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Logan Mankins on Pats-Texans and the rebuilding of the offensive line

Jan 7, 2013|

Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins joins the show on a Patriots Monday to discuss his bye week and the team's preparation for the Texans for Sunday's divisional round matchup. They then delve into the development of what was once a patchwork offensive line and how that unit will take on J.J. Watt and a highly touted Texans front.

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Butler and ID three point seven WEP I'm happy Monday LP had a great weekend patriots. Monday gets set for pats and Texans will talk to. Logan Mankins coming up your phone calls 6177797937. For brown will join us at 1 o'clock today. A very Melrose thoughts on the NHL lockout being over at noon. Terms of the gains this week able pick through the entire slate of games but it was those underwhelming football got to expect that from wild card weekend. That your teams and they -- the probably don't deserve to be in the air. But the football from beginning and largely underwhelming for me and one of the overwhelming thought they had watch in this the doubleheader Saturday and Sunday. Was why the hell -- watt eight teams aside. In the last two more playoff teams the wild party just barely get his. Don't play playoff football I don't watch Andy Dalton forced the ball Jermaine Gresham over and over again I watched Joseph Webb. Throw the ball up in the air twenty feet fallen down get -- Watch this crap so this idea -- Roger Goodell and his minions are watching this week and we don't need more playoff teams. And this weekend's games solidified that for me. There was not one game where you said that was a wild game the closest. Was yesterday afternoon. -- out in the west the NFC. With Seattle and a with the Redskins with Seattle on Russell Wilson of dancing will get much more to that including RG three him playing. -- late there and injuring himself Mike -- take a lot of grief today in Washington joining us on the AT&T hotline part of our patriots Monday at Logan Mankins. I had to spend a couple days off this weekend Logan was that the hunting was a chainsaw would you deal. Mostly just relax and guess what little opal. China. Trying to gear -- sure that we can. Reluctant all the games that you watch all -- deal we Ted Dioner Rory stage is pretty much watched one. But Cincinnati Houston game any new playing Houston it was a. Yeah I didn't watch. All the material but I watched -- to all the. Do not watch full games because you find watching football team be boring -- other stuff go on not. I dispute. We watch and an insecure and it is something and I gotta go somewhere. There's always something going on. How different is that when you're watching a game on TV you know does it look like a completely different game Logan for you to watch in the -- -- you guys used to. Prepared a week in week out basis. It has you know on TV only if certain angle and signs and -- under watch and the coaches teach you to -- view and and don't do so he could see everything. Looks bigger I think. You know the Houston wins tonight get them comebacks was another week of GG walked talked and don't get a good game against you last time and at the impact it may be said in other games the you get past that game to beat Houston up pretty good elect -- those guys out the guy we got a job done today but. Face him again in the future you know what he's capable of. Yeah -- he's an outstanding player and you go to got to take care -- upfront. Whether right in the bowler actionable wanna immediate success and we know we're gonna have to play good game against and and limit his production. Is this another week where we're gonna have tennis racquets. From the defense of line try to get Tom ready for. What watt those guys do in terms of batting balls down loan. Possibly. That -- the ability wants to do so. You know we usually -- we do whatever we need you to turn your actually game and that's something we need to do this week they're gonna do it and we this play out time and you do everything that you feel as a necessary. Knew he watched Houston Texas I think in the years they've I think that led the league in bring in five more rushers to the quarterback so when you go into game like that -- -- -- did that against you guys last time. Did exactly work out but still playing for team that's that aggressive defensively has to be challenged well. Oh yeah definitely and you know that I got to change a lot they're they're good team a good defense. They didn't even give up a touchdown in the game the other night you -- to Google and I think the only touchdown to -- escort was. Their offense gave -- -- so. They're effective defense and they do a great -- As a coordinator a head coach you guys have put a lot of the Wade Phillips coached defense and he is getting a lot of the credit Logan for that turnaround last couple years in Houston. The do you notice what your plan -- Wade Phillips deepens the characteristics of what he does is -- coach try to create pressure on the quarterback. I -- he's he's an aggressive approach he likes to blitz and it seemed there was little luck and there. They give you a different looks that and the critic is different blitzes and what think about his defense and they always play hard he. Hewitt which is -- to play with a lot of effort and that's -- Houston's defense is that those critical at a hundred miles an hour out there. At the airlock this week ethic is probably. Couple years back with the jets and how the season and what happened post season but it. I think he'd talk compare the jets in Houston all you -- I think this patriots team is different that you guys are better team mean more well rounded team. Can you compare this team to that team with a couple years back. I don't know you know it's always hard to compare different years but. You know we. That learning experience where to look back into that -- -- teams and they -- to be president so. Hopefully we can change at this time. We're definitely has lately we know there it is. Is that hard at any level Logan to not -- -- would beat the 4214. They're coming back toward building we've had a bye week that a plague at Cincinnati. We should be Demps is human nature a lot of fans are saying that getting beat them so badly couple weeks ago it should be another cakewalk here on Sunday how do you fight that as a player. Yes human nature makes you wanna think -- whatever it. If you've been around a long and -- -- conducting multiple plant -- -- and you know the second time has always and they know you and you know them and they're gonna know your tendencies you know they're so. The secretary around it usually adult site and so -- a lot closer than first -- Why doesn't hurt to have Bill Belichick is the coach -- money that sometimes on the game game the couple weeks ago month ago as a matter. Exactly who is spirited sort of global. I don't think bill to overlook any team -- You know he's -- -- nervous. -- depart this week and an accurate. Yet now the regular season is over and has more football ought to be playbook and you look back at as far as a grouping offensive line. It really be proud achieve as a public the strides you guys took is a whopping more turn over the -- of senior time here. I -- Tiffany hello Lawrence. -- other guys. There always -- part that's one thing about our group we always have got to share the work harder than it would get better and -- to do what it takes to try to get better and that's only connect forum from those guys in a pretty pleased with the. Talked to Matt Light at all throughout this runner -- season and it. Yeah I still keep in touch with and we we talk every now and then he endured. Talking about stood here there was too much focal so usually we don't talk about it. In terms of this offensive line you say getting better as the year when -- was there it was their game Logan was very moment when there's a practice moment came home where. You think things clicked for this group. I don't know it was a moment I think it's just. Everyone practice and together. Playing together. Didn't get healthy so the main sponsor dollars this year we elegant thing that -- you're so. We've been together. For five weeks early and out so -- we -- The truth on what we've already approved on. This is we got to play a lot literate now. We'll get John on this yet do you talk to -- earlier this hour he said you're from from his standpoint felt like the practice this week we're good. But they're focused mostly on the team itself but the there was some scouting in the three teams you could play. What was that -- as an offensive line. Yet to coach Scarnecchia or as a group did you guys look at those three teams you can play in -- what the attic and early scouting on Houston. -- Baltimore and Indy as of three teams you could play this week. There were delivered today -- Look at the preteens and and we. Also look at ourselves we did a lot of what central states with you we saw that -- the plays that we're good -- Or try to improve on going to predict Gooden. Charity elaborate on the one we have parents who did so it was good from the standpoint of routine -- willing to overlook Bernard other. -- CDC watch all the play she's sucked that was their weather plays they showed you where you sucked. What I -- he called out. Everyone's on their. There is no on eight and the building. A. Is Logan Mankins -- we appreciate it reluctance to use another son able. -- about it as music here -- -- -- could survive Logan Mankins thank you did it. -- -- -- Logan Mankins joining us on the eighteenth the hotline at AT&T forgy LTZ. With speeds up to ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible so. I don't weird right as a football fan. All you care about we -- I care about -- because those four games and watch it all four games as long as possible with Green Bay game I kind of checked out if that was. Debacle. You're talking to players diablo -- act. How to manual and watch one game watched parts of some. They don't care. I can't imagine -- caring about those four kids -- we don't say they don't care. Very -- Dion in the first game of the week is finally playing Houston. -- got to go. I guess that that you wanna watch other teams. At a Baltimore again I'll Ray Lewis. -- -- was last in Baltimore for God's -- gulf family time you gonna find that out a few years it's got a dedicated all you try it again and afternoon actually spent with their family gonna do it. 617779793. Civil thought that it has been a rock barrier NFL calls coming up Troy Brown -- at one Barry Melrose on the NHL lockout and -- at -- Lord.

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