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Troy Brown joins Mut and Lou to recap wildcard weekend and preview the divisional round

Jan 7, 2013|

Former Pats receiver Troy Brown jumps in the discussion to take a look ahead to Sunday's Texans game and go over the big story lines from this past weekend. They also discuss Arian Foster's new Twitter avatar and what happens when teams get their hands on bulletin board material.

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Final hour Butler not a three point seven WE yeah I will get to all your phone calls while car weekend in the books divisional weekend. On tap in the NFL where brown are patriots Monday -- not studio but joins us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. Of the Houston Texans. On the back to Gillette Stadium Troy I think the patriots -- -- good matchup for them but divisional round. A big -- and it worked out any better for the patriot I don't think me Lou the big draw that I think they probably we're looking forward to. And everybody fans don't get so if you about it and Andy you know what happened with it is but I cannot think 2010. When the -- destroy them about the reportedly failed started men. Came back in just destroyed them by don't think this beaten Texas team. Is as talented -- -- didn't seem well. You eyes opened the show saying cautiously optimistic as I do think if make it should be every team in in the NFL right now that's just my opinion they go out there and play their style football but this Houston team comes in. You you don't look they do have some game -- they do have some weapons and the way that game started out last last time they play it got away from them. I do expect a better game here at least. I mean it may be a little bit better in -- man I just don't did happen and you can probably name the game changes. Exposed the offensively on on one hand and and well probably competitors the army area of -- and and Andre Johnson. And that those two guys the -- commit an offense and they really have not been. And really the big play home -- guy Andre Johnson was debated did a pretty good. The last time taken them out of the game and at the Olympic other game that. And then there's the -- expecting and hoping is that there is the -- I don't think candidate. In -- patriot ought to period of with -- six and the code has to be difficult position. You see I agree with Detroit I think it's because Gary Kubiak seems unwilling to. Go outside his comfort zone it was that it. Yeah eighty PSA is that play Carter from -- you won't get off of that I think if -- Their best shot to win unfortunately. Would be common year -- three or four wide and throw the football early and with Foster is his running back. And the play action game they get off of that. I'm not sure he's been able to do that in this game early on. And that although -- they -- almost up and ready for that. You know I'll movies ready for a maybe if the patriots are helping him a second there they have. The lead then they have. Didn't bank I just don't know they're ready for the bit different look that the -- is can grow it and he. First adorned -- -- nobody was ready for. Ready to be a primetime quarterback in the dedicated Texans for. But the more they have to lean on him more out the amount -- this season with teams forced him to beat the guys that beat him I just don't know if he's capable. -- going to spread out and demand stopping quarterback. Yeah I think the biggest change can be Wade Phillips and defense you know -- That Texans team I think that was ball 46% they brought five guys -- more and they said this will we do best even though Brady successful do it. And they got burned you know they they try to play man to man which I'd like but I expect anymore. More so because they get beat deep a couple of times I think the bigger adjustments from this game the last game will be defensively what Houston does. I think that's gonna have to be the biggest adjustment because the patent to live up and it will you know it. Because they had on the football field and man made it had no answer for the entire game. And look at you know gronkowski being healthy and just two different things they -- right now offensively. Yet the world rested bunch of guys that are coming out at home. And they had the opportunity to sit down there they don't want to -- the display is locked in global is indeed. You know there is something that only have to be -- the -- McGrady did that kinda keep him off balance and that they didn't have a clue the last game and Obama I really don't even though they did promote anything that got a problem down is -- could be. Are you an update to slow them down they're gonna have to be able to put up some points offensively they -- they can't come in the New England. Kicking four field goals and beat the pages of images and days so that that that the biggest problem and they can't get the ball down. They had a fun we put them in the order not to feel. -- they got a red zone four times. Against Cincinnati can -- one touchdown. In those four trips and at three different tries -- field goals with a line of scrimmage. Inside the ten yard line to Cincinnati to nickel back again that the coaching aspect here Troy that they have but with