In a car maker. They're therapeutic opt. In -- you'll be bought with. Care and lower court date them. You're all alone -- off the rugged accomplish -- They're what they're. -- in football you know get all sold out on just two. Oh we have been hitting it -- get more back. Let you go bet bet that you -- a lot of big plays. On the ball epic flick. He's out you know Kirk. Are you hurt it hurt there -- so. We know how short it is or page there. We are bottoming out a lot are out there who are not record in that locker it is their voters -- -- old work. -- or open a picture where there -- with the. I'll bet you -- part of championship teams you've been part of teams that. Lost early loss in the Super Bowl. A variety of experiences throughout your career. Can you think of a loss in retrospect now did you guys lose any game because you -- mentally prepared to meet sometime between just physically beat you but can you think of a loss where you look back and say. We just and have the right mentality. Our. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our problem vote on -- so we go out crap is ultimately a crap game like. -- arm you know repair product they prepare. -- out of here. All that we are all. Out of there are. Upping your part B. It would spark more -- zero -- Don't that we have. All low that we had this year is going to be big auto. It'll all -- it can't let go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you don't -- Apple ball very well right now -- -- there one bit you know we want to. There's not a leader baldor they're there and it happened you Jerry. There's a remote. What are what it would be an error. Air and -- portal. Put up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Prevents people I won't talk an awful lot about grown not playing in the last game against Houston morning. Different she could make because we all know what you know tough mismatch cheaper he presents for defense but then have Graham in the last game. And they like to run the two tight end sets sometimes three tight ends is that a big part of their running game. You know army. Date I would of thought -- Alford. -- -- -- I think it. Update your career you're an expert -- look -- In Nicaragua all although. You know that there are. We'll be your article earlier chart Europe you don't what beard -- which -- -- to bring it back. So -- ordered a stop there oh. What people are caught in the RPI hope they. In saint -- they'd done in the first game -- First name is not -- matter. I think it can be achieved their gonna come out there SQ where will make the most plays a newspaper or book about so. No part of -- about to let aren't later -- -- number you know. They're so you know right now we -- wearing we got a game of sort of what we are great up -- To corporate good full quality -- ships -- but if -- don't nobody knew full well. Which it will crash so. We got -- her entire life. If it was quite a record there. You dad's camper right now there's additional ship right -- -- (%expletive) like that I edit. I'd. I'd -- but not bad job I disagree review. But to the Houston Texans that they can about what happened in the first game. A -- -- comes up in their meetings this week. Are there were Arctic patrol worker government or maybe. Part of what comes -- about within one on the -- -- -- -- -- relative. Let parent will be straight left there so. You know what we want but -- away. How do you -- have Ottawa. Airport take all the active Burton is. Certain Cogent military vehicle organizational old quote if there are. As you know it would be difficult result of the come -- -- farewell. As you well there's been very careful well thought out. -- eventual talking and actually good luck on a Sunday we'll talk to you Monday have a good one. Our feeling of that's Wilfork right here on -- on the big show. Sponsored by AMD Miller -- standby powder house. Mortgage take a break right here at the top of the hour we get right back to your phone calls low amount of 6177797937. As we get ready. The -- first playoff game.

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