the two weapons Johnson and Boston -- in the red -- it's almost like. They don't know exactly what to do when a team that should be able scored touchdowns settles for Shayne Graham -- It looked -- does that does go back to coaching and I I have to go back to the acting bit did not attain this. -- loaded with weapons I'm telling you want to give Ted Johnson you go all the way down to. Kevin Walter at receiver position and and bet big drop off you know I thought in the -- you look at indeed get them and they have a you ideal there are Reggie Wayne that type of guy that can make plays with a ball in hand and a type of thing. That they Houston Texans aren't built that way. You know you'd take away I think the greatness of bill with -- -- -- -- -- -- the ball thirty -- the game because I think they believe in themselves then. They believe in that group of linebackers. With that matchup against the -- -- -- tackle him he's making a few plays here admit. -- being -- -- -- in the red zone the papers have been pretty good -- -- -- communities -- the -- -- -- there is gonna -- commitment problem. I think coming on the system as part of the season but. Then they have the ability to be. That the -- that the ability to be very good result and -- don't think that detectives have the personnel. They need to have because she's little but it's not been anywhere on the field read only included. Then -- I have a hard time putting points on the board -- to move the football against animal -- on the -- You we all remember that the first deception job through try to force him according he had. Area Foster underneath that there was a lot of times -- area Foster underneath and chose not to you think that's a day exploit. Well they they gonna have to go back a bit but I love you know you know the collectible problems like Lou they can look at that camera they look we've just got to stick with the defense visit. And hopefully put -- met -- has grown. And and not business saying he's got to prove to everybody that he can pass the football against an elite team of renewing the patriot simple the ball down field. And really the real stuff in the trouble in that game and rather with a quarterback like Tom Brady is that they put the defense gives them in New England. You know they don't look them up on some of those other stuff that you take advantage of but until -- been able to do that make right decisions. And and do those type of thing in particular who always have problems scoring points with the current line -- that they help exhibited don't have enough weapons. They don't -- A quarterback -- crew and a competent enough to go up they're coming gaming needs and then. Again it is just that they can't play without that script. In the hands of the game ethical exactly the way it is not to go. If it doesn't have got a long day for the -- What we're talking to Troy Brown circle back rules are ex patriots issues are a couple other games this weekend I wanna get your thoughts on. Let's start with the game yesterday. Late afternoon in RG three. The way he was handled treasure watch an -- game I just think Mike Shanahan played it how do you think he should have played it yesterday against the Seahawks. Mean. The kind of ignore all the things that came two with the USA -- report also means that they've been accused of most of I mean I don't know what all the -- worked out with. You know it was Shanahan about that and use all that stuff but it. You know. I looked at the guy that is playing out I mean -- -- looked -- -- deeply that we saw earlier this season you know not even close. In the Bentley last week even it. You know -- -- and they in the post game -- kind of you know I give my team spirit and the Internet that is true this football season. That's what he's getting paid to do. And if if if he had on the would be to pull the game all army topic a lot of the compensation will be. Completely different than what everybody's talking about because we always talk about seven you know look at up and get out there playing go and do whatever. But they -- requested and you know -- Don't know everything that was available on what is likely his injuries. They -- So you do it seemed a bit the hand. -- that's what -- drag agree and I don't think RG 301 leg gave the Redskins the best it's to win late -- second half yesterday. He's does not the same player can't run do you want to mention. From the start that game either until it went down could be. Where it did you know. And then they didn't call out of the same play they called early in the game he wouldn't let him as much options WR early in the game but. It again I mean it is debatable really gave them the benefit in women not no. What they when he came in the game the back of -- dozens. Mean they were just -- -- ornament and and coming in. Put a lot of pressure on Clinton he had played early in the season when the argued he couldn't play and yet he did pretty well. You know when he had a chance to play so I don't know -- needed -- -- dependant. On how you look at you know music. The personable guy can do many different things but I think you probably at least a point in the game in or out think. That the other do you also the last two bit indicative. Just took -- years. They come at the damn I'm happy for him because he wasn't going to be to go anywhere in the pocket be able district president put -- Drug appears to be your thoughts in Washington -- Lewis before afterwards were talking about. I I loved -- became -- into the game you know much has a serious problem with the the summaries were trying to get that traffic recent. By I don't really know -- I hated the dancing on the field the end a whole day was dedicated to hand should be LC Troy Brown evident -- out there Gillette Stadium -- fox wrote his last game. Ray Lewis come on -- all day you. That was never really must now -- not been like that band that did they have been waiting for my teammates and that I was. I didn't have ended that how public probably doing -- 170000 people and you know. But. They've they've known me as being advances have been that guy in the locker room. And that -- with a much doubt that has been -- -- -- now that he's been playing Baltimore and have been a part of his ritual. At the start of every game becomes like the dude there's the debt and then. And his team makes itself but that he is the emotional leader that -- booking so. They know businesses -- -- in Baltimore. It that you can do whatever he wanted to do. You know. I don't I don't have a problem with that I disagree with you on that moment that was stupid. Is -- day man you didn't do we need to do loses man I like pieces -- supported. Letting go out there and have fun but demand -- whatever it is that you can't put. Particularly. I'm gonna get an agreement careers to. You know what are we want to do with a celebration let him do it. Now wanted I want them to win I want it since -- two -- so ray's final game would be here at Gillette. Any chance it's still lives to get him any chance at all going to Denver. I think -- -- -- pick -- so. -- -- Inspire. Baltimore Ravens football team and I think you saw the effect that really Lewis have them -- -- quality. We're expecting we -- a beautiful. We didn't release it and when he got the when he when he met the man up a few weeks ago I had them on the verge of not even make it play out once Ray Lewis went down and had so many of the injuries that defense. You know there's still some -- they got to be able to feel in this deal. You know they are not as -- they used to be I don't think is -- is even close to what used to be the distinctive though. But not close to what used to be. The board that every it'd be it'd be a tougher test for him to go up there and and stop their football team in Denver. But they the ability to play inspired football and you know don't like about the have a better first happened what he -- Glad because they wanna have a chance of beating the debacle that -- of course the point to fifteen. -- -- -- The meeting on the football created the bronco was -- didn't. You know part of the game Wednesday. I'm going -- they've got a good effort -- do think they have the ability to be too critical come down and not just ready to and that BP is playing great welcome on the don't Flacco and -- opted -- it was a political import from the board Joseph pa -- do -- and what they did against. A difficult. Jump ball -- -- for a pick against them Broncos are these -- -- -- -- Word about people like us that dunk on the radio and he's got a quick word about if it weren't about how much critical and give him mama you gonna blame him to put them out of the game so he's displaced football. And he's worried about getting new contract -- this. 92 break come back have a patriots question or two for Troy including how this team what the how to go about blocking out a 4214 when during the regular season in time for playoff game on Sunday more toward brown 96. Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Get joystick and help Bill Belichick. Guess these guys enough focus on a regular season result and its -- on the the game at hand apparently area Foster. Does a lot of forget -- and -- foster's Twitter page guys. His Twitter avatar is a three paragraph or so section. A Dan Shaughnessy is column. Over the -- was it today probably Sunday Sunday's Boston Globe. In which Dan Shaughnessy wrote the 2012201013. Patriots just became the first team in NFL history. To get back to back by highs before events in the conference championship game could be it get any easier. I mean seriously the planets are aligned with tomato -- -- replace. Be fraudulent Houston Texas the only team standing between the patriots and an AFC championship game all the patriots have to do is beat the terrible Texans one week from today. At Gillette Stadium so apparently Troy that's is avatar area of foster's wanna forget about doubt what happened last now people are saying about that 4214 drove it. A little man I'm getting rid of -- -- in the go back to Washington last game. Google does copy of that game and I'm able look at analytical good. And out of get this where the government -- because. Everything the told me last time it was just distribute and demand but within. -- that they took. From the New England Patriots. They had no answer for you know will -- -- -- -- game. You have maybe but I just don't think -- take on the Mets do very well with the group bookings and that was pretty evident. Coming down the -- Of this these and then they just couldn't deal with good football team. And they've looked great when they can go out there on the airplanes and make him play the game the way they wanna -- it but. Good team but you know in the -- -- the place else aren't going allow them to come out and do what they do best. And so they've got to find another way to be successful and that don't have the pieces that do that because of area Foster an underdog because a big part of. Love the fact that that is avatars on as a unit units don't try to get it. It's unbelievable the things that the dad didn't but I don't my -- reading. Newspapers and name didn't you know I double pump up ultra negative stuff that is bit about them. That's all fine and dandy but when you started taking you -- really arranged it that tells me that has bothered. Just that much and that's why Bill Belichick -- -- -- good with this football team trying to keep things. In house because it doesn't bother to gather them by the coaches. Already being written off. You know by the media and other people out there but that's our job my job is to -- that -- about that that we think about opinions and you don't critique everything and everybody. And it's -- -- the player vote but don't start put it -- the public is Monday you have all week ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What happens you know what about six weeks ago -- when they just destroyed you. Go figure out what you need to do to correct the problem that calls that beat down they happen instead -- -- -- creative input development at this time away from this race. It would divert bulletin board material amused to become from like from -- right gore or somebody else not a not a writer in another town it's. I guess that this team tries committee convinced themselves that it got away from them early and and there are different football team and he can't wait to avenge this loss. But unlike what we saw before long been doing the patriots would actually showed fight game backing getting -- game. They just sort of fell down how to make an -- system. But it goes Casilla can see the guys hang in here. You know all the bad -- the first couple schools you can -- out -- in the open field and and normally built a lot of things look at when -- -- against -- clearly bend over grab it and these are at home and you know it is. You know they dropped and it isn't -- bad ankles blown -- trying to make friends with me. At that is made a nice move on the guilt blanket. You don't know the company though look forward. In my opponents -- now playing against them you know when -- see some of the things that and that's what you know. They're kind of opponent at the towel and that happens to be detected very early. But I can try to correct their body language that can try to correct those different things -- -- -- -- pimping goes on in the game but it. I had just don't see them being in the with a matchup. Rip that outfit. I don't either opposite you know being able to overpower pitchers before it is that it don't have enough and it is that is now. Well enough coached and you when you take a beat down like that it is in the packet it is and you can commodities bombardment to the New York just -- But again the New York -- -- they were much more talented team. And I mean the thing they'll probably a political football team. That that would you do that to them right. Great game plan that -- made patriots go to the outside than ever could in terms of this week though we talked to Logan earlier. And he was saying how this is one of those weeks where the humble pie gets served up when he went in coach Belichick toys you played a team in the regular season -- does he get his guys. Cannot think about that he whether it was a win or a loss when it comes playoff team how does he. Move on from that regular season game into that post season game. Whether you just talk about the things that you know you look at you give examples of that -- -- which he didn't give examples. That 2000. The 2003. Patriots Buffalo Bills from the start of the season to -- we ended -- -- the indices. You know with the 31 beat down and -- buffalo proved it in return the favor in the very relentless with these days. Those things that you show what he's gonna boot into -- bit you know he's going to be able to fill that it was football team because of the accused complexity has not improved. Don't know that much infinitely better in the playoff game without a doubt that he did. You know and then they play the very young it may be looking at -- -- -- better than what they've vehicle they -- they have no clue in going. We'll play our game and perform at a high level you know -- ten that you can pick it. Canada to another level get the patriot and that it was going to be able to -- to was supporting the team will be decked out. They'll be fired up nickel and awful Munich into whatever but it is still in the back of the decent I can see it you gotta know that they got to -- still kicking themselves. About but that cost them the number one -- in the OC but you can call themselves the black and not have been the component rolled. And split it between the district unity that started just now slated in the decision -- you know also. Let them in the back of it is over thank you don't let players know about this -- of settlement all the things that that you can take is that the one you saw -- posted clips that. He's on the -- continued mix of you know anything think that we result the whatever else have we here. He's overrated -- different things you gotta be able to go to the good team -- -- coached and -- at -- players get complacent with the fact that it's the same team that we beat. We're forty something that in the fourteen win over the school work. And they have built focused don't really you know good teams they come out they can raise the level of play. When the playoffs start and hopefully by the applicant had a team raise their level of play and then go out their puppet for the -- -- -- similar to what they did the first. Let me ask you but the tight ends the ankle against Rob Gronkowski last time but you know it. He's back here on -- way you walk with him you know six weeks after the broken -- he's dragon is all -- surprised with that Aaron Hernandez's play. Little shaky I think some drops there this institute to guys too tight ends they relied so heavily on. In the office the spotting will be here down the stretch which you take on these two guys coming into. I think that -- a big role in the game as they did messages come announced that this season. You know. Gronkowski then banged -- he's been hurt. It is an even playing that -- take his game and they had also publicly and figure out. How to put on the -- the Peyton did a few. WB. Much more effective in the game even because it is one that can ball. In the throwing game farm went last week -- a couple of weeks ago block and go one on Harman. You know -- -- that kind of kind of play you man he makes a big impact on the game -- probable -- -- is being run them past -- so you talk about Mendez it isn't about that kind of been his staying. That these dead into the dropped some balls and got a thing now anyway he says that chance now to get out. And correct something that electable and that's the community -- a -- -- markets in the ball on the move. -- kicked in the bulk -- -- below the -- below the -- I don't know that. But the they've been a collectible do we know about we can that would take a lot of you don't count in the nobody did do that and he can't get better as it did you do that kind of been this thing -- kind of -- that. The men and then there's that we used to them to also making big plays. When he has the ball in his hands and being able to. You know make them exciting play in the community that that -- -- -- to go into but -- a multiple government football for the same damn well make them. That much -- the politics of -- try to figure out because now -- the put together a completely different game plan. That what they did because of the page is going to be able to sort of some different looks complained that in what they would have been -- The first time around so -- makes a big difference in the the tech computer rating and -- of an -- pages we'll put this football game plan. -- -- -- this it's an NFL question yesterday. It global and adding monster second half an -- 45 yards receiving in the second half of that game and I just feel like of all the receivers to get attention. As a fan -- -- in play the game in global and as underrated he makes big catches he blocks downfield. Does he rank highly on your current receivers in the NFL Australia. And at at Colombo in the heat of the claim they can -- you know and and I had to go thinking a few weeks overcome -- we watched him play. Because when you look at him you don't need yearly -- He doesn't look great in his uniform. He doesn't the ripped up he's a big body big and haven't looked up David Upton gun kind of you know it. He just doesn't look like -- -- it's -- football player and he's not the greatest are one of the new world. I'd like them apples and in the game he has a -- -- the strongest thing if you look the only people. Because when the ball is merely just dances and OK you government legal argument they got there and the mid market out of Matt. He's coming down with the football but not a -- are running not a new thing that look great digital format doesn't look sweet he doesn't look whatever. Go to jail right -- in -- in his I think Republican in his uniform. But this goes out there in the gifted he makes plays and yet you have the give dad like that a lot of credit because they -- the party. And you can't sit here and wonder how they do it. And you know how does that do when nano whatever it is you wanna do about it but you have to get exactly when he does now. The number of -- going to make plays an incumbent Republican have -- did yesterday. Just like you know why that until black with a with a got a. -- Greg great stuff -- four seeing up here for pats and Texans this weekend enjoy your week we'll talk do you next week. He's the best real -- Brown eighty on Twitter. -- brown joining us on the ATP outline AT&T forgy LT he. With speeds of ten times faster than three -- AT&T. Rethink possible talk to Doug and Howard and all your phone calls and maybe. The text of the day summing up some people's -- -- my feelings on Houston Texas is an organization that and your calls keep it here.

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